LS – Chapter 215: That’s why, let’s settle it

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I don’t know just what kind of attack it was. 

The attacks of the man called Arcreal had no style, and it simply looked as if he was swinging his sword randomly. 

But all those attacks easily sliced up mine body, and slashed any attacks. 

It would be bad to have this man fight the others -I thought this and stood in front of Arcreal as much as possible, and continued taking on his sword. 

(Is there anyone within our group that can match that man’s swordsmanship? Even Ilias and Wolfe would…) (Dyuvuleori)

What crossed my mind was the bodyguard that exists behind Marito. 

It might be possible for him, but his position is more restricted than mine. 

It would most likely be difficult to confirm that possibility as long as Marito isn’t attacked by Arcreal. 

“Ah, it seems like you have regained consciousness.” 

“…You are…” (Dyuvuleori)

I reacted to the voice and opened my eyes, and the one there was the young girl that My Lord researched magic together with in Taizu, Noderikutoranlis. 

Further in, there’s…

“Looks like you were beaten up pretty badly?” 

“My Lord…” (Dyuvuleori)

I can tell what they were doing just from looking. They are treating my injured body and supplying it with mana. 

“I heard you were defeated really badly, you know? That’s why I called this girl that excels at using mana to help out? This girl instantly agreed, you know?” (Purple)

“…You have my gratitude, Noderikutoranlis.” (Dyuvuleori)

“Just call me Nora-no da. This is a good opportunity to treat a devil’s body-na no da.” (Nora)

“I see… It would be great if it helps you a lot.” (Dyuvuleori)

Nora’s technique was truly great. 

She would adjust her own mana in order to not repel the mana of My Lord while treating my body. 

“You apparently fought a man that was on the same level as Yugura?” (Purple)

“Calling it ‘fought’ wouldn’t describe it correctly. I simply got hit one-sidedly. There was almost no way to get a chance of winning… My apologies.” (Dyuvuleori)

“There’s no need to apologize, you know? Dear managed to accomplish almost all he wanted to do thanks to your decision. There were no casualties from our side. I think that’s enough of a contribution though? Or could it be that you wanted to face an enemy you couldn’t win against and run away pathetically?” (Purple)

“…No.” (Dyuvuleori)

“You properly achieved what you wanted to accomplish, Dyuvuleori. You survived as the servant that protects Big Sis Purple, so that’s the biggest achievement-na no da!” (Nora)

“Oh my, this girl gets it, huh? The things I can do would get extremely limited if you were to die. It would be practically as if turning me useless in Dear’s eyes.” (Purple)

That’s right. What’s most important to me is to protect the standing of My Lord. 

In that case, my decision was not incorrect. These injuries are not a mark of my defeat, but proof of my victory. 

“I am jealous of Big Sis Purple, there’s rarely any servant who would be as devoted as you-no da. Nora would like one too.” (Nora)

“Right? But I won’t give him to you, you know?” (Purple)

“I don’t hate stealing, but the opponent is bad-no da.” (Nora)

“Oh my, there’s no love in it, so you could try on that front instead, you know?” (Purple)

I don’t really understand what they are talking about here, but it seems like the relationship between My Lord and Nora is good. This is most likely a great thing. 

“…Nora, I would like to recover as soon as possible. It may put a burden on you, but I will be counting on your help.” (Dyuvuleori)

“Leave it to me-no da. But the body of a devil has a complicated structure here and there, it is completely different from a human-no da.” (Nora)

“It must be because I am in the form of a human. You most likely will be able to grasp the structure a bit better if I return to my devil body.” (Dyuvuleori)

My body structure has become complicated because I have changed from my original devil body into a humanoid form.

I should return to my Great Devil form if I want Nora to heal me efficiently. 

I use the little mana that I have gotten back and undo my human transformation. 


“Repulsive?” (Dyuvuleori)

“No, Nora personally likes this form better-na no da.” (Nora)

“You are a peculiar one.” (Dyuvuleori)

My Lord demanded her own servants to be neat and clean. We Great Devils changed to prim and proper humanoid forms due to this. 

There were some who returned to their original forms when they fought, but I have no intention of undoing my humanoid form if I am to fight as the servant of My Lord. 

I thought the appearance of a devil would be a symbol of disgust and fear in the view of humans. 

“Is it okay to touch you for a bit-no da?” (Nora)

“Yeah, you can do as you please.” (Dyuvuleori)

Nora nervously touched my body. 

But it is not from disgust and fear. It feels like she has other emotions in it. 

I don’t know what emotions those are, but I feel as if it is a bit similar to the times when My Lord touched that man. 


Now then, next is Yasutet. 

It seems like Mix is having fun with Molari. Let’s bring Ilias and Wolfe who seem to be free. 

I could do it by myself, but he is someone who would kill me instantly with just a motion of his head. 

I went to a prison located at a separate underground facility, and Yasutet was retrained just like Molari. 

They must have considered his combat capabilities, the restraints were a bit sturdier than Molari’s. 

“Yasutet, right? You took care of me before.” 


Yasutet didn’t glare at me and was simply watching me silently. 

It seems like he plans on thoroughly following the warning of Raheight. 

Great to see that they evaluate me awfully highly. 

“It seems like you don’t want to talk. I don’t really mind. I will be speaking, so just talk whenever you want to.” 


“Your Illegitimate ability is concentration or something like that, right? Molari’s would be something like spatial awareness, but it seems like there’s a lot of troublesome people in your ranks.” 

The most troublesome one personally is the observation skills of Ritial. 

It becomes a strong weapon the more they see the capabilities of the enemy, allowing for a wider range of strategies. 

It is close to my Comprehension. 

If we include his experience as a famous adventurer and a guildmaster, he should be pretty skilled himself. 

I honestly think it was a pretty big mistake to have met him in person. 

“The one who is doing the most work must be Ritial with his ability to see whether someone is an Illegitimate. Raheight is…well, him being a spy suits him best. By the way…do you know a demon called Nektohal?” 


There’s no response, but I can tell mostly by his reaction. 

The reaction of someone who knows but is acting as if he doesn’t is different from a reaction of ignoring it after all. 

I could dig things out just like I did with Raheight before, but what I should be doing right now is to comprehend Yasutet. 

Let’s wait for a bit more before going on the offensive. 

“No intention to react, huh. Then, how about a harmless question? Was it you who attacked me from behind when I was captured?” 

“…It was Raheight.” (Yasutet)

Oh, this is the first time he spoke. 

I see, I see. 

So you really are that kind of guy. It seems like the evaluation of me wasn’t wrong.

“I see, I have to thank him some other time. That said, I feel like we were the ones who did the physical altercation first, but…well, it is like asking what came first, the chicken or the egg.” 


“Ah, right. I spoke about this with Molari just now too, but do you have any likes or dislikes in food? If you don’t have any, I think you will be given vegetable soup. Do you want to get meat too just like Molari?” 

“…Do as you please.” (Yasutet)

Yasutet is not giving any requests at all and only answered my question once. 

I did some other harmless talk too, but he showed no reaction. 

I exited the cell and stretched. 

“Well, this is how it goes on the first day.” 

“Shishou, what can you tell from a conversation like that?” (Wolfe)

“Aah, Molari and Yasutet have pledged loyalty to Ritial himself. Molari seems to be solely loyal to Ritial, but Yasutet shows signs of being conscious of Molari. It is more a sense of comradery than love.” 

“Oooh.” (Wolfe)

“You can tell…?” (Ilias)

“When I asked Molari who attacked me, she answered with Yasutet. That’s most likely the correct answer, but Yasutet answered with Raheight. This is a lie to tell me it wasn’t him and consideration towards Molari so the hatred isn’t directed towards Molari. Also, when I said Molari wanted meat, he answered with ‘do as you please’. His emotions must have been swayed a bit after learning that I spoke with Molari. And it seems like Yasutet doesn’t like meat that much.” 

“I somewhat feel like you are drawing conclusions though…” (Ilias)

“You shouldn’t observe only the voice. The trick is to observe how the other party reacts to what you say and the small changes these create.” 

Yasutet is trying to not react to his very best, but his ears are listening. If the meaning of the words reach his brain, the body reacts no matter what. 

The moment I brought out the name of Molari, Yasutet was more conscious of what I was saying so he didn’t miss anything I said. 

Now I just have to do the necessary procedures to comprehend them. 

“Wolfe couldn’t really see any differences!” (Wolfe)

“I see. Then, for Yasutet, you should be keeping an eye on how he breathes; for Molari, it would be the blinking. There’s some minute differences when they react.” 

“…You were even seeing stuff like that?” (Ilias)

“You can’t stop blinking and breathing after all. If you are conscious about not wanting to react, the recoil of it creates such physiological responses. If I could, it would be even better to be able to tell their heart rate…the speed at which their heart beats. Let’s bring Ekdoik along when the time comes.” 

Ekdoik should be able to measure their heart rate through his chains. Well, there wasn’t much need for that this time around, so I should be able to manage somehow. 

“Shishou, you are more gentle than usual.” (Wolfe)

“You could say that. Raheight targeted my life, but those two are more like pawns. I do plan on being relatively gentle with them.” 

“You won’t turn into the cold Shishou?” (Wolfe)

Cold, huh. 

I think the me has his humanity in his own way though. It can’t be helped that it would look like that from an outside perspective, huh. 

But as expected of Wolfe, she properly noticed.

It is normally the turn of me in these situations after all. 

“The state of that one seems to be tired from the stuff with the Scarlet Demon Lord and all that. I will switch when it is seriously necessary.” 

“Wolfe likes both Shishous a whole lot too!” (Wolfe)

“That’s great to hear. I plan on moving as me for the near future. This one is easier to imitate, so watch closely.” 

“Yes! I probably can’t imitate it though!” (Wolfe)

“I don’t want her to imitate you too much though…” (Ilias)

“It is good to see you both being honest.” 

After that, we regrouped with Ekdoik and Purple, and received the report of the state of Kuama’s surroundings. 

It seems like Raheight and his group are still not showing any visible movements to get Molari and Yasutet back. 

Leaving aside Yasutet who specializes in combat, they should want to get back Molari who uses teleport magic. They should have difficulties with stealth now that the pivotal Molari has fallen into our hands.

“How did the interrogation of the two Illegitimate go?” (Purple)

“The required contact for comprehension is done. Now all that’s left is to go on the offensive. How is it going with Dyuvuleori?” 

“I have provided him with enough of my mana, you know? He should be able to fight once his own mana and wounds are healed, I think?” (Purple)

“There’s no need for him to fight though. So we are basically waiting for Nora to finish the treatment.” 

“I would like to give her a bit more time as equal maidens though?” (Purple)

“Aah, well, there’s no need to hurry things. Treating a Great Devil would also be a good experience for Nora.” 

“In a lot of meanings, right?” (Purple)

Then, I should concentrate on the comprehension of Yasutet and the others.

I have worried the others a whole ton for the mess up of acting by myself after all. 

Let’s settle things smartly in order to make up for that. 

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