LS – Chapter 70: Let’s begin at present

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“Yo there, good work in your information gathering.”

The first place we came to when we returned to Taizu was the office of Marito. Wolfe and Rakura are already relaxing at the house of Ilias.

As for Ilias and Mix who are my bodyguards, they are obviously together with me.

I have made a file for the investigation reports of Gahne. There’s also information about the military force of Gahne at present and their growth in the future.

It is possible for the Gold Demon Lord to show even better results than this with her power, but her military expansion recently was because she was wary about the monsters gathering at the Gahne Nether, so they are currently not a threat for Taizu.

Even if she continued increasing her army with optimum performance, it would take time to surpass Taizu.

Information gathering is important in the case they are treated as a possible enemy nation too, but their pure actions for development have more worth for this country.

When using information from Earth, he has to consider whether it can be used or not. But the measures that the Gold Demon Lord has taken have already been performed in the simulated world and verified.

They are measures that suit the world. There should be an effect by just imitating this.

However, there’s a difference in terrain and population, so just copying it straight out can bring about tragic results, but there’s no need to worry about such things with Marito.

And, as of present, what’s important for the nation is the information regarding the Demon Lords.

“What do you plan on doing about the Taizu Nether?”

“The idea that the Demon Lords have already resurrected is pretty hard to accept, but considering the past events in history, there shouldn’t be much worries about the Green Demon Lord moving. If Yugura didn’t mention them, that name would have been buried into the darkness after all.” (Marito)

The Green Demon Lord that created the Taizu Nether is the 2nd when it comes to the strength within the Demon Lords. All the monsters they create have high battle power.

But that Demon Lord simply created that Nether seeking a peaceful place to sleep, so they haven’t invaded the human realm themselves.

Most of the monsters that flow into Taizu come from here, but there’s no organized invasion yet.

The damage they cause when they appear is bigger than other Nethers, but the knights that have learned from the past should be able to keep that damage to a minimum.

Most of all, they would have to get through the Black Demon Lord Killer Mountain in order to attack Taizu. That’s where a slime called Mana Eater lives and it is more fearsome than any Demon Lord. Taizu is a country that is protected by its terrain in every aspect.

There’s little worry of being attacked, but it would also be difficult for them to move.

If they were to move there for subjugation, they won’t be able to avoid crossing 2 Nethers, and it is also dangerous to make the current strongest Demon Lord serious.

“In that case, the worry would be the Scarlet Demon Lord and the Purple Demon Lord.”

“Right. Even if we ignore the Gold Demon Lord’s information, there’s no doubt those are the Demon Lords that have attacked the human realm. They are not beings we can ignore now that they have already resurrected.” (Marito)

“The Purple Demon Lord is somewhere in Kuama. The Scarlet Demon Lord is…somewhere around the boundary of the Gahne Nether and the Mejis Nether.”

This is the information I got from Dokora in the simulated world.

Raheight was targeting the books that Yugura left that are sealed underground at the Yugura Church’s headquarters.

That’s a place that has a special defense system, and you can’t enter alone unless you are the highest authority of the Yugura Church, Pope Euparo. You also need the permission of the king of Mejis, so Raheight must have struggled a lot.

Dokora apparently investigated the actions of Raheight after sensing the presence of a suspicious individual.

And then, he followed Raheight when he was entering the Mejis Nether alone, and ended up at the location where the Scarlet Demon Lord was.

I investigated the location in the simulated world just in case, and we found an underground cave where a lot of monsters were crowding.

They were not monsters from the Mejis Nether but the same type as the Gahne Nether. Monsters that hinted at the existence of the Scarlet Demon Lord.

The Scarlet Demon Lord is most likely at that place at present.

“We can’t act carelessly on that one though. He would immediately notice if we were to send a large-scale subjugation team to the Nether.”

As long as his subordinate Raheight is blended into human society, any actions that stand out will most likely be completely visible to them.

Right now we should utilize our advantage of knowing their location to form countermeasures on the surface.

The same goes for the Purple Demon Lord. Even if her base is somewhere in Kuama, it wouldn’t be good to search for it and provoke her.

The Gold Demon Lord was the one who cornered the Purple Demon Lord. There should be no connection that a human was involved in this.

“There’s no choice but to throw everything to the people at the top in that front. Aah, the Demon Lords are also worried about the possibility that Yugura is still alive. He created resurrection magic and created immortal Demon Lords, so it wouldn’t be strange for him to still be alive.”

“I would like to borrow his strength again if we can, but judging from what we know, he doesn’t seem to be that much of an ally of humans.” (Marito)

Because the threat of the Demon Lords was so big in the past, Yugura killed all the Demon Lords he created once.

He saved the world on his own prerogative, saying it wasn’t fair.

But what about this era? Now that the number of Demon Lords is one less, that gap is most likely beginning to close.

It might be difficult to borrow the strength of Yugura again even if we were to find him.

“The neighboring country being ruled by a Demon Lord poses several issues, but there’s no signs of her being hostile towards humans. Or more like, she was even saying she would stop being a king and come with us when we were going back to Taizu.”

“Hahaha, you could have brought her with you. If you did, we could have decreased the Demon Lords by one.” (Marito)

“I won’t tell you to get along with her, but at least lower the hostility. I can’t help but pity the people of Gahne who would get caught up in this.”

“By the way, I heard that you clashed with Lady Ratzel at Gahne, but how did it go?” (Marito)

Ilias is making an awkward expression. So she really did contact him.

Well, it was an event that might have ended up with us cutting relationships, so there was the possibility Mix and Rakura would rely on Marito.

“Things wrapped up nicely. I was made to promise not to use my Comprehension to an excessive extent and it is now limited. Also, I was told not to keep secrets.”

“So that was the compromise, huh. Sounds reasonable. I won’t meddle since it is your problem, but not keeping secrets is cruel. Are you not even allowed to love in secret?” (Marito)

“If I want to hide something, I will consult with them.”

“I feel like that wouldn’t be called hiding.” (Marito)

“I am living comparatively decently in this world after all. There’s nothing I would want to hide. Ah, but I have kept the thing about the Anbus secret.”

“Aah, that certainly is something Lady Ratzel wouldn’t be able to hear from you. That said, since they have already gotten involved with the Demon Lords, there shouldn’t be any harm in presenting him to Lady Ratzel and Mix.” (Marito)

Marito coughed and faced the two. His ability to switch his atmosphere completely through his eyes is pretty impressive.

Wouldn’t it work even as a performance in parties?

“As such, I will be giving you a simple explanation about the Anbus of Taizu. Taizu also has Anbus. The only ones who know the members and can give orders to them are me and Lord Ragudo. However, all Knight Captains know about the existence of the Anbus. There’s a sign stamp to communicate through the Anbus at each knight division. As for what they do, you can just assume it is mostly what you have heard in rumors.” (Marito)

“So they really did exist…” (Ilias)

“There’s also one who is an exception. He is always staying in this castle as my bodyguard.” (Marito)

“T-They even serve as bodyguards for you, Ani-sama?!” (Mix)

“With the Demon Lords getting involved, you all might have thought something conceited like ‘isn’t this country’s king way too careless having no bodyguards around him?’, so I crushed that possibility first.” (Marito)

“That’s…I certainly did think that every day, but…is that bodyguard incredibly skilled?” (Ilias)

“Of course. I am in the safest position in this country. If you can’t believe me, try drawing your sword. I can allow you to do that at least once as a jest.” (Marito)

“…Are you saying he is here?” (Ilias)

I can tell immediately that Ilias and Mix switched their attention to their surroundings.

Maybe they even think I am that Anbu disguised?

I think he is somewhere around the back of those two though.

“Well then…excuse me while I—?!” (Ilias)

Ilias was about to grab her sword and got shocked.

When I directed my gaze at her from that reaction, the sword she had at her waist was gone.

It is a special sword that’s heavier than steel. There’s no way she wouldn’t have noticed it is gone.

In other words, it was stolen the moment Ilias was thinking about unsheathing it.

I looked at the side while at it and the dagger at the waist of Mix was gone too.

The two noticed this and checked their surroundings.

By the way, I don’t really try to look around. I know he is not someone I can follow with my eyes anyways.

“What’s the matter? What are you searching for? Have you even lost sight of the sword hanging at your waist?” (Marito)

The two of them return their gazes respectively at the words of Marito, and their weapons are certainly back where they were.

“Just what in the world…” (Ilias)

“A hallucination…?” (Mix)

“”No, I simply took them away and put them back. My apologies. It seems like I have given you a fright.”

The two look back with incredible speed at the voice that rang suddenly at their back.

There’s obviously no one there.

“Aah, try not to look at my face. I don’t want to create exceptions even if you are the younger sister of His Majesty or a knight that contributes to the nation. Taking your lives isn’t what I want.”

The two twitch for an instant and stop. He is most likely placing a hand on their shoulders. That does indeed give you a fright.

He is understandably keeping himself hidden as he acts. He has taken the back of the two, so if he were to be visible, I would be the one that’s dead.

“So you can turn invisible the weapon that you steal.”

“Yes, if I couldn’t, I would look like flying clothes.” (Anbu-kun)

I for some reason heard a voice from behind me. Looks like he went to my back now.

“…Is there a need to stand behind people?”

“No, I am simply trying to act the part of a super astonishing guy.” (Anbu-kun)

“Those words ruin it quite a lot.”

“This is complicated. Have any advice?” (Anbu-kun)

“They would get really surprised if the weapons they were holding turned into a bouquet of flowers.”

“I see. Then, I will prepare a bouquet of flowers and an arm for next time.” (Anbu-kun)

“Let’s not go for jumpscares.”

That certainly would surprise people, but it would be from a different spectrum.

“You…know about this Anbu member…?” (Ilias)

“Kinda. He is always at the side of Marito and we have spoken before too. Do you remember when we were playing the board game and I gave Marito a parchment?”

“—Yeah, at that time, a set of decorative armor fell down and…wait, could it be…” (Ilias)

“That’s right. That wasn’t a request for Marito, but him.”

“About that day, huh. I was wondering what was happening when you suddenly asked me ‘please drop an armor outside’.”

“I myself didn’t expect he would use my bodyguard. Now that I think about it, that might have been the only chance to kill me.” (Marito)

“…Aah, right. Man, didn’t think about that.”

I requested this without thinking much of it, but it seems like I invalidated the strongest bodyguard temporarily there. That’s not something that can be wrapped up with just an oops.

That said, the sweat flowing from Ilias and Mix is incredible.

The two of them are pretty powerful themselves. They most likely felt the difference in Anbu-kun’s strength.

Me? My fear organ has already been numbed and I can’t tell. The most I think of him is that there’s a weirdo around.

“Are you…stronger than Lord Ragudo?” (Ilias)

“Yeah, I am. I am the strongest in this country.” (Anbu-kun)

“You have impressive confidence every time.”

“You can call it confidence, but it is the same as not being able to proudly declare you are the strongest despite everyone being on the same level as babies.” (Anbu-kun)

Aah, so it is on that level.

This isn’t the first time an inflation within my acquaintances has happened, but Anbu-kun really is on a level of his own.

It is as if within the fantasy world residents, there’s an even more fantasy world person mixed in them. That’s how ridiculous this feels.

“—Maybe you are unexpectedly a blood relative of Yugura.”

“I am impressed you could tell—ah, shoot.” (Anbu-kun)


“You idiot! …Ah.” (Marito)


The air turned super awkward. It was something that just crossed my mind, but Anbu-kun slipped there.

Marito also threw in a splendid retort.

By the way, the faces of Ilias and Mix were getting visibly paler.

Wow, these people can make such wonderful faces too, huh.

Marito is also making a flustered face incomparable to any I have seen before. Looks like they really have fumbled here.

“Too bad…but it seems like we will have to say goodbye here.” (Anbu-kun)

“Wait wait, we have to make clear whose fault it was and pursue the responsibility.”

“It is of course yours. Your smooth leading question that could even trick the strongest Anbu of Taizu was breathtaking.” (Anbu-kun)

“You, could it be that you are actually not suitable to work as an Anbu?!”

“No way! It is true that my tongue slips often though!” (Anbu-kun)

“Are you an idiot?! Learn from Dokora!”

“N-Now now, calm down. Your face and name still isn’t known. It is true that you have carelessly gotten close to the truth, but it should be just barely safe!” (Marito)

“You are the careless one, Marito! It could have been wrapped up as a joke if you didn’t slip there!”

“T-That’s true, but…!” (Marito)

“This is troubling. If you place the blame on His Majesty, I can’t raise my hand. How about we just say everyone is at fault and all of you get equally execu—” (Anbu-kun)


My voice overlapped with Marito’s for the first time. It is not like I want to sympathize here.

“Alright, no blaming here. Let’s forget about it. You also try to not carelessly do things like probing him. He might actually answer you seriously.” (Marito)

“Yeah, let’s forget about it. Got it, you two?!”

Ilias and Mix nodded profusely.

What’s with this way too dangerous sudden development? The army of the Demon Lord approaching can’t even compare to this!

It is as if the guy that was eating by my side suddenly pulled out a gun on me.

“Can’t be helped. Let’s concede on this occasion. It is true that me being someone who has inherited the blood of Yugura has been discovered, but you still haven’t discovered that His Majesty and I are in a powerful master and servant relationship through contract magic!” (Anbu-kun)

“Do you want to kill me that much?!”

“…Ah, shoot. Now that it has come to this—” (Anbu-kun)


“—I am just kidding. You people have gotten close to the truth of the world to a certain degree, so I decided to disclose my information too.” (Anbu-kun)

I hear the sound of footsteps, but I can’t see the person, and can’t even tell what part of this room he is walking in.

“I can’t reveal my name right now, however, there’s no doubt I am a descendant of Yugura. I met His Majesty a bit before he took the throne. I have formed a contract with His Majesty that binds me to protect His Majesty for the rest of my life under the condition of obtaining all the information that he obtains.”(Anbu-kun)

“—You already knew that Yugura created the Demon Lords?”

“Yes, but I was thinking about not interfering as long as you don’t have more information than I have. But you people have gone as far as grasping the location of the other resurrected Demon Lords already. I thought I would have to explain my circumstances soon or your trust in me would be lost at an important juncture. You said something pretty close to the truth, so I thought it was a good opportunity.” (Anbu-kun)

“I see. So you added teasing while at it.”

“My apologies. Must have been the blood of Yugura.” (Anbu-kun)

“It pisses me off that that is strangely convincing. But what’s the reason why you seek information?”

“I have a number of circumstances, you see. Let’s just say this is as much as I can tell you for now. I had to explain to the two there about the contract magic so they could understand I am not a threat after all.” (Anbu-kun)

“It is true that you would be reliable in a worldwide sense if you are the descendant of Hero Yugura, but it certainly does smell fishy if you know about the hidden circumstances after all.”

Even if he is considered the descendant of a Hero by society, for us, he is the descendant of a criminal.

This is enough to explain the reason of his strength, but him being able to function as the bodyguard of Marito would be a separate matter.

So this farce had that in consideration, huh.

That’s just a pain in the butt as one of the people who got caught up in that.

“Of course, keep this a secret. I have been given the permission to freely eliminate anyone who has learned of my origins after all.” (Anbu-kun)

“I wouldn’t be able to disclose it even if asked to. Also, I wouldn’t like to be involved in that kind of world.”

“Yes, I myself would want to get along with you in the future. You have plenty of worth just from being from the same world as Yugura after all.” (Anbu-kun)

There’s still a variety of suspicions left on Anbu-kun, but him providing us information means he is seeking some sort of action from us.

There’s no approach without a reason. I would like to discern that intention, but…it is hard to think of it without using that.

In the end, he simply proved that his strength is absolute and that he is harmless to a certain degree.

“Even though it would be easier to trust you if you told us a variety of things. You really have gone through the troublesome route.”

“Wouldn’t it be possible for you to discern it if you tried?” (Anbu-kun)

“It is not something that I would like to go as far as to worsen my relationships to learn.”

“—So you are different in that front from Yugura, huh. I like that. Now then, it is about time I go silent. Call me if you need me for anything.” (Anbu-kun)

He said this and silence took over. It should be safe to assume that he is still in this room but has no intention to talk anymore.

“Now then, let’s forget about this. Marito, is there anything else you want to tell us? If we don’t switch topics quickly, he is going to pop out again.”

“Right. Aah, I have good news for you. I have finally finished the preparations for ‘that matter’.” (Marito)

“Really?! Alright!”

I pump my fist at the rare good news. I had some free time on my hands, so this is a nice development.

That happiness of mine must have seemed weird, Ilias questioned me in wonder.

“It is rare to see you show so much happiness on your face. What is this about?” (Ilias)

“There was something I suggested to Marito on the day I met him. I have the possession spell of Maya-san in me at this moment, right?”

“Y-Yeah, the language translation one, right?” (Ilias)

“This is an original spell of Maya-san. It goes without saying how useful this is, right? That’s where I consulted with Marito… I asked him: ‘How about we make a magic research team in Taizu too?’.”

There’s a lot of things missing in this world to completely replicate the knowledge from Earth. Even if you had a general idea of its structure, there aren’t enough components or ingredients to construct it.

For example; even making a single matchlock would require strenuous work beyond belief.

The special manufacturing of screws, and also gunpowder.

The techniques required shoot up drastically when it comes to the weapons of the modern era, and things like exclusive iron and steel manufacturing techniques and detonators would be added to the mix.

Instead of recreating something like that, it would be faster to just gather up mana and throw a spear.

But there are a number of methods to catch up to that. Magic.

There’s a number of ores in this world that serve as a magic seal stone, canceling the structure of a spell, so the worth of magic in war is low.

Because body strengthening through mana was developed so much, only basic spells have been spread.

The ones who fight mainly with magic are the clergy who master purification magic which is effective against the undead. A mage is only seen as a helper to kindle fires or secure water.

In other words, even when this is a fantasy world, the level of their magic is low. There’s a lot of room for growth.

The elevation of conveniences from research has been proved with the possession spell of Maya-san.

Marito said that, if we add the ideas of an Earthling, things could get interesting.

Of course, this would mean I would be putting my hand on their civilization. A pandora box that could give birth to magic that could change the common sense of the world.

But after learning about the civilization level of Gahne, it shouldn’t be hard to exercise a bit of self-control. The creation of convenient magic that matches the level of this world should be forgivable.

In the first place, we can’t make use of the weapons, so it will be about increasing the quality of life. There should be no problem in that.

“Securing the funds was a problem, but finding a specialist in magic that matches your ideals was difficult too, you see. Narrowing it down to a weirdo who would offer their whole lives to magic yet has aptitude had me working extra hard.” (Marito)

That’s right. What’s important is a researcher that can end it with just a moderate creation.

The people who adhere to researching magic in this world where increasing your physical power with mana is stronger are mostly the ones who have been enraptured by the mysteries of magic.

Just imagine giving someone like that knowledge that’s different in foundation. It wouldn’t end in just a big tragedy.

Someone who has ambition, but won’t lose control; can take responsibility for what they do and has a certain degree of flexibility.

I had him continue searching for someone with such a narrow criteria.

“What about the form of the organization?”

“That person is capable, but they are not that good at office work. That’s why I have appointed someone responsible for that. You and that researcher can work together with that person in charge. It will be increasing in personnel as the situation demands, I guess.” (Marito)

It is dangerous to give a magic researcher the position of highest authority. I may have moderation as an otherworlder, but I am not that clear about common sense. The person Marito prepared to take charge in that front should be more suitable.

“Makes sense. And so, we can begin operations today?!”

“No, no, let’s have you meet each other another day. I have made the arrangements at once after matters were settled, but there’s still a lot to prepare, you see.” (Marito)

This is mortifying to a degree I have not felt before. That said, I could cheer 3 times just from the fact that my proposal went through while I was on my trip in Gahne. I must not get greedy here.

“Right, what about Mix?”

“True. Lady Ratzel should be enough if it is within the country, and her being in charge of this benefits her, but…Mix, what do you want to do? I don’t mind you returning to being an adventurer, but you’ve got your high intelligence. How about being the assistant of my friend?” (Marito)

“M-M-M-Me?! O-O-Of course, that’s just what I wanted!” (Mix)

“That’s how it is. It would be more relaxing for me to entrust her to you rather than her just wandering off somewhere else. Counting on you.” (Marito)

“I am grateful to have Mix as an assistant.”

Mix excels in her techniques as an adventurer, but she has also learned magic and common sense as royalty.

Her brain spins fast just like her brother. She would be the person you would want in whichever genre it is.

That said, she abandoned her country and became an adventurer in order to solidify the position of Marito. There should be no issue with her settling down in the country now.

“Can’t stay here doing nothing. Alright, I’m heading back to write down plans.”

“This is still in the trial phase, so everyone aside from the specialist would have to work multiple positions. Don’t forget about their original duties, okay?” (Marito)

After that, we hurried back, and I dug out the plans I wrote down secretly regarding the development of magic.

I spread out a large bundle of parchment. Man, I don’t know which one we should begin researching from.

Should I go for my hobbies first? No, we need to produce results first to increase our funds.

Taking into consideration difficulty…

“First would be this one and this one. No, if I want something that will be a hit for nobles, it would be this?”

“Even though so much happened to you right before…. The speed in which you switch moods is abnormal.” (Ilias)

“Are you referring to Anbu-kun? I have already gotten used to how dangerous he is.”

“Anbu-kun, you say… But to think there was someone of that level by the side of His Majesty… It has been a while since I have felt fear towards someone…” (Ilias)

So even Ilias ends up like that. We are talking about the person that outright stormed towards a Demon Lord. She also had the valor to rush into a horde of monsters and the Chivalric Order in the simulated world.

The Holy Fist Gradona carved his name in history and is on the same level as Lord Ragudo, so Anbu-kun would be above him.

Considering his age, that excellence really does proof he is from the lineage of the Hero.

“Him providing us information means that he has seen worth in us. You have been acknowledged by a descendant of the Hero, so how about being a bit more confident?”

“That’s true, but…hmmm.” (Ilias)

“Ah, Shishou, welcome back! And also, we are back home!” (Wolfe)

“Oh, and here I was wondering why it was unlocked. You came back faster than I thought—wait, what’s with this mountain of parchment?” (Rakura)

Wolfe and Rakura must have gone out to buy groceries or something, they returned home just now.

They are carrying a whole ton of groceries in both hands.

We left the house for close to a month, so we reduced our reserves. We probably needed to restock.

“They are plans for magic research. The development team has been officially approved.”

“Fumu fumu… I can’t read it. Is this the so-called Japanese?” (Rakura)

I have written these plans in Japanese just in case. Considering the danger of a leak, this much is absolutely necessary.

—It is also in part because I haven’t learned the language of this world yet though. But don’t mind the small details.

“A person from my world would be able to read it, but if someone can read this, they would be able to reach these ideas easily themselves anyways. I have to use my advantage of being someone from a different world to its utmost efficiency.”

“Hmm, no matter how many times I see it, I can’t understand it at all… They are mysterious characters.” (Rakura)

“They are words I have gotten used to on my end though. Kanji, hiragana, and katakana. If we include symbols, it certainly would be a hassle in the eyes of this world.”

“No, how to say this…it is more like it doesn’t enter my brain even if I try to understand it…” (Rakura)

“Same here.” (Ilias)

“That’s pretty much how a foreign language is. Wolfe doesn’t have a language rooted heavily yet, so she might be able to learn it easily though.”

“…It is difficult.” (Wolfe)

Wolfe is facing the Japanese, but she is making a complicated expression. Looks like Japanese is felt as a difficult language in this world.

The books in Japanese left by Yugura have not been deciphered until now. Their affinity must not be good.

…No, wait, could that be possible?

No, no, not good.

I have made a promise with Ilias, so I shouldn’t switch my thoughts like that.

“The ideal would be to make it possible for me to use magic. As long as I can’t strengthen my body, trying to battle normally would be hopeless.”

That said, I don’t have mana, so there would be heavy restrictions placed on the magic I can use though.

There’s ores that can store mana, so if I can use them as energy catalysts, maybe…

“In that case, it would be good to research this one first… No, no, this one…”

“He looks like a child.” (Rakura)

“Indeed. Even though the evaluation of his surroundings would increase if he had those lively eyes and face on the regular.” (Ilias)

The gallery is saying something, but ignore, ignore.

This is my chance to get involved in the sensation of a fantasy world for real. Of course the child inside of me would be stimulated.

—Did Yugura feel the same way as me when he just arrived in this world?

Yugura must have barely had any knowledge in magic when he came to this world.

But after repeated research, he created forbidden magic, and gave birth to Demon Lords.

If 100% of the Japanese people that come to this world have created undesirable results, it would cause issues to the compatriots that might show up in this world in the future. I must avoid becoming a repeat of the same failure.

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