LS – Chapter 127: What to aim for next

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After that, the restraints of Mister Friend were undone, we headed to the walls, met once again with the Blue Demon Lord, and had her disassemble the giant undead.

And then, we had King Zenotta take back his order to hand over the Blue Demon Lord. As for Raheight, after the interrogation from the 3rd Faction, we promised to hand him over to them.

It is not handing him over to Kuama but to the Kuama Branch of the Yugura Church. Him being under Archbishop Seraes is a bit worrying, but we apparently need to show a bit of compromise here.

As for other things we conceded on, it would be to allow people from Kuama and the Yugura Church to observe when interrogating Raheight. The information of Raheight who is the subordinate of the Scarlet Demon Lord that’s still hostile to the humans will most likely be very precious.

We are currently returning to Lilbe. We are taking a temporary break and doing the preparations to transport Raheight to Kuama.

“That’s the general picture, Lord Ragudo.”

“Understood. I shall tell His Majesty first thing in the morning.” (Ragudo)

It is already late at night. Ani-sama has already gone to sleep, and Lord Ragudo is serving as my intermediary for my audio call.

It is a bit of a shame that I can’t talk to Ani-sama directly, but considering how nervous I get, this way makes the report go a lot faster.

With the mask Mister Friend prepared, the quality of his voice would change greatly, so I think I would be able to talk to him to a decent degree though… But it really is something I should fix.

Wolfe-chan and Rakura-dono are the same as usual. Ekdoik-dono told Mister Friend that he wouldn’t be able to get up for a while because of the demonification and went to rest early.

Mister Friend and Lady Ratzel are currently in the reception room. The Blue Demon Lord showed up at Lilbe just recently, saying she wanted to talk in detail about the future, so they are in the middle of preparing for that.

Lord Tokusado is super hurriedly preparing to receive the guest, so I would say it is about time to meet her.

“Well then, I will be checking on Mister Friend.” (Mix)

“Please do.” (Ragudo)

In my opinion, Lord Ragudo’s standing is higher than mine as someone who abandoned my duty as royalty and became an adventurer.

It feels ticklish when he gets all formal with me.

We ended the call and I headed to the reception room. There’s already Mister Friend and Lady Ratzel, and also the Blue Demon Lord with a desk in between, facing each other.

But no one is speaking and they are simply glaring at each other in silence.

This must be the reason why Lord Tokusado was making a pale face outside the room.

“Mister Friend, have you finished your talk?” (Mix)

“No, we have been glaring at each other for a while now and haven’t said anything.”

Mister Friend is glaring this much…well, that’s not really the case.

Did he glare back at the Blue Demon Lord because she glared at him? There’s no need to become that much of a mirror.

Should I throw a lifeboat so that this can end in an amicable talk?

“There’s no need to be so on guard, Blue Demon Lord. You can relax—” (Mix)

“I am not on guard. If I did, it would be only towards the knight there. I was thinking about how to complain to this man.” (Blue)

“I don’t remember doing anything worth complaining though.”

“You did. You exposed my past here and there, didn’t you?!” (Blue)

The research record of the Blue Demon Lord that Dokora entrusted to Mister Friend at Taizu. It is true that many people know the contents of it.

The only ones who know the details of it here are me, Ani-sama, Lord Ragudo, and the bodyguard of Ani-sama called Anbu-kun.

As for the people who have been told a decent amount, it would be the top of the Yugura Church, Pope Euparo, and a few others that were with him at that time.

If we consider it has been transmitted somewhat, I would say it has been spread to a decent degree.

If the history of a maiden, moreover, the unsavory dark past were to be spread here and there, it certainly wouldn’t leave you in a good mood.

“What are you saying when you have caused a historical crime. I simply learned about the background of someone in the past and transmitted it, so you’ve got no right to complain.”

“I am alive even now!” (Blue)

“It is a talk of the past, so don’t be so stiff about it. It is not like there was any harm, right?”

“I am impressed you can say that after sending a man like that to me! How much do you think my emotions were rubbed the wrong way there?!” (Blue)

“If we didn’t go that far, you wouldn’t have thought about wanting to try to live again, right?”

“Hngh…” (Blue)

Mister Friend showing antipathy towards someone aside from an enemy is pretty fresh.

Also, Blue Demon Lord, there’s very few who can win against Mister Friend in a battle of words-desu zo.

“Where’s Ekdoik in the first place?!” (Blue)

“He is sleeping like a log upstairs. You were the one that told him that the change would put a burden on his body.”

“…Right.” (Blue)

“Uneasy without him around?”

“That’s not it! Even though he brazenly irritated someone in every possible way and said whatever he wanted, he wasn’t present when I showed up, so I just wanted to complain!” (Blue)

“Now, now, don’t be like that. It is because Ekdoik wanted you to live from the bottom of his heart that he had the resolve to take the step -to the point of becoming your demon.”

“I know something like that! I am impressed that he can throw away his life without hesitation in such a fashion!” (Blue)

“He hasn’t thrown it away. He offered it to you.”

“…You really get on my nerves with every word.” (Blue)

“So I get on your nerves with just this much? You managed to endure the straightforward attitude of that guy, didn’t you?”

“I really do hate you!” (Blue)

Ah, Mister Friend is making an amused face.

He is enjoying teasing the Blue Demon Lord.

He does have the bad habit of getting happy when seeing people’s surprised or troubled faces after all.

The number one victim of this is Lady Ratzel, but that in itself makes me jealous.

“But I personally am glad that it didn’t turn into a harsh result. I don’t like results that leave future troubles after all.”

“I personally would have wanted to just die already though.” (Blue)

“Blue Demon Lord, did you think you could just die just like that after obtaining your name?”

“…What do you mean by that?” (Blue)

“You know about the bandit leader called Dokora, don’t you?”

“Yeah, the man that stole the research records from Mejis, right?” (Blue)

“Dokora couldn’t read Earth’s language. Even so, he managed to learn necromancy. In that case, there should have been people in the Yugura Church who should know about the basics of necromancy and can use it. What do you think the people who hate you and know about your personal history would do?”

“That’s…” (Blue)

“If it were me, I would say ‘screw you, I won’t let you have a peaceful death’ and keep you for eternity with necromancy at the bare minimum, you know?”


Uwa, that’s nasty.

Being able to think up such things without any restraint really does make it impossible for Mister Friend to become a completely good person.

“Karma; what you have done will come back to you. If you wish for death again, ask Ekdoik to please let you die in a place where the hands of others won’t reach you.”

“…Right. I will keep it in mind.” (Blue)

“It wouldn’t be strange for someone in the Yugura Church to be able to use necromancy. Especially the hidden contributors that don’t have their names remain in history and work in the shadows.”

The very first ones I thought up when I heard about this were the Mejis anbus that are led by Archbishop Seraes.

It is true that there’s no way they would simply store the thing that Yugura left behind.

It is important to learn about the strength of the enemy to ready yourself for the calamities that might happen afterwards.

It is highly possible that they would learn about that power and apply it in the process of this.

“…Your atmosphere is a lot different compared to when I met you just before.” (Blue)

“This is my natural state in this world.”

Mister Friend returned to normal after the battle was over.

Sandwiching the faces of Lady Ratzel and Wolfe-chan with both hands and staring at them is apparently a ritual of sorts, but it is impressive that he can change his personality with just that.

What bothers me is that there was barely any process required to enter that state…

“Speaking of which, I haven’t heard your name.” (Blue)

“I have no intention to tell you.”

“Wait a moment. I am going to be cooperating with your faction, you know?!” (Blue)

“It is okay. I haven’t told Gold and Purple either -or more like, I haven’t told my real name to anyone here.”

“Huh?! Are you messing with me?!” (Blue)

Lady Ratzel is nodding as if saying ‘damn right’. I also nod.

I have never been so dumbfounded than the time when this was revealed in the matter of the Purple Demon Lord after all.

“And so, please call me as you please. If I don’t like it, I will just ignore you.”

“…Haah, no wonder Purple couldn’t entice you.” (Blue)

The poison must have been completely extracted from her after hearing the matter of the name, they proceeded with the talk about what to do from here on.

The necromancy cast on the giant undead has been completely undone. The remaining undead soldiers will be released in a sleeping state down at the cliff deep in the Kuama Nether.

They were originally humans. Mister Friend said it would be hard to maintain neutrality if she were to use necromancy which forcefully pulls the souls of people, pollutes their mind, and controls them. The Blue Demon Lord sighed at this and agreed.

“Speaking of which, are there no monsters aside from undead in the Kuama Nether?”

“There are. Monsters called skeletons and ghosts.” (Blue)

“Skeletons are humanoid, right? Are they different from the undead born from necromancy?”

“Yes, they are monsters modeled after human bones. The undead use the corpse as a material to regenerate endlessly, but skeletons are just the looks. They die from being destroyed normally in battle, so I didn’t use them in my forces.” (Blue)

There certainly were monsters called skeletons and ghosts in the footage that the Gold Demon Lord showed us in Gahne.

It is true that there’s barely any point in using expendable monsters when the Blue Demon Lord can regenerate the undead infinitely with her power.

We had the monsters that she could order to move away from Kuama. As for the land, we had them abandon it all the way until the cliff. It has been decided to put them on reserve until the day comes that the humans purify the Nether and they reach the cliff.

“In that case, there’s the need for me to find a number of monsters to serve as my pawns.” (Blue)

“Ekdoik should be enough.”

“That man said all calmly: ‘I have a debt to repay to Comrade. I can’t leave his side until I repay him’.” (Blue)

“Sorry about that. He is an important talent, so I can’t just readily give him to you.”

Ekdoik-dono…aren’t you a bit too honest about your own feelings?

But the reliability of Ekdoik-dono is important for Mister Friend too, so it would be troubling for him to leave.

And so, we have decided to move the dwelling of the Blue Demon Lord to the villa of the Purple Demon Lord in the Taizu territory. 3 Demon Lords gathering in my country must be an outrageous thing if we look back in history.

“I don’t want to get too close to Purple though.” (Blue)

“There’s no need to get along. It would be troubling if you were to fight each other though. This should be enough for now.”

“Yes. I will return to the palace after checking the state of Ekdoik.” (Blue)


“What’s with those eyes? This is just in case since inconveniences might happen if my mana isn’t flowing properly at the time he is turning into a demon, okay?!” (Blue)

“I know, but is there a reason to get all restless here?”

“You are saying that while fully aware, aren’t you?!” (Blue)

Mister Friend, if you excel in understanding the heart of people, I would like you to take into consideration the feelings of the person.


The Blue Demon Lord left and I also returned to my room.

Ilias and Mix looked at me with baffled eyes, but I decided to not worry about it.

Fatigue hit me like a truck in one go. I feel like I will be able to sleep real well today.

Since I had the opportunity, I thought of having a drink so I could have a nice sleep and was about to pour alcohol, but someone knocked on the door.

This way of knocking the door is that person, huh.

“I am still awake, so you can come in, Rakura.”

Hearing this, Rakura opened the door and entered.

Her face is slightly red. She smells faintly of alcohol, so she must have drank booze before sleeping.

“So you were planning on drinking too, Counselor-sama. Since I am here already, can I accompany you?” (Rakura)

“I was just going to get slightly drunk before sleeping. I don’t mind if you don’t drink it all.”

“How rude! I can at least be considerate about the share of the person that’s drinking with me!” (Rakura)

She sat on the bed and poured the alcohol of someone else in her own glass to the brim.

It doesn’t look like you are being considerate here though.

“So the Blue Demon Lord-san came.” (Rakura)

“Yeah, we were talking about the plans for the future.”

“So she really will be joining you as an ally?” (Rakura)

“Right. I don’t know if I can get along with her though.”

“But you were teasing her a whole ton there.” (Rakura)

So she was listening to the conversation just now. I really am a civilian since I couldn’t even sense the presence of a drunkard.

“You seemed to be having fun despite saying you didn’t want to get involved with a suicidal person.” (Rakura)

“I could tell that she wanted to live more than I expected. That much is within an acceptable range.”

Despite that, she said it would have been better to die, so it is certain that I wouldn’t want to get too deeply involved with her.

But it probably won’t be long before she will think about wanting to live more.

“So Ekdoik-san changed the Blue Demon Lord.” (Rakura)

“Yeah, it seems like the dedication of Ekdoik influenced the Blue Demon Lord more than I imagined.”

“Wouldn’t you have been able to do the same, Counselor-sama?” (Rakura)

“No, what I can do is look after the people around me. I can’t get that serious trying to save someone that is trying to die on their own volition.”

But that wasn’t the case for Ekdoik.

He was worried about someone that he hasn’t even seen yet, took a step, and spoke to her heart.

That’s really…

“Aah, I can’t match Ekdoik-san.” (Rakura)

“He is indeed impressive.”

Rakura drank the booze with a pensive look.

I saw competitiveness towards Ekdoik in Rakura in this time’s matter.

It must be because Ekdoik kindled her. This is a rare sight to see from the lazy Rakura.

Rakura is clearly stronger when it comes to battle.

Rakura was also far better than him when it came to detecting the location of the Blue Demon Lord.

Rakura has the capability to overwhelm most of anything if you compete against her in a single thing.

Ekdoik is even jealous about this.

But Rakura also feels a sense of inferiority towards Ekdoik in her own way.

Rakura is someone who doesn’t have deep relationships with others like Ekdoik.

Because of her extreme personality, she doesn’t fit in society and decided to live comfortably on her own, so the recent accomplishments of Ekdoik must look dazzling to her.

“I wouldn’t be able to step into the heart of a stranger for their sake, moreover, offer my body to them… I don’t think I would ever be able to do it.” (Rakura)

“I think that’s fine too, you know? It is true that Ekdoik is impressive, but that was in a way an action for the sake of himself. You acting in a sphere that can serve for your own sake is enough, Rakura.”

“It is true that I would be able to do things for my own sake, but the things I can do within that sphere are really small. Even if I were to compete and win in something, looking at the whole picture, I feel like I am losing the whole time to Ekdoik-san…” (Rakura)

Rakura was most likely watching nearby as Ekdoik and the Blue Demon Lord were facing each other.

She was shown something that she herself can’t do; she was shown the resolve of Ekdoik.

And so, she couldn’t not spill out her weaknesses and came here to my place to do so.

It is out of character, but…it can’t be helped.

I place a hand on the hair of Rakura and ruffle it slightly sloppily.

“Rakura, Ekdoik can act a whole lot better and skillfully than you. He will most likely grab onto far more things than you in the future too.”

“Hm? Isn’t this the moment where you comfort me?!” (Rakura)

“If you think so, let me speak a bit more… What you will be holding won’t be that much, but the things you will hold are at a place that the hands of Ekdoik can’t reach. Ekdoik can spread his big arms widely, but your arms can stretch higher than him. There’s no need to look for superiority there.”

“…One more please.” (Rakura)

“Seriously? Let me think for a bit… If you have the confidence of narrowing it down to one thing and winning, just find something important to you that you can be proud of in that victory, obtain it, and protect it. Something that you can think: ‘Aah, I am glad I am this way’.”

“…One more.” (Rakura)

“Alright, don’t be so spoiled!”

I smacked her head with the hand I was petting her with.

She is beginning to get ahead of herself. This is as much as I can tell her.

“So cruel!” (Rakura)

“Sluggishly pampering a drunkard would be bad for the education of Wolfe.”

“Uuh, even though my main profession is to be sluggish and get pampered…” (Rakura)

“Looks like I mistook the person to pamper.”

“Haah… Well then, I will go to sleep now.” (Rakura)

Rakura stood up and walked to the door -while still holding the bottle of wine of someone else.

Well, I don’t mind that for today. I will get angry the next time she does that.

Rakura bowed slightly as she closed the door.

“Well then, Counselor-sama, good night. Also, I don’t think I am mistaking the person to get pampered by, you know?” (Rakura)

Rakura said this and returned to her room.

After seeing her off, I drank the remaining alcohol in my cup and lay down on the bed.

She is rivals with her blood-related brother and has been estranged from her parents.

It shouldn’t be a bad idea to pamper her a whole lot every now and then. Yeah, every now and then.

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