LS – Chapter 283: As such, couldn’t meet them

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After Prince Washekt left, Mister Friend said he wanted me to tell him about my past.

Judging from the state of before, he most likely wants to know about the view of the people that are competing for the throne.

If he was interested in me, I would have teased him while feeling happy about it, and would have enjoyed the moment, but…it doesn’t feel like it is something I should be joking about.

“It is a serious topic, but you don’t have to be that on edge. In the case of Taizu, Marito was simply way too strong. You may have been competitive for a period of time, but you had already withdrawn a step by the time you grew, right?”

“Yeah, you could say that… I did feel a bit bad about my mother and the followers though…” (Mix)

The reason why I polished myself to not lose against Ani-sama was at first because of my competitive nature, but it then turned into a desire to not show a shameful sight as the little sister.

But my mother and the people around her began thinking I had the qualities to aim for the throne of Taizu because of that hard work.

I didn’t want to compete against Ani-sama for the throne, so I left Taizu, and decided to live as an adventurer.

I continued working hard to not bring shame to Ani-sama as his little sister even when far away from Taizu and, by the time I noticed, I had been given a dangerous sounding nickname…

“My mother was extremely disappointed at my decision at that time. But that problem was solved as time went on. She clearly saw the difference after Ani-sama actually began his ruling.” (Mix)

“It is to the point that he is called the Wise King even when he is so young after all. So even the passionate queen was calmed down by him, huh.”

“I still interact with her even if it is just through letters. I have told her that I will introduce you to her one day, but it will be after we get along a bit better, I guess.” (Mix)

Mother must have heard about Mister Friend, too. I doubt she has a bad impression of him. But she might try to use Mister Friend to make me try and take the throne again… Just thinking about that possibility makes me not want to introduce them to each other.

“Have you heard stories about the previous king’s era from your father?”

“My father apparently ended up inheriting the throne smoothly as the eldest son-desu zo.” (Mix)

“Fumu, the differences to Serende are a bit too big then…”

I like his face when he is thinking about evil stuff, but his face when he is thinking seriously about something is also pretty nice.

Can I stealthily take a photo somehow…?

Even the thickheaded Mister Friend would notice if I were to brazenly point a camera at him.

If it were a bit smaller and could be snuck into stuff like clothes or bags…

“Shishou, what about King Zenotta?” (Wolfe)

“Right. Kuama might be the closest to Serende when it comes to the other major countries.”

The Gold Demon Lord-dono was given the throne in Gahne, the Yugura Church pretty much holds the political power in Mejis, and Torin had a human king put in the throne by the demi-human residents.

These countries are practically disconnected to competitions for the throne between royalty.

“I had Ekdoik head there already. Masetta-san would normally be the most suitable for this, but…well, she does have her position as the monitor from Mejis.”

“Oh, that’s fast.” (Mix)

“I have zero experience with royalty after all. I want to hear as many experiences as possible in order to lower the Depth, and have the sensation of ‘that’s how things are’.”

“You must need a lot of information in order to reach the 2nd stage of Comprehension through word of mouth.” (Mix)

“It is needed even when I use the 3rd stage though. But it takes quite a lot of time with someone I barely know.”

I am a bit worried about the eyes of Lady Ratzel, but it is a relief that he doesn’t seem to force it.

I myself don’t feel good when Mister Friend uses it too many times.

The ones who experienced that second-hand in Gahne know that the process needed can’t be scoffed at.

“So the current task would be to gather enough information for you to enter the 2nd stage, so that you can solve the problem.” (Mix)

“It is not like there’s a time limit this time around anyways. It will simply lengthen the time Marito feels lonely at most.”

“I can’t say I agree with making Ani-sama feel lonely though…” (Mix)

The biggest worry would be how the others will act once they are poked.

That act of stepping in would be nothing but a hassle for the people who were helping out a demon.

We would need to solve things fast once they begin moving, so we have to make perfect preparations for when that happens.

“That said, you 3 noticed the bodyguard of Hilmera, Murshto, right?”

“Yeah. Directing so much attention over here from outside would make you notice even if you didn’t want to.” (Mix)

It seems like Mister Friend didn’t notice since he doesn’t have the technique, but he was giving off enough pressure it felt like it wouldn’t be strange for him to jump in at any moment.

He could have been trying to intimidate us so that we don’t do anything rude towards Princess Hilmera.

“I think he is pretty strong. But Wolfe wouldn’t lose!” (Wolfe)

“It doesn’t seem like Wolfe-chan would have any problems. But I personally would be careful.” (Mix)

“Someone who doesn’t lose to a skilled adventurer is pretty strong then. The bodyguard of Hilmera being on that level means that the people protecting the other members of the royal family are pretty strong too.”

Honestly speaking, I think our forces wouldn’t lose to them since we have Lady Ratzel who didn’t lose against Arcreal-dono though…

Well, it is good that he is being careful here.

Lady Ratzel and Wolfe-chan may be the pinnacle of strength, but their history as bodyguards is pretty short. I myself am not a bodyguard specialist.

“Even if we are going to make a move, it will be after you have recovered from your wounds completely. I didn’t miss the fact that you had a bit of a frown when you got down from the carriage on our way back-desu zo!” (Mix)

“I am aware that you 3 didn’t miss that. We do have holes due to Ekdoik and Dyuvuleori not being here when they are our intelligence force. I will just keep thinking about it here.”

I would like him to rely on me for that too, but royalty of Taizu can’t really go around gathering information about the royal family of another country.

If I were to let go of my name of Taizu and were to change my family register…hmm, I don’t think this topic would be to the taste of Mister Friend.

“I can gather information as well if it is just asking around in the city. You can rely more on me-desu zo!” (Mix)

“What I would like is to find someone who likes fruits.”

“The knights of Yox-dono that come often to report seem like the perfect targets.” (Mix)

We have already given up on trying to eat the whole mountain of fruits. This looks like it will be our current objective.

“To think you would stumble on a problem like this one even though you solved a world scale problem. I can take a bit of them if you want.”

“—Ritial?!” (Ilias)

Lady Ratzel and Wolfe-chan jumped in front of Mister Friend and ready their weapons.

The one in front of us is without doubt the biggest threat of ours, Ritial Zentry. Molari is also by his side.

“Hm, you came to visit me? I hope you didn’t bring fruits.”

“I would have brought a mountain of it if I knew your current situation. But I am unfortunately empty handed.” (Ritial)

“So even your Eye of Truth couldn’t predict this one.”

“Why would I have to do something as sad as predicting that my sworn enemy is being buried by fruits?” (Ritial)

Mister Friend said he would be making contact with us in the near future, but…to think he would brazenly show up in broad daylight…

He should have no issues with Tsudwali who excels in stealth, but…this is just…

Lady Ratzel and Wolfe-chan have relaxed their guard somewhat since Mister Friend is having a nonchalant conversation with him, but there’s one person who can’t remain calm.

“You…I am impressed you dared show up in this place!” (Yox)

“Yox, don’t push yourself with that body. I wouldn’t mess up to a degree where I would get caught against you, and if you do, you will be losing this opportunity to obtain information. You can understand at least that much, right?” (Ritial)

Yox-dono was about to grab the sword beside him, but Lilisa-dono stopped him.

It would be one thing if Yox-dono was in perfect condition, but fighting Ritial in his current state would be bad.

“Want to try?” (Yox)

“I won’t. It was my mistake to respond in a threatening manner, but you should calm down too. Resident of Yugura’s planet, can you please stop putting fruits in a basket and help me out here?” (Ritial)

Mister Friend… Even though this is such a tense atmosphere, he has absolutely no intention of reading the room.

He is desperately pushing as many fruits into a basket instead of worrying about the two being on the verge of trying to kill each other…

“I don’t really care. You can fight a holy knight of Mejis if you want. You don’t have information I want anyways, right?”

“Who in Serende was the one that gave us information of the ruins, was it? It is true that I have nothing to speak about regarding that. Raheight was the one who prepared this base for us in Serende. Moreover—” (Ritial)

“They didn’t reveal their identity. The only thing you know is that it is someone of influence in Serende, right? I am impressed you could trust someone like that with your base.”

“Even if it was a trap of Serende, we could have used the necromancy of Raheight and escaped within the chaos.” (Ritial)

The helper in Serende only knew of Raheight. But Raheight is already dead.

It might be possible to bring back his soul with the power of the Blue Demon Lord-dono, but it is something we would rather avoid considering his talent as an Illegitimate.

“But it is not like you haven’t analyzed it, right?”

“I did try tracing their steps in my spare time through stuff like the merchants bringing in supplies. I tried to investigate in my own way, but Raheight warned me. He said the helper is a dangerous person to provoke. That I shouldn’t get involved.” (Ritial)

I honestly find it hard to believe that even Ritial, who was the kernel of their group, didn’t know, but…judging from the attitude of Lilisa-san, it seems like there’s no lies in his words.

“You were acting as the guildmaster of Morgana, and Serende was managed by Nektohal or Raheight, right? I did have that feeling.”

“It is not like I had no information though. But I have no obligation to cooperate with you -the person that crushed my ambition.” (Ritial)

“I have heard enough. And so, you came here to tell me about your stance from here on, right?”

“That’s right. I will stop putting my hand on resurrection magic for now. However, I still plan on fulfilling my original objective.” (Ritial)

The objective of Ritial is to make the existence of Yugura’s Illegitimate be common knowledge, and to stop the discrimination towards them.

The reason he wanted to put his hands on resurrection magic was because he wanted to create a threat towards humans and turn the existence of Illegitimate into a necessity for the world…

“Are you telling me to help you out with that objective?”

“I won’t force you. I plan on fulfilling this within what my lifespan allows. I will change the world with my original method the moment I judge there’s no other way.” (Ritial)

“What a wonderful threat.”

“I am not threatening you here. I simply told you my life plan.” (Ritial)

“I don’t plan on refusing. I have people I want to protect on my side as well, and it is not like there’s no people I would like to do the same with.”

I could feel the attention of Mister Friend was faintly directed at Wolfe-chan there.

That said, Mister Friend would also like to avoid the Illegitimate from being discriminated against because of their talents.

“I am glad to hear a good response. We will be observing your actions for a while and concentrating on peaceful activities.” (Ritial)

“I wouldn’t have been injured like this if you had done so from the very beginning.”

“I may be peaceful, but Raheight and Nektohal wouldn’t have.” (Ritial)

So there will be a truce for now, I guess.

The worry of a new Demon Lord being born will be postponed, and it can be stopped in its tracks before it even happens depending on how Mister Friend does it.

It is honestly not someone we should be leaving be, but…it is not like we could settle this easily.

“You could have sent me a letter if it was just this. It did help me out since I can push fruits on you though.”

“We have our circumstances. By the way, it seems like Haakudoku-kun is not present. Has he returned to the place of Gestaf?” (Ritial)

“To take a break and to make his report. Did you have business with him?”

“He is someone I personally don’t want to meet much. But there’s someone who wants to meet…no, it is nothing. I will be taking my leave now.” (Ritial)

Ritial exited the room just like that.

Molari stuck her tongue out at me as she left, but let’s ignore that.

Who is the person that wants to meet Haakudoku-dono…?

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