LS – Chapter 271: As such, I grab the weed

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I had a sister. Olaria Zentry. 

I have not forgotten my sister once.

My parents were killed by bandits, and I had to live as an orphan. 

But I was picked up by a peculiar elderly couple and was given the name Ritial Zentry. 

Olaria was also one of the orphans that this elderly couple adopted. 

— “I am your older sister from today on, and you are my little brother. That’s why, nice to meet you, Ritial!” 

Olaria was the complete opposite of elegance, but she had grit and was a really strong person. 

Moreover, she had innate talent comparable to mine. 

That’s right, she was also an Illegitimate of Yugura and had transcendent power. 

Her ears could hear the emotions mixed in other’s voices as if she were reading their minds. 

That’s why I wasn’t successful in hiding anything from Olaria even once. 

But it is because she was there that my talent as an Illegitimate didn’t stand out negatively, and I myself could accept my own talent. 

I was blessed. 

I miraculously encountered an Illegitimate, which there’s no knowing where they are born, and we could acknowledge each other in this manner. 

— “Your eyes are pretty, Ritial. They are the treasure that I am the most proud of. Ah, sorry. I put it weirdly, didn’t I?! Even though they are not mine.” (Olaria)

I didn’t respond to that, but I internally thought that was fine. 

I am yours. Me being the most proud treasure of yours is the peak of happiness. 

The person who I definitely have nothing to worry about even when seeing her through these eyes of mine. 

The elderly couple eventually died, and we became adults. 

We both made the best use of our talents and made achievements together as adventurers. 

— “You are fighting Gradona again. He is always asking me to marry him, but I am telling you he is not serious. Eh, you can’t forgive that he is not serious either? You are more of a maiden than I am, Ritial… But I am happy.” (Olaria)

The people that I found with my eyes were trustworthy people with good skills and personalities. 

There was a guy with no common sense called Gradona though. 

But he was a peculiar individual I could laugh together with, so I had no regrets choosing him.

We made a name for ourselves in the world as adventurers by the time I noticed. 

There was an increase in jealousy and alienation, but I was proud that I was acknowledged despite that. 

I was aware that this power of mine was abnormal as a human, but there should be no problems if I just make the best use of it. 

I thought I would be able to live safely.

— “…Olaria, what manner of joke is this?” 

The Olaria that was always smiling at me died all so suddenly to a shocking degree.

Escorting the wagon of a merchant. 

This should be an easy request for us. There was no need to worry, so Gradona and I took on a different dangerous mission. 

But the problem wasn’t the bandits. There were highly flammable magic crystals within the cargo that even the merchant didn’t know of planted in it. 

The fire arrow shot by the bandits caused a big explosion from the magic crystals, and Olaria was caught up in that. 

There were many unnatural points. 

The merchant that gave the request to Olaria didn’t know the contents of the cargo, and the bandits that were targeting the cargo shot a fire arrow to the wagon. 

The full picture was easily made clear after capturing the bandits and interrogating them. 

A certain noble was connected to the bandits, and that noble set a trap for Olaria. 

That noble joined hands with the bandits, and pulled underhanded deeds that only benefit the merchants that are loyal to him. 

Olaria was in the middle of investigating the details of that noble. 

— “That woman would have been able to live peacefully if she didn’t have that monstrous ability.” 

That noble spit that out at the end. 

That he wasn’t the one at fault but the person with the talent that could get close to the truth. 

I vomited, not at the stench of blood and entrails, but at how disgusting those ideals of his were. 

The ones who don’t have transcendent talent fear the ones that do, and try to eliminate them. 

The world was like this from the very beginning. It was just that I was hiding in the light called Olaria, and couldn’t properly see that nasty world properly with these eyes of mine. 

I averted my gaze and acted as if I didn’t notice it. 

If I were to look directly at that, I thought these eyes of mine that she was so proud of would get dirtied. I was avoiding it. 

“—sama… Ritial-sama?” 

Molari was peeking at me with a worried face when I opened my eyes. 

Looks like I was dreaming. 

I have only had this dream since that day. 

I must obtain peace in my heart in order to not see this dream anymore. 

“Sorry, looks like I was sleeping for a bit.” (Ritial)

“Don’t worry. You are that injured after all… Even though you are in this state, that man is making us do something this tedious…!” (Molari)

We moved repeatedly and finally encountered the knights that have the antidote. 

The knights just gave us the antidote and left without saying anything. 

I must have fallen asleep for a bit in the time we were confirming the effects of the antidote. 

I don’t feel the toxin in my body anymore. 

Looks like it was the real deal. 

The resident of Yugura’s planet really is soft. If he broke the promise, he could have completely crushed the possibility of a new Demon Lord being born. 

“We should be grateful that we have been allowed to live. There’s a next time thanks to that after all.” (Ritial)

I got the signal from Nektohal before leaving Serende. 

The resurrection magic has been completed and the magic crystal with the method recorded has been hidden in the ruins. 

There’s a high chance they will find it and steal it, but what’s important is the fact that it was completed. 

I already have the knowledge of the spell from just before it was finished. 

Even without Nektohal, I just need someone skilled to take over, and I should be able to complete the resurrection magic in a not so distant future. 

“…You still desire the resurrection magic, Ritial-sama?” (Molari)

“The world doesn’t need us even if we wish for it. We need a being that will show the worth of the Illegitimate to the world.” (Ritial)

The world will continue protecting the Illegitimate as long as the world needs them. 

If we do that, we will be able to face our own talent properly, and continue living with pride. 

I might be able to accomplish this objective if I make someone understanding into a Demon Lord, or become a Demon Lord myself. 

“…Is that…for the sake of Olaria-sama?” (Molari)

“—You heard that from Gradona or Ban?” (Ritial)

Gradona and Ban are allies of the resident of Yugura’s planet. 

They should be able to guess my objective and the reason for it if they have the wits of that man. 

And yet, I couldn’t hide the unrest I felt from hearing her name come out from the mouth of Molari. 

“I heard everything from a man that calls himself Ban… My apologies.” (Molari)

“A trade condition, I guess. There’s no need to worry. I was thinking about telling you one day.” (Ritial)


If that’s the case, then why have I lived without telling anyone about these feelings until now?

Am I seriously thinking that there’s no need for them to shoulder this, it is fine as long as I shoulder it all? 

“…No, I am sure you wouldn’t have told us until the very end, Ritial-sama. You can’t trust anyone from the bottom of your heart after all.” (Molari)

“…Did that man tell you that?” (Ritial)

There’s no way Molari would say something like this. 

I can’t think of anyone aside from the resident of Yugura’s planet.

“Yes, but I myself also agree with that. Not only me, Yasutet does, too.” (Molari)

I move my gaze to Yasutet. 

Yasutet was watching the state of me and Molari in silence. 

I could feel the strong will of Yasutet to not say anything until Molari told me something.

“…I see. So you have no intention of denying it… I myself am also somewhat convinced after being told that… I am truly a horrible man.” (Ritial)

My means and objectives were backwards. 

Isn’t my objective to protect the future of the Illegitimate like these two? 

And yet, I did something akin to using them like sacrificial pawns…

There’s tears building up in the eyes of Molari. 

Are those tears because she spoke rude words towards me? No, it is a bit different. 

“You are not horrible! It is the undeniable fact that you saved us, Ritial-sama! We prepared ourselves to become your sacrificial pawns by our own will!” (Molari)

“I led it in such a manner. My eyes facilitate this.” (Ritial)

“Even if so! They are still the emotions I felt from the bottom of my heart! You are without doubt the one who guided us, Ritial-sama! What we desire…is for you to need us as the one who saved us and guided us!” (Molari)

This is… I have seen these eyes somewhere before. 

Right, these are my eyes that I saw through the eyes of Olaria. 

The eyes that desired to believe in people when I saw Olaria as my light. 

“My wish won’t change. And yet, I have no other way than to continue using you guys… That’s extremely painful -for both you and me.” (Ritial)

Olaria must have noticed…the fact that there were dangerous magic crystals in the cargo. 

She should have been able to discern this with her ears. 

Despite all that, Olaria still believed in the merchant in front of her. The outstanding merchant that was eliminated just like her for being seen as a hindrance. 

But that was the result of her trust. 

She was neglected just like him and was eliminated. 

That’s why I couldn’t trust in anyone from the bottom of my heart anymore. 

I tried to carry everything by myself until the end. 

I push onwards even if I were to end up hating myself in the process. 

I am sure I am already a broken human. Since the day I lost my light. 

“I don’t mind! I am fine even if you are to become the foundation of your ideal world! I am someone who can think that!” (Molari)

“As I said, that’s something I—” (Ritial)

“I am telling you I don’t mind! My heart is yours. That’s why…please let me shoulder what you are shouldering, too!” (Molari)

These are words she could speak out because of the things the resident of Yugura’s planet instilled in her. 

But it is also without doubt words that are coming from her heart. 

Are you trying to tell me that the quality of the emotions doesn’t change even if they are words led by someone else, resident of Yugura’s planet? 

“Then, let me ask you one last thing, Molari. What do you desire and for the price of what?” (Ritial)

If Molari answers she will give me everything and doesn’t ask for anything, she won’t have the qualifications to be together with me. 

No, I won’t have the qualifications to be together with her. 

I led it to be this way, and yet, I didn’t give her anything.

They have already paid me back for saving their life by using them as sacrificial pawns. 

I already don’t have the right to accept love free of charge. 

“I will give my everything to you. That’s why…please give me your remaining life.” (Molari)

This is the first time Molari has demanded payment. Yet, it is the thing that’s worth the most in my possession. 

She has declared that she wants to be an equal at this juncture. 

I chuckled unconsciously.

I have never been demanded such a respectful yet brazen wish before. 

“That would be a bit troubling. Molari, what should I give to the others in the case I give everything to you?” (Ritial)

“I don’t know. Give them some random weed growing around. Yasutet would be satisfied with that.” (Molari)

“As if, you idiot.” (Yasutet)

Yasutet, who is always leaving a few seconds to carefully choose his words, retorted without missing a beat. 

Molari and I reflexively stared at Yasutet when that happened. 

“You can now speak what you want, huh.” (Ritial)

“The need to choose my words is gone after all. Ritial-sama, I also have no qualms in giving this life of mine for your sake. But I have a price for it. Please seriously think of something that I would be happy receiving. Also, look at us with sincerity.” (Yasutet)

“…Right. I promise.” (Ritial)

I couldn’t see a single path where I could change everything by myself. 

But if they were to walk together with me…and I can be aware of this…I might be able to see a new path or two. 

“Yasutet, it is weed that Ritial-sama plucked out just for you! How dare you say you wouldn’t be happy?!” (Molari)

“Ritial-sama, please grant common sense to this stupid protegee first. I am honestly suffering just watching her.” (Yasutet)

“Aah, yeah. You were always requesting medicine for stomach pain.” (Ritial)

I picked up these two at around the same time and raised them. 

Molari is like a cute little sister for Yasutet.

I know he has been watching over her from the shadows the whole time. 

That said, Molari also treats him like a little brother. 

“Also…I will be counting on you for the time when Tsudwali wakes up.” (Yasutet)

“Right.” (Ritial)

I gently pat the head of Tsudwali, who is sleeping soundly. 

I also had this girl accept a life where she wouldn’t hesitate throwing her life for me. 

She has also already paid me back for saving her by standing in the line of fire. 

I need to pay her first if she is going to be walking together with me from here on. 

“R-Ritial-sama! M-My head, too!” (Molari)

“Have him fix it for you before having him pet it, you idiot.” (Yasutet)

“Hasn’t your mouth gotten dirtier all of a sudden?!” (Molari)

It may still be hard to believe in others, but I should be able to trust in these people who I have guided at least.

These people who have gone through the same as me in the past. 


Author: On the other hand, there’s the protagonist telling his comrades about how he made prior arrangements with the subordinates of Ritial to make them have a passionate talk with Ritial, so that he can’t use them as sacrificial pawns and to stop him from going out of control. 

But his comrades looked at him with judging eyes, saying ‘So this is how you trick people, huh…’.

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