LS – Chapter 311: As such, your face is looking terrible

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It seems like the dinosaur undead have the ability to relay information through roars, so they gathered one after the other once Wolfe blew up the first one. 

Their strength individually is that of someone in the middle of high rank. They are not that much of a threat aside from their immortal trait as undead. 

You could say it is safer than being hit by the army of devils from Purple.


However, it doesn’t change the fact that their immortal trait is troublesome. 

Even if you blow them up haphazardly, it simply will take a bit more time to regenerate. On the contrary, it increases the risks of being hit on the back. 

It seems like there’s the need to expend a good amount of mana to blow them up to a level where their big bodies can’t regenerate. 

Ilias defeated a few of them at first, but she soon decided to leave it to Wolfe.

“When it comes down to this, it requires the right person for the job. Wolfe, can you still manage?” 

“Yes, I am totally fine!” (Wolfe)

“Make sure you keep tabs of your stamina along with your mana… Anyways, this is abnormal.” 

“I think it is abnormal to be fighting undead to begin with though. Is there anything else?” (Ilias)

Ilias and the others don’t know about dinosaurs, so the only view they have about the opponents they are fighting is that they are unknown animals made into undead. 

But if these undead were the fossils of dinosaurs found in the ruins of Serende, it would be all kinds of weird.

“…I just thought there’s only one type.” 

“What do you mean?” (Ilias)

“They are most likely the fossils found at the time when the ancestors built the ruins… Undead born from those bones. Hilmera should have been able to judge they can be of use after seeing their size, but all of them being the same type is just…” 

Fossils sleep in a specific layer. 

It wouldn’t be strange to find fossils of other dinosaurs if you investigate those layers. 

It is even possible they would be able to find a bigger dinosaur than the yutyrannus like the rex. 

And yet, all the dinosaur undead we have encountered until now have been dinosaurs with the same skin as that of a yutyrannus. 

Their ancestors stored the fossils separately by their species…? I find that hard to believe. 

Even if the fossils of the same dinosaurs were to be stored in their respective locations, there’s no way they would only find one type. 

These dinosaurs alone were special to their ancestors? No, they found them as fossils to begin with, so there shouldn’t be a difference in attachment compared to the other dinosaurs. 

“That’s true. If there were an era where animals of such sizes existed, it is possible that there would be other beasts who would serve as combat power.” (Ilias)

“…It is not something to be thinking about right now, I guess. Let’s just consider it as her reserving undead of other types for now.” 

“Right. No matter the shape of the enemy, there’s no doubt it is still an obstruction we have to defeat.” (Ilias)

Let’s just be relieved that it is kept at this size. 

Also, Wolfe has been rampaging for a while, so it should be about time… 

Just when I was thinking this, Mix, who was moving separately, returned. 

I was observing the dinosaur undead and deepening my comprehension of Hilmera to a certain degree until Mix returned. 

“Mister Friend, I have returned-desu zo!” (Mix)

“Alright, counting on you right away.” 

Mix was drawing arrows on the Serende Castle map. This denotes the way the dinosaur undead she found have been moving. 

All the undead look like they are heading this way in the same manner, but I notice that a few of the undead are not using the shortest route but other routes. 

“Is there something here that blocks their path?” 

“No, not really.” (Mix)

In that case, she doesn’t want them to take this route. 

That place has a watchtower annexed to the rampart. 

It is a place where Hilmera has a vantage point. 

Then, there’s one reason why they are making such unnatural movements…

“Then, it is here. Washekt is here. I saw the undead moving their noses when Ilias and Wolfe were fighting them. The way they distinguish between enemy and ally is their sense of smell, and they use their hearing to relay information between allies.” 

“Fumu?” (Mix)

“Hilmera didn’t prepare those undead to protect herself. Her objective is to unleash them and kill people with a certain scent -Nuphsa.” 

Washekt and Nuphsa smelled of the same perfume, regardless of whether it is a favorite of royalty.

Hilmera had the dinosaur undead remember this scent and released them in the city.

You can deal with normal undead by using numbers, but it would be tough for the bodyguards of Nuphsa to deal with those dinosaur undead. 

I want him to survive somehow, but I don’t have the leeway to save him. 

Ekdoik and Dyuvuleori must have heard the roars relaying information, so I can only pray they can catch up.

“I see. Those two had similar scents after all. So she made countermeasures to prevent them from accidentally attacking Washekt-dono.” (Mix)

“She most likely set some sort of scent in order for the undead to not get close… Now then, what should we do…?” 

The dinosaur undead don’t approach that watchtower, so it would be better to not try and rescue him carelessly if we want to secure the safety of Washekt. 

If we carelessly bring him out, it is possible the dinosaur undead that can only distinguish enemies and allies with their sense of smell will attack him. 

In that case, it would be dangerous to have Mix go there alone. Even if so, I can’t send Ilias and Wolfe there just to save Washekt. 

What I should prioritize the most right now is to control this situation. In that case…

“You are not going to save him?” (Ilias)

“…Yeah, let’s leave the rescuing for later. I will have Mix head to the watchtower though.” 

“I don’t mind that, but…what should I do?” (Mix)

I explain the plan I thought of. 

Mix made a conflicted expression together with Ilias who was listening as well, but she immediately headed to the watchtower.

“Now then, let’s do what we have to do over here until Mix finishes her job.” 

“…Is it not possible to save Prince Washekt and persuade Princess Hilmera?” (Ilias)

“Judging from the personality of Hilmera, she must have had a talk with Washekt before causing this incident. Washekt would have tried to persuade her at that moment, but it still happened, so you can guess the result.” 

Considering the personality of Washekt, he must have been baffled by the actions of Hilmera who made a sudden change, and tried to persuade her with realistic opinions. 

But Hilmera has the forbidden technique called necromancy, so he ended up being waved off. 

“If you tell Prince Washekt the words that Princess Hilmera wants to hear and—” (Ilias)

“I can have him say them. But Hilmera is composed enough to tell that he is being made to say those things.” 

Even if her actions are dyed in madness, those are just objective things. 

Deploying undead in several locations, and transporting the magic seal stone to the city; her ideas still have logic.

What was unexpected for her was that Washekt passed on the throne to Nuphsa despite him being able to get it. 

But she has already analyzed it again in her own mind, and she must have deepened her understanding of Washekt now. 

“This isn’t something that Washekt would wish for though…” (Ilias)

Ilias has also seen Washekt talking proudly about Hilmera. She must have also been a bit jealous of how close these siblings were. 

But Washekt was way too devoted. 

Him throwing away all advantages and becoming the ally of Hilmera no matter the circumstances must have influenced her too much. 

Hilmera has been trying to repay what she has been given. 

Those feelings accumulated so much, warped, and got distorted. 

This is the result of that.

A result brought about by a mix of circumstances. No one person can be blamed for everything. 

However, the responsibility for what has happened must be taken by the one that caused it. 


The beast undead locked in on the soldiers that were evacuating the citizens. 

Prince Nuphsa was also within them. 

They faced the undead with their long spears, but they can’t hold back that mass of theirs. 

They could have kept normal undead at bay since their arms wouldn’t reach, but that can’t be said for an opponent that is 4-5 times bigger than a human. 

There’s 5 in total. 

But there will most likely be more as time goes on. 

“Ekdoik, what do we do?!” (Blue)

“—The aim of the beast undead is most likely Prince Nuphsa. We are getting him away from here!” (Ekdoik)

I wrap my chains around a part of a house and move on the rooftops while being pulled along. 

I passed above the soldiers that were fighting and landed by the side of Prince Nuphsa.

“You are the resident of Yugura’s planet’s—” (Nuphsa)

“Ekdoik. There’s no doubt their target is you, Prince Nuphsa.” (Ekdoik)

“So it seems. And so, can you do something about them without being able to use magic?” (Nuphsa)

“Not at all. But I am somewhat confident in my running speed.” (Ekdoik)

“…Alright, bring me along. You all, continue evacuating the citizens! I will distract these beasts together with these people!” (Nuphsa)

I confirm that Prince Nuphsa finished giving his orders, and wrapped my chains around his body. 

It is hard to control the strength because I can’t make minor adjustments with magic, but it seems like he is wearing armor, so there should be no need to go that far. 

I use the chains to jump onto the roof of a house. My mobility really lowers with the weight of two people, but it poses no issues to run away. 

The beast undead must have noticed our movements, they are trying to force their way through with even more strength. 

“I don’t have any strategy in mind. I leave things to you.” (Ekdoik)

“Then, let’s go west. We have already finished evacuating over there.” (Nuphsa)

I ran over the roofs and headed in the direction I was told. 

The beast undead continue roaring as they chase after us. 

They destroy walls as they chase after us, but they must be considering the houses as big boulders, they are not breaking through them but taking detours as they continue chasing. 

Doesn’t seem like we need to worry about being caught if we concentrate on running away. 

After a certain degree of distance was created, Eido jumped on the roof with Blue and Melia riding on it. 

“An undead…no, more importantly, a horse can jump onto roofs? That’s convenient.” (Nuphsa)

“I won’t lend it to you.” (Blue)

“Hmph, a prince of Serende straddled on an undead horse would be more amusing than slipping from stairs and dying.” (Nuphsa)

“I am impressed that you can say that when you are being carried by chains. Anyways, more and more beasts are gathering here. There’s more than a dozen of them.” (Blue)

Nuphsa stood on his own feet and looked around. 

The beast undead were closing the distance one after the other even while we were doing this. They would immediately destroy this house and attack us. 

“There’s no need to feel so negative just because they are a number that can’t be counted with both hands. Are you 3 the only ones who can be coordinated with right now?” (Nuphsa)

“That’s right.” (Ekdoik)

Nuphsa observed each of us in order and sighed just like that.

“I’m going to cry.” (Nuphsa)

“There’s no need to feel so negative just because we are a number you can count in one hand. I am a Demon Lord despite appearances, Ekdoik over there is a demon.” (Blue)

“I-I am a holy knight!” (Melia)

“I’m going to cry.” (Nuphsa)

“This prince is really irritating.” (Blue)

Comrade said Prince Nuphsa is the most skilled within the royalty of Serende. 

He has a peculiar atmosphere, but he certainly does have eyes similar to those of Comrade and Marito that would piss people off. 

“I would like to help evacuate the people, but it seems like I have no choice but to join the raid as long as I am the target of those beasts. In that case, the first thing we have to do is get rid of the magic seal stone that was carried here.” (Nuphsa)

“That’s true. It would be possible to do something about the undead if we can at least use magic. We would also be able to move efficiently with the reinforcements of Mejis.” (Ekdoik)

“A magic seal stone that can affect this whole town would require the size of a small house. You would need the appropriate people and tools, but…the necessary amount would be reduced to less than half if they had those beasts carry it.” (Nuphsa)

The strength of the undead is that they can show strength that ignores the limit of their bodies. 

If it is beasts with strength higher than that of people to begin with, it would be better to assume their carrying capacity would increase drastically as well. 

“But I don’t feel intelligence from those beast undead. Maybe they used a trait of theirs in order to carry it?” (Ekdoik)

“Right. If they tied the magic seal stone to a wagon, and then had something that they would want to chase after at the front, so they could be led to the city.” (Nuphsa)

“But according to what Belard saw from the skies, she didn’t find anything, you know?” (Ekdoik)

“They must have moved it to a building. Turning that around, it means that it has to be a building with an entrance big enough to put a magic seal stone of that size inside.” (Nuphsa)

You can rarely find such buildings. 

If we go in order to all of them, we should be able to find it in no time. 

“Then, let’s head to the closest one. Which one is the closest from here?” (Ekdoik)

“A storage that can have a whole wagon enter, huh. The storage for siege weapons, I guess? Let’s head there first.” (Nuphsa)

“Right. Is there any weapon that might help out against those beast undead?” (Ekdoik)

“That’s one of the reasons I wanted to cry. How are we going to use a weapon that can destroy ramparts and gates with just us 4?” (Nuphsa)

“…That’s true.” (Ekdoik)

We are not dealing with buildings, but beasts that move around on their own accord. It would be better to not expect much from it. 

I moved through the roofs with Nuphsa, and Blue and the others were following after us at a certain distance.

We couldn’t regroup with Rakura in the end, but…let’s just think it fortunate that she wasn’t caught up in it. 

She must have found something to do and made her move. 

“But this looks terrible. I look like a kidnapped prince.” (Nuphsa)

“Better than riding an undead horse, right?” (Ekdoik)

“It is not like anything is fine as long as it is better than the worst.” (Nuphsa)

“It unexpectedly suits you.” (Ekdoik)

“I dislike it more because I also think that.” (Nuphsa)

That said, the one who is the most picturesque when carried around by someone is Comrade though.

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