LS – Chapter 149: Move next

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“Guess it is about time I get serious.” 

“What brought that up all of a sudden?” 

“What’s it all of a sudden, Counselor-sama?” 

I have gotten close enough to Robito. It is about time to grasp the identity of the invisible enemy, so I muttered this to hype myself up, but Rakura and Ilias retorted together. 

I would like to at least be allowed to hype myself up. 

“I have a general idea of the unique flavor of Raheight. We have to get an eye on the actual enemy.” 

“Since when…” (Ilias)

“I wasn’t just buttering up Robito. I have been studying the history of this world.” 

“I did gather up books that summarized the history of the nations by Mister Friend’s request, but…did you get an answer?” (Mix)

“It is not certain though. Rakura, can I get a simple explanation of the Yugura Church’s teachings?” 

“Me? I don’t know them in much detail though.” (Rakura)

“Oi, cleric.” 

Yugura Nariya did his exploits as a hero and left a variety of teachings for posterity. Those are the teachings of the Yugura Church. 

It is pretty much a digested version of christianity, and there’s also a mix of teachings from other religions. 

There’s a God that saved the world, the ones who die ascend to heaven, and there will be times when they are reincarnated into new lives. 

Depending on the sins you have committed, you will be brought to a place where those will be judged, and you can soften those sins by praying and repenting. 

The Demon Lords were presented as absolute evils there, and were made a common enemy. 

For the technique that sees through lies, he added ‘The Lord sees through all’, and it is taught that one of the duties of the clergy is to see through the truth of things as agents of God. 

“That’s basically it.” (Rakura)

“Well, it is kinda late at this point.” 

“It is a pretty intimate topic. I have mixed feelings since it was something Yugura did, but my view of it is that the teachings itself are not bad.” (Ilias)

“Maya-san acted as a substitute parent for Ilias, so she must have the teachings of Yugura rooted in her too. The reality is that these teachings are a mesh of the easy to take in famous religions in my world, making it ethical and safe.” 

Well, it is on the level where the big shots of religions would click their tongues if they were to hear this though. 

“That way of saying it sounds like these are patched up teachings.” (Rakura)

“It is taking the good parts of the religions that have lasted long in history after all. There’s enough factors for them to continue for long in this world too. It is not like they are bad teachings after all.” 

“And so, what’s the point of confirming information of the Yugura Church this late in time?” (Ilias)

“The objective of Raheight is the search of the ‘Illegitimate’. I am not sure what that is, but it should be safe to assume this is the objective of the whole side of Raheight.” 

“Right. And so, they are trying to cause a coup d’etat for the sake of this?” (Ilias)

“It feels as if the story doesn’t connect all of a sudden.” (Rakura)

“That’s because you are from the Yugura Church, Rakura.” 

“What do you mean by that?” (Rakura)

“Let’s say the ‘Illegitimate’ refers to a person and there’s certain people who are putting their strength into searching for that. If they are going to use the strength in numbers, the organization with the widest influence is the Yugura Church. If you were to search for someone, Rakura, relying on the Yugura Church would be the most efficient method.” 

“Right.” (Rakura)

“But the group of Raheight isn’t using the Yugura Church and is trying to indebt the guild advisors to steal the countries. They most likely intend for them to help in the search.” 

Rakura tilted her head while going ‘mumumu’.

The Yugura Church is the strongest religion that has taken root in the whole continent. Their widespread connections must be beyond the scale of a nation. 

“So there’s a reason why they can’t rely on the Yugura Church?” (Ilias)

“That’s right. But Raheight has infiltrated the Grand Church in Mejis before, and controlled Archbishop Ukka with mind control magic. That’s an ideal environment to search for the ‘Illegitimate’, right?” 

Archbishop Ukka is a person who excels in personal connections even within the Yugura Church. 

If their presence wasn’t made clear because of the matter with Rakura, they would have been able to proceed with their objective. 

But not only was there no information about Raheight using Archbishop Ukka to search for this ‘Illegitimate’, there’s not even traces of it. 

“Wasn’t it simply because he was prioritizing the return of the book stolen by Dokora?” (Ilias)

“There’s the possibility. But Ilias, the orders of the Scarlet Demon Lord are like an extra in order to fulfill his original objective. If he can prioritize something, he would have prioritized putting hands on searching for the ‘Illegitimate’. He didn’t want the information to fall into the hands of the Yugura Church by any means -that’s the natural conclusion of this.” 

Raheight is not the type who overestimates his own skills. 

I should think of this as him not using the Yugura Church here because he considered the possibility of a crack happening somewhere. 

“Does that mean it is something that he didn’t want the Yugura Church alone to not know?” (Mix)

“That’s right. Also, judging from how Raheight made that decision, it seems like he has some sort of superior.” 

“A superior. Like me with Ukka-sama?” (Rakura)

“Raheight being able to control Archbishop Ukka is an unshakable fact and an achievement of his. But, even with that, he placed the risk on a scale and didn’t act. Considering the personality of Raheight and his personal objective, if he simply had comrades with the same goals, it wouldn’t be strange for him to act a bit more.” 

Well, there’s no doubt Raheight still holds considerable information. 

He is no underling, but also not the top. 

“So he didn’t have the authority to act on his own volition. And those people as a whole find the Yugura Church as dangerous.” (Ilias)

“It means that the ‘Illegitimate’ is an existence that the Yugura Church doesn’t want others to know about. That’s the point to draw attention on. Raheight’s group is putting importance on the ‘Illegitimate’, and they are a group that can judge that it is not information they can make the Yugura Church agree on. Who do you think are the guys that can reach that conclusion?” 

“…People who have different ideologies from the teachings of the Yugura Church?” (Ilias)

“That’s right. People who have a clear difference in standards; people from a different religion. That’s what led me to investigate the religions of other nations and their types. It is great that there were less than I expected, but that still shaved away at my sleeping time.” 

“You investigated all of them?” (Rakura)

 “Well, there were some religions that I could exclude pretty much immediately. When I read there was a religion about getting drunk and worshiping alcohol that was established by adventurers, I was on the verge of throwing the book.” 

“There’s even something like that?” (Ilias)

“The one I personally wanted to check the sacred grounds of was the Myurupohechokuchon Church.” 

“What’s that?” (Ilias)

“No idea. It is apparently amazing.” 

“Amazing, huh…” (Ilias)

“Try reading it later. Nothing will enter your head, but you will be able to tell there’s something amazing about it.” 

“It is piquing my interest, but please return to the main topic.” (Ilias)

Man, the teachings and history of the Myurupohechokuchon Church were incredible. 

I feel like a comedian would be able to rise to the top of this religious sect. 

“There were mainly two points in the Yugura Church…in the religion that Yugura Nariya created purposely and tinkered with. First is that the Demon Lords are the enemies of humanity. The one other point is to not touch the forbidden stuff that he created. When I brought to attention the religions that ‘can’t accept’ these points, a number of candidates showed up. The one that was the most influential within those was this one.” 

I throw a single book onto the table. 

There wasn’t a single person who tilted their heads when they saw this. I can tell with this that, even though they are far smaller compared to the Yugura Church, they are not teachings that are not known. 

“The group that reveres nature and natural phenomena: Leitis. In their teachings, the Demon Lords are calamities created from nature, and it is the punishment for humanity who has continued trying to kill each other. Their morals and ethics are not that thorny, but they are an antithesis to the spots that Yugura Nariya has tinkered with.” 

“Leitis, huh. It is a religion that has a lot of believers within adventurers and people that live in mountains and forests, but…that doesn’t sound too off.” (Mix)

“I doubt Leitis as a whole is guilty here. But it is the perfect organization to use as a hideout for someone who knows that Yugura was the one who created the Demon Lords. Also, the holy grounds of Leitis are in Torin.” 

“The country you said your instincts were telling you was suspicious, huh… How much do you think the percentage of them being guilty is?” (Ilias)

“Around 60%.” 

“That’s unexpectedly low.” (Ilias)

“There’s the possibility Leitis is simply being utilized too after all. It is hard to state for certain that Leitis is the core of it all. However, I have confidence that we will be able to find footsteps of them.” 

“And so, how are we going to move from here on?” (Ilias)

“The general modus operandi of the group of Raheight that’s in Kuama is mostly in my head already. It is soon going to be a good time. It is almost time to bring down their pawns that are the guild advisors.” 

After we put a hand on the communication means of Robito, Chenias, and Gestaf for Raheight, they all toned down their movements and have not taken any actions that stand out. 

But if we don’t wrap up things before the Scarlet Demon Lord moves, it will be hard for the nations to move as one to deal with this. 

If we move too quickly, they will prepare new pawns; if we are too slow, we will be too late. 

“So we are finally moving! And so, what should I do?!” (Mix)

“You will be on standby for the near future, Mix.” 

“Eh…” (Mix)

“What about me, Counselor-sama?” (Rakura)

“You will be on standby too. That goes for you too, Girista.” 

“Even though I get to rest, I am not happy for some strange reason…” (Rakura)

“Right~?” (Girista)

Even though the other day they were telling me to let them rest… What a demanding bunch. 

“I will have Ilias and Wolfe act as my bodyguards as usual. There’s no real work I want you to learn.” 

“Shishou, in that case, the only one moving would be Ekdoik-san.” (Wolfe)

“I am having Ekdoik on standby for another matter.” 

“Wait a moment. Does that mean you are going to be the only one making things happen?” (Ilias)

“As if. There’s no way I can do something about it with just brains. I have properly secured manpower. As for your spotlight… Well, it would be in around the third step.” 

I wear the glasses, change my hairstyle, and get myself in the attire of Poster. 

My groundwork is also perfect. Now then, it is scheming time. 

“The first one we are going to bring down is Robito Goshunait. Well, he is not a bad person, so I will be kind.” 

“I feel like the kindness of Counselor-sama will only be on the degree of a pebble.” (Rakura)

“You really do get me.” 

I have understood Robito pretty well after making contact with him. 

Honestly speaking, if he weren’t the family of a former political influence that’s trying to cause a coup d’etat, I would have wanted to get along with him.

Let’s have him give up quickly before he introduces me to his daughter and future troubles increase. 

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