LS – Chapter 293: As such, let’s leave the watering for later

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“We are here, Tsudwali.” 

Soon after arriving at the destination with Teleport, we confirm the surroundings to see whether there’s any unsavory people around. 

There were no noteworthy reactions, and it doesn’t seem like there’s traps set. 

Molari must have also judged there’s no danger, so she relaxed soon after. 

“I finish preparations at once. Please wait.” (Tsudwali)

“I don’t mind even if you take your time though. I am not boorish—” 

“I finish preparations…at once.” (Tsudwali)


Invading the inside of a building with teleportation is dangerous. 

Molari is an Illegitimate with the rare spatial awareness ability, but the precision lowers when it comes to the inside of an enclosed space. 

Moreover, there’s a lot of uncertain factors like objects being placed there or people passing by. 

I use stealth magic to hide my sounds, scent, and presence. 

There won’t be anyone who will be able to sense me like this, so I can move inside the facility boldly. 

That said, we have already investigated our objective, and we have located the position of the window too. 

“Not even locked…” (Tsudwali)

It is careless, but considering the talent of that man, it is most likely not a necessary action to begin with. 

I check the state of things from the window while I break into the place. It is already late at night. It is the time when all the patients in the rooms are sleeping. 

All the curtains are closed and I can hear the snoring of a number of people. 

His location is…here, if I remember correctly. 

“…Tsudwali, huh.” 


I heard his voice from the other side of the curtains when I was about to stretch out my hand. 

It is not just me being noticed, he saw through the fact that it is me?! 

What should I do? I should retreat for now and…no, there’s no reason to run away. What am I getting all flustered about?

I snap myself back into form and open the curtain. 

The one there was Haakudoku laying in the bed while training with the devil that’s possessing his right arm. 

There’s no need to hide myself after coming this far. I undo the stealth magic and expose myself. 

“Oh, so it really was you. What’s the matter, coming here this late at night?” (Haaku)

“…How you know it was me?” (Tsudwali)

“Wind blew all of a sudden even though there was no presence after all. I couldn’t feel hostility either, so I guessed it would be you.” (Haaku)

I see. So he noticed me from the difference in the wind pressure when I opened the window. 

I was careless. 

I should break in from the neighboring window next time. No, I don’t think there will be a next time though.

“As expected, I guess.” (Tsudwali)

“I feel like it was more your mistake though.” (Haaku)

“Alright, take that as declaration of war.” (Tsudwali)

“Yup, I was super skilled! That’s why, please sheathe your weapon!” (Haaku)

Haakudoku shouted in a hushed tone while directing his attention to his surroundings. 

It seems like he is worried about the other patients waking up. 

Well, it is not like I came here to interrupt the sleep of the other patients, so let’s hold back here.

“Seeing your state, doesn’t seem like you dying anytime soon.” (Tsudwali)

“Oh, what. You came to visit because you were worried about me? Then, you should have at least come in the morning. Coming to visit so late at night is not normal, you know?” (Haaku)

“Crowded…” (Tsudwali)

“I am really happy. I am so happy, tears are coming out.” (Haaku)

We are wanted people in the continent. There’s no way I would be able to show up in the morning. 

In the first place, it is not like I came here to visit him. 

I simply came here to check how he is doing since I heard he was on the verge of dying for stupid reasons. 

“Not visit. If you die for stupid reason, the standing of Ritial-sama who lost to you get worse. Rather kill you than that happening. I just came here to give that warning.” (Tsudwali)

“Eeh… Let me choose where I die at least… Also, it wasn’t a visit…? Even though I was actually happy here…” (Haaku)

Stop that sad face. 

I don’t know the reason, but it makes me feel as if I am doing something bad here. 

…Can’t be helped. If I remember correctly, over here…found it. 

I take out a small bag from my pocket and throw it at the pillow of Haakudoku. 

“…Pills for good sleep. I get you bored, but sleep properly to recover wounds.” (Tsudwali)

“Oh, thanks for this. Masetta is so incessant every day about how I should go to sleep, but if I were to sleep when the sun is out, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night. She told me she would kill me the next time my wounds open, you know? Ain’t that horrible?” (Haaku)

“Right. I take her place to kill you.” (Tsudwali)

“Okay, I will sleep like a log until I recover!” (Haaku)

Looks like his comrades have it rough too. 

Our side would pretty much get docile as long as Ritial-sama is present, so there’s not really much of an issue…issue… Oh well, let’s leave that aside. 

I was really planning on just checking the state of his wounds and leaving, but I ended up eating an unnecessary amount of time. 

I am making Molari wait, so let’s go quickly. 

That’s why I will look at his face for a bit more… Wait, what’s the point of that? 

The face of a man like this who looks way too good in complete tatters…only gives me anxiety…

There’s a big scar on the left eye of Haakudoku. 

A scar like the one I got in the past…no, it is the wound he made himself. 

“…That wound…not healing it?” (Tsudwali)

“It is comparatively fresh, so I was told to heal it. But I refused.” (Haaku)

“Why?” (Tsudwali)

“You may not mind it that much, but me being the only one healing it would leave a bad aftertaste.” (Haaku)

Scars are a stigma left by the past -that’s how I thought about it. 

That’s why I didn’t want to look at a mirror. 

I also didn’t want to look directly at the wounds of others since it felt like they were reflecting my own. 

But for some reason, I don’t get any bad feelings when seeing the wound of this man that is laughing shily. 

He made that wound himself and had nothing to do with the past I experienced, and yet, why is it that it makes the pain of my own wounds lessen? 

“Pointless thing.” (Tsudwali)

“No, it is not completely pointless. See, take a good look. I am more manly now, right? Ain’t I dandy like Bro Gestaf?” (Haaku)

Haakudoku pushed his face towards mine proudly. 

Yeah, this man is a bottomless idiot. Looking at the face of this stupid man makes me not care about my wounds at all. 

“Not at all.” (Tsudwali)

“No way… Maybe I really should grow a beard too…” (Haaku)

“Shave beard. Growing one would only make you look like lazy bum.” (Tsudwali)

“Eeeh… But I want to grow one…” (Haaku)

“If next time I see you, your beard thicker, I shave it together with your skin.” (Tsudwali)

“…Wow, your eyes are serious.” (Haaku)

I stayed for too long. I have to return now. 

The people around might wake up and Molari might rush in in worry. 

I open the closed curtain and head outside. 

“…Don’t worry comrades too much. If you really don’t want to see  the heart of people who worry about you be hurt.” (Tsudwali)

“Thanks for the vivid warning. I will stay put. Thanks for coming to see me, Tsudwali. Let’s have a meal together some other time. I will show you a place I recommend.” (Haaku)

“…Not eating outside is policy of mine.” (Tsudwali)

“Aah… Then, I will cook it. I am good at cooking despite appearances, you know? Hehe!” (Haaku)

I feel like my core will shift if I were to be swallowed by this man’s pace. 

I don’t answer and head to the window. 

Words had crawled all their way to my chest, but I swallowed them and went out. 

I head straight to the rendezvous point and I see Molari carving a block of wood with a knife to make a sculpture. I don’t know what she is carving, but it is a carving that gives off a feeling of emptiness.

“Sorry for wait.” (Tsudwali)

“You came back faster than I thought. I thought you would be talking for a lot longer.” (Molari)

“No way I would.” (Tsudwali)

“Oh well, you did use quite a lot of time for being you.” (Molari)


I draw my weapon and intimidate Molari, and she raised both hands as if saying ‘I got it, I got it’ and began to pack up. 

“Today was a special occasion, but Ritial-sama said that it would be better to not get close to Serende for a while. We are in a truce with the resident of Yugura’s planet, so we have to avoid careless intervention.” (Molari)

“I know that much.” (Tsudwali)

“If we knew who was the one cooperating with Raheight for stuff like the information of the ruins, we would have gotten a decent reward for it though. Tsudwali, you don’t know?” (Molari)

“That 10 years ago, right? Same time as you.” (Tsudwali)

Molari and I couldn’t use our talents properly 10 years ago. 

There’s no way Ritial-sama would bring us around in that state. 

In the first place, there’s no weirdo who would want to act together with Raheight—

“What’s the matter?” (Molari)

“…I simply thought of one person. I report to Ritial-sama just in case.” (Tsudwali)


I may be the strongest within the pawns of Hilmera-sama, but I am not good with assassinations. 

I honestly would want her to give this mission to someone else and be together with him. 

“In the first place, it is not like it will be okay if it is me…” (Murshto)

The hiding place of the person that’s said to have been cooperating with Raheight has been pinpointed, and I am going there with heavy steps and languid feelings to this remote place.

Hilmera-sama at least showed consideration and apparently sent a number of assassins, but none returned. 

Those people are good at stealth, but their combat skills are not that high after all.

They can at most corner a civilian to kill them. 

“Let’s see…according to the map, it should be here, but…uwaaah…” (Murshto)

What was there was a wooden house that seemed like a simple base, and a wonderful field despite its small size. 

I thought they escaped from Serende, but they are plowing the fields so brazenly in a place like this. 

Are they not aware that they are wanted people? 

“As for the wanted people… Assassins were sent to them, so…I guess they escaped?” (Murshto)

“I have no intention of running though?” 

Aah, so they were here… 

I sigh and turn around, and there was a man there holding a hoe despite having a sword hanging on his waist. 

The other person that survived the battle before and escaped aside from Ritial Zentry and his group.

The owner of innate talent that’s said his swordsmanship is the second coming of Yugura.

“Arcreal Aishia, right? Can you come with me?” (Murshto)

“I can’t do that. Sprouts have finally come from the seeds I planted. What would you do if they were to be eaten by birds and animals in the time I am gone?” (Arcreal)

I feel like he is seriously working in the field here, but he feels pretty different from what I heard. 

But what stands out the most is that the shape of this person’s heart is way too different from the others. 

If I had to describe its shape, it would be like an eternal pillar standing imposingly. 

Overwhelming confidence with no doubts that he is the strongest. 

So this is how it looks when you have reached the peak of the strength you seek. 

“In that case, it would be by force, but…I don’t want it to be a fight to the death if possible.” (Murshto)

“That’s quite the strong statement for someone who seems to know me. I haven’t heard of someone that strong in Serende though.” (Arcreal)

“It is not about being able to win or not. I don’t want to take the life of someone who I can see as an individual, and I don’t want to offer my life. I want to keep those dense exchanges in life to just the person my heart has chosen.” (Murshto)

“I see, so a weirdo. But that logic is weird. I can tell by feeling that…you have killed quite a good amount of people, right?” (Arcreal)

Aah, this person really is cut from the same cloth. Ugh, I definitely won’t come out fine if I fight a guy like this.

It definitely wouldn’t be worth it, and it would only leave results that would make me regret it. 

“It is just that I have not thought of the ones I have killed until now as people.” (Murshto)

“Aah, I understand that feeling well. I myself can’t get used to cutting down people no matter the amount. Can I ask your name?” (Arcreal)

Arcreal threw away the hoe and drew his sword. 

It seems to be properly maintained despite devoting himself to field work. 

I draw my sword too and take a stance. 

“Murshto. Just Murshto.”


Author: Arcreal uses his sword for everything he can in his field work. The hoe is just for decoration. 

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