LS – Chapter 83: Cooking to start with

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“And so, you challenged the Purple Demon Lord?” 

“Man, sorry about that. I couldn’t endure it.” 

Everyone else was making really sour faces.

Marito listened to my report too and held his head, but I could see that he was grinning. 

Marito is in a position that has to reprimand me for this, but he must have wanted a development like this too. 

“Did you not think about the possibility of being killed then and there?” (Marito)

“I trusted in Ekdoik.” 

“Hm!” (Ekdoik)

Everyone ignored Ekdoik who laughed proudly at the back and confirmed the current situation again.

I separated from the Purple Demon Lord at that time. She left, saying that she was going back to her lodging. 

I set the bare minimum rules at that time, and one of them was obviously that it is prohibited to use Enticement.

Also, it is prohibited to attack unrelated third parties. This includes us.

Even if I managed to make the Purple Demon Lord withdraw the devils that she set in the mountain, the devils are apparently still hiding inside the unclaimed forests of the Taizu territory. 

There’s no doubt a war between humans and Demon Lords will begin if I break the rules. 

The rules that she presented were that I accept the demands of the Purple Demon Lord.

Of course, it is not direct things like ‘become mine’, but to comply with the plans for the sake of achieving this. 

I consented to this, leading us to the present. 

“The Purple Demon Lord was into the idea and the threat to the citizens of Taizu has been erased as of present. Isn’t that something to be happy for? Does that mean you will continue receiving the romantic approaches of the Purple Demon Lord?” (Marito)

“That won’t be happening.” 

“Oh, why is that?” (Marito)

“I doubt the Purple Demon Lord has had a proper romance. She is probably aware that, even if an amateur like her were to do something, it wouldn’t move my heart. What she will be demanding are games with equal conditions.” 

The actions the Purple Demon Lord could take are not imitations of enticement that people would use. 

She will propose matches that I will most likely accept, and will tell me to bet myself as the prize. 

It is a method to make me lose without relying on the power of Enticement, and prove her own strength.

With this, she has a chance of winning since she has lived for a long time as an immortal Demon Lord.

There’s no unreasonableness to this. Because unreasonableness would lower my worth after all.

“Even if she were to add disadvantageous conditions, it will mostly be a fair match. As for the prize she can provide for winning…well, it must be her stockpile of devils.” 

“That’s not bad for the country considering where the situation is headed to, but you are leaving us behind -the people who are worried about you.” (Marito)

“Sorry about that. I would like to refrain from a lifestyle where I am treated as a prize and the people around me have to accept me suffering from it.” 

“Are you saying it is okay for you yourself to live a harsh life as long as your surroundings live safely?” (Marito)

“No, I will make my own life peaceful as well at the end of it.” 

“How selfish.” (Marito)

“If you want to let me go, now’s the chance.”

“As if. Do you think I would do something as wasteful as that?” (Marito)


The one that appeared the next day in the company was just the Purple Demon Lord. 

There’s already no need to use the cover that is Tort-san. 

We will simply be meeting by our own wills.

“That said, Tort-san still worries me though.” 

“He is fine, you know? He is still doing the things he has been doing as a merchant of Kuama. Leaving him alone will allow him to live a more proper life, you know?” (Purple)

“I see. That’s fine then… So, who is that one?” 

At the corner of the Purple Demon Lord, there’s a man in gentlemanly clothes. 

He is wearing an expressionless mask and looks like a proper butler, but he gives off an ominous atmosphere.

Ekdoik must have recognized him as an enemy he must not lower his guard against, he has already visibly readied his chains to move at a moment’s notice.

“You are always bringing around a bodyguard, so I was thinking about showing you one of mine at least, you see? I give you permission to introduce yourself, okay?” (Purple)

“I am honored. My name is Dyuvuleori. A loyal servant of My Lord.” (Dyuvuleori)

“Dyuvuleori… Could it be that you are that Great Devil, Dyuvuleori?!” (Ekdoik)

“So it seems that the human bodyguard there knows me.” (Dyuvuleori)

“I have not given you permission to do anything else aside from introducing yourself though?” (Purple)

“—My apologies.” (Dyuvuleori)

Dyuvuleori lowered his head at the Purple Demon Lord and moved a few steps back.

She is showing the Great Devils she has been hiding until now without restraint. This will be a display of power now. 

The Purple Demon Lord said she would be showing at least one. This means that other Great Devils are present in Taizu. 

She is saying here that we are in a situation where Great Devils could rampage inside the capital at any moment. Now that I have challenged her, we have to fight fair and square, or this country will be wrapped in the flames of war.

“The self-assertion of devils is truly intense, it is vile, isn’t it? But Dyuvuleori is one of the better ones, you know? He is a loyal retainer that answered my call on the first try.” (Purple)

“Does that mean other Great Devils have come from Mejis too?” 

“Yes, I brought everyone. I have 11 Great Devils in my hands right now.” (Purple)

The face of Ekdoik turned even more stern at those words. Great Devils on the same level as the father he thought was great, Beglagud, have gathered in this land, so that reaction can’t be helped.

“You revealed your hand pretty easily there.” 

“I thought about playing around with these children as pawns since the opportunity arose. I am going to be betting these Great Devils, you know?” (Purple)

“Let’s hear the details of the bet.” 

“I will have you participate in the competitions that I propose with you yourself as the betting chip. If I win, you are mine; if you win, I will let you fight the Great Devils fair and square.” (Purple)

“So we would finally get the right to challenge them if we win?” 

“If you get rid of the Great Devils ruling the Mejis Nether, this would be beneficial for Mejis, right? I am granting you this understanding, you know?” (Purple)

A competition where she is betting 11 Great Devils. So this will be the lives of the Purple Demon Lord.

It is true that the existence of the Great Devils is what makes the Mejis Nether the biggest in the world even now. It exists as the most dangerous Nether for humanity. 

In order for the clerics to face the Great Devils, they have to advance through the Nether, defeat many devils, and head to their respective bases. 

The only ones who can achieve this are people like Rakura who luckily arrived at the den. 

If the Great Devils are dealt with, the Mejis Nether will turn into a zone with just small fries that have no Uniques and no order. 

It would be quite beneficial for humanity. 

In comparison, we are just betting one person here. You could say these are extraordinary conditions, but there’s no next time if I lose once.

“How do I put this… I feel like you would get the anger of the Great Devils if they are used as betting chips just for the sake of getting one person.” 

“You are a native of the same planet as the Hero Yugura. Society would see you as having the same worth as a hero, you know? As for me, your worth is incomparable to that of just mere Gdreat Devils though?” (Purple)

“Everything can sound nice with the right words.” 

“There will be a 3 day preparation period once the details of the match are decided. Let’s have a competition at that time, okay?” (Purple)

“I have no issues here. By the way, is there a right to refuse after hearing the details of the match?” 

“I normally wouldn’t allow you to refuse, but if you can argue the unfairness of the match, I can allow the change of rules or the addition of some, you know? In the case I deem it impossible for it to be a match, I could allow the rejection of it, okay?” (Purple)

“By the way, am I allowed to choose who to fight the Great Devils? I don’t have any battle power.” 

“I don’t mind if that person agrees, you know?” (Purple)

“So, what’s the first match?” 

The Purple Demon Lord begins to line up cards with geometrical patterns drawn on it that I don’t know where she took them out from.

There’s 11 in total.

“Now, you can go ahead and choose the destiny you desire, you know?” (Purple)

So we are leaving this to fate, huh… I feel like there will be some nasty competitions within those. 

I hope I get one that will be easy for me to bring about victory…

I flip a card, leaving it to my instincts. This is what was written in the language of this world.

“…‘Cooking showdown’?” 

“I will explain the details, okay? Both of us will use the same core ingredients to cook, and the one which tastes the best wins. The judges will be me, you, and one Great Devil, okay?” (Purple)

I was baffled for a moment there, but this is really bad.

“You having 2 on your side and me having 1 feels unfair though.” 

“It is okay. I will give an honest evaluation, and I will order the Great Devil to not tell any lies, you know?” (Purple)

This… Before even talking about the match, it is more of an issue with the trust towards the Purple Demon Lord.

I can’t trust a Great Devil to begin with, but this is a match I can’t accept unless I trust the words of the Purple Demon Lord that she will be judging honestly. 

If I were to complain here, I would most likely be able to change the rules. But this would also force me to carelessly declare that ‘I can’t trust you’.

My resolve as the one who challenged her would be tested here then. 

“Got it. I accept.” 

“Really? I am happy. You and I will be the only ones cooking. Help is prohibited, okay? The ingredients that will be used… Dyuvuleori, show him that.” (Purple)

She said this and Dyuvuleori moved to the front and placed ingredients on top of the table. Tubers.

Tubers you can get decently often from Mejis and the taste is close to that of potatoes. 

These are the tubers that were used for the french fries and chips that were at the beginning in Dog’s Bone.

I was wondering what to do if she were to bring out an ingredient from the Nether, but it looks like I don’t have to worry about that.

“It would be difficult for you if we were to use way too extravagant ingredients, so I chose a simple ingredient to maintain the fairness, you know?” (Purple)

“This certainly is used often in many places. But can devils eat this?” 

“Who knows. I don’t know what devils like to eat, you know? I haven’t thought about learning them?” (Purple)

Who knows, she says. You plan on bringing out something that a judge can’t eat? 

It is in cases like this that it is really troublesome that I can’t read the expression of Dyuvuleori. What is he thinking internally?

“But you will make one a judge, right?” 

“Yeah, I will make them eat it. I will make them eat it even if it is raw, you know?” (Purple)

So cruel. Looks like devils have no human rights. 

With how things are looking here, is she seriously planning on bringing this to a pure cooking showdown? 

Maybe her cooking skills are actually abnormally high? It does feel uncharacteristic, but the story changes if she has spent her boring life in cooking.

It would be way too difficult if I am pit against a cooking pro.

“By the way, what’s your cooking experience?” 

“None. But I bought a cooking guide from the bookstore this morning, so it is okay though?” (Purple)

Looks like she is a beginner. I must not lose this one in a lot of meanings. 

As the one bringing color to the dining table of the Ilias household, I must not lose to a beginner. 

So the match was decided and it will be taking place in 3 days from now. 

“At any rate, let’s go shopping today? There’s still places you can guide me to in this city, right?” (Purple)

“…Aah, yeah.” 

I have challenged her, but as if saying that’s that and this is this, the Purple Demon Lord hugged my arm and pestered me to guide her. 

Looks like she still doesn’t hate me. I don’t know if I should feel happy about this. This is complicated.

The point that bothers me is that Dyuvuleori is accompanying us. His stealth skills are on the level of Ekdoik, his presence is completely gone, but I get my mind drained with him appearing every now and then within my line of vision.

“Right, right, it would be troubling if you were to run away in the middle of it, so maybe I should add the condition of showing yourself every day?” (Purple)

“You can just tell a devil to keep an eye on me. As long as you won’t harm the people of this nation, I am fine with that.” 

“Don’t wanna. You can’t trust the surveillance of a devil, right? I want to watch you with my own eyes.” (Purple)

“…Is that so.” 

That said, since there’s no need to hide each other’s identity when interacting, it makes it easier for both of us to be more comfortable. 

When people open up, they can act more upfront. It doesn’t change the fact that the seductions of the Purple Demon Lord are rough on me though.

She is being truly honest about wanting me though. When I think of it like that, I have no reason to hate the Purple Demon Lord.

Even if I continue winning the matches, I might end up getting seduced by her charms if this gets dragged out for too long. 

…Yeah, I don’t really have a reason to hate her to begin with. 

For the people of this world, there’s no doubt she is a hateful Demon Lord that created many casualties.

But that has nothing to do with me, an Earthling. 

You could say there’s barely any actual harm on me since coming to this world.

Of course, she can become the reason for conflict at this rate. 

It might be easier on everyone if I just accept the Purple Demon Lord and let it be the end of it.

—No good. It has only begun and I am already on the verge of being enticed.

I shake my head and drive away the wicked thoughts. 

Seeing that state of mine, the Purple Demon Lord peeked at me in wonder.

“Oh? What’s the matter?” (Purple)

“—Nothing. My eyes were simply on the verge of being dazzled by you.” 

“Fufu, you can be dazzled as much as you want, you know?” (Purple)

The Purple Demon Lord laughed kindly. Aah, to think a carefree smile could be this much of a troublesome thing.

Once I go back home, I have to get a look at the unsightly Rakura to return to reality.

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