LS – Chapter 302: As such, unforgivable

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“That’s all for what happened around Yumis-sama, Chisante-sama.” 

The nobles that were in the faction of Yumis betrayed her all at once. 

It is not like having people obey you through fear and having them sip on the nectar is bad, but Yumis put way too much poison in the nectar she gave them. 

“Dahaha! I knew it would end up like this the moment she gave the nobles happiness!” (Chisante)

Even if Yumis herself doesn’t mess up, it would be the end if the nobles were to mess up. 

I have no intention of denying the pleasure of selling people, but it is a thought that should be done by the ones that can shoulder it. 

Of course, that’s not the only mistake of Yumis. 

It is also in part because she let the resident of Yugura’s planet freely make contact with the nobles.

“We have finished instructing the merchants. They won’t be showing themselves in front of the resident of Yugura’s planet.” 

“They are people who have lived by using their brains contrary to the nobles, but we are talking about him here. There’s no need to step into the stage of the enemy.” (Chisante)

You always have to assume the possibility of the enemy being above you. 

The difference between the strong and the weak is in how many stages they can win in. The weak have to drag the strong to the stage they can win in, but the strong just need to refuse. 

You won’t lose if you don’t mistake this. 

That’s the same for the resident of Yugura’s planet.

He will definitely try to lead me into his stage of expertise. This is a battle that you would lose if you were to step on it.

“We will continue watching the movements in the vicinity of Yumis-sama.” 

“I will leave it to you. Now then, let’s continue with my breakfast. You can continue reporting to me if there’s anything more. It is better than having to eat a cold meal after all. Dahaha!” (Chisante)

The poison taster began taste testing silently.

I have never been able to actually eat any hot and recently made meals thanks to this process, but I have no choice but to accept this as a necessary price to pay in order for me to be me.

“No issues. Go ahead.” 

“Umu. And so, has there been anything strange? Tell me anything even if it is not about the resident of Yugura’s planet.” (Chisante)

If the resident of Yugura’s planet is seriously coming to get me and Yumis now, it wouldn’t be strange for them to try something that’s outside our vision. 

There will be things we can see even in the faintest of changes. 

“Right… We saw a merchant from Torin in the market just the other day.” 

The one who spoke was the poison taster that was peeling a fruit. 

He was properly taste testing them even while swiftly filling the plate up with color. 

This alone would be enough to fill me up if I didn’t eat much. 

“A merchant from Torin, huh. Not a face you see often, but…speak of what happened at that time.” (Chisante)

“They were trying to widen the market. They were giving free samples of their country’s fruits to the distributors. I was also invited to have a taste. There’s quite a lot of difference in the taste even if it is the same fruit, so it wasn’t a bad experience.” 

“Hooh, that’s interesting. Could it be that it is the fruits that are being decorated in that plate?” (Chisante)

“Don’t jest. How could I put products of a merchant of unknown origin on the dining table of Chisante-sama?” 

I definitely must not allow for an opening they can take advantage of as long as there’s even the faintest possibility of the resident of Yugura’s planet being involved in this.

My subordinates are thorough in this front, contrary to the ones of Yumis, so it is very relaxing. 

“Dahaha! But it is true that I am interested. Let’s prepare a circulation route for those fruits some other time. I will have to wait half a year to a year, but I am already used to that at this point.” (Chisante)

I finished my meal and was having a short rest, and one of my subordinates that’s guarding this residence showed up.

Him showing up while I am having a rest means that something has happened…

“Chisante-sama. Uhm, the resident of Yugura’s planet has shown up. He says he wants to talk to you…” 

“What?” (Chisante)

I thought there would be movement, but to think he would be coming to meet me in person. 

Did he come here himself since he can’t grab my tail? 

I can tell from the expression of the guard that this isn’t all there is to it. 

What kind of ploy has he come up with? 

“Of course, I have no intention of meeting him, but tell me in detail.” (Chisante)

“About that… He doesn’t have a single bodyguard on him. He says he wants to talk with just the two of you…” 

“…Really?” (Chisante)

It is not like I am doubting my subordinate, but it is hard to believe. 

That man may be sharp, but his physical strength is despairingly bottom tier. 

It is not only us who know this. It is common knowledge in other countries, too. 

That man has shown up without bodyguards…. Does he think I can’t put a hand on him? There’s no way. 

“Yes. But he has added one condition.” 

“Condition?” (Chisante)

“He wants to be allowed to bring in 2 bottles with liquid inside…” 

Bottles with something inside. 

You would normally think it is poison, but…what’s the meaning of that? It is impossible to force me to drink it. On the contrary, it is something that only I can do. 

Is it poisonous with just splashing it? 

He should have at least investigated how strong I am. 

It is not like he wouldn’t understand that I would be able to cast a barrier on the fly with ease. 

“…Does he really not have any bodyguards?” (Chisante)

“Yes. He does have the bodyguards called Ilias Ratzel and Ekdoik Salf on standby outside the residence though…” 

That’s right. Those two are the most troublesome ones. 

There’s no doubt there isn’t anyone in this country that would be a match against Ilias Ratzel, and Ekdoik Salf can adapt so well it works even in the underground world. 

It would be best to assume it won’t be possible to kill the resident of Yugura’s planet unless we do something about those two. 

It is dangerous to meet him as long as there’s worries, but…there’s no better opportunity than now when he doesn’t have bodyguards. 

No matter how many plans he makes, the weak can’t protect their own bodies against way too one-sided violence. 

“Fine. But be thorough when checking his body. Have him change his clothes to ones we have prepared.” (Chisante)

“Which room will you be using?” 

“It would be troubling if he were to call for help. The 6th room.” (Chisante)

I gave the instructions to my subordinate and headed to the 6th reception room first. 

There are several reception rooms in this mansion to deal with varying situations. 

The 6th room has no windows, doesn’t let sound in or out, and can also perfectly block detections with magic seal stones.

But what’s more important is the door used to come and go from that room. 

This iron door has a trick to it. Only me and a few subordinates of mine can open it. 

In other words, that won’t be opening no matter what without my permission once we are in. 

This reception room can become his coffin.

The only thing that can become a weapon in this room is the sword that’s hanging on my waist. 

Even if he were to steal this sword, I definitely wouldn’t be caught off guard against him with this body I have polished thoroughly through rigorous training. 

“I have brought him with me, Chisante-sama.” 

My subordinate showed up with the resident of Yugura’s planet.

His attire is the one that we prepared for him and there’s no weapons at all. 

But he has the two bottles in one hand that I was told of. 

He is holding them in a way that I can see them.

“Umu, good work. Close the door.” (Chisante)

My subordinate bowed and left the room. 

This man won’t be leaving this room anymore.

I don’t think he is so stupid as to not understand this, but…it is unsettling how calm his expression is. 

“Hey there. Isn’t this awfully careless? To think you would allow the man you see as an enemy to be alone with you.” 

“Dahaha! You are the one saying that?! I can protect myself, but you can’t though?” (Chisante)

I have no need to do that.” 

I soon could tell what felt off. 

The way this man refers to himself and his tone has changed vaguely. 

It is not strange if I consider that he is now seeing me as an enemy, but what stands out the most are those eyes. What’s with those eyes? 

It is rare to see black eyes in itself, but this is not an issue of color. It feels as if it doesn’t reflect anything, yet, it at the same time drops me into a spell as if I were caught inside a mirror. 

“…Oh well, that’s fine. Do you want to drink alcohol? I also have fruits.” (Chisante)

“I will refrain from alcohol. But I am happy that there are fruits. It saves me the trouble.” 


I don’t understand the meaning of what he is saying, but I can tell by instinct that I shouldn’t get too caught up in that. 

This man is someone who can deceive others with a silver tongue. I must not be led in by his words.

“The secret of Yumis was the inhumane auction of people as products. She was buying and selling people from her own country to other countries, and people from other countries to her own country. Serende is a country with a concentration of demi-humans like elves and dwarves, so the worth of its people is pretty high. But I can’t really accept that she used the people of her own nation as merchandise.” 

“Dahaha! That stupid sister was doing something like that?! I can understand tripping if she is using people like objects!” (Chisante)

“Right. The trading routes she can take when it comes to transporting people are limited. That goes the same for the disposal grounds for the merchandise that has been used to death. On the other hand, Chisante, your merchandise is something convenient that’s easy to circulate in normal routes.” 

“…Hoh?” (Chisante)

“Your secret is a special drug that is being researched in Serende, right? Serende’s medical research has progressed without relying on magic, so it is easy to find uses for medicine instead of poison for other countries. Like for example…medicinal plants that provide extreme euphoria and are addictive.” 

I doubt this is him trying to set me up into confessing myself. 

This man probably used some sort of method to sniff it out. 

I had a feeling since the first time I met him. This man is someone who can reach my secret and someone that must be eliminated. 

I need to confirm just how deep this man has stepped in first. 

“What are you talking about? It is true that I am selling some medicines to other countries, but it is a lawful transaction with the agreement of the other countries.” (Chisante)

“I could tell the trick to it immediately after investigating the records of your medicine sales. Chisante, it seems you are setting the expiration date of the medicines short, and are exchanging the expired ones in the actual location for new ones.” 

“It is using medicinal plants after all. Even if they are dried, it is not like they can be preserved forever. If they bought the medicine and it didn’t work, it wouldn’t lead to profit. As such, I simply judged that it would be better for them to continue utilizing new medicine even if it will hit our profits a bit.” (Chisante)

“One of the conditions for the trade is to utilize the box they used when buying. Basically, the real drug is actually hidden at the bottom of that box, right?” 

“…I unfortunately have no recollection of that.” (Chisante)

I stopped my hand that was about to grab my sword.

It is still too soon. 

This man still hasn’t told me all his information. 

I will definitely kill him, but I should let him speak a bit more. 

“I have already secured one of your trading routes. It may not be proof that it was under your orders, but it will be made clear that there’s a drug of unknown origins going around this country. It would soon come to light that the merchants under your veil were the ones doing the work, and the merchandise coming out from Serende will go through stricter inspections.” 

The harm is negligible with just that. 

I just have to think of a method to transport the drugs to other countries again. 

My source of funds will stop temporarily, but it is not like it will be gone. 

“…What I learned after talking to you was that you don’t have a single piece of evidence that can bring me to ruin. You are trying to tease me as if you have seen through everything, but you have nothing aside from your words that you can use, right?” (Chisante)

“I have no intention of teasing you. There’s no point in getting a confession here anyways.” 

“That’s right. There’s only you and me who can hear this conversation. No matter what I say here, it will only remain in your memories. You probably wanted to make me panic here and make me yield to a negotiation, but…you are so soft.” (Chisante)

That’s enough. 

I feel worse just by looking at this man for some reason. 

Let’s just kill him already and make preparations to cut off the route that has been taken. 

I was going to draw my sword, and the resident of Yugura’s planet placed both bottles on top of the table where the fruits are. 

“Not really. My talk until now was just buying time… Just having a chat. I came here today…to play a little game.” 

“…A game?” (Chisante)

“I am glad that you allowed me to meet you. Thanks to that, I was spared from becoming just a murderer.” 

What is he saying? Buying time? He is saying there was no point in that conversation? 

No good. I must not take what he says seriously. 

He has noticed my killing intent, so he should be desperately acting in order to save his life. 

There’s no need to play along with that—


I grabbed my sword and, just when I stood up, my body staggered. 

My body is not moving like I want. 

What’s this? Could this…possibly be…

“Poison. You should be able to tell the type immediately since you have used plenty, right?” 

I match the symptoms of my body with my memories, and narrow it down to a few candidates. 

Judging from the numbness in my whole body, it is most likely the type that’s mixed in the food. 

Judging from the fact that I am not dying instantly after showing symptoms means that it is slow acting… 

And the bottles he has… Right, my anbus had those—

“You bastard! When…did you…?!” (Chisante)

“You should be able to think of when since you are well versed in poison, right? It is the breakfast you ate not that long ago.” 

“There’s no way! My food goes through several steps to be examined, and it has also been tested by a poison taster!” (Chisante)

Even if it is tasteless and odorless, the poison taster should have been able to see through it by just putting it in their mouth. 

My poison taster took a bite of all the dishes in my breakfast today, so there’s no way there could be poison in them.

“It is this. This. The fruits. The tangeri—you wouldn’t be able to get that name. The inside of this pericarp is the type of fruit that has several white veins. We lazed the poison inside the veins. It is not like a poison taster would be biting all the veins, right?” 

The resident of Yugura’s planet peeled the skin of the fruit, took out a white vein from it, and showed it to me. 

The skin is covered in thin layers, so it won’t spread immediately to the whole thing even if you were to inject the poison with something like a needle.

No, that’s not possible. 

We buy fruits by the box to begin with. 

Even if they were to sneak in and poison the fruits in the box, if they poisoned all the fruits, it would be discovered with the initial poison tasting. 

If they only poisoned a few, it would be possible for them to be placed on my dining table, but there’s no assurance that the poison taster at the time of the meal won’t be eating that part.

If the poison taster had eaten that part, the poison would be discovered, and I wouldn’t have eaten that day. 

Then, it wouldn’t be possible to poison me, and he would have just walked here to die. 

He isn’t the kind of man who would just leave it to the luck of the heavens. 

“It wasn’t really the luck of the heavens. The first ones to be poison tested when opening the box are the ones with a bad shape. Meaning that only the ones with good shape are placed on the dining table. Then, you leave one that has the best shape at the top, and they will gather the ones with bad shape around it. You can control the fruits that will be lined up at meal time like this.” 


“They would also think about what way they are facing since they are lining them up so that a prince can see them. If you can comprehend that way of thinking, you can read even the position they will be in. If you comprehend where they are facing, you can also tell where the poison taster will peel the skin. What’s left is just to comprehend what white vein the poison taster will grab when peeling the skin. If you just set the poison the furthest from there…see?” 

I can accept it until the part about how the cooks chose them. But there’s no way you can comprehend even the direction in which they will place them, and which part of the fruit the poison taster would be tasting.

But what surfaced in my mind was what the poison taster said this morning. 

They were encouraged to taste the fruits…? Could it be that the objective was to see through the habits of the poison taster…?! 

“There’s no way that’s possible…” (Chisante)

“It is because it is possible that I am standing here in front of a hostile enemy without bodyguards and unarmed. Also, you are suffering from that very poison.” 


This is bad. 

Leaving aside the truth of the story, it is true that I have been poisoned. 

But my body isn’t moving as I want. 

I may be able to move my limbs at least, but can I manage to walk all the way to the door? 

Could I undo the mechanism of the door? 

Even if I managed to come out of this room, would I be able to survive in the time I ordered the antidote to my subordinates and drink it? 

I was way too late in noticing the poison flowing because I was made to tag along with his talk while sitting. 

There’s no point thinking about this. 

I have to move my body first.

I tried to put strength in my whole body, and the resident of Yugura’s planet pushed the table, and came closer to me. 

The bottle of poison I don’t want to see right now is at a place where my hands can reach. 

“It would be troubling if you were to die like this, so it is about time I explain the rules of the game. These two bottles: one is a mouthful of the poison that we laced, the other one is an antidote for one person.” 


“I won’t do something unfair like killing you one-sidedly. This is a fair match between you and me. Choose whichever one you please. I will drink the one you didn’t choose first.” 

My brain is starting to get hazy. 

What is this man…saying…? No, what’s more important right now isn’t to understand what this man is thinking, but to correctly understand the current situation.

One of them is the poison he laced, and the other one is the antidote…

I know that the anbus had this antidote and that they have the same appearance. 

You normally tell them apart from the labels on the bottles, but those labels have been torn off messily. 

I am well acquainted with this poison. 

The original use of this isn’t to kill, but to threaten. 

Once the symptoms begin showing up, you give them a peek of the antidote to break their hearts. A poison for interrogations.

Of course, you will die if you don’t drink the antidote; and it has to be enough of the antidote for it to work. 

Both bottles have enough for one person. 

If I drank both, I would have one more share of poison inside of me, and I would still be in trouble. 


But is what this man saying true to begin with? 

What I can tell is that it is true that I have been poisoned and that he is serious. 

Of all things, this man has changed this place…my domain…into his own. 

I stretched my hand to one of them and checked his face for a reaction, but there was no change at all. 

There’s no point in a psychological battle against a guy that has gotten all the way here purely with words. 

But he wouldn’t try to lose his life through a gamble…

I observe the bottles intently, without hurrying. 

The labels have been torn off messily, but they have made it so that the letters alone can’t be read at all. 

Any other difference I can tell… Something… Something…?! 

“There’s less time than I thought thanks to you getting dumbstruck. If you are making a choice, make it quick.” 

I grab both bottles and check every corner of the lids. 

Both were inside the pouch at the waist of the anbus when I checked their equipment.

If I remember correctly, the one at the front was the poison, the one behind was the antidote.

But other factors… The throwing knives and the needle for when it is necessary to inject drugs. 

The knives are placed at the front so they can be thrown immediately. As for the needles, they are wrapped in soft cloth so they don’t break and placed at the back. 

In other words, if the anbus are walking with that on their waist, the poison bottles would make contact with the knives and get scratched…! 

There’s faint differences in the lid of both bottles just as I thought. 

I can win with this. 

No, this still doesn’t make it certain. I need one more factor.

“This one! I will drink this one!” (Chisante)

I return the one with the most scratches back to the table. 

The resident of Yugura’s planet grabbed it and opened the lid. 

And then, he faced me and smiled faintly. 

“Did you think I wouldn’t notice something so obvious like the scratches of the bottle?” 


My body is almost completely numb from the poison now, but I managed to move more quickly than I thought after hearing those words.

I snatched away the bottle the resident of Yugura’s planet was holding and gulped it down in one go. 

I knew people could show strength that surpasses imagination when close to death, but to think I would be able to experience it in this manner.

“D-Dahaha! You messed up at the end! You got overconfident, thinking I couldn’t move from the poison, and tried to flaunt your victory at the end! I am not so stupid as to not consider the possibility that you switched the contents of the poison and the antidote!” (Chisante)

“…No, you are stupid.” 

“…Huh?” (Chisante)

The resident of Yugura’s planet picked up the bottle with a few scratches that I dropped on top of the chair and gulped it all down.

No way… No way no way no way no way! 

Could it be that…the one that I drank… 

He didn’t switch the contents?! 

“Both were poison. I have no intention of forgiving you, so that’s obvious, isn’t it? Your mistake wasn’t in your choice of the bottle, but mistaking how serious I was.” 

“Aah… Aaaaaaah….!” (Chisante)

The numbness in my body increased and I couldn’t stand up anymore. 

The poison isn’t showing signs of stopping. On the contrary, I could tell with my whole body that it is worsening. 

I am going to…die?! 

In such an unceremonious manner?! With no point, when things are just getting started?! 

No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no!! 

“Agh, ah…aaaah!” (Chisante)

The resident of Yugura’s planet looked down at me with an unchanging expression.

Don’t look down on me… 

You damn outsider…

You think it is okay to look down on me…?! 

If you have also drank poison, you will die soon too. 

You can’t open this door, so drinking poison is a death sentence…! 

“Sorry to interrupt you while you are busy in your head, but one last thing. I brought two bottles into this room, but I brought 3 bottles to this residence. You should be able to understand what I mean since you are so intelligent, right?” 

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