LS – Chapter 325: Thus, taking precedence

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It is not like I was certain, but I did think that we might end up touching on the forbidden. 

That’s why I tried telling this hypothesis to Marito who is a resident of this world and has high comprehension skills. 

The result was that I managed to match answers regarding the systems of this world with the showing of the Colorless Demon Lord.

“Who would have thought you were scared of heights? I should call you next time beyond the ether.” 

“You’ve got a grudge against me? You do, huh. Even if so, I don’t recommend doing things that would displease others. Do you want to become the same as me?” (Colorless)

“I see. Nice response. I wouldn’t want to be treated as being the same as you.” 

We could have continued talking in the sky, but a certain acrophobic said we were going to be going down, so we moved without choice. Right now we are in the throne room of the Gahne Castle in the simulated world.

“Now then, I will have to perform my duty if you try to learn more…” (Colorless)

“It is not within your jurisdiction, right? The one who decided the secret of what lies beyond the sea is forbidden wasn’t Yugura Nariya.” 

“…Yeah. If you understand that much, I can let you go if you just promise not to speak about it again.” (Colorless)

The Colorless Demon Lord is saying he will let us go, but the reality is that he simply can’t take hostile actions. 

In order for him to become an enemy, you would either need to break the forbidden that Yugura Nariya has stipulated, or we take hostile actions. 

The reason why I feel like the explanation of the hostile actions is so vague is most likely because he has formed a pretty general contract magic. 

It seems like he has investigated in his own way, but people who touch upon the forbidden are pretty rare, and only few know the existence of the Colorless Demon Lord.

“What. The forbidden aren’t things that Yugura has designated as such?” (Gold)

“Aah, how should I explain it? Can you explain in my place? I will loosen the surveillance on you a bit if you do.” (Colorless)

“Is that fine with you, related party? …That voice is talking in a robotic fashion, but the original voice must have been from a woman. The only women around Yugura Nariya were the 4 Demon Lords, but it doesn’t resemble the voice of any of them. It didn’t click with me that Yugura Nariya went out of his way to borrow the voice of a third party. Also, there was no entry of the sea in the list that the Colorless Demon Lord gave me before.” 

The things Yugura Nariya delineated as forbidden were things that would manifest with magic. Things that would make it possible to advance civilization in an abnormal manner and enable inhumane things. 

He understandably must have judged that creating nuclear weapons and bio weapons would be bad.

“But the voice of just now was in order to warn us about infringing on the forbidden, right?” (Marito)

“Things regarding the forbidden probably were already present before Yugura Nariya came to this world. He stole that system and tried to keep surveillance on the forbidden that he himself delineated as well. The forbidden regarding the ocean was probably something that some other being created. He must have applied it together with stuff like not being able to learn Japanese.” 

“Basically that.” (Colorless)

“—There’s land beyond the ocean, right?” 

A god that doesn’t forgive going beyond the ocean? It is not like I presume to understand how gods think, but I can at least guess the reason behind the action. 

If there’s nothing beyond the ocean, they wouldn’t do something like taking away their interest. 

That’s why there must be a continent beyond the ocean. A continent where humans live just like this one. 

“So it seems. Yugura said so, but he also said that’s a different world.” (Colorless)

“Different world…?” 

“Your homeland exists as a single planet and a single world. A world where planets are completed. The laws of the world don’t allow going beyond the ocean and touching the civilization that lies there. If you still do, then it won’t be me dealing the punishment but the actual God.” (Colorless)

“So the reason why Yugura was killed by that God when he put his hands on space-time magic was because of this?” 

The Colorless Demon Lord nodded.

There’s other continents in this world, but interfering with both is forbidden by that God. 

Space-time magic is a spell that affects time. 

In that case, there’s a high chance this could cause time paradoxes. 

If that happens, there’s the risk of other continents being affected in some fashion. No, in the first place, even if you can’t go beyond the sea, they are still a connected space. 

In that case, time is also connected with the other continents, so maybe it is just that interfering with time is forbidden.

“There’s apparently other reasons, but I have not been told about them. It’s been made so that we can’t feel interest in the other continents after all.” (Colorless)

“…It is hard to believe, but this talk isn’t entering my head properly just like the topic of what’s beyond the ocean. I feel like even my interest will disappear after a few days.” (Marito)

Looks like Marito isn’t feeling well because of this incongruence. 

There are teachings about a God existing, but there’s obviously no stories about them interfering directly. 

“Fumu… There’s no real harm anyways, so isn’t it fine? I also have my own thoughts regarding this, but this one is already swamped with just the matters of Gahne. Even if we begin talking about other continents here…” (Gold)

“Can you not understand how big this is—no, this is enough. It feels as if I am trying to theorize in a dream about something that doesn’t exist.” (Marito)

“That’s how it should be. We are residents of this world. There’s no need to go out of our way to challenge this so-called God. On the contrary, what is it ya wanted to confirm with this, Ser?” (Gold)

What I wanted to do…? 

This is a big factor that changes how I see this world. 

But from what I heard, there’s nothing at all we can interfere with regarding this.

Even so, I wanted to confirm this because I wanted to see whether this is something necessary to face this world. 

“I had faint hopes. Maybe there would be a way for me to return to my original world in the other countries.” 

“What, ya still wanted to return?” (Gold)

“—It is not that my friend wants to return. He didn’t want to throw away the possibility. He has been offering his heart and life for the sake of everyone. I have no complaints about him wanting to keep one or two things in his bosom.” (Marito)

Marito understands what’s deep in my heart because of how long we have known each other now. 

I honestly won’t take a choice like leaving everyone and going back. 

This is plainly an issue with my own personality. 

I am a coward, so I still don’t have the courage to throw away the world I have been living in until now. 

I end up instinctively wanting to keep some sort of connection. 

“Pretty much. I am aware that this attitude of mine is bringing unease to everyone. Sorry to you too, Gold.” 

“Ya apologizing is troubling in its own way. If I had to say anything about this, it would be that if ya have given something to us, this one would like ya to request something of fitting value…I guess.” (Gold)

“I will think about it.” 

I would like to do that, but the current situation is that the sense of value of everyone is so different that an equal exchange can’t be established. 

I am trying to return 1 with 1 here, and yet, I feel like they are paying back with a 10 or a 20. 

Can’t something be done about the weight of words when in a situation of life or death? Seriously.

“Well, it is understandably questionable. Space-time magic is under the jurisdiction of that God to begin with. There were no mentions of the forbidden that were already present, but Yugura’s guess is that maybe that’s because it is impossible for the residents of this world to do them anyways.” (Colorless)

“But the Black Demon Lord summoned me to this world, right?” 

“Black Sis was given a wide array of magic spells by Yugura. She is called Black of Omnipotence not because she has the power of Omnipotence. She can use all the powers that were given by the other Demon Lords, and has been given even more powers. She probably has been given everything aside from space-time magic.” (Colorless)

I understand Yugura Nariya treating the Black Demon Lord favorably. 

It is not once or twice that I have thought ‘if we had the power of the Black Demon Lord…’.

But what I could tell from the dreams was that her heart was incredibly worn down. 

I can’t just thoughtlessly pay the price of seeking help from her. 

If there are otherworlders in other continents, there might be others who have obtained space-time magic like Yugura Nariya. 

I thought it would be better than persuading the Black Demon Lord, but…no, wait. 

“…I want to ask one thing.” 

“What. I won’t tell you information like Black Sis is weak at the back of her ears or something like that even if I die.” (Colorless)

“Has Yugura Nariya resurrected?” 

The face of the Colorless Demon Lord stiffened.

Everyone realized what this reaction meant and the air froze. 

I normally would enjoy such faces from Marito and Gold, but I understandably have no leeway to enjoy them with the topic at hand.

“…How could you tell?” (Colorless)

“Your complexion when I mentioned Yugura Nariya. In the past, it would be like being nostalgic, but now it is as if a troublesome relative has shown up on your doorstep.” 

“You are seriously creepy!” (Colorless)

“More importantly, Yugura has resurrected?! Where is he and what is he doing?!” (Gold)

“He is currently in the Serende Nether. About what he is doing… Yeah…” (Colorless)

I have been told that there’s no place called the Serende Nether. 

The major countries have respective adjacent Nethers, but Torin and Serende don’t. 

Gold tried to create a Nether once in Torin, but Yugura Nariya got in her way when she was going to begin. If we were to call some place the Torin Nether, it would be the location where a Nether was about to be born. 

“Serende Nether… There should be no Nether adjacent to Serende though.” (Marito)

“Yeah, but Wise King-sama, Yugura was the one who named the major countries to begin with. They are words that stem from the names of the respective Demon Lords after all. Earthling, you should know about that, right?” (Colorless)

“…The names of gems.” 

Taizu is Turquoise <Tarukoizu>, Gahne is Garnet, Mejis is Amethyst <Amejisuto>, Kuama is Aquamarine, Torin is Citrine <Shitorin>, Serende is Serendibite; names cut off from their respective gem. 

If I remember correctly, the color of the gems have green, scarlet, purple, blue, yellow, and black respectively. 

“It is not like the Nethers were named after the countries. It is because there were Nethers created of the respective Demon Lords that the countries were named after them. They may not be adjacent, but there’s certainly a Serende Nether. Gold Lass should even know the location.” (Colorless)

“…There’s a Nether that was created south of the Taizu Nether, Gahne Nether, and Mejis Nether by Black. It is a Nether that laid beyond Nethers, so I thought it wasn’t even given a name…” (Gold)

“It was named after you all were made to sleep after all. We haven’t told the humans either, so it can’t be helped that you don’t know.” (Colorless)

I see. 

If Yugura Nariya named it by his own convenience at that time, the only ones who would link the Serende Nether with the Nether created by the Black Demon Lord would be the Colorless Demon Lord and the person himself. 

More importantly, the problem is that Yugura Nariya is trying to do something in the Serende Nether that the Black Demon Lord created. 

Moreover, something that the Colorless Demon Lord is finding hard to say. 

“What is Yugura Nariya trying to do?” 

“—Hey, Earthling, I have a proposal. Can you hear me out for a bit? If it is you, maybe…” (Colorless)


“Ooh, as expected of Ilias. You are stupidly strong-na no da.” (Nora) 

“You could have kept it short…” (Ilias)

“Stupid strong-na no da.” (Nora)


I was told to check the research of Nora and the others while he is having a talk with His Majesty. 

I can only use basic magic, so I thought there wouldn’t be much point to this, but they apparently need more hands to make a big device. 

And so, I am moving these weird chunks of metal under the instructions of Nora. 

They are certainly pretty heavy, so it would be pretty rough manual labor for a girl like Nora. 

“You really saved me there-no da. Lord Russel, who normally helps me out in odd jobs, is taking the day off because his wife is giving birth-no da.” (Nora)

“I see… So you were unexpectedly close with Lord Russel, huh…” (Ilias)

Lord Russel was within the names of the knights that hated me before. 

His investigation yielded the conclusion that Lord Russel was not going to be a problem, so it ended with me not worrying about it. 

To think he was within the people who were giving work by him. The world is small. 

That said, we are both knights, so we would have bumped into each other at least.

“Speaking of which, Lady Ratzel and Lord Russel sound similar-no da.” (Nora)

“Haha, right. But I am me.” (Ratzel)

“Obviously-na no da. Nii-chan is the only one who would complain about names.” (Nora)

Him, huh. 

He used a fake name the first time I met him, and now I can’t learn of his name because he has a reason. 

I have grown used to that relationship already. 

I don’t think I have spoken his fake name in the first place.

He is apparently making this happen with his interpersonal skills, but I am beginning to think that it might not be bad to call him by a fake name. 

The Purple Demon Lord probably doesn’t think about using her Enticement to get him anymore. 

Him still not revealing his real name is probably his own way of kindness in not giving any unnecessary temptations. 

“Speaking of names, there are times when I am close to biting my tongue from speaking the names of Great Devils like Dyuvuleori.” (Ilias)

“Ilias, that’s not something someone from the Ragudo Division should be saying-no da.” (Nora)

“…That’s true.” (Ilias)

Getting used to things is scary.

Caragyugujesta, Domitorkofucon, Gaphgoveilz, and there’s also other knights with long names in the Ragudo Division.

Me and Lord Ragudo are pretty much the only ones with short names, but I have gotten used to it completely. 

“In the first place, Nora’s real name is a whole lot longer-no da. Can you say it-no da, Ilias?” (Nora)

“Noderikutoranlis Zakuzarifyuansriton. I can.” (Ilias)

“Ooh, not bad. Even Master says it wrong sometimes.” (Nora)

Is that okay, Great Sage? 

No, let’s praise myself for being able to say a name that even a Great Sage could say wrong. 

“I have called the names of the people in the Ragudo Division a long time ago, and they laughed at me for that, which frustrated me. I have been practicing by reading names out loud at night and learned the trick. The trick is to find punctuations of your own to pronounce them.” (Ilias)

“True. Nora’s name would be easy to pronounce if divided in parts-no da.” (Nora)

“This talk about your name reminded me of something. He told me that Dyuvuleori asked for your name before.” (Ilias)

“Really-na no da?” (Nora)

“You are someone who researches magic together with the Purple Demon Lord, so Dyuvuleori said he wanted to properly memorize your name or something. He apparently muttered it countless times.” (Ilias)

“I see. That’s why he managed to say it with ease-no da.” (Nora)

Nora made a really happy face and hummed while working. 

Was there anything to make someone that happy in what I said just now? 

“I know that it is better than making mistakes, but is saying your name without getting it wrong something that warrants so much happiness?” (Ilias)

“Of course I would be happy if the person I love is working hard for my sake-no da. Just thinking about the fact that he is calling my name countless times in the shadows is already enough to make me feel fulfilled-no da.” (Nora)

“I-Is that so…?” (Ilias)

“You are still unripe-na no da, Ilias. I will tell Purple to be more lenient with you as thanks for helping me out today-no da.” (Nora)

“T-Thanks…” (Ilias)

I don’t know what’s unripe about me, but I can feel the air of a veteran that is leagues above me. 

What’s this strange sense of defeat…? 

I finished helping Nora and it is about time now. 

I walked to the office of His Majesty to pick him up, and His Majesty and the Gold Demon Lord were coming out from the room just in time. 

“This one will tell Purple and Blue about this. Counting on ya for yer side.” (Gold)

“Got it.” (Marito)

But this is somewhat strange. 

The faces of His Majesty and the Gold Demon Lord are serious, and most of all, I don’t see him. 

Shouldn’t it be him and the Gold Demon Lord coming out from the room?

“Your Majesty, did something happen?!” (Ilias)

“Lady Ratzel, huh… Saved me the trouble to search for you. Sorry, but can you get Wolfe-chan and Rakura?” (Marito)

“I-I don’t mind that, but… By the way, where is he…?” (Ilias)

“…My friend is not here. He has gone with the Colorless Demon Lord to where Yugura is.” (Marito)

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