LS – Chapter 103.5: Extra – Chance Meeting with the Ribs

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Author: This time it is not a continuation of the story but kind of a collab story between this story and the one I am writing concurrently: [Goddess: “What do you want to become if you were to reincarnate in an isekai?” Me: “The ribcage of a hero”].

It makes me happy that the other story managed to get 1st place in the comedy category daily ranking. 

This one can’t go losing, but there’s a lot of competitors in the race at high fantasy.

The spotlight of Ekdoik will stay there for a while more. 

Translator: Hey, Reigokai here! 

This was literally in the middle of a battle, so I moved it one chapter instead, so it doesn’t feel that awkward.

Now, after having translated this extra, I will give you my evaluation of how worth it is to read this.

It is actually pretty good! 

There’s insight in the mind of Nameless regarding relationships that would not come out in a normal scenario. Also, there seems to be a teaser of future events? -Might just be the author baiting though.

That’s it. Enjoy!


I regain consciousness and open my eyes, but the scenery doesn’t change. 

Looks like I am within pitch black darkness. I would be able to see somewhat if there were a bit of light coming in.

The freedom of my body… There’s no issues. I don’t feel like I am tied up or have received damage. 

I don’t feel like I am being imprisoned in a small space. It seems like it is a totally pitch black space. 

“Where is this place?” 

“Welcome. This is…I don’t really know, but it is most likely an impressive place.”

“Ok, I am a lot less tense now.” 

A lady appeared suddenly in front of me. An appearance like that of what others would describe as a Goddess in a fantasy world. 

She feels young. The age of her outward appearance feels like it is around 15 years old. 

The degree of her growth feels modest. 

She gives a vibe like that of Anbu-kun, but judging from her expression, she is not as intelligent? 

I would like to know how she can be seen clearly despite there being no light at all, but I feel like thinking too deeply about it would be pointless.

“There’s nothing despite being an impressive place.” 

“There is. Like this.” 

The girl snapped her fingers and a fancy sofa, table, and furniture appeared one after the other. 

I have gotten used to a fantasy world, but this is my first time seeing such a ridiculous sight. 

Could it be that the girl in front of me is above even Demon Lords? 

“This is impressive. By the way, who are you?” 

“A Goddess.” 

“A Goddess, huh. Well, with how much freedom you have, I can kind of accept it though.” 

“It is great to see you can adapt quickly.” 

“Despite you being a Goddess…no, it is nothing.” 

“You’ve got guts staring at the body of a Goddess.” 

“Sorry. If I remember correctly, I was having a match with the Purple Demon Lord though…” 

Thinking about it calmly, I should be in the middle of a serious match against the Purple Demon Lord. Ekdoik shouted out his name in a cool way not that long ago.

“So you were in the middle of some sort of event, huh. But don’t worry. You can restart perfectly from your previous state. I will also erase your memories without leaving a single speck of it.” 

“I am a bit worried about erasing memories without leaving a speck of it though.” 

Judging from our conversation, it is not like she is someone that’s interacting with me out of malice. 

On top of that, it seems like the one who invited me here seems to have been the Goddess. I don’t know the reason, but it seems like she has business with me. 

If I am going to be returned with my memories erased and it doesn’t affect the match, I want to believe so. 

The Goddess sat on the sofa, so I sat on the sofa opposite of it. 

“And so, it looked like you had some sort of business with me.” 

“It is great that you are perceptive. Actually, it is exactly because of that perceptiveness that I have to consult you about something.” 

“Counsel with a Goddess, huh. If you are going to bring me back to my previous world, I will help out with anything within my power.” 

“Thank you very much. Actually, I am one of the Goddesses that reincarnates the people who have had unnatural deaths.” 

It is a setting I normally read about on Earth regarding isekai reincarnations. This is my first time meeting one though. 

Since she said she is going to return me to where I was, it doesn’t mean this is about her trying to reincarnate me into an isekai or something. 

And so, my guess for what she is going to consult me about…

“Is it regarding one of the isekai reincarnators?” 

“You really are perceptive. Scary even.” 

“It would be troubling if you were to get scared. I will listen with a softer mind.” 

“Proceeding with the topic. There’s actually a certain isekai reincarnator and he is an incredibly unperceptive guy. Is there nothing that can be done?” 

“That’s a pretty sad thing to call and seek counsel for from an otherworlder.” 

“You don’t get me. He is fatally unperceptive.” 

“How much?” 

“To the point where he can’t do the act of getting a hint.” 

“That’s impressive. A person like that— Aah, never mind, I have someone within my acquaintances who is like that.” 

“There’s someone as dense in your isekai?” 

“No, it was an acquaintance of mine on Earth. A neighbor living in the same complex as me—” 

“I have prepared lunch, Goddess-sama.” 

A single man opened a door that showed up from who-knows-where and entered. 

Or more like…

“Ah, it is this guy.” 

“Ah, long time no see.” 

“This is unexpected.” 

It has been a while since I have met with my neighbor -one of the few relationships of mine that had nothing to do with profit. 

To think the neighbor would reincarnate in an isekai and cause trouble to a Goddess.

Well, he was a pretty dense dude after all.

“So you died too.” 

“No, I didn’t die. It was an isekai transmigration. Wait, you died?” 

“I died somehow.” 

“What does ‘somehow’ even mean?” 


Saying this, my neighbor showed off a technique where a screen appeared in midair like those of SF movies. 

It seems like he has completely adapted to the fantasy world, contrary to me. 

For now, let’s check what he is showing me. This arrangement of the rooms is nostalgic. 

“Ah, you really did die somehow.” 

My neighbor was living his life like normal and suddenly collapsed as if he ran out of batteries. 

It didn’t look like he was in pain and there’s no signs of this being from an outside force. 

Can you even die that easily? 

“Didn’t you learn something about this from the Goddess?” 

“Actually, I have no idea either. Even in the gathering of Gods, it has been made a topic of discussion, saying it is even more of a mystery than the last theorem of Fermat.” 

“It is on that level?” 

It doesn’t seem like she is lying. Well, there’s no reason to kill my neighbor after all.

“But there’s coincidences like this one, huh.” 

“There’s no coincidence that surpasses the miracle of meeting a Goddess though.” 

“If we went by serious calculations, you and him meeting is even more of a miracle.” 

“So cold.” 

Fumu, it seems like the neighbor has completely taken a liking to the Goddess. 

Now that I think about it, she might match every single point in the types he likes that he told me about before. 

“Speaking of which, he would often talk about a neighbor of his. So it was you.” (Goddess)

“I am curious about what he said.” 

“I told her about ‘not forgetting your origins’ and stuff like that.” (Neighbor)

“Aah, speaking of which, I did talk about that when we went out drinking.” 

“This person has a good memory, you see.” (Goddess)

“Rather than a good memory, it is more like it hasn’t even been a few months since then.” 

“This person has been reincarnating for several centuries now, you know?” (Goddess)


The Goddess brings out a single book without saying anything. It seems to be a book regarding my neighbor.

Let’s see… It seems like my neighbor reincarnated as the ribcage of a hero at first…

“What’s even a ribcage of a hero?” 

“A choice that you wouldn’t need to wait in line for, right?”  (Neighbor)


“In the end, he couldn’t be satisfied with that reincarnation and died with regrets again, so he reincarnated again, and he is currently repeating that over and over.” (Goddess)

An isekai reincarnation is not just a one time thing? 

Let’s see… Next was a hermit crab, a door of the Demon Lord castle (right), the dirt in front of the dungeon, the minute needle of a clock…

“You are looking down on isekai reincarnation too much.” 

“Nicely said.” (Goddess)

“Aw shucks.” (Neighbor)

“Doesn’t seem like it went nicely.” 

If what’s written in this book is true, he has already reincarnated in an isekai more than 10 times. This is insanity. 

Ah, even if this could be categorized as fantasy, he has already gone into the path of comedy, huh. 

But being satisfied with such an outrageous isekai reincarnation is asking for too much. No matter how you think about it, a hermit crab is… Hmmmmm? 

“…You are having a decently spectacular adventure.” 

“I have to prove that humans can pull it off when they try.” (Neighbor)

“Say that after you have reincarnated as an actual human.” 

It is true that, depending on your way of thinking, it is not impossible to get out of a situation no matter how gruesome of an environment it is. 

That said, it is certainly impressive that he can work this hard despite the way too gruesome an environment.

I wouldn’t be able to imitate him, wouldn’t want to, and there’s no way in hell I would take it. 

“Ah, I will go check on the miso soup for a bit.” (Neighbor)

My neighbor said this and faded out. I am now alone with the Goddess.

“Uhm…my sympathies.” 

“Thank you for understanding my feelings of wanting to complain every now and then with an ongoing relationship like this.” (Goddess)

“But it is not a coincidence that you called me, right?” 

“Yeah, you could say that. I was searching for a person that had a connection with him, and I found you, an otherworlder. I have investigated you.” (Goddess)

So she knows about me, huh. Can’t really say I feel good about having my past pried in. 

“I have also confirmed your actions in that parallel world. You apparently excel at comprehending others, but you have some really nasty eyes.” (Goddess)

“Leave me be. That’s just how it works.” 

“Try it out for a bit. I am curious.” (Goddess)


“Uwaah, your eyes really are scary! Even the eyes of a dead fish shine brighter than this.” (Goddess)

“Thanks for the aggravating comparison.” 

“But if someone looked at me with eyes like that, wouldn’t it be completely obvious that you are being antagonistic towards them?” (Goddess)

“I never did the act of observation face to face on Earth after all.” 

“By the way, you are surrounded by a lot of women in that isekai. It doesn’t seem like you have put a hand on them though.” (Goddess)

“They are not one-night stands with prostitutes. If I put a hand on them, the relationship ends up lasting for long. It is just natural to treat them, not as objects, but as people like a gentleman, right?” 

“Most of the girls see you favorably, so you could answer their feelings, you know?” (Goddess)

“They may like me, but it is not love.” 

“Suddenly falling in love is rarer. Accepting good will is also an important step.” (Goddess)

“That’s in part because I am a coward when it comes to personal relationships.” 

“Are you feeling resistance coming from a monogamous world to a harem world?” (Goddess)

“Harem, you say. I don’t really feel any resistance towards having relationships with several women as long as I am not tied down by the laws of the world.” 

“And yet, you are a wimp.” (Goddess)

“…I feel like I would be paying in installments if I were to accept one.” 

“You definitely would, but isn’t that fine?” (Goddess)

“I have the trauma of an ex-girlfriend on Earth getting caught up in a crime.” 

I obviously wouldn’t want to tell Ilias and the others about stuff like that. They would try to squeeze out every bit of information they can after all. 

“You had quite the muddy life. Judging from your state, it doesn’t seem like there will be much progress.” (Goddess)

“The people in the isekai are all people I can spend my time comfortably with after all. I want to treasure them.” 

“It seems like you have lingering regrets on Earth though.” (Goddess)

“It has become an even more convenient world, so it is hard to throw it away in terms of its worth. Also, I am instinctively trying to escape to that world for self-preservation. This is the conclusion I reached after calmly analyzing myself though.” 

“Aah, so you are a coward.” (Goddess)

“Yup, I am a coward.” 

“Now then, I would like some sort of advice regarding him.” (Goddess)

“It is impossible to fix that denseness of his. That’s a trait of his in its own way.” 

Of course, it is not like I didn’t notice my neighbor’s bad habit.

When I was hanging out with him, I thought this guy was bad news, but shrugged it off with ‘oh well, who cares’.

“What a useless guy.” (Goddess)

“Don’t say that. You both are unseemly, so aren’t you a match made in heaven?” 

“My relationship with him is not of that sort.” (Goddess)

“I am not talking about a romantic relationship. I am talking about your demand as a Goddess. An imperfect Goddess fits him just perfectly, right?” 

“Are you saying I am imperfect?” (Goddess)

“First, despite living for long, you are not aging outwardly. If it is just that, you could say the reason why is because you like your own appearance as a loli god, but at the beginning when I saw the growth of your body as being ‘modest’, you were irritated by it, right? In other words, you hold a complex -even if faintly- towards your own body. If you are a god, you should just change your body to whatever you wish. The fact that you can’t means that the body you currently have is not in the shape you actually wish for. Even though it feels like you could, you don’t. The chances of you being faulty mentally are high. What should I call this if not imperfect?” 

“So this is that specialty of yours: comprehension?” (Goddess)

“My opinion after getting a glimpse from the observation of before. You normally have no motivation by nature, but you are not really that deeply bothered by the existence of my neighbor. An unprecedented guy like him should be good stimuli for you as someone who lives eternally. By the way, I can analyze you even further. Judging from your personality, I would say this is a good stopping point, but what do you want to do?” 

“Right. Getting pried into too much doesn’t feel good. My apologies.” (Goddess)

“Let’s just say we are even now. Well, I am sure he will bring about a good answer in his own way, so just keep him company for the long run.” 

“I would like you to share a bit of your perceptiveness with him.” (Goddess)

“I myself would like a bit of his flexibility.” 

“You evaluate him a lot higher than I thought.” (Goddess)

“I do think he is bad news, but he was a rare guy with no masks to an amusing degree on Earth, you see. We were close enough to go out together for some drinks. I would obviously have my own thoughts about it if that guy had died.” 

“But after hearing about what happened afterwards, you are now in this mood instead.” (Goddess)

“There’s no room to feel sad after seeing that state of his,.” 

“Right. Well then, it seems like we will have to bid farewell soon.” (Goddess)

“It wasn’t a bad time, but my memories will disappear, right?” 

“Yeah. Well, if you are fine about getting these memories jammed into you while in the middle of a serious scenario, be my guest.” (Goddess)

“I would rather not. Call me again when I am just going about my daily life.” 

“I shall do so then. Or maybe after you die, how about coming to my place to get the procedures dealt with?” (Goddess)

“I wouldn’t want to be an inorganic being though.” 


“It is ready~. Hm? Did he leave already?” (Neighbor)

“Yes, he was in the middle of a serious scene after all.” (Goddess)

“Even though I prepared supper for 3.” (Neighbor)

“I will eat the share of 2. It has been a while since I have had a down-to-earth conversation and my stomach is now rumbling.” (Goddess)

“Then, I will prepare the table. But I wanted to talk with him more if possible.” (Neighbor)

“I might end up asking for his help eventually if you continue persistently reincarnating. I would rather that not happen though.” (Goddess)

“I wanted to talk to him about the stalker that was living right next door though. She apparently got transferred to an isekai after all.” (Neighbor)

“That got dangerous all of a sudden. Should I call him back once more?” (Goddess)

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