LS – Chapter 342: Thus, entrusting

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“Hahaha, as expected of the favorite of the Purple Demon Lord. You won’t die easily, huh.” (Ofaro)

I can avoid the beam that Ofaro shoots.

It is a speed that evasion wouldn’t make it in time by the time the Nose of Smelling reacts, but he uses his own heat to change it into a beam, and the temperature in the surroundings changes faintly when he is going to shoot it.

If I just move ahead of time after noticing that moment, it is still well within my realm to evade the first attack.

But if the situation turns into a state where I can’t narrow it down to moving to either side…

He began shooting beams that split to attack several points at once.

Their destructive power is lower, so I could get hit by them with mana strengthening if I wanted, but the consumption of mana would be lower if I just let those beams pierce my body and regenerate that part.

But his beams have a bit of his own mana.

The mana of a different Demon Lord is akin to poison. My regeneration would get slower no matter what.

“There’s no change in your expression even when your chest is pierced. Is the woman hidden in a different dimension through your body?” (Ofaro)

I could jump in to attack him if I am prepared for a bit of damage, but I would be the one that gets exhausted faster if it turns into close combat.

I should concentrate on drawing out as much information as possible until I can form a plan to deal with his heat.

“I don’t understand. I may feel creepiness from you, but I don’t feel a strong will. If you are standing on this battlefield because of your own lord’s order, how about putting a bit more spirit into it?” (Dyuvuleori)

“I will follow orders. But I will stay as me no matter the enemy. I will simply consume you as a sun.” (Ofaro)

“Sun…huh. So that’s the symbol of your strength.” (Dyuvuleori)

The demon that appeared in the Gahne Nether, Zahava, called herself a spider, and Ofaro calls himself a sun.

Both of them have transcendent power, so I feel some sort of core in those abilities. This flame -in other words, sun- must be something important for Ofaro.

“Sun… That star that you people just accept as natural emits light so strong it takes away the sight of all the other stars in the time it shows itself, and showers down on all creation equally. It grants strength to the body at times, and at others it consumes it. But there’s no will in the sun. It is simply shining a whole ton. It is not trying to help anyone or kill anyone.” (Ofaro)

Ofaro was looking at the sun without blinking.

This is not an invitation, but completely creating an opening here.

In that case, I will dash in and close the distance.

“That’s why I won’t go out of my way to include emotions when killing you all. I can kill you all just by staying in place after all.” (Ofaro)


The heat around Ofaro increases drastically.

The melted ground flew and scattered around with the swelled hot wind.

I stopped in place on the fly and kicked the softened ground to create distance again.

The temperature is clearly increasing faster than before. But it doesn’t look like he is straining himself or being serious here.

“But well, I am also myself. I am the demon of Black-sama, and also the individual called Ofaro. Of course I would have some degree of tricks.” (Ofaro)

The sensation of the heat burning my skin is somewhat different. It is different from a heat that burns you directly. It feels as if the temperature is increasing from the inside.

This is different from the heat of Ofaro himself. This is most likely a mix of the power from the demonic tool he has.

“There’s broadly 3 ways to transmit heat. The conduction heat, which I have been using until now, that struck you with my own heat directly; the conversion heat that assailed you by heating up air and earth; but those are far from being real flames.” (Ofaro)

My body was steadily heating up despite my distance from him.

I instinctively increase the mana strengthening in my whole body and deploy a barrier around me.

The phenomenon of getting heated up stopped, but the barrier that I deployed with my mana was abnormally hot. It is as if it is being bathed directly by hellfire.

“Radiation; the power contained within the light to stimulate matter and heat it. All 3 of these together is what makes the heat of the sun.” (Ofaro)

I remember such a chat the human had with My Lord. The sun illuminating us continues burning even now, but it is not like that burning heat is reaching this land.

The wavelengths of the light that the sun emits have the effect of heating up matter.

“In other words, you can show your true power only after relying on your demonic tool. A fake sun.” (Dyuvuleori)

“I won’t deny it. It is not like an individual can become a star anyways.” (Ofaro)

The surroundings of Ofaro swayed for an instant.

I judged that this was the preliminary action to shoot out beams again, so I abandoned the barrier and moved away from the location.

That was the correct decision.

The shot beam easily pierced through the barrier.

But I was being assailed by the sensation of slowly heating up now that I have exited the barrier.

That radiation power of his affects all directions, and I would get burned from the inside if I don’t deploy a barrier.

But I will fall prey to an unrestrained beam if I stop my feet.

It seems like the power of the radiation weakens slightly if I take a lot of distance, but it seems like I would have to run away from this place if I want to get out completely from its effective range.


“Hahaha, like moths to a flame. Are you planning on moving around pathetically until you burn out?” (Ofaro)

“And what about you? Until when are you planning on exposing that lazy appearance of yours?” (Dyuvuleori)

Countless chains bind the body of Ofaro.

By the time I noticed those were the chains of Ekdoik, the Six Towers of Binding that restrained Gugugeguderstaf before were formed around Ofaro.

And then, Ekdoik landed by my side, holding the end of those chains.

“Ekdoik, huh!” (Dyuvuleori)

“Sorry, took time dealing with that snake. I am already aware of what’s going on.” (Ekdoik)

It is not only Maya, I also have a communication crystal inside of me.

The situation until now has been transmitted to Marito who is in the Gahne Castle, and has been shared to their respective battlefields.

But I have been concentrating on my battle here, so I don’t have that much of a grasp of what’s happening in the other battlefields though.

Looks like Ekdoik managed to defeat that giant snake safely.

“Hey, Dyuvuleori! What’s with that guy?! This whole area is beyond calling it hot! You would be baked bread if you were to stay in a place like this!” (Blue)

The Blue Demon Lord is within the arms of Ekdoik.

It seems like Ekdoik has mitigated the rise in temperature from the radiation with a barrier, but it looks like he couldn’t block it completely because he is securing a space to extend his chains.

“His ability is just as I have shared. The beams can’t be evaded completely. Use your regeneration to its fullest as you deal with it.” (Dyuvuleori)

“It is not like I have that much regeneration speed though…” (Ekdoik)

Ekdoik directs his gaze at Ofaro who is wrapped in chains.

The 6 Towers of Binding hamper all kinds of abilities, and the chains can recover from some damage with the regeneration magic.

But that regeneration is not keeping up.

They are melting one after the other from the heat that Ofaro is emitting.

“There’s no time. Blue, please bring Maya to Yox and have her treated.” (Ekdoik)

“…Right. It is vexing, but I would just be deadweight against something like that. Come on Dyuvuleori, bring out Maya already! Properly wrap her around meat!” (Blue)

“Yeah, I leave her to you.” (Dyuvuleori)

I brought out Maya from my Stomach of Perplexion, and she was wrapped around with meat that I detached.

It is a measure to make Maya’s body perceive it as her lost skin and flesh, so that it doesn’t drop into a panicked state.

This is something My Lord developed.

It is an emergency treatment we utilized when transplanting the arm of Haakudoku. It makes use of the special traits of a devil’s body.

My Lord has continued researching ways for us devils to heal since the time that human was heavily injured.

That research was useful in saving Wolfe who was defeated by Murshto.

The wound of Maya would originally be close to fatal, but with how she is right now, she should be able to endure for a while.

“Come, Edo!” (Blue)

The Blue Demon Lord carries Maya on her back with the chains of Ekdoik, called the skeleton horse Edo from underground, and rides off.

Ofaro didn’t change his expression at all and simply observed us silently. There’s no movements, but the chains binding him will lose their restraining power soon.

“It seems like reinforcements are apparently coming, so you shouldn’t push yourselves, okay?!” (Blue)

The Blue Demon Lord left those words at Ekdoik as she got further away.

Ekdoik heard this and whispered to me.

“Looks like she thinks you are also a reckless guy, Dyuvuleori.” (Ekdoik)

“I will be reckless if it is the order of My Lord.” (Dyuvuleori)

I don’t need to worry about Maya now that I have entrusted her to someone else, but it is not like I have thought of a plan to get through this.

It is questionable whether the chains of Ekdoik can reach that guy too.

The restrain of the 6 Towers of Binding is already gone, and Ofaro was brushing away the remaining liquid on his shoulder that was once chains.

“A demon from a place other than Black-sama, huh. The bindings of just now had a tremendous number of spells imbued, but…you use a really roundabout method.” (Ofaro)

“Normal chains get melted, huh. Then, I shall use these ones.” (Ekdoik)

Ekdoik opened his eyes wide and activated the True Eyes of Blindness.

The sturdiness of those chains is certain, and there’s no one who has been able to break them head on.

There’s the downside that it takes time to activate, but there’s enough time to deploy them against Ofaro who doesn’t move a step from where he is.


The body of Ofaro was sealed by invisible chains. The inside of Ekdoik’s eyes had him restrained by countless chains.

Ofaro seems to be releasing heat, but the chains from the True Eyes of Blindness are not budging at all.

“Alright, I can do it with these chains. If I buy a bit more time like this…!” (Ekdoik)

“This is…hmm. You were using a stupid looking spell, so I wasn’t expecting much, but…you can also use an ability from the ancient era, huh.” (Ofaro)

“…Ancient era?” (Ekdoik)

“I see, so you are not aware. Then, let’s have a bit of a chat.” (Ofaro)

The chains are making grinding sounds, trying to constrict the body of Ofaro to death. But he was talking with an unchanging expression.

“Do you know about otherworlders other than Yugura? Aah, I am not referring to the human that is serving as the vessel of Black-sama.” (Ofaro)

“…We have been told even if briefly…that there were otherworlders before Yugura.” (Ekdoik)

“Just that much, huh. Then, from where should I begin…? So, do you know about how the successive generations of otherworlders brought about big changes in the history of the world?” (Ofaro)

“Successive generations…?” (Ekdoik)

I have also been told about how there were other otherworlders aside from Yugura.

They achieved some sort of feat, and the proof of that is apparently inside the ruins of Serende.

But successive generations means…it is not only that person…

“That’s right. This world has been changed greatly every time an otherworlder has been invited to this world. They learned about your history, and…let’s call them heroes. The achievements of those heroes didn’t remain in history books, but they did outrageous things.” (Ofaro)

“…I have not heard about that before.” (Ekdoik)

“They normally erase their existence after all. Yugura stepping into the front stage and remaining in history is an abnormal case.” (Ofaro)

“Any basis for your statements?” (Ekdoik)

“I do. For example; do you know about Spirits?” (Ofaro)


The things that normally don’t have will like the earth, rivers, and plants, are influenced by the mana in that land, and become beings that have simple will.

There are some who have intelligence on the level of small animals, but they are mostly beings who serve their functions, and there are times when you would use Spirits as cores when utilizing complicated spells.

There are some people who would worship them as being the voice of nature.

I heard that the teachings of the Yugura Church touch upon that to a certain degree.

That human has benefited from the language translation spell of Maya that was made possible with a Spirit as its core.

“Of course. It is a field that hasn’t been researched much, but humans don’t borrow the power of Spirits that much to begin with.” (Ekdoik)

“Then, would you believe me if I were to tell you Spirits originally had bodies?” (Ofaro)

“Wa—” (Ekdoik)

“Magic sealing stones; the material that brought an end to the warring era that heavily utilized magic. That’s the shadow of what was once a corpse of a Spirit. From the Spirits that were exterminated by the hero before Yugura.” (Ofaro)

I have the Ears of Discerning.

I can achieve something similar to the lie detection of the Yugura Church with this. The accuracy is lower compared to the Yugura Church since it relies on information coming from the senses, but I can still feel the fluctuations of mana from their voice.

There’s no sign of Ofaro lying.

It would be one thing if he is always speaking lies, but he perceives what he is saying as the undeniable truth.

“The Spirits were in a close relationship with nature to begin with. That’s why their bodies don’t die even when they perish, and they continue existing in this era as functional wills. This is something you would be able to tell if you investigate the geological formations, but the places where you can mine magic seal stones are all from formations that are of similar age. It is the era when that hero was alive.” (Ofaro)

“…Why do you know about that?” (Dyuvuleori)

“It is because I had the chance to. Let’s return to the topic. The world was achieving change one after the other because of the influence of the heroes. New beings were born due to this, and humanity developed further. And so, we move to the newest era: the era where Hero Yugura brought change.” (Ofaro)

Ofaro increases the heat again.

It can’t be compared to what it was before. The heat was reaching all the way where we were without mercy.

This is even higher than the one that burned down the whole village where Ukka was in…

“The change that Yugura brought about was…the evolution of humanity. Yugura made humanity, which was fighting the whole time, advance to the next stage, and tried to keep the foolish fighting in check. No matter the process and result, what was born from this were the Demon Lords…the new humanity.” (Ofaro)


Ekdoik raised his voice in pain.

The True Eyes of Blindness may be sturdy, but he needs to continuously project the chains inside his eyes.

Keeping your eyes open in the face of this heat that can reach all the way here is probably dealing excruciating pain.

“A body that doesn’t age and resurrects even in death. Moreover, Yugura created a system to interfere with the laws of the world directly, and granted the Demon Lords with transcendental power. The devils and monsters that are born from the mana of those Demon Lords are given a portion of the ability to interfere with the laws as well. I call those the power of an ancient era.” (Ofaro)

The temperature doesn’t stop increasing.

The skin of Ekdoik began to burn, and the surface of his pupils began to crack.

The tears of blood that should be flowing down would all lose their moisture and be blown off around as red dust.

It won’t be possible to maintain the chains any more than this.

No, it is bad to stay in this place.

We have to move away for now.

“Ekdoik, undo the bindings! We are taking distance for now!” (Dyuvuleori)

“I am trying to…! They don’t disappear…! He is…grabbing the chains that are reflected inside my eyes!” (Ekdoik)

“Wa—” (Dyuvuleori)

“Your power is to create matter within the world reflected in your eyes. These chains are obstructions created within the laws of the world. You can interfere with them directly, no matter if it is physical or magical. But that’s not the case if you can interfere with the laws.” (Ofaro)

The world is dyed in red all of a sudden.

The ground, air, and mana flowing around were all taking on a red hue.

But there was something even more unbelievable within this changing space.

“—The chains…!” (Ekdoik)

The chains that were only reflected in the eyes of Ekdoik had materialized into real ones.

The chains appeared as if piercing through the body of Ekdoik, and Ofaro was grabbing tightly the chains that were restraining him.

I can’t understand what’s happening, but my Nose of Smelling is ringing the alarms, telling me that if I don’t hurry and grasp the situation, we will die.

We must not stay here. This isn’t a place we should be in. This place is…

“This is a space…that has had its laws altered?” (Dyuvuleori)

“I have a world of my own inside my head just like how you hold a world inside your vision. This is the world I perceive; inside the laws that I have altered in.” (Ofaro)

This warped space feels unsettling.

Right, this is similar to the inside of the Stomach of Perplexion. But this place is way too real compared to that warped dungeon.

What I can certainly tell is that this place has been cut off from the real world, and has been isolated into a different space.

“No way…!” (Ekdoik)

Ekdoik was shocked by the sight in front of his eyes.

The chains of the True Eyes of Blindness that have binded all kinds of enemies until now…these chains that would bring about absolute confidence in their sturdiness as long as you manage to activate them, have been changed in shape by the heat of Ofaro, and melted.

“It is true that I am a fake sun that must rely on a demonic tool. But we are currently in a world where my imagination is reality -where I am the law. I can become true in this place. Burn all matter without leaving even charcoal behind. A real and perfect sun.” (Ofaro)

Ofaro showed a warped smile at us, and then, the tragedy coming after played in my mind.

He plans on creating a sun in this world just like how Ekdoik does with his chains.

I can’t tell the scale of this, but there’s no place to escape from in this space that has been snipped by his perception.

His way of fighting is haphazard, and we could have escaped any moment we wanted.

I felt that was strange, but I can understand if he can pull off something like this.

Ofaro can swallow his enemies into his perception.

He can incinerate the enemy with heat that devours it all in an isolated space you can’t run away from.

That’s his fighting style.

My body begins to light up in fire from the rising heat. But I don’t feel pain. My body can perceive the heat that is increasing endlessly.

I can employ powers I imagine inside the Stomach of Perplexion against the enemies I have swallowed.

If this space is similar to that, Ofaro should be able to become a true sun even if it is only in this place.

The heat that he was emitting in the real world were just waves. The heat that he will be emitting from here on…there’s no hope for me and Ekdoik to endure it.


Ekdoik attacks Ofaro with newly created chains. No, it is more like he is attacking the chains that remained around the body of Ofaro.

The chains that were on the verge of fusing received an attack from the outside, and were sliced off. The chains connecting Ofaro and Ekdoik have been cut.

“Dyuvuleori, protect your body to your very limits! I will use all of my mana to create a wall of chains and cover you!” (Ekdoik)

“That’s pointless! You should have seen it yourself. His heat can melt your chains too. No matter how strong the wall, that would just be buying time in this isolated spa—” (Dyuvuleori)

“The demons didn’t transform their bodies from the very beginning. That power is most likely dangerous for them too. It is possible that they could lose their sense of self like that snake. I doubt he can continue his attacks in this space for long!” (Ekdoik)

Ekdoik created a spherical wall around us with his newly created chains.

This wall of suprarational chains should be able to buy a bit of time…but Ofaro should be aware of this.

He is someone that’s far ahead of us. He will even overcome this wall and burn down our body with certainty.

Ekdoik should be able to understand this.

“My wall of chains will obviously be broken through. But he won’t know our state in the middle of this attack. Ukka proved this.” (Ekdoik)

“…I see. So that’s what it is.” (Dyuvuleori)

When Ofaro burns in a wide area, he can adjust his own heat, but can’t grasp his surroundings.

Ukka continued protecting himself with a barrier and barely managed to survive. Ofaro muttered words that told us this was unexpected for him.

The attack right now takes into account the sturdiness of Ekdoik. He is using an attack to burn us down.

But his calculations don’t take into account our full power defensive attempt.

Then, there’s hope.

If I put all of my power in regeneration, there’s the chance that this attack will end before my body is burned down completely.


“…You will die.” (Dyuvuleori)

“The power of Ofaro is way too bad of a match against people with normal bodies like Ilias and the others. The ones with a chance of winning are people like us with the ability to regenerate. And the strongest one in that field…is you, Dyuvuleori!” (Ekdoik)

Emotions were welling up from within my chest.

No, that’s not it. Are you telling me you don’t mind throwing away your own life for the sake of the battle?

You should have people you want to walk together with just as I treasure the future of My Lord.

…How ironic. To think a devil like me would one day feel a more human emotion than Ekdoik.

That’s how much I have been influenced by these people.

Impatience and unease were pushing me. My thoughts were flowing properly.

I can think of the best move I can do right now.

“…No. It really isn’t enough. Ofaro will melt your wall of chains and burn us down. You will die, and it is possible my regeneration won’t be enough.” (Dyuvuleori)

“But there’s no other means to block this attack. We have to bet on the faintest hope in order to bring back the information of this power—” (Ekdoik)

“What we have to do is wring out our wits to increase that possibility as much as possible… Your mana will be running out soon.” (Dyuvuleori)

Ekdoik continues making the wall of chains even sturdier as we speak, but he has poured way too much mana, he could collapse from exhaustion at any moment.

Ekdoik has no leeway to strengthen his defense any more. In other words, there’s nothing this man can do here.

“If I am going to die from his attack, I would rather burn my life to protect you.” (Ekdoik)

“…Sorry to say, but I don’t feel that happy even if you tell me that. Save those words for someone else.” (Dyuvuleori)

“What are yo—?!” (Ekdoik)

I activate the Stomach of Perplexion on the wobbly body of Ekdoik and swallow him in one go.

I interfere with the chains of Ekdoik and continue maintaining it.

And then, I make the dungeon inside the Stomach of Perplexion more complicated and sturdy.

If this is the absolute space for Ofaro, this Stomach of Perplexion is my absolute space.

If the special abilities of Great Devils are a portion of the ancient era powers, the defense inside here should be the best protection to alter the laws.

Left Arm of Gouging, Right Arm of Tying, Back of Misperception, Horn of Burning, Left Leg of Running, Nose of Sniffing, Ears of Discerning; I sent all those special abilities into the Stomach of Perplexion.

And then, my own Tongue of Control…no, let’s use it one last time.

“Ekdoik, I entrust my everything to you… [Counting on you].” (Dyuvuleori)

I pour all of my power into maintaining the Stomach of Perplexion, and finish preparations.

The wall of chains that were deployed around melted and began to boil.

Heat that will burn me down will assail me when this wall is destroyed, but I don’t feel any negative emotions for some mysterious reason.

My vision is burning from the overflowing heat.

What played in my mind instead was the appearance of My Lord. By her side was not that human…but Nora.

“…Muh, not good. I forgot to thank Nora properly… Sorry, please forgive me.” (Dyuvuleori)

To think such a regret would well up in me at my last moments.

I am sorry, My Lord. Please take my place for that girl—

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