LS – Chapter 304: As such, breakthrough

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“I got confirmation from Ukka-sama! It really was something stolen from the Grand Church of Mejis, Counselor-sama!” (Rakura)

We got confirmation from the report of Rakura.

What Chisante had within the things he was hiding was a communication crystal that’s a secret technique of the Yugura Church.

We have been using it like normal when contacting the kings of the countries, but this crystal is originally managed extremely strictly.

In this world where there’s no telephones, this item that can make voice calls is something that allows for an overwhelming advantage in an information battle.

“Rakura-dono normally has this, so the impression that it was a valuable item slipped off my mind.” (Mix)

“You are so cruel, Mix-chan… It has also been confirmed that it is the same as the one confiscated from the hideout of Ritial-san and his group!” (Rakura)

The Mejis anbus that were sent to Taizu were also using a communication crystal to contact Raheight.

There’s no doubt the place where they were stored was at their mercy.

There were several passed to Nektohal’s group when he came and went from Mejis, and a number of them must have been used in their trades with Chisante.

Classified information from a neighboring country they are in sour terms with. It is information that royalty would drool for.

It is also an item that would help greatly in the smuggling of drugs, so it is highly possible he was actually putting it to use.

“It would be better to assume that the remaining crystals are in possession of the subordinates of Chisante concealed in several places. It is okay to leave the search for them to Mejis, right?”

“Yes, Ukka-sama has told me that that will be the case.” (Rakura)

Mejis would most likely want to solve the problems in their own country by their own strength.

It is also possible that they don’t want to be too indebted to us.

With how things are, they probably have some secret tool to search for those crystals. Let’s not touch that topic.

“By the way, Mister Friend, are you alright now after the paralyzing poison?” (Mix)

“I am still feeling a bit stiff, but there’s no issues. I am also drinking the medicine I got later, so it should be alright.”

“That’s great to hear. I would feel guilty if permanent damage was caused from my poison!” (Mix)

I drank it of my own will, so you wouldn’t be responsible for anything. On the contrary, you should be proud of your skills for being able to mix your own antidotes.”

“…Uhm, Counselor-sama?” (Rakura)

Rakura hesitantly raised her hand.

I know what she wants to say. Mix must be thinking the same judging from that gaze she has been giving me for a while now.

“I don’t plan on returning for a while more. This is a personal issue of mine.”

Now that I have drawn out me, all the experiences of me will be shared with all the standings.

In that case, me will also be assailed by nightmares.

Then, I might as well just spend my days with those traumatic experiences as me for a while until I get used to them.

I gave a simple explanation regarding this at the time when I switched.

A few days have gone by since then. They must be curious about when I will return.

“I see… It is hard to hang out with the current Counselor-sama since I am scared of what would happen later…” (Rakura)

“I feel like you will be fine if you can say that in my face though…”

Everyone is finding it somewhat hard to interact with me, but I feel like their distance towards me is awfully closer compared to before.

I can comprehend that this is because the distance in their hearts towards me has grown closer, but it feels off since it wasn’t experienced by me.

But this might not be bad.

The more this resembles split personality, the easier it will be to isolate the experiences of me in an objective manner.

That said, it is not like I have actual experience, so I don’t know whether I can have a split personality disorder with mental training.

“But we now know who was the ally of Raheight. Is it fine to assume that you are done with your business in Serende?” (Ilias)

“I wonder about that.”

It is not like I want to worry Ilias, but it is not like this is a situation where I can say everything has been solved and we can relax.

There’s a number of points that bother me.

“…What do you mean by that?” (Ilias)

“There was proof that there was an exchange with Raheight and Chisante, but the whole picture of it hasn’t been revealed. I think there’s still information that can be squeezed out from Chisante.”

I understand how greedy Chisante is.

There’s no doubt he would accept deals with a super suspicious individual like Raheight.

But the details of the deal are not clicking.

The communication crystal and the information of the ruins; it is hard to compare the worth between physical goods and information, but it feels off as a trade between Raheight and Chisante.

“Meaning that there might be other dangerous stuff being traded?” (Ilias)

“There’s apparently no such thing within the things in the vicinity of Chisante though.”

The person in question has been seized.

Chisante won’t be able to take any actions carelessly as royalty who has committed crimes. Then, we should consider other possibilities and make preparations to deal with them.

I was thinking this and Dyuvuleori showed up.

“Human, the aforementioned man has come. The knight called Murshto. I had him wait in the guest room.” (Dyuvuleori)

“Got it. I will head there at once.”

I head to the guest room with Ilias and Wolfe.

Murshto was there waiting happily while humming.

He noticed me and tilted his head a bit, but he soon made a face as if he understood.

“I see, I see. So that’s how you have been switching. But are you okay? It seems like it is pretty taxing on you though.” (Murshto)

“I moved with the intention of this being better than getting shaved down slowly. I can take it easy afterwards anyways.”

“Really? Have you been sleeping well?” (Murshto)

Murshto walked this way and peeked at my face closely.

It feels like his gaze is slightly deviated…no, he probably has really switched what he is looking at.

When he looks at someone, he would look at them as if they were a painting.

But he is currently observing me like a normal person.

“I was prepared for a bit of insomnia. I have a lot going on on my side after all.”

“So it seems. I don’t know the details, but I can tell from feel. Whoop.” (Murshto)

Murshto sat on the sofa and slapped the seat next to him a number of times.

I would like to sit on the opposite side if possible, but there’s no reason to refuse, so I sit on that spot.

I am a bit jealous of Murshto for being able to make a happy face with just that.

“You are going to be returning to Taizu soon, right? I will be lonely.” (Murshto)

“I will come hang out again. I am sure Washekt will also invite me.”

“By the way, if you wish to, I will come with you… What would you do if I said that?” (Murshto)

I am sure Ilias and Wolfe are not the only ones who reacted to those words. But I shook my head to the sides.

“You wouldn’t do that. As long as Hilmera is a princess, you will be acting as her knight. I doubt someone stubborn like you would bend at my words or my words.”

The charm of Murshto lies in the earnestness of his emotions.

Just like how I have a favorable opinion of Ilias’s earnestness as a knight, I end up feeling pure admiration towards the earnestness in Murshto’s feelings.

He has decided to definitely repay Hilmera for picking him up.

There’s no pride of a knight in that. It is a purity that respects his connections as a person like it is natural.

“…I am so happy. To think you would comprehend me to this degree. Both of the yous are looking at me well.” (Murshto)

“My evaluation of you won’t change even if my standing is different.”

“If going around ruins is not enough, I will guide you to a spot that has a good view. I would wander around Serende when I have the time despite appearances.” (Murshto)

“Yeah, I would like you to show me the scenery you like the next time we meet.”

We had harmless talk for a while and Murshto left with a satisfied expression.

That must have been the best attempt at a farewell for him.

Depending on the person, Murshto might look like he is crazy.

It is because people are creatures that can change their decisions depending on the factors presented.

Even someone who doesn’t fake himself would sometimes be beyond the realm of understanding. But he didn’t fake himself towards me or me, and faced me with purity. I wouldn’t be able to hate this man.

The sadness about the matter of Toppara has been transmitted to me too.

Even if so, it is not like everything I got from Serende was bad.


It is not rare for Father to call me.

It is only at the times when he calls me as a princess and has to tell me something as a king after all.

He hasn’t done anything for me purely as a father, but I have no intention of feeling dissatisfaction towards that.

On the contrary, if he had done something like that, I would have already been gone from this world.

If Father were to have an eye on me, the others might see it as the possibility of me being the next to the throne after all.

“…Looks like everyone is gathered.”

I don’t see Chisante and Yumis here.

The only ones that were called here were me, Washekt-oniisama, and Nuphsa.

His words meant that those two have dropped out, and it made me feel really good.

“Excuse me, Father, if it is about the matter of Chisante-niisan and Yumis-neesan, it is still…”

“It is not about that matter today. It is to tell you about who will be the next one to the throne of Serende.”

The straightforward words of Father that went right into the main topic made us gulp our words.

The talk about the next to the throne is obviously more important than the disgrace of the royal family.

“There would be no point in saying this at this point if you are my children, but…I shall be talking in the same way as the previous king did. What’s demanded for the next ruler of Serende is the power to protect the country and its people. They need the ability to survive even when exposing their bodies to unreasonable evil.”

This fight for the throne is like training in order to protect the country as their king.

The mothers of everyone here have lost their lives in the stage that this person has prepared, and yet, Father is saying that there’s a reason for this Serende to go that far.

I can’t mock him as just a madman.

I have been taught the difficulty to lead people and to maintain the prosperity of the country, so I understand the worth of this competition.

“Chisante and Yumis decided to obtain inhumane strength. I have no intention to just call that foolish. But the ones who have exposed their inhumane self have no right to become rulers… Nuphsa.”

“Yes, what may it be?” (Nuphsa)

“You have been acting in a way that doesn’t aim to become a king yourself. You worked for the sake of the country and made it so that you can offer your future to the country no matter who became the king. You originally thought the one who would be ruling this country would be either Chisante or Yumis. Am I right?”

“…That’s right.” (Nuphsa)

“Then, why did you set a trap in the ceremony hall?”


That’s right. This is the secret of Nuphsa.

This man had no intention of becoming a pawn for the sake of this country from the very beginning.

He accepted all kinds of odd jobs, and advertised himself as a useful pawn all for the sake of surviving.

The ceremony hall that’s under the management of Father is where the throne inheritance ceremony would take place.

This man was trying to turn that place into an execution ground.

When that trap activates, the ceremony hall would collapse, and all the people there would fall victim to the rubble.

I noticed this when Washekt-oniisama was having a harmless talk with me about the ceremony hall.

The ceremony hall uses an altar excavated from ruins, and Onii-sama has given me lectures that span several hours with his unlimited passion towards ruins.

I remembered that time when I passed near that place and, on a whim, infiltrated the ceremony hall which forbids entrance.

That’s when I noticed there were discrepancies with the altar at that time and the details Onii-sama told me about.

It is impossible for Onii-sama to teach me wrong knowledge.

That’s why I secretly investigated this and managed to learn about the trap that was set in the ceremony hall.

“You were setting it up little by little in the examination that happens a few times every year. You made preparations without letting the surroundings suspect you. It hasn’t been made public, but it is your doing, right?”

“…Yes, there’s no mistake in that.” (Nuphsa)

I am surprised he admitted it easily, but he simply decided to not struggle pointlessly after judging that it wasn’t possible to hide things from Father. I don’t feel that’s unsightly at all.

“Now that it has come to this, I have no choice but to choose someone who has been doing their best for the sake of the country like you even if they are a bit below you, rather than you who plotted to assassinate me… Washekt, I plan on choosing you as the next king of Serende.”

I desperately try to endure a smile on my face.

But there’s nothing happier than this.

My Onii-sama will become the king of this country.

He will obtain this whole country.

That has been fulfilled right in front of my eyes!

What should I say to congratulate him? I am so so sure Onii-sama would be happy with any words, but there’s so many I don’t know which ones to choose.

Maybe I should just turn it into a song? It might be a bit embarrassing, but I am sure it will be something that will remain in the heart of Onii—

“…Father, I am thinking of withdrawing.” (Washekt)


My excitement grew cold in an instant before I could understand the meaning of his words.

What did Onii-sama say just now?

Withdraw…? Why? Why would you do something like that?

“Speak your reason.”

“About the matter of the trap set in the ceremony hall, it was something that Nuphsa-niisan and I planned, thinking that it would kill Chisante-niisan, Yumis-neesan, and you -Father. If Nuphsa-niisan will lose his right to the throne for this matter, I also don’t have the right for it.” (Washekt)

There’s no way.

There’s no way Washekt-oniisama would join hands with Nuphsa.

The mother of Washekt-oniisama died because of Nuphsa, and that broke Washekt-oniisama’s heart.

Washekt-oniisama knew that Nuphsa was an enemy. He investigated it.

There’s no way he would do something as stupid as cooperating with the person who killed his important person!

“You did that…as atonement?”

“That’s right. My mother was killed and I was hanging my head in sadness. I thought I would be able to escape from this fighting by doing that. The only thing in my mind was that I didn’t want to get involved in this anymore. But I am still a prince, so reality pushed an even crueler result onto me.” (Washekt)

No way, Onii-sama.

That’s not it. That wasn’t your fault.

I know everything, so I don’t begrudge you.

“…Rosa, huh.”

Rosa Serende. The name of the one that gave birth to me.

She was a kind mother that loved me, but she hated Father. Father, who set up her own husband to be a criminal and executed him.

That’s why Mother tried to have me take the throne.

And so, she tried to assassinate Washekt-oniisama who had the most openings after just losing his mother and…destroyed herself.

She invited Onii-sama and tried to stab him to death with her own hands, but it was witnessed by a maid who was passing by by coincidence, and ended up attacking the maid in a panic.

And then, the knife she prepared herself ended up stabbing her own throat in that scuffle…

I of course investigated this thoroughly.

I pinpointed the location of the maid that had already quit, using brainwashing magic, and had her spit out the truth of everything.

I was sad, but I had given up, thinking that there was no one to blame for.

But Washekt-oniisama apologized, saying it was his own fault.

Even though she attempted to murder him, he said that he killed her with a face on the verge of tears.

“Even when I denied that I am a prince, the people around didn’t accept it. This cycle of hatred will continue just from me being alive. That’s why I decided to move in order to make Nuphsa-niisan the next king. The person I judged should become the king.”

That’s not true!

There’s no one within the royal family that’s more suitable to be king than Washekt-oniisama!

“Why did you think Nuphsa was the most suitable to be king?”

“There’s no need to even think about it. Within this unsightly fighting, the only one who thought about the future of this country was Nuphsa-niisan. I would rather think only about ruins and my little sister over the future of this country.” (Washekt)

Washekt-oniisama smiled silently.

It is the smile from the bottom of his heart that he shows when we are alone.

“…Fine. Then, Nuphsa, you shall be the next king.”

“Understood. Then…” (Nuphsa)

Nuphsa said something, but the details of it didn’t enter my ears at all.

I have been working hard for the sake of Onii-sama alone, to bring back what he lost… I thought a whole ton, thought, and reached all the way here, and yet…

By the time I noticed, I was in a daze in my own room.

I don’t even remember how I walked my way back here.

I must have fallen at some point in time, my knees were a bit scraped.

“Why…? Why…Onii-sama?” (Hilmera)

If Washekt-oniisama became the king, I am sure this country would become a wonderful one.

It is because I was certain of this that I got all the way here without hesitation.

I would eliminate the ones who would become hindrances to Onii-sama, would scheme to get in the way of the other siblings, and everything went well, and yet…

I remember the face of Onii-sama.

Would I be able to think of words that could change the feelings of Onii-sama who spoke from the bottom of his heart?

I am sure it would be impossible.

For Onii-sama, I am just the little sister that he must protect.

Even if my words reached him, I am sure he would simply comfort me with kind words.

But that’s not enough. There’s no point in that.

I want Onii-sama to obtain everything after all.

“…I see. Right.” (Hilmera)

I don’t know if it is because of the royal blood inside of me, but I soon thought of what I can do at times like this.

I am a bit disgusted, but I don’t care right now.

I have thought of what I should do, so I just have to do it.

It has gone well until now, so I am sure I will be able to do it.

“Then, I just have to give it to Onii-sama directly.” (Hilmera)

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