LS – Chapter 55: I don’t know about that at present

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I returned from the simulated world the moment it was clearly recognized that Taizu had fallen. 

There wasn’t much fatigue, and when I looked around, I saw the Gold Demon Lord getting excited from smelling the hair of Wolfe. 

Well, it doesn’t seem like she has dealt any physical impact, but this is shocking. 

I check my own clothing just in case. Looks like I am fine. 

“Impossible… Ya managed to defeat that Taizu in just one iteration?!” (Gold) 

“It was a rough victory, but still a victory kinda deal. I planned on ending it on the 3rd one, but it went just right, you see.” 

“I-I can’t believe it. The special benefits were barely of any use to ya!” (Gold)

“I thought that at first, but once I opened the lid, it was actually a pretty decent benefit.”

“…Wait, I will go check out what ya did now. I can only think ya cheated in some way. I am going to check it out in a jiffy, so wait there!” (Gold)

The Gold Demon Lord sat on the seat herself and groaned. 

She must have entered the virtual world.

…Isn’t she full of openings here? 

That said, as a proper adult, I don’t have such a savage desire like pulling a prank on a person with no consent. 

I feel like I did that a number of times with Rakura, but I haven’t crossed the line, so it is okay, yup. 

The Gold Demon Lord is lying there with half her face on the table, and bringing salvation to my heart. 

And so, I will be waiting while watching her sleeping face. 

A short fox demi-human with her characteristic trait being her golden fur tail and ears.

I might be able to learn which tribe of demi-human she is originally from if I had the book I left at the warehouse, but I unfortunately don’t know much about demi-humans. 

There were demi-humans living in Gahne too, but they weren’t that many. 

There wasn’t discrimination, but their total numbers were low. 

There were even families of humans and demi-humans, but judging from the fact that their children were mostly humans, maybe it is hard for them to pass on their genes? 

The appearance of the Gold Demon Lord is close to that of an adult, but it is still on the level where it is questionable whether she looks older than Ilias and Wolfe. 

She might have even become a Demon Lord when she was at the same age as them. 

She lost her life at a young age and resurrected as a Demon Lord. After that, she was killed by the Hero and resurrected in the present. 

That’s quite the stormy life. It probably can’t be helped that she has a somewhat warped sense of enjoyment. 

5 minutes after submerging in my thoughts, the Gold Demon Lord slowly woke up. 

It takes 2 hours at each iteration for us, but it seems like replaying it takes out a short amount of time. 


“That was fast. There was no cheating, right?” 

In the first place, how do you want me to cheat in a simulated world created with magic? 

If there was such a feature, I would have obviously used it to win easily. 

“Ya…” (Gold) 


“Ya damn lowlife!!” (Gold)


I was hit with a nice slap that echoed in this throne room.

It does hurt, but it is not an abnormal degree of strength that would leave lingering effects. 

“What are you doing?!” 

“That’s what I should be saying! What kind of nasty scenery are ya showing me?! —Uegh.” (Gold)

The Gold Demon Lord ran towards the throne and made a trash can pop out like the table. 

And then, she hid behind the throne while carrying this. 

I can hear puking sounds from there. 

Uwaah, nasty. 

“Wait, wasn’t the contract supposed to not allow you to deal any hits on us?!” 

“Ya have already finished yer match. The contract is far over already!” (Gold)

I heard that shout from afar. Is that logic okay? 

Now that she mentions it, we haven’t discussed those parts. 

…Wouldn’t it be trouble if she were to attack us right now? 

Looks like I will have to include the option of kicking Rakura up if things get bad. 

The Gold Demon Lord came back unsteadily with a pale face. 

There’s tears in her eyes. She must have seen quite the terrible sight. 

—Yeah, that’s something you shouldn’t see. 

“Ya, what do ya think of living beings?! How could ya do something like that to the Gahne that this one raised?!” (Gold)

“You are the one who said that’s a simulated world. Also, I confirmed with you just before, didn’t I? ‘Is it okay if Taizu falls before Gahne?’” 

“So that wasn’t advice for the others…?” (Gold)

“In the first place, you are at fault for setting an unreasonable winning condition like that. There’s only really few ways for Gahne to win with fair methods.” 

“Nugu…uuuh!” (Gold)

The Gold Demon Lord wants to get really angry here, but because she is the cause of all this, her anger can’t go anywhere and tears were spilling out. 

I didn’t expect her to cry this much. The feeling of guilt is so heavy. 

“Sorry, sorry. It is true that I brought about a result that I would want to avert my eyes from after all.” 

The method I took when I noticed I couldn’t win with normal means was to have Gahne fall together with Taizu. 

I had Gahne do a variety of things to begin with, turned more than half of the citizens into refugees, and sent them to Taizu. 

It was easy to close off the paths to other neighboring countries first and lead the escape route of the refugees. 

It is only natural that the innocent civilians would take the only safe escape route on land that leads to a neighboring country.

I sent almost everyone that couldn’t be used in war. 

Now that the option to do a drawn out battle is not there, there was no need to leave the women and children who can’t fight in the country. 

The soldiers obviously were against this, but I used a number of various methods there. 

The knight nation of Taizu couldn’t abandon the refugees who suffered greatly and ended up taking in most of them. 

Because of the refugees eating away their food, famine came in, and while at it, I also sent sabotagers to pull guerrilla tactics to cause internal chaos. 

When that happens, Taizu will begin to eliminate the refugees with the dangers in consideration. 

The knights were forced to do mass murder worth the share of a whole nation inside of Taizu, dropping their morale to rock-bottom. 

And well, that’s just the beginning of it. 

I didn’t care about the future of Gahne after this match was over anyways, so I continued taking actions that would cut off my own flesh. 

The knights were rousing themselves to throw down the tyrannical king at first, but the enemy they had to fight was not showing in front of them at all. 

The only thing reflected in their eyes were horrible spectacles and a repeat of empty slaughters. 

In the end, the knights of Taizu and the army of Gahne didn’t cross swords even once. 

What fostered this even more was the existence of Dokora who was rampaging in Taizu. 

The bandit alliance that they coincidentally found a solution for thanks to a certain someone from a different world having found one of their lairs was still present in the simulated world. 

They could have solved this without the otherworlder, but there was obviously no need to hurry. 

This obviously served as a powerful handicap for Taizu. 

It was easy to get the cooperation of Dokora. I already knew that we could get along well. 

It must have obviously been a horrible sight to see a whole nation share of Gahne citizens killed by the knights being revived with necromancy. 

Even if the chivalric order was undefeated as a result, Taizu was given an irreversible wound and couldn’t function as a nation anymore. 

“Gahne was then invaded by a different nation after that and fell completely. The king of Gahne must have suffered a terrible end, but a win is a win.” 

“I was torn limb from limb 3 days later and had my head on display! Moreover, in this one’s appearance!” (Gold) 

That was faster than I thought. It seems like that was a pretty close victory then.

I was thinking about acting a bit more carefully in my second run. 

The Gold Demon Lord must have remembered that scene again, she covered her mouth.

It would trouble me if she were to puke here, so I rub her back. 

“I thought you had resistance to slaughters since you are a Demon Lord.” 

“This one was originally a pure child, ya know?! I obviously have a proper heart! Rather, why can ya be so unfazed by this?!” (Gold)

“I tried not to see it after all.” 

There’s also a lot of slaughters in the history of modern society.

Ivan The Terrible, Vlad III, Hitler, Pol Pot, Empress Dowager Cixi.

If I began thinking about people like Bluebeard and the Blood Countess, there would be no end. 

There’s barely any people who have seen those sights personally as of now, but they have remained in the annals of history. 

Just ordering that kind of stuff had incredible effect. 

Even if it is a simulated world, it is being performed for real there. If I were to see them, I thought the mental shock would be way too strong, so I tried not to look at the state of the area as much as possible. 

Even if it is a simulated world, I wouldn’t want to taste a scene where a friend of mine was to seriously hate me. 

“So yer saying this one was the only one who saw that tragedy? Argh, ya go and see it too!” (Gold)

“Can’t do that. Also, if I am not keeping you in check here, who knows what you will do to my friends.” 

“Gununu…” (Gold)

It is different from slaughter of different lifeforms. That’s how dark and dirty the conflicts between humans are. 

I finished things by controlling the screen, but if I had burned the details of it with my own eyes…I probably wouldn’t have been able to return to being a decent human. 

There’s darkness that you must not understand. Even if you are a bright person, it is closer than forbidden magic. 

“If ya had won this match in a proper manner, I could have used that record to threaten ya about invading Taizu. But to think that ya would make me eject the pastries I ate and make me cry!” (Gold) 

“I am telling you I’m sorry for that. Also, I considered that possibility and finished this in a way that you couldn’t use as reference. In the first place, most proper methods would get trumped by Marito anyways.” 

It seems like she has calmed down, so I sit on the chair. 

I don’t have anything to do now, so I think of a way to win with proper methods while playing with the pillow. 

…Hmm, this is so enticing…so fluffy. I want this. 

If it comes to a battle of tactics, I can’t imagine myself winning against Marito. 

Would I be able to win with 10 loops? No, ain’t that just impossible?


The Gold Demon Lord walked here and jumped onto the pillow that I was playing with. 

Her weight isn’t that big of a deal, but a golden tail bigger than the upper half of my body spread in my whole vision.

“…You are in the way though.” 

“Shut up. If yer apologetic to this one, how about providing service to me!” (Gold) 

She smacks my face with her tail. So fluffy. 

The others are still in the simulated worlds trying to clear it. It wouldn’t be good to sour the mood of the Demon Lord who can attack now that the contract is gone. 

I sigh as I gently brush the area close to the center of the tail, and the root of her ears and hair.

“Hnn, yer brushing nice spots.” (Gold)

“I tested out a variety of things with your shrunken version in the simulated world after all.” 

I had the handicap of not being able to fight in the front stage in the simulated world, so I spent most of my time at the castle of Gahne checking out her reactions from a variety of teasing. 

In the second half, there were knights who were trying to infiltrate the castle while prepared to die, so I abandoned the castle and escaped to buy time, but I had nothing to do until then, so I did a good deal of things. 

One of those things was to tease the hell out of the shrunken version of the Gold Demon Lord. 

I refrained from doing things that would be bad for the education of children, but I tested out most of everything. 

A part of her memories have been implanted in her, so her likes and dislikes were clearly shown. Not only the places she likes to be rubbed at, even the food she likes and dislikes were shown. 

I couldn’t make her spill out the info regarding the Demon Lords, but I got a friend that would be incredibly popular if products of her were to be sold in modern Japan. 

“Hooh, so ya were being awfully close to my clone. Must have been hard to relieve yer desires with that small body, right?” (Gold)

“How do you think I would be able to lust for someone palm sized? Also, when I tried to throw her into fire and drown her in water, you made it so she can phase through things. Isn’t that unfair? I did manage to get a single hair from your tail though. Too bad.” 

“What are ya doing to me?!” (Gold)

She smacks me with her voluminous tail. 

This is fun in its own way. 

Even though I already told her I tested out a variety of things. 

The ability to not be affected by physical interferences when you try to deal excessive attacks isn’t a bad feature to have for children. 

I am sure Ilias will try to cut her down a few times, and Wolfe might try to wack her down in curiosity.

“You also set exclusive actions for certain greetings and words. Aside from the stereotypical ones, I managed to find 103. How many were there in total?” 

“Nfufufu, that’s a secret. But ya managed to find almost all the ones that I added for fun. That’s impressive. My small self must have seemed really lovely to ya.” (Gold)

“And yet, even when I whispered her a confession of love, she didn’t react. Is that because of the bad nature of the person herself, or because you are just that innocent?” 

“S-Shut up!” (Gold)

Smacked again. It does hurt when the fur gets into my eyes.

—It is really hard to believe this girl is a Demon Lord when she is on my lap like this. 

For now, I have to improve her mood before my legs get numb. 

“Speaking of which, I can remember the time I spent with your small version, but for the other memories, most of them only have the results remaining in my head.

I would be able to remember stuff like the last moments if I tried, but most of the memories in the simulated world only have the results remaining. 

I also had a general teach me the sword aside from teasing the copy of the Gold Demon Lord. 

I thought I would be able to pull a New Game+ for my second run, but I ended up not needing to. 

I had grown to a point where I could win one out of ten against a normal soldier though. But the feeling of my body is clearly that of before the match. 

Even though I have memories of having trained, it is as if it never happened.

What I can remember are fragments of me playing with the small Gold Demon Lord. 

“It can’t be helped. Ya used close to 2 years in order to destroy Taizu. If ya were to return here with all those memories complete, the shock of 2 years worth would assail ya. Yer body and mind wouldn’t be able to endure it. The reason why ya only have clear memories of this one’s small version is because I made it that way. Even that is fragmented too.” (Gold)

So I can’t wish for an added function like in a certain manga where they train in a space with condensed time and power up in a short period of time, huh.

If that were possible, I could have had Wolfe stay for a long time to concentrate on training. That’s a shame. 

That said, you can still think. If you train in a variety of weapons for 1 year each, you could bring back the results of those and check which weapon is more suitable for you. 

“By the way, Gold Demon Lord, the first run of Ilias and Wolfe failed, right? Can’t you see the details of it?” 

“What, ya can just brush me the whole remaining duration. If ya want a bed, I don’t mind coming in with ya.” (Gold)

“Just have that be seen by Ilias, she would try to cut you down even if it is the last thing she does.” 

“So distant~. The burden of just gathering up the results and confirming it isn’t that high. Ya can even come with me if ya want.” (Gold)

I am interested, but there’s the incident of before. 

Even if this is a simulated world, it is a war depicted realistically. 

“I don’t want to see a shocking sight all of a sudden though~.” 

“They are not ya. There’s no way a knight and a bumpkin girl would be able to do something like that.” (Gold)

“That’s for Ilias, but Wolfe is different, you know?” 

The Gold Demon Lord peeked at my face. What was there were eyes filled with curiosity at words she didn’t expect. 

“That’s interesting. Are ya saying that white black wolfkin can pull off something like ya?” (Gold)

“She is my disciple after all. A disciple copies their shishou.” 

I have taught her about good and evil, but what Wolfe is grounded on currently is the distinction of good and evil. 

Wolfe is pure and straightforward.

Thus, she can take in the chivalric code of Ilias and also the gruesome fiendish acts. 

Rather than good and evil, she is prioritizing whether this is right or wrong. 

She has a blind acceptance that Shishou is mostly correctly, but once she grows wiser, she will begin showing individual traits in her decisions. 

Also, the past of Wolfe that can’t be erased completely was darkness. 

“…Well then, let’s avoid the battlefield and check things out.” (Gold)

“That sounds good. —But there’s something I want to tell you first.” 

“What is it, getting all serious all of a sudden.” (Gold)

I gently pet the head of the Gold Demon Lord. Does this Demon Lord know? 

“—The wars you set in the simulated world, the war that Ilias must have gone to, and the wars that I did, they are all equally just wars. Be aware that your entertainment is being forgiven because it is a simulated world.” 

“…Ya don’t have to tell me. I haven’t forgotten that I have already died once.” (Gold)

“I see, I am glad that you are an understandable Demon Lord. Gold Demon Lord, I am grateful for your current self.” 

—I waged war even if it was a simulated world. It can’t be helped that I ended up getting pulled to that side.

But it seems like I won’t be overdoing it with the Gold Demon Lord. 

“Alright, let’s go. Who do you want to check out first?” 

“—I would like to enjoy the actions of the one called Wolfe later. Let’s go for Ilias Ratzel who should be going safe and having a hard time.” (Gold)

“Got it. And so, how do we watch it?” 

“We will simply be moving our consciousness to the finished world. I will synchronize us, so wait for a bit… Umu, it is easy with ya having no mana. Now then, off we go!” (Gold)

My body was wrapped in the same sensation as the first time. 

Or more like, the Demon Lord is still on top of my lap. Isn’t that—


The first iteration of the world is over and I enter the second one. 

Most of the memories of the 1st one have only remained as results. 

(Ilias-san, this is already the second run, right?) 

Rakura’s body is not here. I can only hear her voice in my ears. 

The person herself doesn’t feel her body, and she is getting information from my eyes and ears. 

She is saying this is extremely comfortable and she wouldn’t mind staying like this, but living your life without a body should only bring fear. 

“It seems so. But this is troubling.” (Ilias)

It is true that the unity of Gahne is great and their numbers are not bad either. 

But my impressions when I saw their training was: ‘So this is all they’ve got’.

And the reality is that the difference in power between Taizu and Gahne was way too clear. 

(We lost even after increasing the military power to the highest degree until the time limit after all. The knights of Taizu are truly strong.) (Rakura)

It was a war we prepared for as much as possible but still lost completely.

The merit of me not being in Taizu was certainly big, and if I rushed to the vanguard, we certainly could go against the chivalric order. 

However, it won’t go as easily against the Knight Captains. 

When I encountered the Leano Division, I ended up in a one on one against Lord Leano. 

I was the one pushing him back, but by the time I noticed, my soldiers around had been wiped out, and I had no choice but to withdraw. 

The Fohl Division as well, when they saw that I was difficult to defeat, they began to shave off my soldiers instead. 

I would like to aim for their soldiers too, but I have no such leeway when it comes to Knight Captains. 

When it comes to a fight between soldiers and knights, there’s not even the need to compare. 

Even if I alone am at an advantage, the battlefield as a whole won’t change. 

Also, the Ragudo Division I should be originally in wouldn’t have their position shaken as the strongest knight division of Taizu just from me being gone. 

If it were a spar, I could force a win, but in a battle to the death, the story is different. 

I can’t even defeat Cara-jii alone, and by the time I notice, I have been cornered into being alone. 

Even with that, I still tried my best to hang on, and Lord Ragudo showed up. 

(Lord Ragudo was also scary! Even now I still feel as if my head is not connected!) 

Even though I managed to fight Lord Ragudo one on one, I lost and died. 

He created a brief opening on me and my neck was sliced clean. 

It is vexing that I don’t have clear memories of it. Even though it should have been exquisite skills that I would be moved by even now. 

After I lost my body, I ended up only being able to give commands, but Gahne fell soon after. 

Honestly, I don’t feel like I can win against the leadership of His Majesty. I am checkmated the moment I am put in the same position as him. 

“I don’t feel like I can win with normal means… That’s something I am happy about as a knight of Taizu, but…I can only feel despair when it comes to this match.” 

The strength of their pawns and the enemy we have to checkmate are above me. 

Getting 1 win out of 10 in training and getting 1 win out of 10 in a deathmatch is on a whole different level of difficulty. 

“Nfufufu, it is the start of the 2nd iteration.” (Gold)

The small Gold Demon Lord popped up again. 

I normally leave her outside my vision aside from when I need the bare minimum knowledge, but she really gets on my nerves. 

Even when I swing my sword, I can’t cut her. It is made in a way so that I can’t touch her. 

“That’s dangerous. What would ya do if ya were to injure the smooth skin of this one?” (Gold)

I don’t know how many times I have heard those words already. It is clear that there’s nothing inside. 

I wouldn’t be able to get anything out of her. 

(Speaking of which, I wonder how Counselor-sama and Wolfe-chan are doing.) (Rakura)

Wolfe has an outstanding tactician with Mix-sama, but it would still be a difficult problem to solve. 

The battle strength of Wolfe won’t be that effective in this match. 

It would be effective after excluding the Ragudo Division and the Knight Captains. 

Mix-sama may be able to fight on equal standing to His Majesty if she were to concentrate on being the brains, but the difference in their military might is way too one-sided. 

As for that man, he wouldn’t even be counted as combat power. 

However, he is outstanding when it comes to being a tactician. He might be able to find a winning condition outside of normal means. 

…No, would you be able to get out of this situation with clever schemes? 

“…I would like to know the situation of the other simulated worlds.” (Ilias)

“Ya want to know the results of the other simulated worlds? Fine, then choose the point yer curious about from this book!” (Gold)

The small Gold Demon Lord brings out a book. The opened page had the name of me, Wolfe, and that man. 

Looks like I can see the state of the other two.

I selected my name.

“The simulated world ya have chosen is currently in its 2nd iteration. It seems like Gahne has fallen after the 1st year of the war. It seems like her body died in the 1st year of the war.” (Gold)

“Fumu.” (Ilias)

I selected Wolfe. 

“The simulated world ya have chosen is currently in its 2nd iteration. It seems like Gahne has fallen after the 3rd year of the war. It seems like her body died in the 3rd year of the war.” (Gold)

(Wolfe-chan managed to last for 3 years, huh. Mix-chan is incredible!) (Rakura)

On our side, we took half a year of preparation and I died after 1 year of war. 1 month later, Gahne fell and it ended for a total of 1 year and 7 months.

Wolfe and Mix-sama managed to continue the war for double that time.

This information is big. Depending on how you do it, you can buy more than twice the time even at war. 

Moreover, that was a result where I am still an enemy in the world of Wolfe. 

“As expected of Mix-sama. You too, Rakura, if you have any good ideas, please tell me. We still have chances to test them out after all.” (Ilias)

(Right. With no body, I can’t enjoy being a king, so I would like to end this quickly.) (Rakura)

There’s cases where I can praise being honest to your desires and times when I cannot. 

I can’t praise Rakura in her case, but I can’t hate her. 

However, whether it is in domestic affairs or in the middle of battle, she would bring out sudden good ideas while concentrating on being a consultant. 

In the first iteration, if she hadn’t given the order to retreat, it would have ended half a year sooner. 

(And so, how about Counselor-sama?) (Rakura)

“Yeah, I will try checking.” (Ilias)

I selected his name. 

Just how much effect are his clever schemes showing? 

“The simulated world you chose is not there anymore. It seems like Taizu fell after 1 year of war.” (Gold)

“…Huh?” (Ilias)

(…Wa?) (Rakura)

I selected it once again.

“The simulated world you chose is not there anymore. It seems like Taizu fell after 1 year of war.” 

(Uwa…) (Rakura)

“…Impossible.” (Ilias)

That there’s no simulated world must mean that the match has ended. I can tell that much. 

He defeated Taizu, moreover, alone…in less than 2 years.

I felt dizzy and ended up sitting on the throne. 

(T-That’s Counselor-sama for you! Even though Ilias-san should be there as an enemy too.) (Rakura)

That’s right. He has me as his enemy in that world.

I can tell after fighting the members of the Ragudo Division in the simulated world. The strength of the strong ones in this simulated world are no different from the ones in reality. 

He managed to defeat me, Lord Ragudo, and His Majesty even when turned into enemies. 

No no, that’s impossible. 

This is not a match where tactics like taking advantage of the mentality of the other party will work.

There’s no way you can overturn an immense difference of battle power…and yet, he managed to achieve that. 

He didn’t need to use 10 chances. In just his 1st try. 

“Rakura, what method do you think he took?” (Ilias)

(Right… I think he used horrible methods.) (Rakura)

“Yeah… He most likely didn’t use methods that could be praised.” (Ilias)

He was alone. In that case, he must have been dyed.

He would mercilessly take inhumane actions that would overturn even preconceptions. 

(Hmm, what did Counselor-sama say before the match began?) (Rakura)

“Speaking of which, he was scolded by the Gold Demon Lord. Was it considered advice?” (Ilias)

The winning condition is to defeat Taizu before Gahne falls. He was interested in the condition of the fall and asked about assassinating His Majesty… No, she said that wouldn’t count as winning. 


“I see, the fall condition.” (Ilias)

(What does that mean?) (Rakura)

“The conditions for a country to fall are not only one. When the castle is brought down, the king surrenders and hands over the country, when it can’t function as a country anymore. He most likely made Taizu fall in a way outside of battle.” (Ilias)

(I see. If you can’t win in battle, then use other methods… What kind of methods?) (Rakura)

“…For example, if His Majesty married the ruler of Gahne, the countries would be united, and the name would change; that might be considered as Taizu having fallen as a country.” (Ilias)

(But they will be declaring war in half a year. Wouldn’t it be impossible to get married within half a year?) (Rakura)

I know that.

In the first place, the woman that His Majesty likes is already in Taizu. 

I doubt he would take a liking to a woman sent by the country that will be declaring war on him.

“No, if we have the charm magic of Rakura…” (Ilias)

(NOPE! Even before the fact that I don’t want to do it, that doesn’t last long! Even if you manage to seduce King Marito by some miracle, I doubt the changing of countries will be wrapped up within half a year!) (Rakura)

“True…” (Ilias)

It is rare to see her seriously dislike something. Was her failure with him still remaining as a scar? 

But then we should have His Majesty surrender in the middle of war? 

How are we going to make an enemy we can’t win against to surrender? 

But I am sure we are on the right track. This is the first time I think ‘maybe’ when thinking about how to make Taizu fall when we have no chance of winning against them in war. 

That’s right. If we can’t win with war, we just have to find a method to win. 

“Now then, let’s take it easy. This will be a good experience of its own.” 

I remember his words. Taking it easy means to not be impatient.

Right, this was advice for me knowing that I have a hard head.

“Alright, we now know what to do for now.” (Ilias)

(Really?) (Rakura)

“I will go check Gahne for a break. If I can’t think of any ideas after that, I will journey off to Taizu.” (Ilias)

(Eeeh…) (Rakura)

Now that I think about it, I am ruling in this world as the king of Gahne, but only a select few know about her appearance in Gahne. 

In that case, it should be possible to go check out Taizu as a 3rd party. 

The information written in the book isn’t bad, but seeing it with my own eyes really is more certain. 

I can move freely for half a year if I don’t fast forward time. There’s no way I wouldn’t use this. 

Where should I go…? Right, I didn’t see Wolfe in my first run. 

This should be at the time when she was still in a tragic position at the isolated black wolfkin village. There’s the option of heading there to save her. 

…Ah, right, there was that option.

“Rakura, change of plans! I have found a sure-fire method!” (Ilias)

(Really?!) (Rakura)

“Yeah, he managed to make Taizu fall in his first iteration. In other words, it means that.” (Ilias)

(It means what?!) (Rakura)

“It is simple. He still hasn’t shown up in Taizu. He hasn’t even become an enemy yet. In other words, we just have to make that man in this world become our ally!” (Ilias)

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