LS – Chapter 56: Irreversible choice at present

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I peeked at the 1st iterations of each one and returned to the real world. 

Instead of watching it all in real time, it was more like floating in a space that showed fragmented scenes. I managed to tell instinctively just what kind of choices they made and what results were brought about. 

If I tried to check them in more detail, the fragmented sights would move and I would be able to check the details. The one on one between Ilias and Ragudo was a really great watch…no, I couldn’t tell what was going on most of the time. 

“I see. So you saw the sights of my simulated world as if they were tragic commemorative photos lined up with results of disastrous scenes, and when you tried to check one in detail, you ended up puking.” 

“No, when this one is observing, there’s more information flowing into my mind. I have compressed the information beforehand considering the burden it would take on ya. Ya could say I reduced it myself just in case.” (Gold)

So the sights I see when I concentrate are the default. 

She was shown something like that. Of course she would want to slap me once or she won’t be satisfied. 

“But both weren’t to the degree of yer simulated world. How to put it, it felt as if they were loyal to the basics.” (Gold)

“Right. That’s just like Ilias, and for Wolfe, it should be safe to assume she was borrowing the smarts of Mix.” 

The 1st iteration of Ilias was literally her gauging things out. 

She left most of the internal affairs to the Auto Mode, and increased the military power of Gahne to the max. 

Half a year later, she fought with all the power she could muster once the declaration of war came out. 

It was a world where the pure difference in power was shown. 

Ilias took advantage of the fact that she could participate in the battle herself, and she went to the frontlines countless times, but the command of the knight captains that managed to properly deal with that was splendid. 

The command of Taizu as a whole is most likely being done by Marito. The war was being led in a way where even the eyes of a novice could tell it was one-sided. 

As for the side of Wolfe, it was a complete defensive battle. 

The flow of things until the declaration of war was the same, but there wasn’t any invasion from Gahne after that even once. 

The country that declared war is not attacking at all. Taizu would be wary of a trap and they would end up glaring at each other. 

However, the moment they judged that they didn’t have the intention of attacking, they began invading Gahne. 

What came after that was defeat from the difference in power. 

The toughness of Gahne who surpasses them in numbers was quite the thing, and even the knights were having a hard time attacking. 

However, because of inhuman level vanguards like Ilias, their iron wall was being slowly diminished though…

“Both seemed to be doing well as a whole, but…they have probably felt the difference in ability and are turning their gears right about now.” 

They were defeats that were enough to let Ilias and Mix understand that they can’t win by normal means. 

What’s important from here on is a switch in perspective. 

Even if they can’t go for the path of the inhumane, they will still need some sort of spectacular move. 

“Nuaaaah!” (Gold)

The Gold Demon Lord suddenly screamed. She held her head and made a face as if she had messed up grandly.

I don’t hate that kind of natural face, but I personally prefer the ones that have been improved over time through their own efforts. 

“This is bad. There was a terrible loophole…” (Gold)


“It is ya. If ya can take methods that can make Taizu fall and they manage to get ya on their side, anyone can win!” 

Aah, speaking of which, my simulated world was the one with the highest difficulty.

The very person that cleared that exists in both the world of Ilias and Wolfe. 

In that case, the way to win would be placed in that world flat out. 

“If I remember correctly, it is possible to see the past records of the other worlds. They are most likely going to be able to notice that function, and as more iterations pass, they might notice.” 

We are talking about those four. It is only a matter of time before they think of that. 

“…Can’t be helped. Let’s give up on that part.” (Gold)

“So you won’t interfere with that.” 

“Changing things after in a fair match would bring shame to my name as a Demon Lord. Also, I have already lost completely to ya. I don’t care much about the amount of victories anymore.” (Gold)

“A respectable mindset. That said, they will still have a hard time regardless.” 

“Really? I don’t think yer that loyal to Taizu though. —Ya were that merciless after all.” (Gold)

Indeed. I may feel indebted to Taizu, but no loyalty. 

I am staying there for a long time simply because the environment is good. 

This simulated world is beginning from half a year ago. It is at the time when Dokora moved from Gahne to Taizu, formed the bandit alliance, and began rampaging there. 

That’s when an otherworlder civilian showed up not long after. 

At that time I went down the mountains alone, got through the forest, and headed to Taizu. 

If I end up going into Taizu, it will be hard to retrieve me, but I would just be a vagrant on the verge of death before that. They would be able to get me indebted just by saving me. 

There’s a number of issues, but…let’s just trust the efforts of Ilias and Wolfe on those.

“It wasn’t long since I arrived in this world then, and didn’t even know my way. If I had gone the opposite direction, I might have ended up at Gahne instead.” 

“Hoh? I would like to hear in more detail about that. We have free time, so please tell me.” (Gold)

“Even though you won’t tell us information yourself… You won’t be our ally if we don’t win two, right?” 

“Ain’t that fine? Even if I believe that yer from the same planet as Yugura, I don’t know how ya appeared in this world at all. This one doesn’t mind sharing my knowledge regarding comments of yerself.” (Gold)

Fumu, so Earthlings are special existences even for Demon Lords, huh. 

Fortunately, my personal relationship with the Gold Demon Lord is relatively good. 

Calling it good after making her cry is weird, but…even if her attitude right now is an act, as long as there’s that necessity, worth is being created. 

“Right… It would be around a time a bit after the beginning of this simulated world. I was suddenly thrown into the Black Demon Lord Killer Mountain.” 

“What?! Ya landed at the nest of that Mana Eater?!” (Gold)

An unknown word came out. No, it is most likely the official name of that slime. 

That’s another really simple name that an 8th grader would react to. 

It is a slime that reacts to mana and eats anything. That name does make sense. 

“So that slime is dangerous even for Demon Lords.” 

“It goes beyond dangerous. It is the being that defeated the Black Demon Lord. Black was the strongest among the Demon Lords, ya know.” (Gold)

That slime is finally unmoveable from the top of the food chain. 

I can understand the surprise of the others if it is the monster that killed the strongest Demon Lord. 

I thought it was a clumsy Demon Lord, but to think it was the strongest. 

“In the end, the reason why I have been thrown into this world is unknown. I was attacked by that slime while I was walking around. That’s why I ran away from that place as soon as possible.” 

“Why are ya alive?” (Gold)

“Sorry for being alive.” 

“That’s not what I meant.” (Gold)

This exchange is nostalgic. 

“It seemed to be reacting to mana and vibrations. It seems like it has a sensitive reaction to mana, but its reaction to vibrations wasn’t much.” 

“Fumu, it is natural for the residents of this world to have mana. The fact that ya don’t have this has served favorably and unfavorably in many forms.” (Gold)

I then told her about how I went down the mountain and entered the forest, and by deciding what path to take with my sworn friend, Spider Nest Mowing Sword the 1st, I headed to Taizu. 

That sworn friend has already been used as firewood and has turned to ashes, but the setting is that that will has been inherited by this wooden sword. 

“To think yer destination was decided by dropping a stick. Ya could have ended up in Gahne then. What a shame.” (Gold)

That’s right. There was a 50/50 chance of me heading to Taizu, but the chances of Gahne being my beginning stage was there too. 

“Considering the distance, I might have ended up encountering a bandit and dying though.” 

If there was no language barrier, I could have been taken in and become a comrade of Dokora, but without the possession spell of Maya-san, I am just a rare animal wearing otherworld clothes. 

An underling bandit would go ‘Hyahaah!’ and would have killed me with an axe. 

“Even if I luckily reached Gahne, I would barely know the words of this world. I would probably be at the 1st layer learning the language while being used as a gofer at present. It is because I managed to omit those points that I am currently standing here.” 

“It is true that ya have an interesting Spirit inside of ya. Fumu, even if ya were to luckily be picked up by Ludfein or someone like that and be taught well…it would have been difficult.” (Gold)

The Gold Demon Lord sighed as if finding this to be a shame. 

It seems like the initial friendship points of rulers in this world towards Earthlings is high. 

“If this one had been coincidentally having a walk outside and found ya on the verge of death, this one would have found that rare appearance curious, would have picked ya up, and looked after ya. If ya were to speak out and make me realize that ya might be a resident from the planet of Yugura…” (Gold)

“You will just end up suffering more and more the deeper you go into your convenient hypothetical scenarios, you know?” 

“Ain’t that fine? This one can choose the future, but I can’t change the past. The reason why I have a longing for the past is because of my nature as a person.” (Gold)

Those words are convincing as someone who died once and became a Demon Lord.

If the past could be changed, just what kind of choices would I have made? 

“The 2nd iteration will be ending soon.” 

I check the hourglass at the side of the table. 

It is something the Gold Demon Lord prepared at some point in time, but it is apparently to measure the two hours, and the top part is just about to run out. 

I check the state of Wolfe and the others. There’s no one waking up.

“So the 2nd iteration didn’t work either. I would like to check it out. Can I?” 

“Umu, let’s go then.” (Gold)

“By the way, can you get off my lap alrea—” 

And my consciousness falls.

By the time I noticed, we were once again in the result world of before. 

It seems like the results of the simulated world of Ilias are being shown here. 

The Gold Demon Lord that was on my lap pulled me by the hand and we drift about in the space. 

“Hooh, she has headed to Taizu right from the get-go before the war.” (Gold)

“So it seems.” 

The first action Ilias took in her second iteration was to save Wolfe. 

Ilias infiltrated Taizu as an adventurer, headed to the black wolfkin village, and saved Wolfe. 

It was the first time she saw that sight, so she hurt the black wolfkins pretty violently. 

Wolfe was saved by Ilias, but she was completely on guard of her and closed her heart off. 

The trigger was the language translation possession spell of Maya-san that allowed her to understand their words. 

Without that, Wolfe didn’t understand any languages at that time, so it would have been impossible to communicate with her. 

After that, Wolfe had been placed under her protection at the Gahne Castle. 

The next thing Ilias tried to do was to obtain the possession spell. 

She must have noticed the issue that she can’t communicate with me either after the matter with Wolfe. 

There’s still a bit of time before I arrive, so she began training with the wild animals. 

Rakura who managed to provide mana to the Spirits knew the trick to it, and she began experimenting with trial and error. 

She had the support of a prodigy like Rakura, but this is an original spell from the Archbishop Maya-san. It didn’t go as easily. 

She came to Taizu as an adventurer and tried to learn from Maya-san herself, but Ilias right now is the king of Gahne and not the Ilias that had a connection with her before. 

In the first place, it seems like Maya-san’s state was pretty different. 

The parents of Ilias did exist and they died in a battle against monsters just the same.

The existence of Ilias as the memento of her close friend must have had a big effect on Maya-san. She wasn’t her usual aloof self. Maya-san was overflowing with the presence and strictness of an archbishop, and it was impossible to negotiate with Maya-san while keeping her circumstances a secret. 

Not only that. Her conduct was suspected and she ended up having to run away from Taizu.

A certain someone had come to the isekai while she still had an incomplete mastery of the possession spell. 

Ilias was already waiting nearby and showed herself in the forest, and secured that certain someone who was trying to scribble on the tree. 

Her words didn’t get through, but with a desperate attempt at body language, she communicated her intention to save him, gave him food and water, and succeeded in bringing him back to Gahne. 

At that time, I was thinking I didn’t care who it was as long as they are rational after all. Of course I would follow them obediently if I luckily find someone. 

“There’s some disapproval, but wouldn’t ya call this smooth sailing until now?” (Gold)

“—No, this is most likely bad.” 

“Hoh?” (Gold)

She managed to bring me under her just like Wolfe, and made me learn the language while resuming to master the possession spell. 

After judging that it would be hard for her to learn this alone, she employed a magic specialist in Gahne. 

Maybe because of Rakura’s explanation of the theory, she mastered the possession spell a little before the declaration of war, and succeeded in the possession of the two. 

But Gahne fell half a year after the declaration of war. 

“This is… Ya…” (Gold)

“Yeah, I figured he would do that.” 

Ilias was betrayed by none other than me and ended up dying. 


The 2nd iteration ended and they entered the 3rd one.

“Nfufufu, the start of the 3rd one.” (Gold)

While I was befuddled at the throne, a small Gold Demon Lord popped out and declared that it is the 3rd iteration. 

(Ilias-san…) (Rakura)

“…I know. I made a fatal mistake here.” (Ilias)

Most of my memories of the previous world were condensed and I only have fragmented memories of the results. 

It went well until the part where I saved him and Wolfe and obtained the possession spell.

The matter of Maya made me think about a lot of things, but I also gained things from that. 

The problem is that he betrayed me and Gahne ended up falling even more anticlimactically than the 1st iteration.

He should have been the usual him after it was possible to communicate with the possession spell. 

The war began and after I got his agreement to cooperate, he suddenly got dyed completely all of a sudden after a while. 

He began to spend his time with those muddied eyes that I normally evaded and didn’t return anymore. 

And then I was called out of the castle one day and, by the time I noticed, I was dead.

He had at some point in time recognized me as an enemy and eliminated me coldly. 

After that, the chivalric order of Taizu poured in and Gahne fell. 

I dropped my body forward while still sitting and hugged my own shoulders. 

The shivers are not stopping. 

Was it this fearsome to have him as an enemy? 

There’s no doubt the overwhelming leadership of His Majesty and his influence, as well as the absolute battle power of Lord Ragudo, are more of a threat.

But the fearsomeness of that man is of a different quality. He had poured everything for the sole purpose of eliminating me. 

It is different from a legendary sword that can cut through anything; he had changed into a poisonous needle made solely for the sake of killing Ilias Ratzel. 

Understanding the fact that he was solely pursuing my death is a kind of fear and creepiness I have never tasted before. 

Is this how Dokora and Pashuro felt towards him right before their death?

(Counselor-sama…most likely noticed that I was inside you too.) (Rakura)

He doesn’t have a special power like that, but there’s the chance he did notice. 

I tried not to show signs of that though…

“That said, it is possible to bring him in. This should be necessary.” (Ilias)

I didn’t see him in my 1st iteration. I doubt he died, so he must have been in Taizu.

If he had formed a connection with a knight of Taizu or someone higher than that, there’s the chance he will show up as an enemy. 

It would mean that after getting through the overwhelming knights of Taizu, he would be lying in wait. 

There’s the need to retrieve him. 

(Right. Taizu was having a hard time with the bandits until the day of the declaration of war, so I think there’s a pretty good effect just from bringing Counselor-sama to our side.) (Rakura)

That’s right. He was the trigger for the bandit alliance of Dokora falling. 

They had been defeated in the 1st iteration even if it was a bit delayed. 

In the 2nd iteration, they were still present even after declaring war, and there was apparently interference from the bandits. 

But that’s too weak of a decisive move. We really do need his cooperation. 

I will first research the possession spell. The detailed memories don’t remain, so I am practically redoing this from the beginning, but the method and the result of having succeeded remains.

There’s the option of researching this from several directions to find the shortest method to learn it. 

Also, I will be doing the saving of Wolfe at the same time. 

The first time I saw her tragic state in the 1st iteration, I was on the verge of cutting down all of the black wolfkins.

The reality is that there were probably black wolfkins who wouldn’t ever be able to grab weapons again.

I reflected on that, but because we couldn’t communicate, I had no choice but to take drastic measures. There’s no need to fight, so I decided to sneak in at night and retrieve her alone. 

The good news of this is that the possession spell was finished before the man appeared in this world.

With this, I should be able to take a bit more time in my negotiations with him.

I used the possession spell on Wolfe and had her rest. 

It is a waste to abandon her talent, but there’s just way too little time to accomplish things in this world. 

It is because Wolfe had the training of the Ragudo Division that she is as strong as she is now. Her growth speed would be far from practical learning from the generals of Gahne. 

Also, she doesn’t open her heart to me in this world.

It doesn’t change the fact that I have freed her from the village, but the methods he took had a big influence on her. 

Even in the 2nd iteration, she was hiding at his back.

In order to save her in the true meaning, I would need to bring him to that village, but without Cara-jii and the others to cooperate, I don’t know if it will leave the same result. 

“Next would be him…” (Ilias)

And so, I am currently heading to the forest of Taizu to meet him.

I rode a horse in order to act as if I was a passerby.

I was thinking of using the possession spell immediately on him, but I need quite a bit of training in order to master the possession spell. 

I was thinking of bringing the magic specialist of Gahne that researched the possession spell, but he would suspect me if I were to set such a convenient development. 

And so, I had the possession spell casted on myself. 

The excuse will be that I found Wolfe in the black wolfkin village before, and I got her away from it because of the way too harsh environment. 

That’s technically kidnapping, but the story is basically that I got the possession spell to talk to them and am now on my way back from the village. 

I went to the black wolfkin forest once more and had the village chief tinker with the possession spell again so that it isn’t a lie. 

They were surprised by me suddenly appearing and the talk ended smoothly. 

There wasn’t any criticism towards me for taking Wolfe away and that made me angry. 

I couldn’t serve as their bridge with Taizu since I am an adventurer, so that’s where the talk ended.

“Now then, it is about time for him to show up.” 

I timed it the same as before and safely found him. 

He is moved by the fact that he found a road after unsteadily appearing from the forest. 

He didn’t notice my approach yet because he was distracted by this. 

After that, he was about to scribble on a tree nearby. The developments until here are the same. 

“The one there. You don’t seem to be looking good. Are you okay?” 

I speak to him. He looked back and made a happy face. 

I currently have the possession spell, but because his mana hasn’t resonated with my Spirit, I can’t speak the language of his world. 

But the Spirit should be able to translate his words and I should be able to understa—


“Eh?” (Ilias)

I practically couldn’t pick up what he said just now. Did the possession spell fail? 

No, I certainly did understand the words of the black wolfkins.

It matches his testimony. 

—I see, he barely has any mana. 

The Spirit detects the mana of the other party and outputs a language that you are familiar with. 

In that case, the Spirit probably can’t detect his words because of the absence of mana. 

I can talk with him once the possession spell is cast on him, so I just need to bring him back. 

I gave him food and water, told him I will shelter him by using body language, had him ride the horse, and brought him to Gahne. 

“Man, you really saved me there, Ilias-san.” 

We cast the possession spell on him at Gahne and it is now possible to communicate with him. 

At the current point, he is grateful towards me. It should be fine up until now. 

(I really can’t get used to the attitude of Counselor-sama being different.) (Rakura)

True. Just how much more comforting would it be if he were his usual nonchalant self…

The memories of the 2nd iteration flashed in my mind and I ended up getting nervous. 

I should first form a favorable relationship with him. I speak to him in a similar way as the first time I met him and provide him with lodging. 

While at that, I told him the circumstances of Wolfe and asked him to look after her. 

He showed an apprehensive expression at first, but he agreed not long after meeting with Wolfe.

She didn’t lower her caution towards him, but they managed to get along with each other in a short period of time. 

They were not in a teacher and student relationship, but they were speaking to each other in a friendly manner like siblings. 

(I am so jealous. I want to pet the fluff of Wolfe too!) (Rakura)

“I understand how you feel, but you have no body until the match is over.” (Ilias)

(Uuh, if I were a participant…) (Rakura)

“If you could achieve our original objective, I would by all means want you to swap with me.” (Ilias)

I would want to form an amicable relationship with him as Ilias Ratzel, but I am currently the king of Gahne. 

As long as Ludfein and the others recognize me as such, I have no choice but to interact with him in that manner. 

He was surprised by this, but I still managed to close the distance to a certain degree. 

“—Even though His Majesty managed to become friends with him faster…” (Ilias)

(You don’t have many interpersonal relationships after all, Ilias-san.) (Rakura)

“That hurts my ears…” (Ilias)

And then, the war against Taizu finally began. 

The declaration of war from Gahne is done automatically, but you can set the details beforehand. 

But this is the most difficult problem. 

Taizu and Gahne had a decent amount of interactions when the previous king was present, but they have estranged themselves after switching to the Gold Demon Lord. 

A declaration of war is issued suddenly for no justified cause.

In the 2nd iteration, I requested help from him and got him to agree, but I ended up getting betrayed.

Thinking about it calmly, there’s no way he could trust a king that would suddenly attack a blameless foreign country. 

I will most likely need something to convince him into becoming my ally in the real sense of the word. 

I consulted with Rakura and thought of the reason. 

I can’t consult with Ludfein and the others about this one. They would simply be against it.

“…I see. So this is the reason.” (Ilias)

(Yeah, most likely.) (Rakura)

The Gahne king suddenly declares war. The cabinet ministers around obediently accept this. 

This sight would only look suspicious in his eyes.

…I can’t think of a good idea. 

“At this rate, he will once again… I would rather have Lord Ragudo lop my head off…” (Ilias)

(Yeah… Right. How about consulting with Counselor-sama himself?) (Rakura)

“How can I do that…? There’s no way he would believe this current situation.” (Ilias)

(Counselor-sama is a perceptive person. There’s the possibility, you know?) (Rakura)

Now that the declaration of war has been made, Taizu will be making their move in a not so far future. 

The time I can use to convince him is limited. 

There’s no chance of victory as of present. If I continue just pondering my options like this, the 3rd iteration will end and the remaining ones will most likely follow the same fate.

“…Let’s try talking to him.” (Ilias)

He might end up seeing me as an enemy with this. 

I really don’t want that, but I might be able to achieve something from this. 

If I don’t have the resolve to hurt my heart, I am sure I won’t be able to connect with him. 

I called him to the throne room and decided to explain everything to him. 

He was surprised, but he listened to everything silently. 

“I have to make Taizu fall on this simulated world in order to win in the match against the Demon Lord… But I don’t have the strength for that. But you managed to do this in the real world. That’s why I would like your help.” (Ilias)

“…I see. Wait for a bit.” 

He ruminates for a bit, but it is not a confused face. 

The eyes he is using to look at me are already muddied. His friendly emotions towards me must have collapsed already. 

Even if the man here is a different one from a simulated world, this fact brings unbearable pain to my chest. 

I would like to put an end to this here…

“—In the other world, you are in a close relationship with me, right?” 

“Yeah, I am originally a knight and your bodyguard. You are living together with me, Wolfe, and a person called Rakura who is not currently present here.” (Ilias)

“…So that’s the reason why you saved Wolfe despite not being necessary. Got it. I will believe everything. I will cooperate with that in consideration.” 

“R-Really?!” (Ilias)

I ended up blurting that out. But I can’t get happy from the bottom of my heart. 

Because his muddied eyes were still being directed at me and there’s no change in them. 

“First, please explain all the functions you can use. All the information you have. I will form a plan with that in mind.” 

There’s nothing to hide from him now that he knows the situation. 

Since he can’t see the small Gold Demon Lord, I explained to him over and over the controls. 

He pulled out as much information as he could and even asked about the appearance of the Gold Demon Lord.

Not only that. Even things like what happened when I met his self from the real world. He asked me countless times what I have spoken with him about. 

It is most likely in order to confirm if there’s any inconsistencies with himself. 

After we finished talking, he said he would go to his own room to think and shut himself in. 

And then, he appeared in the throne room again 2 days later and told me the plan with even more muddied eyes. 

After that, Gahne fell for the 3rd time, and I ended up on the throne for the 4th time. 

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