LS – Chapter 3: Nice to meet you for the time being

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My dream ended with refreshing pain, and I got out of bed with my drowsiness completely gone. 

I confirm my surroundings while rubbing my aching head and assess the situation. 

First of all, there seems to be an unknown female knight-looking person inside the cell. 

She is wearing proper armor I can’t feel a single shred of sexiness from, and her golden hair that most likely reaches all the way to below her hips was tied up around the height of her waist. 

She is holding the handle of a sheathed sword that I can tell vividly has been used a lot. I was most likely hit with this. 

She is probably over 18 years old. She is younger than me, but I can feel a strong presence from that imposing face of hers.

Well, she is looking at me with slightly cold eyes though. All of humanity looks better with a smile, so don’t make a face like that please.

Enough observation. Now, onto thinking about the situation. 

A knight has appeared in front of a captured suspicious individual in front of the castle. Thinking about it normally, it is most likely an interrogation or something of the sort. 

If this had been a macho axe man with a hood on, I would have had to prepare myself for death, but from what I can gather here, it feels as if she wants to hear me out. 

Basically, as long as I don’t mess up how I handle things here, I can wrap this up peacefully. 

I do have my grievances about being smacked awake, but it wouldn’t be good to show that outside. Smile smile. 

I tried to show off a smug face as if saying ‘I don’t mind it’, but she frowned a bit there.

Of course she would be taken aback if I were to smile after being hit awake. My mistake, my mistake. 

Now that it has come to this, I will have to clear this up with the talking skills of an adult. 

“—, –?” 

Right, there’s a language barrier. She is most likely asking ‘and so, what’s your name?’, but I honestly can’t tell.

“I am a civilian from Earth’s Japan.” 

She obviously made a flustered expression. No choice but to use body language here, huh. 

But how should I communicate stuff like Earth and Japan to a person who doesn’t know the term with body language?

If you could take poses for unknown words, I am sure the value for body builders would go up even in my original world. I feel dancing would do a better job in this than gaining muscle though. 

I should have learned sign language or something. No, whether it is sign language or spoken language, it is under the premise that we understand each other.

They are outstanding communication tools, but they also have their own shortcomings as tools. 

Though this isn’t the time to be submerged in my thoughts. Even if my words don’t get through, I should at least show my sincerity. This is the time to show my power as an assistant of the drama club. 

“I have been thrown into this world all of a sudden from my original world. By the time I noticed, I was in the middle of a mountain. I arrived at this city with grueling efforts and tried to ask for help. I have no intention to do anything bad to your country. Please believe me.” 

Her reaction is…uwaa, there’s no reaction! So I really didn’t have enough acting skills as the assistant in charge of the blackout curtain! 

I should have done more miscellaneous work! No, at least the role of a tree or a horse! 

“—–? –” 

“———-, ————————.” 

Looks like she is having a conversation with the dude who seemed to be the jailer.


Ah, the dude nodded. Seems like they have decided what to do. 

She exited the cell for a moment and returned soon after. 

And then, she placed her index finger on her own mouth. 

If this gesture is the same as the one on Earth, it would mean: ‘Stay quiet or I will kill you’.

The latter half might have been an added voiceline from mah chicken heart though.

I nod for now. When I did, she smiled kindly. Looks like she was satisfied with this successful interaction. 

I am also satisfied with having obtained friendship points! 

Or so I thought, but I was blindfolded and gagged, and thrown into what seemed like a giant bag. 

Hmm? This is weird~. Though this is not the time to be acting like a kid. <TL: Detective Conan reference.>

I tried to struggle a bit there, but after being told something, what seemed to be a sword was pushed onto my side, so I went into silent mode. 

Hmm, judging from this state, am I being carried off somewhere? -I was lifted while I was thinking that. Judging from the voice, it seems the girl was the one who lifted me up. 

To think she would be able to carry a fully grown Japanese man, moreover, from what I could tell, didn’t she pick me up with only one arm? 

I thought she was a graceful knight, but it was a superhuman gorilla, huh. Hahaha, that’s amusing. 

I was tasting the rare experience of being carried in one arm by a girl while I thought about what treatment I will be getting now. 

They went through the trouble of wrapping me up like a present, so they are probably transporting me in a way that doesn’t attract attention. In that case, it doesn’t seem like they will be bringing me to an unpopulated forest or a river and executing me. 

Then, our destination is most likely…beyond the castle gates.

I can hear bustling from my surroundings. It seems like we have entered the city, and the lively voices of people were resonating. 

I don’t know what they are saying, but being energetic is good, yup. 

And then, after being carried for around 10 minutes, we entered a building after the voices in the surroundings grew distant. 

There seems to be a woman inside the building and she was talking with the gorilla knight. I was laid down while they were talking and made to sit at what seemed to be a chair. 

And then, I was brought out from the bag, and the blindfold and gag were taken off. 

I felt a bit dizzy after being freed from the darkness, but I confirmed my surroundings. 

A neat and clean building. I can also see what looks like an altar. Is this a church? 

The one talking just now was a woman around her forties with a gentle face and gracefulness. 

Her attire is also peculiar, giving me the feeling she is from the clergy like a sister or something. 

If she had been 10…no, 5 years younger, she might have entered my strike zone. Wait, she may still be. 

After a while of being observed, the two exchange a few words. 

It doesn’t feel too tense, but it must be a wild conversation, the tone of the sister has changed into a baffled one. 

She then walked over here with a sigh, and placed a hand on my forehead. 

“Uhm, what’s beginning here?” 

Right after I asked this, the inside of my head turned pure white. 


The young man jumped up after I poked his head, and he was looking over here while holding his head. 

I am also observing him here, but his attire really is unusual. 

His black hair, black eyes, and also his outfit. 

He must have recognized his situation here after seeing my sword and armor, he for some reason gave me a composed smile. 

Now then, he doesn’t look ferocious. I was wary when I was told he was a demon, but no matter how I look at him, he is a human. 

Is it true that words can’t get through him? 

“So, what’s your name?” (Ilias)

When I asked him this, he made a really sad face, and…

“———, —–.” 

The young man spoke unknown words fluently. 

These certainly are words I have not heard before. 

It doesn’t sound like he is speaking random words, but I don’t remember hearing this language in this continent. 

There’s demi-humans who wouldn’t use the common language. 

It is not like I know them all, but it is pretty different from the ones I know. 

The young man continued stringing words, but I don’t get what he is saying at all.

“What should we do here?” 

“I doubt he has bad intentions, but we can’t even communicate here.” (Ilias)

I understand how the jailer feels. It is difficult to decide what to do with him.

Our nation would accept travelers as long as there’s not some outstanding issues, but this is exactly that.

We can’t just throw him out into a forest where bandits lurk around or accept him into our nation. 

‘If only we could communicate’ -is what I thought, and then I remembered the face of the woman in the same profession as my mother. 

“Communicate… There might be a method. Can you entrust him to me?” (Ilias)

The jailer made a face as if saying he wants me to do something about him already, and agreed.

Now then, I need to carry this young man to the church, but he might stand out if I were to bring him along in the city. 

It would be troubling if he were to make a ruckus. It would be troubling if he were to learn the streets and run away. 

And so, I cover both the eyes and mouth of the young man, and put him in a bag. 

He nodded when I gestured him to stay still, so I finished preparations promptly. 

“Hey, don’t move. It is hard to put you in like this.” (Ilias)

He went silent when I poked him with the scabbard lightly, so it seems like we can understand each other to a certain degree. The jailer was speechless here, but it can’t be helped. I thought this method would be the quickest one. 

“Alright, let’s go.” (Ilias)

“H-Have a safe trip.” 

I lifted up the young man and headed to the church. 

When I arrived at the church and opened the door, Maya welcomed me. 

“Oh my, it is rare for you to come at this time. What is that? It is pretty big for a food donation.” (Maya)

“If this were food, no people would be coming to the church. I am borrowing a chair.” (Ilias)

I opened the bag, made him sit on the chair, and undo his restraints. 

“I can’t believe you kidnapped a man just because you didn’t have anyone to marry you…” (Maya)

“Wrong! He was arrested at the gates, but he seems to be speaking in a different language from ours.” (Ilias)

“Now that you mention it, he is wearing a weird outfit. Is he a demon…doesn’t seem to be the case. His internal structure is exactly that of a human.” (Maya)

Maya is a cleric. Her occupation is to offer prayers to God, heal the wounds of the people, undo the curses that are born, and destroy evil. 

Being able to tell whether someone is a human or not just from inspection is proof of how skilled she is in her profession.

“Oh my, this boy has eaten a rye fruit. Those are sour~.” 

“*Cough*. And so, can you use the same spell you showed me before on him?” (Ilias)

“Eh, that one? You are referring to the one used to manage livestock, right?” (Maya)

“I think it might work.” (Ilias)

“That’s…well, let’s just try it out.” (Maya)

Maya placed a hand on the young man’s head and the man muttered something, but the spell of Maya activated before I could hear it. 

“Oh, did it fail?” (Maya)

“Eeh…” (Ilias)


I wonder how many times I have woken up now. I haven’t had decent awakenings as of recent. I am beginning to miss my futon and pillow in my original world. 

“Oi, are you awake now? Can you talk?” 

I hear a voice. My vision grew clearer and I looked in the direction where the voice came from. 

At that place, there was the gori—knight speaking to me. 

“Y-yeah, somehow… Hm?” 

Did this person speak in Japanese just now?

“Looks like it worked properly.” 

Ah, the sister deeper in too. 

“You could speak Japanese?” 

“Japanese? Is that the language of your nation?” 


I think and then I notice. 

We understand each other now by some sort of method. 

But how? Well, there’s no point thinking about it. Since I’ve got the chance here, let’s ask questions. 

“I want to know why we can understand each other now.” 

“It is a method that doesn’t have a name though. We have the target be possessed by a Spirit temporarily, insert the common language in the consciousness of the target, and have their speech translated into common language. It does the same when on the receiving end, matching the words with the consciousness of the target.” 

Spirit…possession…it is spoken as if natural, but it seems like the time to touch on magic has come, huh.

“I see, like the konjac of a certain robot, huh.” <TL: Doraemon reference. It is a translation tool.>

“What’s that?” 

It seems like it was a wonderful event where I was casted the most sought for spell in an isekai transfer. 

The top of my to-do list was to learn the words of this world after all, so being able to skip that one is a real blessing. A half-year shortcut. 

Well, it was the result of being pickled up, so there’s not much romance to it though. 

“It is normally something you use on livestock to ask about the reason for their sickness though.” 

“I would have preferred if you said it was to play around with animals and birds or something…” 

There was no romance.

“There was that option.” 

“Maya, I would like to talk already. Is that okay?”

The knight cut into our conversation. Now that she mentions it, I was brought here to have a talk with her. 

“Things will proceed faster now that we understand each other. I have made preparations to answer what you ask honestly.” 

“I-I see.” 

“But there’s a lot of things I myself don’t understand, so you might end up questioning the credibility of it though. Can I speak truthfully despite that?” 

“It is okay. I am good at seeing through lies.” (Maya)

The sister called Maya said smugly. Being able to see through lies is so cool! I would like that power! 

“It is so convenient it is moving. Can I hug you?” 

“Oh my, you must not tease this old lady.” (Maya)

“…Aah, can we have a talk already? Maya, please be quiet, okay?” 

And then, I explained.

“Actually, I came from a different world. Name is…” 

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