LS – Chapter 352: Thus, daring

The last march to settle the battle.

That said, there’s still leeway in our forces though. Well, there’s no doubt it is the last one anyways.

The strongest man on the human side: the Green Demon Lord.

The one facing him will be the strongest man in the army of Black Sis: the Colorless Demon Lord.

My victory or defeat will determine how this war will go, but…my motivation isn’t that high despite that.

I have been prepared for death a long time ago. I also am aware that I am more motivated than normal.

However, I don’t know why, but shouldn’t there be something welling up deep inside my heart if I am going to be dying for the sake of Black Sis? -is how I feel.

It is most likely the fault of that Earthling though.

— “Yeah, go die. You will die anyway.”

I showed up in front of that Earthling at the end partly as thanks for showing me that wonderful expression of Ofaro, but he declared my defeat right in my face.

I myself have no assurance I will definitely win against Green Lord, but I at least have the confidence that I am more of a threat.

He said my defeat was prevalent despite me telling him that.

I tried asking for the reason, but…

— “Your strength is not that important. The deciding factor is the difference in moves. Well, you will understand soon. I will watch the face you make at that time from a VIP seat, so do your best! I personally think you will lose, but I will at least wish you luck.”

He laughed out loud.

Who was the idiot that let that damn annoying man sit on a VIP seat? Aren’t I the cause? Damn it.

Yeah, yeah, I am done with this.

I just have to win on your hand.

But well, the winner will naturally come out once this war is over. There’s no mistake in that, but…that man did almost nothing.

That said, his analyzing skills are still present, so I was honestly shocked. He saw through the relationship between Lazarikata and Melvis even though he hasn’t seen them.

There’s no way things will end just like this, huh.

I will be on the side of Black Sis when this battle begins. I declared this, and yet, that man said ‘Help her out with all you have if you want’.

It is true that I can’t stop Yugura, but you could at least ask for my cooperation once.

“What are you spacing out for, Tedoral? You scared?”

“—If I were young enough to be scared, I might have been a bit more motivated.” (Colorless)

I reflexively responded to Zahava who interjected from the side.

She will be dying anyway, so it would be better to ignore her so that I don’t feel weirdly attached to her.

The monsters Zahava ordered will be invading the Taizu Nether soon. The monsters prepared by Green Lord facing them will be the signal to start.

I will use teleportation magic to raid the place of Green Lord.

There won’t be any escape once that happens.

Hoping for an opening to be made like last time is pointless. I won’t be able to get out of that castle until it has been completely settled.

“What’s with that? Why are you acting like an adult when you are still a child? How about I go kill Green Lord?” (Zahava)

“Black Sis told you already: Kill the weaklings that are around Green Lord.” (Colorless)

There were a decent amount of powerhouses near him when I raided him last time.

Those guys helping wouldn’t change much, but there’s no doubt they would be a hindrance.

Zahava is my bodyguard that serves the function of allowing me to fight without distractions.

Of course, they will be choosing the members that will be clashing against Zahava, so it would be impossible to draw all of them, but…they will simply be killed one after the other if they don’t bring people on the level of that female knight.

“I don’t mind fighting them all at the same time.” (Zahava)

“I will give you permission to take his head if Green Lord is still alive by then. Do your best.” (Colorless)

“What’s with that stupidly annoying cheer?” (Zahava)

“What. Are you telling me to give you sentimental encouragement? I’mma smack your face.” (Colorless)

“Right, feeling like wanting to spit is already on the permissible margin when it comes to you.” (Zahava)

Can’t I find an opportunity to kill her after I kill Green Lord? I have a perfect grasp of the blind spots of a familiar, so wouldn’t it be possible?

I can at least be allowed a kick even if not to the point of killing her, right? Alright, I am feeling motivated now!

“…Come on, let’s go, Spider Woman.” (Colorless)

“‘Woman’ is unnecessary. Just you seeing me as a woman makes me want to puke.” (Zahava)

“Shut up. Let’s go, Stupid Spider!” (Colorless)

I activate teleportation magic and teleport to the room where there’s the mana reaction of Green Lord.

He must have been aware that I would show up. He was kindly waiting in a room that was spacious and easy to rampage in.

I grasp the situation around with detection magic.

The only ones in the room are Green Lord and Niruryates.

There’s measures to hamper my teleportation magic from the inside to the outside as I imagined, but there’s no visible trap in this room.

What bothers me is that the mana concealment circle is spread out on the whole castle.

It feels like there’s someone here he doesn’t want me to detect.

I also felt like there’s something off, but…oh well.

“What’s the matter, Colorless? There’s no need to be so on guard. You should have a grasp of our moves with your familiars.” (Green)

“That’s rich coming from you. You have tinkered with all the familiars I sent your way, right?” (Colorless)

I haven’t forgotten about the time with Scarlet Beast.

Relying too much on the information gained remotely can invite destruction.

The Eyes of Truth Ritial is within their allies.

Even invisible and unperceivable familiars like mine can have their locations narrowed down if you know my personality, and they can be destroyed.

I did send some familiars to test things out, but they were used against me wonderfully.

They were tinkered by the intelligent devils and I was being sent a whole ton of false information.

Barastos probably analyzed the familiars, and they developed a method to find them easily.

Aaah, that’s why I hate geniuses.

They easily catch up to the efforts of ordinary people.

“Hmph, so you can notice at least that much, huh. But that’s how it should be. If your brain doesn’t work at least to that degree, we would be the ones looking stupid for being so careful about someone like you.” (Green)

“I see, so you are being careful. Well, I am pretty sure you are here, Arcreal.” (Colorless)

“Yeah, I am.”

The wall was sliced up and Arcreal showed up from the other side.

You, don’t go slicing up the castle of your ally.

Well, it probably can go back to how it was in an instant, but…you see? Green Lord’s brows are twitching a bit there.

It is natural for him to be here though.

The battle style of Green Lord is long range. He would want a pawn to fight at the front.

He has Niruryates who doesn’t die easily, but she wouldn’t be able to stop my movements.

“Wait, Arcreal-san?! This is the castle of My King! Please go around the door properly!” (Niru)

“Heh, sorry about that. I have always wanted an entrance like this once!” (Arcreal)

“So nonchalant! It is true that this castle can regenerate infinitely, but…” (Niru)

This is still within expectations.

Zahava is above Niruryates when it comes to being a demon. They need to place Arcreal on Zahava, or they will be the ones who have a time limit.

I can manage in a 2 vs 1 after all.

“…Then, me too. Aah, I have been wanting to do this at least once.”

The wall that was sliced up by Arcreal was sliced up even more as it crumbled.

Even a rookie could tell that this wasn’t a normal slash. An expert would stiffen just like me.

“…So you are here.” (Colorless)

“Yeah, I am. It may be unnecessary to introduce myself, but this is my first campaign. I am Haiya Yugura. This will be the first and last time we will be seeing each other, but nice to meet you.” (Haiya)

I had a bad feeling the moment Green Lord used the word ‘careful’, but…that damn Marito, he undid the contract magic, huh.

In this situation where there’s the need for the cooperation of all the countries, Marito is in a position where he can’t be lost as the central brain.

They should have been fully aware of the possibility we would try to assassinate him.

I thought Marito would keep Haiya by his side since the demons moved as they pleased…

Well, that’s how serious they are.

Nice, I am finally getting motivated here.

“I see a face similar to that of Yugura. A face worth killing. Hey, Tedoral, is it okay for me to kill this man?” (Zahava)

“Don’t, don’t. That guy is on the same level as me.” (Colorless)

“I should be able to take him on then.” (Zahava)

“Alright, go die! I will settle my fight with Green Lord until then!” (Colorless)

This is a decision that’s not much of a joke.

Fighting two people of the same level as me, moreover, with Arcreal along would be beyond troublesome.

Zahava was a sacrificial pawn to begin with. A demon that grew to the point of even altering the laws despite how she is.

She may get all beaten up against Haiya, but I doubt she will be killed instantly.

I am now the one that has to aim for a short battle, but that’s also amusing in itself.

This is one of my chances to shine. Let’s do my be—


“I am…your opponent!”

Something destroyed the ceiling and showed up. They smashed Zahava onto the ground and destroyed the floor.

How can this be? I was caught completely off-guard.

I only realized who it was after Zahava had fallen with that person to the lower floors.

Or more like, the lowest floor?! Just how many floors did they break through?!

So this is the feeling that was off when I checked the castle! No, no, more importantly, the person that kidnapped Zahava…

“—Wasn’t that the black wolfkin demi-human?  She healed her arms? Bringing back an unripe brat into the battlefield. How kind.” (Colorless)

“They were the ones who wished for something in the battle and paid the price. I simply accepted what they paid me… The payment for the repairs of the ceiling is separate though.” (Green)

“Isn’t that a bit pitiful, Green Demon Lord? Only exempting me and Arcreal would be too racist.” (Haiya)

“You idiot, I am obviously going to have you both pay as well.” (Green)

“Seriously…?” (Arcreal)

“Oh…” (Haiya)

Ah, so having the wall and ceiling broken was unexpected.

This man that’s in a bad mood all year long doesn’t have differences in his face when he is angry and when he is not.

I wonder how much he will demand?

I want to break the walls too… I will have to kill him to void it.

“Then, My King, I will go fight together with Wolfe-chan! See you later!” (Niru)

Niruryates said as she jumped into the hole that Wolfe opened.

And then, the hole was fixed in the blink of an eye by the mana of Green Lord…

Oi oi, seriously seriously? Are you telling me to fight all the people here?

The next era hero Illegitimate, who has the talent to alter the laws and was created as a substitute of Yugura; the strongest swordsman that is on the same level as Yugura when it comes solely to physical combat; and the strongest Demon Lord aside from Yugura…

“Didn’t I tell you? We are too careful.” (Green)

I have known Green Lord for a decent amount of time, but I can say for certain that he definitely wouldn’t bring up healing the arms of Wolfe.

Also, the price he would demand would be pretty high.

I assumed she would be out of commission as long as that Earthling can’t move though… Then, does that mean that woman too?

I see. I can imagine what the formations on the other Nethers are.

There’s Lazarikata and Ofaro, but the Wise King has chosen Wolfe to deal with Zahava, so there’s no doubt he has managed to predict everything.

The difference in moves, huh.

Hey, Black Sis, that’s why I told you rushing in like a muscle-head was no good -inside my mind though.

“No, no, you are still rash, Green Lord. I am the Colorless Demon Lord that isn’t dyed by any color after all. Do you think you can win against me with just you 3 together? Someone who has been by the side of Yugura more than anyone?” (Colorless)

“Doesn’t get dyed by any color…huh. I am impressed that the one being slaved away by Black dares to say that.” (Green)

“Aah, yeah. That part was a lie, sorry. But I have been practicing this line countless times, so I wanted to use it. But the second half was not a lie.” (Colorless)

Haiya has inherited the most outstanding talent that Yugura has. Green Lord is also one of the most intelligent men in this world.

I am an ordinary person compared to them.

I haven’t been granted a wonderful talent. I am losing in quality and even personality. Also, I feel like I am losing in the looks department.

But I am the one who has been learning for the longest under the man that was the source of all of your powers.

That reality alone is enough. It can become the reason why I can fight you with a smile.

Well, I am sure there’s a woman out there who would prefer my looks.

“Come, weaklings. I will show you the latent power of the strongest hard-worker in the world.” (Colorless)



Protagonist and Nariya: “(That only looks like a death flag.)”

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