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I finished warning Gestaf through Haakudoku, but I doubt a man who is trying to topple a country will buckle with just a threat. 

But they will most likely move exactly as I predict. And so, I decided to make Ekdoik and Girista keep an eye on what they are doing. 

Also, I have told Girista to refrain from battling for the near future. 

I had Rakura and Mix continue investigating Morgana as they were. 

I was thinking about sending Purple to Taizu, but she was persistent about staying, so she is staying together with Dyuvuleori. 

“Also, let’s proceed with clearing Shunait.” 

“Yeaaah!” (Wolfe)

“…You are the only one who is affiliated with Shunait. Also, if Gestaf learns about you, the other guilds will learn of you too, right?” (Ilias)

“I see. It is true that Wolfe is a member of Riodo, and Gestaf himself has seen my appearance. If he has a bit of an information network, he can learn about the matter of Blue and Purple, which would increase their guard. That’s what you are trying to say, right?” 

“That’s right. Wolfe stood out to a decent degree when joining Riodo, and it is not like I am completely unknown in Kuama. In the first place, my face has been seen by Haakudoku.” (Ilias)

“Don’t worry. There’s no issues as long as we don’t stand out.” 

“We are a group of 3 whose appearance stands out though…” (Ilias)

A few minutes later, Wolfe with light brown hair showed up together with Ilias who was wearing adventurer attire. 

We used the pigment change spell that Nora developed in Taizu to change their hair and eye colors.

Wolfe’s white fur stood out and Ilias’s knight armor stood out. 

In that case, we just have to change that. 

I wear a scarf that covers the mouth to hide my face, and by changing my hairstyle, I should be able to deceive even acquaintances.

Fortunately, the long hair of these two gives a strong impression, so this is a pretty fresh feel. 

Of course, for me, I had Wolfe change my hair to blonde and my eyes to blue. 

My appearance is completely that of a mob character. I am scared of how perfectly safe I am.

“You feel so much like a civilian it is scary. But why even me…?” (Ilias)

“You need to disguise yourself if you are going to be acting with me as my bodyguard, right? Also, drop your posture a bit more; your stiffness as a knight is showing.” 

“L-Like this?” (Ilias)

Ilias said this as she bends her waist and knees from her upright posture. 

“You look more like a drunkard who can’t stand straight like that. Looks like you need an acting lesson later. As for Wolfe, it may be suffocating, but please do your best to restrain your internal mana so that you look as much of a normal person as possible.” 

“Understood!” (Wolfe)

“Oh my, that’s a nostalgic look? It reminds me of the time when I met you, you know?” (Purple)

“And that’s a pretty rare appearance from you.” 

Purple showed up in an apron… A dress with an apron. 

She would be way too bored without anything to do in the base, so she accepted to cook the meals. 

Dyuvuleori is making a really complicated expression at the fact that his lord is working like a waitress, but the person herself wishes for it, so it can’t be helped.

“You 3 are like totally different people, you know? But I have a question. Is that okay?” (Purple)

“What is it?” 

“You look so much like a civilian, you don’t even look like an adventurer though?” (Purple)

Everyone nodded. 

My only traits that make me stand out -my black hair and black eyes- are gone, so you could say that’s natural. 

But that’s the point of this. 

“No issues. I will pass off as an intellectual.” 

“Intellectual…?” (Purple)

“Ooh, everyone is making a wondering face. Now now, just watch.” 

I grab some hair gel and comb my hair to the back, and then, wear the Superhuman Glasses that have no mana now. 

For the last touch, I take out a single book with a difficult-looking title, and fix my posture.

“Ooh, Shishou, you look intelligent!” (Wolfe)

“Right. You look a bit more intelligent, I guess?” (Purple)

I have obtained this type of acting proficiency in my daily life. It wasn’t just for show that I managed to fake my identity and sneak into a rich people’s party. 

“As if there’s an adventurer who would carry around a book.” (Ilias)

“I may have indeed overdone it with the book.” 

“Also, it is an appearance that looks as if you would become your other self.” (Ilias)

“Don’t worry, I am purposely talking more casually. If I am way too uptight, I would look capable after all. I will act as the easy to interact with guy.” 

“What kind of act is that…?” (Ilias)

And so, we ate the food Purple made and headed to the headquarters of Shunait. 

We arrived at the headquarters and spoke to the female receptionist. 

“Hello~, we have been entrusted with a letter from the Taizu branch!” 

“Oh, it is not the usual person. I would like to confirm the letter… Yes, it certainly does have the sign of the branch chief.” 

“I had business in Kuama, so we are doing this while here. We are close with the branch chief.” 

“So it seems. The referral also specifies to mediate requests for you.” 

“I am not that good with physical jobs, but you can leave the gruntwork to me!” 

“Let’s see… If we consider the introduction letter of the branch chief… Is there any requests you would like from the ones here?” 

The receptionist brings out several parchments and lines them up. 

There were many requests I was searching for lined up here. 

The good ones would be this and this… Let’s bring this one too just in case.

“Then, can we accept these 3?” 

“With this combination, it shouldn’t be a problem to run them concurrently. Do you want to accept a few more?” 

“No, no, I am in a position that can smoothly accept requests thanks to the introduction letter, so I will prioritize answering that arrangement!” 

“Understood. Then, your guild card—” 

I took on the requests and left the headquarters. 

Ilias and Wolfe were watching over this silently from behind, but they were making faces as if they didn’t understand at all what was happening here, so I showed them the requests I took.

“See. It is the perfect request to make contact with Robito. This one is to check the surroundings.” 

“O-Oooh?” (Wolfe)

“…How does that work?” (Ilias)

“Why do you think I have been doing miscellaneous work in Taizu? It was all for the sake of this.” 

I was moving with the premise that there were helpers of Raheight inside the guild, and the most natural way to make contact with the influential adventurers, central figures of the guild, and important clients is through requests.

Shunait is very welcoming of new adventurers, so requests with those kinds of special people are not posted in the public board. They are managed by the receptionists of the guild. 

About the way to show trust, it is rank in Morgana, but connections in the case of Shunait. 

I used the chief of the Taizu branch for this one. 

He is an extremely sincere person and has the motto of: ‘You must earnestly do everything that you are personally involved in’.

I have been cleaning the guild practically every day, and there were even times when strangers would think I am a janitor. 

By the way, I was wiping the floor at the day when I joined Shunait in Taizu. 

I would diligently do requests others normally wouldn’t take in order to keep the trust of Shunait. Requests that you would call menial work. 

That’s why I decided to start in a position where I only take miscellaneous work. 

I would happily take on those jobs regardless of how menial they were, and would earnestly complete them. 

And then, I would act as if I didn’t know he was the branch chief while he was passing by, and would help out in the cleaning. 

I continued acting in a way that would make it look like a young man that may be weak physically, but would do everything earnestly.

This is how I earned the trust of the branch chief, took on the request to transport a letter to Kuama, and obtained a referral letter. 

It would have been great if there were a request that would let me burrow into the lines of Robito, but it is truly lucky that there was a request from the person himself. 

By the way, it would sound bad if you were to call it using him, but it is an action that fits my nature to begin with. 

Even if this matter were to end, my relationship with the chief-san will most likely continue from here on. 

“As expected of Shishou!” (Wolfe)

“But there weren’t any requests that allowed contact with the guildmaster. Well, if we fulfill the requests that can make connections, we should be able to create opportunities to make contact with him.” 

“…So all of that was calculated?” (Ilias)

“Didn’t I say that it was all going according to plan and moving along smoothly?” 

But things will be getting serious from here on. My surroundings are filled with superhumans, so I have to shine in these areas or I wouldn’t be a good example. 

“Now then, let’s show you my true skills. Man, I am excited.” 

“Ilias, Shishou is making an evil face!” (Wolfe)

“Right. At times like this, he is normally scheming something improper.” (Ilias)

“The improper Shishou is also amazing!” (Wolfe)

Wolfe, that way of saying it stabs me, so let’s not say that anymore, okay? 


“So bored~.” 

“Don’t complain. Surveillance is also a legitimate job.” 

We are keeping surveillance at the side of Gestaf’s residence, but there’s no noteworthy movements. 

If not for the nature of our target, I would have sneaked in chains inside and listened in on their conversations, but as long as there’s the man called Haakudoku who excels in detection magic, you could say the safest method is to keep an eye on them from near the edge of the farsight magic. 

He managed to defeat Girista, so it should be safe to assume he has a decent degree of skills. 

As for the defeated Girista, she simply had slight damage on her viscera, and has already recovered to a degree where she can fight. 

“Ekdoik, your farsight magic’s range is higher than mine, so you can at least see something, but for me, the residence looks blurry, you know~?” (Girista)

“The reason why you are together with me is to double as keeping an eye on you, too. I was told that you may have lost, but you might end up challenging him again, so I should properly hold your reins.” (Ekdoik)

“As expected of Boss. He knows me well~.” (Girista)

“I don’t mind letting you do as you please as long as Comrade allows it, but if you do something that gets in the way of Comrade, I will show no mercy.” (Ekdoik)

“I know. I wouldn’t want to have a fight to the death with you~. Getting killed like Pashuro is a bit…you know~.” (Girista)

“I feel thorns in the way you are saying it.” (Ekdoik)

“Obviously. Pashuro was a whimsical man with strong self-ambitions. He even hung out with a dangerous adventurer like me.” (Girista)

It is because Comrade judged Pashuro as solely an enemy that he used me to eliminate Pashuro.

But I have spoken with Pashuro to a certain degree before.

At the time when I was caught in my desire for vengeance against Rakura and the Great Devils, the only ones who teamed up with me were people like Pashuro and Girista.

“Right. But if I were asked whether I regret it, I would say no.” (Ekdoik)

“I also don’t regret it, you know~? If anything, it would be for lingering attachment. It was pretty fun to just talk with Pashuro and take it easy~.” (Girista)

“Right, I didn’t speak at that time, so your only talking partner was Pashuro.” (Ekdoik)

“Yeah, yeah. That’s why, shouldn’t it be fine for you to become my talking partner, too~?” (Girista)

“…Okay. I will talk with you to a degree that doesn’t hamper the surveillance.” (Ekdoik)

It wouldn’t be good to have Girista hold dissatisfactions when she doesn’t feel that indebted to Comrade. 

There’s no need to go out of our way to create enemies. If things can progress peacefully by being flexible, I shouldn’t try to get away just because it is a bit of a hassle.

“So, what do you think of the Blue Demon Lord, Ekdoik~?” (Girista)

“What a sudden question… She has been living life without creating any worth in it. Seeing her wishing for death was something I couldn’t forgive. That’s why I wanted to give her an opportunity to find that worth. That’s all.” (Ekdoik)

“That’s more of an explanation. Don’t you have a more relationship kind of response~?” (Girista)

“Even if you ask about our relationship… Now that we are demon and Demon Lord, we are in a relationship where I can’t go against her anymore. I have accepted this as the payment for fulfilling my selfishness.” (Ekdoik)

“Hmm, looks like the Blue Demon Lord has her work cut out for her~…” (Girista)

“What do you mean by that?” (Ekdoik)

“Cause you know, have you done anything for her despite saying all that?” (Girista)

“I am busy helping Comrade after all, so I haven’t done anything worthy of mention.” (Ekdoik)

“I am sure the discontent is accumulating, you know~?” (Girista)

Discontent… It is true that she might not see it nicely that I am putting her aside despite having pushed my demand. 

But I have my matter with Comrade. Shouldn’t I prioritize the person with the time limit? 

“I want to be of help to Comrade. But it is not like I don’t understand that I am bringing discontent to the Blue Demon Lord. What should I do?” (Ekdoik)

“I think she already knows you are a dutiful man, so isn’t it okay to begin from the simple things~?” (Girista)

“Simple things?” (Ekdoik)

“How about praising her looks for now~?” (Girista)

Praise her appearance? Are you telling me her discontent will be cleared with something like that?

It is the opposite of mocking, so I doubt it would increase her discontent, but…

The Blue Demon Lord doesn’t look bad. Even if it is not flattery, I would simply be praising the obvious.

…No, that’s why Girista said it should be okay to begin with the simple stuff. 

I haven’t done the small things like praising her, so she is basically telling me to at least do something for now. 

“I see. That was eye-opening.” (Ekdoik)

“Oh my, so accepting~.” (Girista)

“You have a lot more experience when it comes to mingling with others. If you are giving me advice for my sake, I should believe you.” (Ekdoik)

“That feels a bit off, but…that’s nice in its own way I guess~. I would like to meet a wonderful man too~.” (Girista)

“Might as well ask while we are on the topic, but what kind of man do you consider a ‘wonderful man’? It is not the type like Comrade, right?” (Ekdoik)

“I like Boss as a person, but he is way too feeble as a man. The man from before was also lacking a bi~t in the hot-blooded department~.” (Girista)

“I see. So I just have to think he would be in the same vein as you.” (Ekdoik)

Even if Girista were to meet a man like that, it would just devolve into a battle to the death. Would gender even matter at that point? 

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