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Ekdoik came back the next day as if nothing happened.

He said he wants to choose to live in a way that pushes himself up, so to use him as thoroughly as I want.

He seemed to have an awfully refreshed face, so I asked if something happened, but he said it was the same as usual.

He must have declared something to Rakura or someone around that ballpark.

Oh well, I wanted to consult with Ekdoik about the Purple Demon Lord’s new home, so he came just at the right time.

And so, we are on our way to the bandit lairs.

The Purple Demon Lord and the others are going to be meeting up with us later.

It wouldn’t be difficult for the Purple Demon Lord to ready a residence if she were to use a whole ton of devils, but I wanted to give Ekdoik the command with the pretext that it is to keep an eye on her just in case.

I would like to be spared from a punchline like entering the new home of the Purple Demon Lord without knowing anything and getting imprisoned at her basement or something.

Doubt that would happen though… Right?

“Hmm, my cowardice is poking its head out.”

“What’s the matter all of a sudden, Comrade? You being a coward is basically a personality trait at this point, right?” (Ekdoik)

“That’s true, but…”

Me being a coward on the inside is fine, but I would like to act courageous on the outside at least.

The Purple Demon Lord must have more leeway now, she can tell that I have my hands full moving around.

I must avoid being used conveniently.

And so, we arrived at the bandit lair.

The forest that was cut haphazardly by the hooligans has been cleaned up properly.

Wouldn’t it be possible to make a house by today in this open plot?

“Do I call this being well prepared, or were you planning on using it for something else?”

“I wanted level ground to use as a location for training. I was working it carefully as an aside from my chain control training, and the results are as you see.” (Ekdoik)

“Being able to pull off this level of soil preparation purely with chains is unbelievable.”

I feel like the residence Marito wanted to designate to me would be able to fit in this place.

Even if it is deep in the forest, it would trouble Taizu if giant residences were to be made endlessly.

He said he wants this to be kept the size of a villa.

“It has been worked on pretty cleanly.”

The Purple Demon Lord was behind me at some point in time. I was on the verge of screaming.

“Just when… Even though I asked Ekdoik to fly me here…”

“Oh my, I am a Demon Lord though? I have my ways of transportation, you know?” (Purple)

She said this and a part of her clothes turned into wings.

Are those clothes…devils?

“As you may have already noticed, my clothes are made from High Devils that have had their wills extracted and can obey my orders swiftly, you see?” (Purple)

She pulls back her wings and, this time around, long claws show up.

This might surpass the chain transformations of Ekdoik.

The downside would be that it can’t recover once it is destroyed, and it is also a bit scary that a bit of her clothes decrease when she transforms them.

She would most likely be stark naked if she were to transform it completely.

“And Dyuvuleori—”

“I am of course present.” (Dyuvuleori)

Dyuvuleori popped out from the Purple Demon Lord’s shadow.

From what I can see, he has completely recovered now.

If I had to point out a difference, it would be that the Pawn Mask is gone and his bare face is on the open.

A handsome butler? I’m so jealous.

“I leave the rough design to you, but please consult with Ekdoik when you are getting the materials and such.”

“I can shape it with lesser devils though?” (Purple)

“Please make them with natural materials. I can’t come hang out comfortably if you don’t.”

“It can’t be helped then, right?” (Purple)

Even if I were to come hang out and borrow her toilet, knowing that the walls, the toilet seat, and everything are made of devils is just way too scary. My business wouldn’t be able to come out even if I wanted to.

“Speaking of which, what happened to the wood that was here before you worked on this place? Did you make them scraps with your chains or something?”

“Over here.” (Ekdoik)

I was guided to an underground cave. There’s a whole ton of lumber processed and lined up.

“Are you a one-man lumbering factory?”

“Your terms are a bit hard to understand, but I can get the general meaning to a certain extent. I was a former adventurer. I can tell the worth of things. There’s nothing to lose Even if there’s a bit of traveling expenses.” (Ekdoik)

Uwaah, he has even dried them.

We might actually be able to begin working on it if we were to bring carpenters here.

For now, I pay Ekdoik the market price for the lumber.

The Purple Demon Lord has a bit of a fortune too, so he has received a reward entering the realm of a rich man.

The transportation of the lumber will be done by the devils of the Purple Demon Lord, so there’s no issues there.

…Can devils do construction too?

Let’s not think too deeply about it.

I was nodding by myself and the Purple Demon Lord came to my side.

“Hey, Dear, I would like to go a bit further from here.” (Purple)

“Further from here… Deep down the cave?”

“Yes. I want to check out the state of the underground cave for a bit, you see?” (Purple)

There…doesn’t seem to be any ill intentions here, so let’s go with her.

Ekdoik is most likely going to follow stealthily behind too anyways.

Ekdoik has already worked on this cave, and the investigation of the geological features is done too.

Thanks to that, the path has been cleaned up and it is extremely easy to walk in.

The Purple Demon Lord is using magic for the light, so there’s no need for a torch either.

We found the underground lake deep inside which was in the reports of before.

“Not bad terrain, huh? I might be able to create good quality High Devils here?” (Purple)

“Speaking of which, you have a method to create monsters purposely.”

The Purple Demon Lord has created monsters with bizarre forms that are different from the devils that originated from the Gahne Nether.

She was beginning to get bored of life, so she picked a fight with the other Demon Lords, and was trying to drag others along with her.

Well, that can also be said about the Gold Demon Lord that has left her own kingdom and has come hang out without a care in the world.

“I would like you to avoid excessive production of devils though.”

“If it is just numbers, the ones currently present are enough. I plan on increasing my elites in order to protect myself, you know?” (Purple)

It is a statement that would make Dyuvuleori frown, but rather than having Dyuvuleori do all of the protecting alone, it is not bad to have devils who can fill up the openings instead.

She has to leave the fighting to Dyuvuleori as her only Great Devil, so it should be possible to compartmentalize the work.

The Purple Demon Lord silently sunk an awfully big light source inside the water.

When she did, the water surface peacefully swaying reflected the light, creating a mystifying sight.

“That’s pretty.”

“Yes, a lot…” (Purple)

I was reminded of something and took something out from the bag hanging at my back.

And then, I silently directed it to the Purple Demon Lord who was watching the underground lake, and pushed the button.

A dazzling light shines on the underground lake for an instant.

The Purple Demon Lord turned this way, most likely after noticing that light.

“That was so sudden it surprised me, you know?” (Purple)

“Sorry, sorry. But you didn’t show a surprised expression despite that.”

“I didn’t feel any hostility from you, but I was wondering what you were doing though?” (Purple)

“This is what it does.”

I say this and give the Purple Demon Lord a piece of paper.

The very center of the paper that’s a bit more polished than a parchment is filled up with black squares.

“This is… Ah!” (Purple)

She looked at the paper for a while and the Purple Demon Lord watching the underground lake showed up there gradually.

That’s right. This is a polaroid camera.

I had no knowledge in medicine, but I knew how the film development worked, so I asked Nora to replicate it.

The downside is that I can’t use it unless there’s a battery with mana in it, but the polaroids over here can show images with more precision than those on Earth.

It can show almost the same accuracy as your eyes even inside this somewhat dark underground lake.

“So you have things like this?” (Purple)

“That was a pretty nice shutter chance after all. It is one of the tools of Earth.”

“…So, is it possible to show both me and you?” (Purple)

“Of course. But I would like someone to take the photo though.”

“Dyuvuleori, you are here, right?” (Purple)

When she said this, Dyuvuleori appeared without making a sound.

I felt slight chills thinking about the possibility of him misunderstanding that photo capturing of before as an attack.

“Here. Human, I was on the verge of reacting by reflex at the light of before. Be careful.” (Dyuvuleori)

That was close.

Anyways, I explained the way to use the camera to Dyuvuleori.

After that, I stand by the side of the Purple Demon Lord with the underground lake as the background.

“…Do we have to link arms?”

“Of course.” (Purple)

I don’t feel any emotions in the eyes of Dyuvuleori, but is he shutting off his heart with everything he has?

And then, he took the photo.

After that, we checked out the cave for a bit more and returned.

The construction of the villa will be done under the leadership of Dyuvuleori and Ekdoik.

I am sure it will be ready faster than I imagine.


I return to my lodging and sit on the bed.

What I am holding is the paper that’s showing me and him… He said it is called a ‘photo’?

His expression shown here is his usual slightly unfriendly one, but that’s his default face.

Aah, I can make such a happy face, huh?

I only see my face when I am looking at a mirror.

I don’t smile unnecessarily when I am looking at a mirror, so I feel like this is my first time seeing my own smile.

I am sure this smile is showing some sort of effect on him.

My memories with him taking form in this way is a mysterious feeling.

He defeated my Enticement, and the method was the baffling revelation that he hasn’t told his real name to even his comrades.

Him being able to read my mind was most likely not out of surplus, but a desperate struggle of his.

I completely lost against him. But the reality is that it was a paper-thin defeat.

He faced me with his full strength, true to his word, and won. Now that I know this, I am not thinking anymore about making him mine.

He raised his worth I thought was sufficient to the very limits. There’s no prize better than that.

I pour mana to the photo and strengthen its resilience.

I could bring it around with me just like this, but…I would like to put it somewhere I can see it instead.

“Dyuvuleori.” (Purple)

“Here.” (Dyuvuleori)

My loyal retainer appeared with one call.

“I would like to decorate the living room with this picture. It is too small to decorate on a wall, so…can you prepare a frame that can be placed on a make-up shelf?” (Purple)

“As you will.” (Dyuvuleori)

“—Wait.” (Purple)

“Yes!” (Dyuvuleori)

I called Dyuvuleori, who was about to leave indifferently, to a stop without thinking too deeply about it.

Dyuvuleori was kneeling silently in front of me and wasn’t moving.

Why did I call Dyuvuleori to a stop…? There’s no need to even think about it.

“I will allow no response to the following words I will be directing to you.” (Purple)


“You worked really well in this time’s incident. Allow me to express my gratitude towards you. Thanks, Dyuvuleori.” (Purple)

Dyuvuleori didn’t say anything back and didn’t react to it.

It is not like I wanted to see his reaction. I simply wanted to tell him this.

“That’s it. You can go now.” (Purple)

Dyuvuleori disappeared into the shadows without making a sound.

To think I would thank a devil. I have changed.

I understood the feelings of Dyuvuleori at the time when I learned of that man’s full efforts.

I couldn’t just not say anything in that state.

My heart couldn’t calm down while slighting my loyal retainer that entrusted himself to me when I was earnestly desiring that man.

No, it is that it can’t calm down now.

I have changed in that way.

“…I feel like it would be impossible to return now that I have tasted this sweetness, huh? I don’t really mind though.” (Purple)


“Thanks for the meal!”

“Thanks for the meal.”

I prepared the excessive ingredients that Rakura bought and made Earth dishes.

There’s a lot of hassles when using the ingredients of this world, but it was a promise, so it can’t be helped.

But these people really eat a lot. Just watching them eat fills me up.

“Shishou, I will wash the dishes!” (Wolfe)

“Oh, thanks.”

“Then, Counselor-sama, let’s drink booze together!” (Rakura)

“I don’t drink alcohol when I am making others work. I will go out for a bit.”

“Eeeh. Wait, where are you going?” (Rakura)

“I moved a lot and made food, so I am going to get some night breeze.”

I was moving busily the whole time trying to use all those ingredients, so I am a bit tired.

My temperature also increased after eating food, so I felt like cooling down.

I headed to the doorway, but Ilias called me.

“If you are going to go outside, I will too—” (Ilias)

“I am just going to sit outside the door. No need, no need.”

“I see. If I feel like you are going to run away, I will chase after you immediately, so don’t go wandering around on your own.” (Ilias)


I went outside, and sat down with my back leaning on the door.

The night wind is cooling down my body nicely.

If there were tobacco in this world, I would have wanted a smoke…but there’s only cigars.

I tried smoking the one Ban-san gave me before, but it was rough just as I thought. I judged it would take quite a good amount of smokes to get used to it which would in turn require time and money, so I stopped it.

I smoked light tobacco in Japan for socialization, but it is not like I really like them. I didn’t smoke when those friends were gone.

It doesn’t taste good at first, and even when you get used to it, the cost and performance is bad.

I have more money in my pocket now, so I might have more of a presence if I were to smoke a cigar, but…thinking about how good the nose of Wolfe is…

I feel like I would get depressed if I were to be told I stink by Wolfe.

Yup, I am already a weakling in this world as it is, so let’s not smoke.

The oxygen I can put in my lungs decreases after all.

“Can I have a bit of your time?”

“Uo, you gave me a fright there!”

I closed my eyes to feel the night wind and someone suddenly spoke to me at the front.

When I opened my eyes, the one there was Dyuvuleori.

“Dyuvuleori, huh. Don’t jumpscare me too much…”

Ilias might kick down the door and show up if I screamed.

I would be sent flying together with the door if that happened.

“Sorry about that. You had your eyes closed for a long time, so I ended up doing that.” (Dyuvuleori)

“My bad too.”

I had my eyes shut for a few minutes, but was he here the whole time? Let’s not think about it.

“I am currently incredibly confused.” (Dyuvuleori)

“You look pretty confident here though.”

“…My Lord thanked me.” (Dyuvuleori)

“That’s great.”

“But I simply lost. I wasn’t that different from the other self-interested Great Devils, and didn’t get any decent results. Someone like me—” (Dyuvuleori)

“The Purple Demon Lord must have told you to just listen without saying anything.”

“I am impressed you could tell.” (Dyuvuleori)

“I have comprehended the Purple Demon Lord once, after all. It is not like I know 100% what she is thinking, but I can guess around 40% of it.”

The Purple Demon Lord has become more human.

In that case, there will be occasions where she would tell Dyuvuleori her gratitude.

She would most likely order Dyuvuleori to just listen silently since he might say ‘those words are wasted on me’ with his attitude.

“If you comprehend the thoughts of My Lord, I shall ask you: How should I take those words?” (Dyuvuleori)

“Be happy about it. She didn’t let you deny them so that you could taste them thoroughly. If you were to bring that up and deny them, that would instead be rude towards the consideration of the Purple Demon Lord, you know?”

“But my results were—” (Dyuvuleori)

“What the Purple Demon Lord was grateful for wasn’t about direct results; it was about you showing your loyalty. Your dedication to fight by your own will, not under her orders but for her sake, has certainly become a support for her.”

“…My Lord has changed that much?” (Dyuvuleori)

“You could say that stinks as too human. Are you disillusioned?”

“There’s no way that could happen.” (Dyuvuleori)

I don’t know what happened in the past of Dyuvuleori, but he must have wanted to serve the Purple Demon Lord before she even ordered them to convene.

There’s even the possibility he knew about the Purple Demon Lord since the time when Yugura was acting as a hero.

His loyalty wouldn’t falter just because her personality has mellowed out a bit.

“Well, it means that your loyalty was high enough it warranted a thank you from the Purple Demon Lord. If you think it is too much of an honor, just act in a fashion that can reciprocate those words from here on.”

“Is that how it works…? It must be how it works.” (Dyuvuleori)

Ilias might come if I talk too much outside.

No, we are talking about her, so she might even be at the other side of the door with sword in hand.

“Now then, that’s all you wanted to consult about, right? If that’s all, I am going back.”

“…You changed My Lord. That’s why there’s the need to take responsibility.” (Dyuvuleori)

“I know. It will be tough, but I will do what I can.”

“If it is going to be tough, rely on me. I can provide as much power to your cunning as you want if it is for the sake of My Lord.” (Dyuvuleori)

“That sounds really reliable. Then, good night, Dyuvuleori.”

I open the door and enter.

The presence of Dyuvuleori was already gone by then.

“…So, can’t say eavesdropping is the proper behavior of a knight.”

“…Leave me be.” (Ilias)

Ilias made an awkward face. I can clearly see her sword at her back.

I was on the verge of laughing, but there’s no doubt she was worried about me.

“Wolfe’s cleaning…seems to be over. Then, let’s drink with Rakura. Accompany us, Ilias.”

“…Okay, I am fine with that.” (Ilias)

What should I do tomorrow? Should I go to Nora’s place?

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