LS – Chapter 183: And so, advance

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The high ranks were being defeated one after the other without much difficulty. The high ranks don’t have much fatigue and maintain the same ability to make decisions as a Unique, but that’s all they have in the end. They are no enemies of ours.

It is possible for the Butler Army to strike them down, but because they are originally just high ranks enhanced, they don’t have much experience yet.

It should be safe to see the enemy as being slightly above them. Rather than striking all enemies down, it would be better to defeat the enemies in groups, decreasing pointless exertion and wiping them out.

The enemies are not doing something like huddling up their high ranks, so spreading them widely has come back to bite them.

<<Report the situation. Repeat, report the situation.>>

The call of the harpy Unique reached us despite being in the middle of battle. I have swallowed a harpy and obtained their memories with Stomach of Perplexion, so I know how to report back.

But with the sudden change in the battlefield, I can tell that the other side is impatient here and trying to grasp the reason for it.

I don’t have the time to prepare a fitting image even if I want to give him fake information. I was tearing apart the head of a high rank while all of this was happening.

I tell him the information as it is and don’t give him any noteworthy new information. Maybe I should even retreat and concentrate on manipulating the information.

If I were to tell them that the enemy has retreated for now, the Scarlet Demon Lord might undo his power, but…it would be better to prioritize the high ranks and Uniques. I tell them the information as it is.

“It is about time I aim for the Uniques.” (Dyuvuleori)

I check the surroundings with Nose of Sniffing. It seems like there’s a number of Uniques in this place, but…the closest one is already in the middle of battle. No, he has already settled it?

I have confirmed that one of the knights that smells like he is one of the strongest within the Taizu Knights has confidence in his victory. There should be no need to interject if he has such confidence even after the enemy has released his power.

Even if humans are inferior in strength, they excel at breaking through a situation with technique and quick wittedness. That’s a power that I have tasted with my own body. It is worth trusting.

In that case, the direction I should be heading to is here.

“You guys, continue targeting high ranks in groups. Get rid of the intermediate ranks that get in your way while at it.” (Dyuvuleori)

I give the orders to the Butler Army and run through the battlefield. The pack of kobolds that were in my sight was slowly changing to a composition of lizardmen. In other words, the Unique I will be fighting will be that.

I smash the small fry as I went by and head to the center where the lizardmen were gathering, and find one with fancier equipment than the others.

“You must be the commander of the devils! My name is Gehertehe—?!”

I approach with the Left Leg of Running and sent his helmet flying with the Right Leg of Roaring without missing a beat, but his head remains. I thought the most efficient method would be to defeat him before he used Strife, but that was too hasty, huh.

“That wasn’t bad eye body coordination. I will give you a passing mark.” (Dyuvuleori)

“Guh… To think you would interrupt the introduction of a warrior. What a cowardly act!”

“Do such stuff between warriors. The only moment you introduce yourself to a devil is when you are offering your life.” (Dyuvuleori)

“Hmph, rushing in by yourself, you daredevil. But I get you. I get you! You are not just a mere Unique. You are one rank above that, no, even further up than that!”

“If you are aware of that, run away already or offer your life. My ears are not so foolish to tilt themselves to your oratory.” (Dyuvuleori)

“You devil, learn that this will be the last of your arrogance! This captain of the Lizardmen unit, Gehertehel, will warp that confident smug off your face!”

His body suddenly swelled up.

It went beyond the body limits and changed into one suitable for battle. My Nose of Sniffing was telling me clearly that his threat level has increased.

But he introduced himself despite me telling him I wouldn’t listen to him. To think I would end up putting unnecessary information in my head.

…I see, I can understand why he would be boastful. It is true that his individual strength would match that of Ramyugureska and Baraguwein, and it seems like his proficiency in battle has also shot up dramatically. He might be on the same level as me if it is just purely in physical strength.

“But that’s unsightly. How about paying a bit more attention to your appearance?” (Dyuvuleori)

“Hmph, that as far as your bluff go. We on the same level in physical strength. But we under the command of Demon Lord-sama. We trained our battle techniques too! I show you the difference between me and mere underling of Demon Lord!” (Gehertehel)

“…Looks like you don’t know there’s a limit to not shutting up.” (Dyuvuleori)

I decided to kill him in the first place. There’s no need to get angry here and throw my breathing in disarray.

I keep the anger to the inside and just throw in punches and kicks.

“Get him!” (Gehertehel)

The lizardmen around charged mindlessly at that shout.

He was angry at me interrupting his introduction, and yet, he doesn’t know about fighting fair-and-square, huh.

There’s no need to count their numbers.

I manifest the Horns of Burning and scorch my surroundings with lightning in one go. Everything until intermediate rank died instantly and the high ranks were injured greatly and stumbled in place.

I should be able to end the high ranks too if I shot one more.

“…What a pathetic attempt.” (Dyuvuleori)

“Got you!” (Gehertehel)

A spear came at me from the crumbling corpses of the soldiers and pierced my abdomen. When the charcoal fell to the ground, there was Gehertel making a bold smile while holding the spear.

He used his soldiers as a screen to take advantage of the opening when I was attacking.


“Easy!” (Gehertehel)

Gehertel pushed the spear to try and widen the wound.

I see, his technique to accurately pierce the heart is splendid. But what about it? I am the Great Devil Dyuvuleori; I have no heart.

In the first place, such petty tricks like this have been detected by my Nose of Sniffing and Ears of Discerning before the small fry were burned.

I hung down my right arm and activated the Right Arm of Tying. I shot several stakes onto the ground and tie his shadow to the ground. He could have avoided it at long range, but he brought himself into a position where he can’t move. There should be a limit to being careless.

“Wa, this…?!” (Gehertehel)

“Easy.” (Dyuvuleori)

I smashed my Right Leg of Roaring onto Gehertehel who was making a shocked expression. The body of Gehertehel should have been sent flying with the impact, but he is tied to the ground, so all of the impact went to his body.

“Goh?!” (Gehertehel)

“You are sturdy.” (Dyuvuleori)

2 strikes, 3 strikes, 4 strikes; the body of Gehertehel was on the verge of going up as thunderous sounds rang, but his body was fixed in place and was not allowed to even move.

The change would be that there’s a large amount of blood coming out from his mouth.

“Gah… Ah… You…!” (Gehertehel)

He forcefully emitted mana and tore away the stakes along with the ground. He was now in a state where he could escape by sheer force thanks to having destroyed more than half of the stakes.

Having confirmed this, he pulled out the spear from my body and landed further back.

But I have no intention of just watching and letting him finish all that. I immediately strike the ground with the Tail of Shaving that I have already manifested.

“Duh?!” (Gehertehel)

“Want to distance yourself? Then, I will grant your wish.” (Dyuvuleori)

I kick his head with the Right Leg of Roaring.

This would normally end it, but this is Strife I guess. He reflexively used his spear as a shield and mitigated the impact. But a direct hit is a direct hit. He was sent bouncing back several times and rolled.

He must have thought a follow-up attack would come, so he swiftly regained his posture at the end of his rolling and took a defensive stance. But I wasn’t moving in the first place and finished the healing of my wound.

I was injured a bit because of that mana strengthened attack, but as long as the impact goes through my body, the damage is small, contrary to Gehertehel who has blood pouring down from his nose and mouth. His breathing is also rough.

“Fuuuh! Fuuh!” (Gehertehel)

“It is true that your physical strength is close to equal that of mine. But what’s the matter? It doesn’t look like we are fighting on equal grounds at all.” (Dyuvuleori)

“Gu-Guoooooooh!” (Gehertehel)

Gehertehel stomped the ground and rushed towards me. He is aiming for my throat or my head.

It seems like he has ascertained my vitals after being cornered, but there’s barely any twist to it.

If I were to try a counter here, he would most likely be able to avoid it with his instincts heightened by Strife. Then, the method to take is simple.

I enlarge my extended right arm and take on his spear from the front. I obviously couldn’t block the power of it and the spear pierced deep into my right hand.

His spear went all the way to the base. No, the tip of the spear has pierced my shoulder a bit.

“With this, the spear you use for defense has been sealed. You can’t jump and, no matter how much you kick, you won’t be able to avoid… Since I have the opportunity here, let me fix a misunderstanding here. It is true that I am like you: a Unique that has been ascended to even further heights by My Lord. But that’s not all. I have the combat capabilities of 11 Great Devils including me inside my own body. Even if I don’t have the delicate techniques of humans, I have enough of a grasp when it comes to the techniques of monsters.” (Dyuvuleori)


He protects himself with his free hand on the moment. So he can also tell my aim even in a situation like this.

That said, even if he manages to block accurately, a single arm wouldn’t pose much issue.

I gather mana into my left arm and activate the Left Arm of Gouging. It is originally a power that makes your arm swell massively and gouge your enemy with the momentum of it, but I added a bit of change to it.

I forcefully hold back the swelling of the body and strengthen the density. I adjust the impact created and change only the tip into a sharp blade.

I concentrate my everything into breaking through a single point and elevate its piercing power.

That attack easily pierced through the arm of Gehertehel and my left arm pierced deep into his chest like a spear.

“…Goh! …N-Not ye—” (Gehertehel)

“Remember this, too. A human would have died with a hit of that thrust just now, but to kill a monster for certain, you need at least this much.” (Dyuvuleori)

I activate the Left Arm of Gouging again.

This time around, I expanded my left arm as if trying to gouge an enemy far away as originally intended. No matter how sturdy you are, if you are torn open from the inside with overwhelming mass, your wounds are easily spread open.

The left arm that had pierced his body expanded while still pierced inside his body, tearing his body apart with sheer force, separating his body just like that.

I confirm that his body has reached its end, used magic, and washed away the blood I was bathed with. I also use magic to repair my clothes somewhat and return it to how it was before the battle.

“…Muh, I spoke wrong about something. Telling you to remember this when in your state was asking for the impossible. Sorry for that.” (Dyuvuleori)

No good. It seems like I have been influenced by the snarky mouth of that human.

Let’s search for a target quickly.

<<To all harpies. Leave half and the other half return. Repeat…>>

The order of the Harpy Unique has been sent to the harpies. The reason why he is making half return is…according to that human: ‘There are a lot of factors to notice. It will be immediately noticed if the harpies go against the order’. The Scarlet Demon Lord must have begun to suspect that something happened to the harpies. Let’s obey what the human told me.

I agree to the return of half of them as the Harpy Unique commanded. But if I were to let them return as it is, they will find the devils parasitizing them and they will know the trick to it.

So I gave them the order to kill themselves on the way. I will tell the enemy commander that they were ambushed by devil reinforcements in midair.

“We should be able to last for a while longer… No, if the harpies don’t return, the enemy will notice something is off and will make their next move with that assumption in mind. In other words, we only have a bit of time left.” (Dyuvuleori)


Hmm, I was thinking about confirming where the head of Kogagyus went, but I lost sight of it.

What was that lightning just now?

My gaze ended up getting reflexively pulled by it.

Well, it is most likely one of the lad’s comrades.

I glanced at the guy whose body isn’t moving anymore and confirmed that he is dead. Now that I look closely, there’s someone who is watching just like me. Often making sounds by my side.

“N-N-No way… Kogagyus-sama… What should I do from here on…? No, that’s not it. I just have to do it myself. Right, now that Kogagyus is gone, I will now be the one leading the kobolds as the vice-captain…!”

He is giving off an ominous presence, but in a different meaning. From what I can see, he is a high rank. It seems like he has a bit more intelligence than others.

“How about mourning your superior a bit?” (Boru)

“I will become the new close aide of the Demon Lord-sama and will command a horde of monsters! That’s right, this—Gyah!”

The head of the vice-captain was buried in the ground in an instant. It is the opposite of Kogagyus who had his body alone buried.

He is not moving an inch, so there’s no doubt he is dead.

“…Wait, so it was you, Wol Lass.” (Boru)

“Ah, Boru-jii!” (Wolfe)

I couldn’t learn his name in the end, but the head of the vice-captain was used as an impact mitigator when Wol Lass landed.

This guy had strength comparable to that of a Unique though… How pitiful.

“Why did you come falling from above?” (Boru)

“I thought an enemy captain would be around here! Is it?!” (Wolfe)

“Yeah, the guy you smashed the head of just now was technically it.” (Boru)

Wol Lass stared at the kobold she defeated for a bit and then made a really dubious look. Don’t make a face like that. That makes this guy look even more pitiful for being killed as an afterthought.

“Then, I will go for the next one!” (Wolfe)

“Yeah, counting on you.” (Boru)

Wol Lass didn’t wait for my words and moved at frightening speed, jumping at one enemy after the other.

No enemy was allowed to react and their heads were smashed with certainty in one hit.

I might be dead without even noticing if that girl were an enemy. Just thinking about it gave me chills.

This is not what I should be imagining on a battlefield. I shake my head and clear those thoughts away.

And then, I see a single person chasing after Wol Lass.

“Wolfe-chan, please drop your speed a bit! If the distance increases, maintaining the barrier is…!”

“Mumuh?! Mix-sama?! Why are you on the battlefield?!” (Boru)

“Ah, Lord Gaphgoveilz, I came here to support Wolfe-chan!” (Mix)

“The little sister of His Majesty coming out to the frontlines—” (Boru)

“No need for formalities-desu zo. I am the little sister of Ani-sama, but I am also an adventurer!” (Mix)

Mix-sama said this full of confidence as she threw a knife onto a kobold coming from the back and killed it without a sound.

That throwing motion without even directing her gaze there had no wasteful movements.

That just now was an intermediate with the strength comparable to a high rank, but the knife had enough power to pierce its cranium in one hit…

I heard that she had grown after moving away from Taizu and becoming an adventurer, but…hmm…

“At least bring one bodyguard…” (Boru)

“In that case, I have the strongest partner called Wolfe-chan! There’s no need to worry-desu zo!” (Mix)

Mix-sama ran off swiftly while still maintaining her dazzling smile. There’s not a shred of fear despite being on a battlefield. So tough… No, isn’t she way too tough?

“…Hm, a number of enemy soldiers are leaving the battlefield.” (Boru)

They are not moving for the sake of escaping.

They have probably judged that they will lose if they fight here, so they must be planning on attacking a nearby village.

It is not like we can’t chase after them with the cavalry of Taizu, but there’s a lot of remaining soldiers. If we lose our main force here, we would lose this rare opportunity we have created.

…Oh well.

We have evacuated most of the villages around here, moreover, the enemies are the ones who will suffer if they try to escape with a minority.

“Guess I will be working for a bit more.” (Boru)

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