LS – Chapter 93: Nice to meet you to start with

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Wearing a robe that most likely has a stealth function, this man whose face and both hands are the only thing that can be seen and looks as if they are floating in the air was sitting comfortably on the sofa as if he was there from the very beginning. 

There’s no doubt he is the man from that time: the Colorless Demon Lord.

“That’s a relief. I was wondering what to do if this didn’t work.” 

“The first one being a small fry and the second one being an experiment would be sad. Yugura’s descendant, sorry, but can you erase the information that man learned?” (Colorless)

“—I thought I had cut off the sounds though. Is it okay, Your Majesty?” (Anbu-kun)

“Yeah, it is honestly knowledge I would like to forget. I have no attachments to them.” (Marito)

A faint light flashed near the head of Marito. 

Marito staggered for a moment there after a while, but recovered soon after. 

“…The one in front of me…I see, my memories were erased. This is unexpectedly rough.” (Marito)

“That’s what I told you.” 

“But it seems like we managed to meet the Colorless Demon Lord.” (Marito)

“Looks like self-introductions are unnecessary. But I am impressed that the king of a nation did something so reckless with uncertain information. You could have used a random criminal.” (Colorless)

“If you do come, I will do that from now on.” 

“No, I won’t come. If you were to spread even more information, I am going to pull a headshot on you and bid you goodbye.” (Colorless)

What a vulgar Demon Lord.

“Now then, I hate long talks. I shall cleanly lay out what you want to know. First, just as that Earthling-sama said, I am the inhibitor that Yugura prepared. It is because I am present that the only bastard that has put a hand on the forbidden has been Yugura. Be grateful about that.” (Colorless)

“When talking about the forbidden, are you referring to the resurrection magic?” 

“It is not only that though. Let me explain to you since there’s the opportunity. The one who created the category of forbidden magic was Yugura. The reason for them being forbidden is because it would draw eyes.” (Colorless)

“Draw the eyes of who?” 

“The Gods of course.” (Colorless)

Awfully high beings were brought up. 

“Are you insane?” 

“What, even though there’s Demon Lords and heroes, you don’t believe in Gods? Well, that guy Yugura didn’t allow investigations about Gods, so it can’t be helped. How much do you know about forbidden magic?” (Colorless)

“Resurrection magic is magic that can create Demon Lords by resurrecting them, and there’s also necromancy?” 

“Necromancy isn’t really forbidden. It is inhumane, so the Yugura Church simply bundled it together with the forbidden. Yugura brought out 3 forbidden spells: resurrection, dimension, and space-time magic.” (Colorless)

The magic I don’t know about has increased in one go, but I can somewhat understand the dimension magic. 

It is most likely the magic that brought me to this world. 

“Resurrection magic interferes with the soul, dimension magic interferes with parallel worlds, space-time magic interferes with time. Of course you would draw eyes if a 3rd party were to interfere with these factors with magic, right?” (Colorless)

“You said space-time magic interferes with time. What about the Ruling power of the Gold Demon Lord?” 

“If it is just the time inside a closed garden you yourself created, it would be forgiven. Do you think Gods would get angry if you were to write a story of your own where you return to the past?” (Colorless)

“Thanks for the easy yet hard to understand explanation.” 

“In order to approach these forbidden reaches, you would need to know about the differences between the parallel worlds and this world. That’s why Yugura created countermeasures for the ones that try to put their hand on this. Filters for languages and, just in case, left an inhibitor like me.” (Colorless)

“And so, you appeared because the Great Devil obtained knowledge in one go.” 

“That’s right. I appeared pretty damn cool for my first job, right?” (Colorless)

What a frank dude. No, he is connected to Yugura after all. There’s Anbu-kun and the person himself, so it is certain that they don’t have decent personalities.

I tried to digest this and understand it, and Marito raised his hand.

“Is it okay for me to ask a question too?” (Marito)

“If you bring out tasty snacks, I can hear you out.” (Colorless)


Marito stood up silently, brought out a single bag, and gave it to the Colorless Demon Lord. 

The Colorless Demon Lord opened it and raised his voice in admiration.

“Oh, these look like tasty pastries. The hidden stuff of a king certainly is on a whole dimension of its own.” (Colorless)

“My question is whether you are one of the Demon Lords that brings harm to humans.” (Marito)

“Nope. I am not a Demon Lord to begin with.” (Colorless)

“What do you mean by that?” (Marito)

“My standing is that of the Colorless Demon Lord, but I have not received the effect of the resurrection magic. Shocker, but I am not immortal. I have eternal youth though.” (Colorless)

“What a scam.” (Marito)

“If I were to be classified, I would be a demon.” (Colorless)

Saying this, the Colorless Demon Lord takes off the hood of his robe.

Black hair, black eyes, and somewhat ground black skin. He looks like a normal human, but it is an appearance I have only seen in a mirror in this world. 

“Could you possibly be an Earthling?” (Marito)

“No, I was a prim and proper resident of this world. When you are a high demon, the pigments in your body get thicker. I was originally blonde though~.” (Colorless)

“You called yourself a demon. In other words, does that mean you were reshaped by a Demon Lord?” (Marito)

“Yeah, I am a demon created by the White Demon Lord. White of Heartlessness; also known as Hero Yugura.” (Colorless)

“…Wait a moment. Give me time to accept it.” (Marito)

Marito held his head and I did the same. 

I understood how absurd of an existence Yugura was, but to think he was also a Demon Lord. Aren’t you too greedy? 

“Oi oi, it ain’t something to worry that much about, right? Rather, an existing one has filled up the new position, so it should be within permissible range, right?” (Colorless)

“Can you explain while taking the proper steps?” (Marito)

“What an extravagant guy you are.” (Colorless)

The Colorless Demon Lord met Yugura who appeared in this isekai. 

Yugura was safeguarded by the Colorless Demon Lord; it was like the relationship a certain someone and Ilias have.

Yugura created a variety of spells from the differences between Earth and this world, and then created the forbidden magic that is resurrection magic. 

But resurrection magic was incomplete, and the ones who resurrected became Demon Lords as a side-effect. 

Yugura used resurrection magic over and over for the sake of research, creating Demon Lords, but with the invasion of the Black Demon Lord as the onset, a ripple effect was created and the Demon Lords began to rampage. 

Yugura stopped his research temporarily, became a Demon Lord himself, and began to control the situation. 

The Colorless Demon Lord became a demon at that time. 

Yugura hid himself and tried to resume his research, but a worry showed up. 

It is the Black Demon Lord who Yugura gave most of his knowledge to. 

The Black Demon Lord was one step into reaching resurrection magic. 

Yugura thought that, if an Earthling were to appear in this world in the future, there’s the possibility that the ones who obtain that knowledge will approach resurrection magic, so he created dimension magic, and made it so that the people of this world can’t easily obtain the knowledge of parallel worlds. 

He created the category of forbidden magic, and formed a system where the people who approach those will be eliminated, giving that role to the Colorless Demon Lord.

“Even if they haven’t touched upon the forbidden, if they touch upon a certain threshold in dangerous elements, it is my turn. Here, this is the list. As long as it doesn’t clash with this list, I won’t intrude. If you want to enjoy your parallel world life, protect this, okay?” (Colorless)

He said this and gave me a parchment he brought out from who knows where.

It is a list written in Japanese. I skimmed through it and there were some I knew about. 

It is written here that information related to nuclear weaponry is no, but Yugura should be a person from the Taisho Era 100 years ago. The nuclear weaponry studies on Earth began in 1930 with the Manhattan Project as the trigger. 

Did Yugura obtain information from Earth in some way? 

But what I thought straight away after hearing this was…

“You must be a troublesome existence to deal with from the perspective of the Yugura Church.” 

“I think so too.” (Colorless)

The demon created from Hero Yugura who left the teachings, and the being that serves the role of stopping the spread of the forbidden like resurrection magic.

But he is a Demon Lord.

“I am normally cooped up in a space I created myself, so you don’t have to worry about me. I do go out shopping every now and then though.” (Colorless)

“Even so, you are telling us quite a lot here.” 

“I have no intention of being your enemy after all. If I just tell you all I can tell you in one go, I won’t be called over and over. You seem to be a lot more decent compared to Yugura after all.” (Colorless)

Every single one of them talks of Yugura as if he is the worst. It really makes me not want to meet him.

“Colorless Demon Lord, can I ask you a question too?” (Anbu-kun)

The one who cut in here was Anbu-kun.

“I don’t mind.” (Colorless)

“Do you know the location of Yugura?” (Anbu-kun)

Aah, I want to know that too.

And if possible, I don’t want to approach it.

“He is currently waiting to be resurrected.” (Colorless)

“Does that mean…he has died once?” (Anbu-kun)

“Yeah, the Gods got angry at him and he was made to rest. I told you, right? When you use forbidden magic, you would attract the eyes of the Gods. He didn’t learn his lesson and put his hand on space-time magic, incurred the wrath of the Gods and was killed. The effects of resurrection magic can be seen, so he will be resurrecting in a not so far future though.” (Colorless)

Yugura Nariya, who the Gold Demon Lord and Purple Demon Lord thought was still alive, was already dead.

This was unexpected, but with Gods entering the stage, the scale is just so big it just doesn’t compute with me.

“I see… Thank you very much.” (Anbu-kun)

“The sign of resurrection would be that the white crystal in the fixed meetings of the Demon Lords would shine, but he can hide himself if he so wills, so it is not clear though.” (Colorless)

I would like to ask if there’s anything more, but…we have our hands full here with the Purple Demon Lord. 

I am pretty much satisfied with just knowing that he is not an enemy at present. 

Ah, but there’s a number of things that bother me. 

“I heard from the Demon Lords that names are necessary as a price for resurrection magic, but Yugura still has his name remaining.” 

“Yugura was the very person that set the names as a price. Yugura has paid a different price.” (Colorless)

“Aah, so that’s how it is. I would also like to know the reason why there’s such a massive difference in mana when we are both Earthlings.” 

“Aah, Yugura was also a weakling at first though… Let’s do a bit of a diagnosis.” (Colorless)

The Colorless Demon Lord stood up and walked my way. 

He placed a hand on the side of my head and peeked at my eyes. 

“I see, I see… You are super weak!” (Colorless)

“This bastard… And so, do you know the reason why?” 

“Yeah, it is simple. Yugura was the same after all.” (Colorless)

“Is that so.” 

“You have lingering attachments towards Earth, right?” (Colorless)

“Of course… Enough to at least think of a way to go back.” 

“That’s the reason. A person from a different world adapting to this world is difficult. In order to completely adapt to this world, you have to throw away your attachments from your former world and live in this world as a resident of it. Yugura threw away the choice of returning at an early stage and obtained mana at around that point, you know?” (Colorless)

To think it was an issue of the mind. I was taken aback by this, but thinking about it calmly, it is not that much of an issue.

It just means that I won’t be able to adapt to this world while I am thinking about a way to return to Earth.

This will be a pretty difficult task.

“So I would have to give up.” 

“It isn’t such a simple thing. If you adapt to this world, you will be able to create mana in your own body, but that in turn also means that you would be throwing away the body that adapted to your original world. Yugura said that if a person with mana were to enter a world with dried up mana, they would immediately get adverse symptoms and might die.” (Colorless)

So in order to live as a resident of a fantasy world, you need to throw away your survival rights on Earth.

Life just ain’t soft. 

“There’s no need to push yourself to throw away your attachments. You will be able to create mana, but it will be on the level of a normal person. In order to become like Yugura, you would have to go even further beyond and throw away your humanity. You are not so pressed to the point of throwing away your life, right?” (Colorless)

“You could say that. As for something else that bothers me… Aah, why did I get thrown into this world?” 

“I don’t know. There’s a high chance it has to do with dimension magic though. There shouldn’t be any new person who has obtained dimension magic.” (Colorless)

So my isekai transfer is still a mystery. 

I have several guesses, but this is not the time to be talking about that. 

“I have given you plenty enough information for showing myself. I personally have no intention of getting involved in the troubles between humans and Demon Lords. Do as you please with the information regarding me. The people of the Yugura Church might hold their heads in pain though.” (Colorless)

“It would be faster if you were to explain it to them though.” 

“Too much of a pain. I don’t mind introducing myself when there’s no choice, but just solve the problems of humans between humans. Right, I would like you to stop calling me in such a fashion, so I will provide you with a way to call me.” (Colorless)

Saying this, the Colorless Demon Lord brought out a button like those used in quiz programs. 

“It is effective once a month. Use it with care. By the way, the price is to prepare tasty pastries. Don’t forget.” (Colorless)

The moment he left the button at arm’s reach, he disappeared as if he wasn’t there from the very beginning. 

“…What was with that guy?” 

“Who knows…” 

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