LS – Chapter 327: Thus, present

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“It may not have been explained the best, but it is as I told you just now.” 

First, I explained to the people gathered that my friend has gone with the Colorless Demon Lord to stop Yugura, who is trying to do something to this world. 

“Why didn’t you stop Mister Friend, Nii-sama?! Believing in the words of that Colorless Demon Lord and going along with his invitation is just—” (Mix)

“Calm down, Mix. My friend noticed this himself and accepted the proposal. Do you think me and the Gold Demon Lord were not against it? Of course we were.” (Marito)

“Ser wouldn’t have accepted if this was a trap from Colorless. It is not like he went there to pick a fight with Yugura, so I don’t think there’s any need to worry that much though.” (Gold)

“Are you seriously saying that? We are talking about that Yugura, you know? The man that can laugh as he tells you his own conveniences and slices your head off, you know?” (Purple)

“…I-It should be fine.” (Gold)

The Gold Demon Lord looked away and stuttered, making the faces of the people around stiffen. 

Does this fox Demon Lord only say things that would make the surroundings uneasy? 

“My friend said after analyzing things: Yugura is whimsical, self-centered, doesn’t care about dragging other people into his matters, and doesn’t listen properly to others.” (Marito)

“That’s true, but isn’t that the problem?” (Blue)

“Yeah…” (Marito)

“Blue, don’t break the flow of the conversation. Marito is trying to tell us about how Comrade reached the conclusion of heading there.” (Ekdoik)

“I-I know! Everyone who knows about Yugura knows how insane that guy is…” (Blue)

The Demon Lords feel more talkative when Yugura is involved. 

For them, Yugura is someone who they have been acquainted with for longer than the people here. 

“But my friend said this: Yugura is peculiar, but he is someone who is acting with a logical mind. That it is not impossible to have a conversation with him if their minds align.” (Marito)

“…Was there anyone who could talk properly with that thing?” (Blue)

“Black and Green, I guess? Only when it comes to magic though?” (Purple)

“Anyways! My friend isn’t a daredevil that would face something without a chance. He at the very least headed there with more understanding of Yugura than anyone here.” (Marito)

I am also worried endlessly here. 

But my friend has asked me to lower their unease, so I must fulfill that duty as a friend. 

However, I was all prepared here, and yet, everyone here is less worried than I imagined. Especially Lady Ratzel and Wolfe-chan. But it is just on a degree where it is less than I thought.

I am sure they wouldn’t be like this if this happened just after my friend returned from Serende. 

My friend has tried to lower their worries in his own way in the time they were resting. 

“Ser did say he would be contacting us as soon as possible. If Colorless is helping out here, we should be getting a call anytime—” (Gold)

“Yeah, I am back real fast. Be grateful, Gold Lass.” (Colorless)

“…Can’t ya make it a bit more obvious that ya will show up?” (Gold)

“Listen here, this is the evolved teleport, you know? I go out of my way to erase that stuff. Well, this is a clone though.” (Colorless)

It is true that it would be extremely effective to have others feel as if you were there to begin with in the case you want to use teleport magic in actual combat. 

You would be late in reacting no matter what. 

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that this would become a certain kill technique for peak fighters that decide battles in an instant. 

No, more importantly, the Colorless Demon Lord showing up means that my friend is still with Yugura. 

It means there’s a reason why he couldn’t come back. 

“Be fast if you have a message. I have no intention of getting along with you.” (Marito)

“Ooh, we are in sync. Consider this a regular report. Putting it bluntly, that man has created a scenario to talk. He is currently talking in front of my eyes, but seeing as how things are going, I doubt he is going to be killed. It is not like he suddenly picked a fight with him anyways.” (Colorless)

The Colorless Demon Lord was saying this without looking at anyone here in particular. It is as if he is looking at someone that’s not here. 

The Gold Demon Lord uses a clone to go in between Gahne and Taizu with just her mind, but this man can use two bodies at the same time? 

“…I see.” (Marito)

“He is challenging him to a match though.” (Colorless)

“What is my friend doing?!” (Marito)

There were a number of people who wanted to let out their voices at this, but I ended up shouting alone because I was way faster than anyone. 

I was about to choke, but I endured with spirit and just kept it to a light cough. 

“I understand how you feel, but this is also a necessary match for you people.” (Colorless)

“…What do you mean by that?” (Marito)

Colorless explained to everyone what Yugura was trying to do just like how he did with my friend. 

He wants to use space-time magic, return to the past, and change history. 

No matter the result, it would affect this world greatly, and history will be rewritten. 

“The scale is so grand, it is hard to feel the reality of it…” (Mix)

“Going to the past to redo things since it didn’t go his way. Isn’t that the mindset of a child?!” (Blue)

“It is as you say, Blue Oni. Yugura’s idea is simple and childish. But he has the power to make it reality. He can do it, so he will. How about you people? It is not that bad of a thing if you regret becoming Demon Lords.” (Colorless)

It is honestly hard to grasp even if he explained it to us.

Going to the past and rewriting history. But the more I theorize the results of it, the more I feel like there’s only despair awaiting in the future for the ones living in the present. 

“Don’t joke around! It is true that I experienced horrible things, but I have desperately overcome them! Also, don’t call me Blue Oni!” (Blue)

“Hoh, that suicidal woman is saying this…?” (Colorless)

“The Blue of that time might have agreed though. In the first place, if what ya said is true, we would just die like normal people without becoming Demon Lords. We want to live in this world -in the present.” (Gold)

As for the Purple Demon Lord, she simply smiled silently as if saying she doesn’t even need to answer. 

If history changes, the Black Demon Lord won’t exist, and my friend won’t be called to this world. If my friend didn’t exist, there would be no point for her to live in the present. 

“Well, I don’t care about the reason why you live in the present though. That man is challenging him to a match in order to keep this world as it is, but it is also one that approaches destruction. I have no idea what was the conclusion he thought of when he said something like that, but…well, it is far better than disappearing without being able to do anything.” (Colorless)

“…What is the match my friend challenged Yugura in?” 

It is true that Yugura will change history if we do nothing, and we might cease to exist. 

Even so, it is impossible for the people in the present to get rid of Yugura. It would be impossible even if we had Haiya who is the successor of Yugura. 

Then, what we can do is to put desperate effort for my friend as pawns on his board. 

But does Yugura have a reason to accept his challenge when he has lost any attachments to this world? 

If it is exactly as Colorless said, wouldn’t he want to go back as soon as possible? 

“—Yugura had no choice but to accept…if he was told that he would fulfill the revenge of Black Sis.” (Colorless)


I gave regular reports with the clone I sent to Taizu as I observed Yugura and that Earthling.

I have also told them the message that man asked me to send. 

It seems like they haven’t understood the real meaning behind it, but they have gotten a grasp of what’s going to be happening from now on. 

The information will spread to the major countries once everything is over. 

There’s practically no leeway in time. The worst Demon Lord in history has resurrected and is going to be attacking the humans after all. 

“Now then, let’s reconfirm the contents of the match. Rather than calling it a match, maybe it would be better to call it liquidation?”

“Yeah, I can’t convince you to not return to the past and redo everything. It is out of the law’s boundaries, so there’s no authority, and it is also impossible to stop you by force. That’s why I have a proposal. I would like you to respect the will of the Black Demon Lord of this world that you will be leaving.” 

Right now this man has a fragment of Black Sis’ soul inside of him, but her main self is in the Black Demon Lord Killer Mountain. 

She has been imprisoned in a vicious cycle of hatred, and continues waiting for her freedom while seething with rage. 

Yugura judged that it is not possible to save Black Sis anymore. That’s why he is planning on returning to the past with space-time magic, and eliminating the tragedy that Black Sis experienced. 

“If I return to the past and change her future, her current pitiful self won’t exist anymore. I think that’s enough though. I don’t wish for her to destroy the world after all.” (Yugura)

“But you gave the power to destroy the world to the Black Demon Lord. You took away her opportunity to take revenge despite that. With how things are, you will be leaving the fact that you betrayed and abandoned her.” 

“I think it is an issue with how you perceive it though. But that certainly would leave a bad aftertaste.” (Yugura)

“As someone who has been possessed and been shown dreams, I can say for sure that she will continue begrudging you.” 

This man is talking with a tone as if demanding responsibility, but I can’t feel any hostility towards Yugura. 

If he were to talk with just a bit of that, the conversation would have ended with just ‘this has nothing to do with you’.

“And so, I should free Black and let her do what she wants before the history of this world is rewritten… That would basically be the last war of the people in this era.” (Yugura)

“I think it is already something that you have lost interest in, but this is also a world where you gave change and created. I would like you to let it reach a conclusion no matter the shape it takes.” 

If Black Sis resurrects and resumes her invasion on the human realm, humanity will perish without doubt. 

Even if the remaining Demon Lords were to cooperate and all the major countries were to act as one. 

That’s how overwhelming the difference in power is. 

Strategy doesn’t work on an opponent that goes beyond logic. 

It is the same as me understanding I can’t do anything against Yugura. 

“Give the last distraction to Black, and grant an honorable death to the residents of this world. So you are saying it is my responsibility to watch over this as the one who created this result, huh. It is not a bad idea as a side show until I finish preparations for space-time magic. That’s why I said I would accept that match. But there are two issues.” (Yugura)

“In the case the Black Demon Lord resurrects completely, it is possible that she would try to obstruct you from using space-time magic, right?” 

“That’s right. I know her well too. If I said I would go to the past to redo things, she would say ‘and what about the anger I feel now?!’.” (Yugura)

Of course she would. 

The current Black Sis wants to destroy humans to an unbearable degree. Where would you find someone who would say ‘counting on you!’ when told ‘I will make it so that never happened’.

Black Sis has been given power beyond the laws of this world from Yugura. She should even be able to obstruct the space-time magic if she were to utilize everything in her arsenal. 

“The one other thing would be…me, huh.” 

“Yeah. I agree with having Black and the people in this world settle their matters. Having outsiders like you and me getting involved in this wouldn’t be fair. I don’t want you to interfere just like how you wouldn’t like me to interfere.” 

It is not like Yugura is being wary of this man. 

This is simply a: ‘The match would be settled depending on which side I take. Even if so, it wouldn’t be fair that you alone can interfere while I can’t’.

I personally feel like Black Sis would still be leagues above even with the inclusion of that man. It is to the point that it makes me think ‘isn’t it fine to let him do that much?’.

“I have methods to clear both issues. I will give this body to the Black Demon Lord. It should be fine with that, right?” 

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