LS – Chapter 288: As such, feigned illness

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Mister Friend shared with us what happened in his conversation with Prince Nuphsa once he returned to the residence.

You could say there wasn’t much of a result judging purely from the contents, but I can tell that it was fruitful enough to learn that the secret technique of the Yugura Church doesn’t work in the surroundings of the Serende royalty.

“And so, the next move would be to go to the place of the other royalty?” (Mix)

“No, there were a number of things that bothered me within the warning of Nuphsa. We need to wait for Ekdoik and the others to come back before beginning an investigation on this country as a whole.”

The choices of Mister Friend always look roundabout. There’s a lot of necessary information, so I don’t plan on saying anything here, but…what we have to investigate is whether they had involvement with a demon.

Shouldn’t we refrain from doing actions that would draw us closer to the secrets of Serende’s royal family?

“Then, what was your impression of Prince Nuphsa?” (Mix)

“I think he is pretty sharp. If we are talking solely about how fast his brain processes things, he would be on the same level as Marito.”

“What?!” (Mix)

Mister Friend evaluates Ani-sama as a friend over a king. There’s no doubt if Mister Friend is the one saying this, but…someone like that is seriously hiding his real self and hiding secrets.

No normal amount of effort will be enough to uncover it.

“He didn’t look like he was on the same level as His Majesty though. He was intelligent, but I felt like he was missing a lot of things, you know?” (Ilias)

“Sincerity and pride is something that knights like you value highly, Ilias. It is like adding a lot of sarcasm between me and Marito.”

“Aah, it did feel that way. The look in his eyes was just as bad as Counselor-sama.” (Rakura)

“No booze for you today, Rakura.”

“So cruel!” (Rakura)

Did Mister Friend choose Prince Nuphsa because he felt he was similar to him?

Mister Friend is a warped mirror. He is someone who can change even his way of being in accordance to the way of being of others.

What would he become if he is facing someone that’s similar to himself?

“Oh, it looks like the talk is over! Did you have a fruitful time with Nuphsa-niisan? Dahaha!”

“…Prince Chisante.”

I did notice the approach of someone since a while ago, but the 2nd prince is showing up here, huh.

This is the place you come to in order to communicate with Prince Nuphsa, so it is not like there’s no chance the other royalty will show up though…

“No need to distrust me so much. Nuphsa-niisan looks after me every day, so I come here every now and then to bring stuff like fruits as a gift. That person never eats the cooking of someone else after all! Dahaha!” (Chisante)

“It was questionable whether he would even eat the fruits that someone brought.”

“Dahaha! Right! But the scent of fruits should tickle his appetite more than the scent of flowers! These fruits are from a good place, you know!” (Chisante)

Prince Chisante brings out a fruit from the basket and tried to peel it.

But he must have exerted too much strength, the fruits easily broke within his hand.

“…Dahaha! I really am no good at eating with my hands! I am no good at holding back my strength. I even need specially made writing brushes or I end up breaking them. Want one?!” (Chisante)

“No, thanks. I have been given enough fruits to open a store.”

“Aah, that’s true! But you look extremely weak. I might break your spine if I were to hug you by reflex! Dahaha!” (Chisante)

Prince Chisante stretches his hands to the sides and the assistants by his side wipe them clean.

I was thinking of them as bodyguards, but they are acting like emotionless decorations.

That may be the ideal figure of a subordinate, but being emotionless to this degree feels creepy instead.

“Was that a threat?”

“I am the type that speaks my mind. You are the one that decides how to take it. Dahaha!” (Chisante)

Prince Chisante smacked Mister Friend’s shoulder and headed to the residence of Prince Nuphsa.

The way he smacked looked like he had no restraint. Even I smack him with a bit more love.

“Are you okay, Mister Friend?” (Mix)

“That was painful. What an easy to tell warning. But the way he acted felt like he knew the degree of my conversation with Prince Nuphsa. He is not just a plain muscle-brain.”

“Even our muscle-head, Ilias-san, doesn’t smack people without restraint like that.” (Rakura)

“True. Wait. Oi, Rakura.” (Ilias)

I was about to tease her with that, but Lady Ratzel takes a step back when it is with me.

I may have abandoned my social position, but it doesn’t change the fact that I am from a royal lineage, so it can’t be helped…but it is still a bit sad.

“…Shishou, maybe we should stop?” (Wolfe)

“Why did you bring that all of a sudden, Wolfe?”

“You are in a more bad mood than usual, Shishou. You are pushing yourself.” (Wolfe)

Wolfe-chan has been very worried about Mister Friend since the banquet.

It is not like I haven’t noticed the change of Mister Friend at all as someone who also treasures him.

Judging from how he refers to himself, there’s no doubt his way of being is the one of when he is with us.

But there are times when the atmosphere I feel would make me think of before.

Mister Friend said that he can’t use his me way of being as of present.

He said he had no choice but to seal it in order to not bring back the memories of the time when he was caught by Seraes and tortured.

“I am not self-aware though. But I am probably affected in some way if it does look like that.”

“Then—” (Wolfe)

“It is okay. I have had my fair share of failures because of many rough factors in my past. But I have Wolfe and the others now. It is because I have reliable comrades that I can face forward like this.”

Mister Friend gives a light headpat to Wolfe-chan and walks ahead.

I feel like he pushed away the topic with an ‘It is okay’.

Lady Ratzel looked at the state of Wolfe-chan for a bit, but went to the side of Mister Friend soon after.

We also follow after him, but Wolfe-chan and Rakura-dono are taking a bit of distance.

Rakura-dono is someone who can show consideration despite everything said. It seems like she is trying to listen to what Wolfe-chan wants to say.

“…Even though it is not good.” (Wolfe)

“What’s not good, Wolfe-chan?” (Rakura)

“Shishou has to live more peacefully. Shishou has been worn out from the very beginning…” (Wolfe)

I was thinking about moving to the side of Mister Friend, but I was curious about what Wolfe-chan said and unconsciously slowed down.

“Counselor-sama is wild, but worn out is…” (Rakura)

“…Wolfe’s heart was worn to tatters in that village. Shishou comprehended my position in an instant and cried for me.” (Wolfe)

“So it seems. But doesn’t he comprehend the feelings of anyone?” (Rakura)

“…Shishou can comprehend a lot of things, but he only shows emotion when he empathizes. Shishou comprehended my heart and managed to cry.” (Wolfe)

Aah, that’s what it is.

I now understand clearly after Wolfe-chan put it into words.

When Mister Friend did his Comprehension, he did say once: “I may comprehend, but I should not empathize”.

It is so that he doesn’t empathize with the enemy no matter what story lies behind them.

But Mister Friend has a past of his own and emotions, so there will be times when he would empathize with the person he comprehends.

Mister Friend has had bitter experiences with people before coming to this world.

It is because the heart of Mister Friend was worn down that he managed to empathize with the tragic environment of Wolfe-chan by just comprehending her.

The Mister Friend we met in Torin that called himself with me ** was basically created because of his worn down heart.

Even if so, Mister Friend has kept his involvement with people to the bare minimum because that wasn’t good…


“Wolfe was scared of all the people in that village. I am still a bit scared even after becoming strong. The scenery Shishou sees hasn’t changed since long before.” (Wolfe)

Mister Friend has a cowardly personality, but he can get heated and can act courageously.

We have seen that figure of his, but…it is true that I also feel like we have seen that side way too much.

Would a truly cowardly person act courageously over and over and be okay?

“Hmm, that’s true. Counselor-sama is way too good at looking after others. It may be weird coming from me who is pampered a lot by him, but I would like him to pamper me while being more self-centered.” (Rakura)

“Yeah… Wolfe is fine with pampering him as much as he wants though…” (Wolfe)

“Well, it is difficult to stop him unless you are someone like Ilias-san who is strength incarnate. We have no choice but to do our best to make things easier for Counselor-sama.” (Rakura)

Ooh, that Rakura-dono is saying we have no choice but to do our best?!

That’s a positive statement that would make Ekdoik-dono pump his fist if he were to hear it!

…But that’s true.

It is not that easy to stop Mister Friend who is working hard for the sake of others.

My heart was stolen by that sight of his after all.

“I think you are impressive, Rakura. Even though you are asking to be pampered by Shishou the whole time, Shishou would immediately relax when by your side.” (Wolfe)

“I can say with confidence that I have the talent to get pampered after all!” (Rakura)

“Yeah, I think you are a genius at slacking off.” (Wolfe)

“Hmm, those words stab my heart.” (Rakura)

“…But I am glad you are here… Mgh.” (Wolfe)

It seems like Rakura-dono hugged Wolfe-chan.

I shouldn’t listen-in any further. Let’s think about what I can do in my own way.


“Murshto, Murshto, are you awake?”

A nice tune rang nicely in my ears.

It wouldn’t go that way if it were the voice of the other royals.

This is a good way to wake up to a degree where I can say with certainty that I am more blessed than the subordinates of the other royalty.

“Yeah, I was taking a nap, but I can wake up immediately with your voice.” (Murshto)

Getting up suddenly could make me feel like I feel bad for that day, so I properly answer her with just my voice, and slowly stretch my body as if loosening it up.

I opened my eyes and put back the sword that was by my side to my waist.

Hilmera-sama must understand that I am currently changing my clothes here, so she isn’t hurrying me.

Well, Washekt-sama told her that impatient women are hated by gentlemen, so that’s probably the biggest reason though.

Once I opened the door to Hilmera-sama’s room, there was Hilmera-sama on top of her bed like usual, surrounded by countless stone statues.

I often think Washekt-sama should order for plushies that are a bit more comfortable to sit with as presents.

“Is something the matter?” (Murshto)

“Oh, I can’t call you if there’s nothing?” (Hilmera)

“You can. I will have the displeasure of having my sleep time pointlessly taken away though.” (Murshto)

“Bully.” (Hilmera)

She threw a pillow at me, so I caught it with my face and returned it to where it was.

I think she will eventually throw me a statue, but it seems that day is not today.

“So, are you going out?” (Murshto)

“No. I want you to run a bit of an errand for me. I want you to investigate the state of Envoy-sama.” (Hilmera)

“By Envoy-sama, do you mean the resident of Yugura’s planet? What brings this?” (Murshto)

“I got a report that he went to the place of Nuphsa.” (Hilmera)

“Hilmera-sama, Hilmera-sama, Prince Nuphsa is also… Alright.” (Murshto)

There’s no knowing when someone might be listening, so I would like her the bare minimum respect even if she hates them.

Well, there should be no issues in this room, but there’s no assurance this won’t be the trigger to a mistake outside.

“Let me speak as I wish, at least in this room. I don’t want to think of such a shut-in gloomy guy as my brother.” (Hilmera)

“His stance for politics is wonderful, so I think it should be fine to show at least that much respect.” (Murshto)

“It is just that he is better compared to Chisante and Yumis.” (Hilmera)

“Hilmera-sama, Hilmera-sama, as I said… Good grief… You even call the resident of Yugura’s planet as Envoy-sama.” (Murshto)

“It is fine for Envoy-sama. That person gave the stamp of approval to Onii-sama after all.” (Hilmera)

With that logic, wouldn’t it be fine to add -sama on my name as well since Washekt-sama is someone worthy of trust?

I would get goosebumps if she were to call me with that though.

“Well, I don’t really care about that though.” (Murshto)

“Figures.” (Hilmero)

“But I don’t want the educator to scold my ears off about it.” (Murshto)

“Just let them. They hold back when it is towards me anyways.” (Hilmera)

Obviously. They would have to sleep on the ground without a roof if they were to go against her and make her cry.

They can tell who to pick a fight against.

“And so, about the state of Envoy-sama, why give me that job?” (Murshto)

“Cause if I were to send other people, they would most likely die. I am sure Envoy-sama will be investigating the secrets of the royal family. Then, it is obvious what the action of Nuphsa and the others will be.” (Hilmera)

“I can die too.” (Murshto)

“Yeah, but don’t worry, you won’t be dying yet.” (Hilmera)

Can you not decide by yourself when I will be dying?

People can die at any moment. There’s even the chance my lifespan would run out in the middle of the nap of before.

“I also have the duty to protect you.” (Murshto)

“No need. I don’t plan on leaving this place for around 3 days by saying I caught a cold.” (Hilmera)

Hilmera-sama has not gotten involved in politics, so she is allowed to cheat a bit.

But calling sick just to push an errand on someone…

“At least exercise. Like lifting that chair over there.” (Murshto)

“What would I do if Onii-sama were to come when I stink of sweat?!” (Hilmera)

“Someone like Washekt-sama who dotes on you to that extent would create a song to praise the scent of your sweat.” (Murshto)

“I would die from embarrassment and happiness the moment I get sent something like that!” (Hilmera)

I don’t think she would die.

Also, I would like to see her writhe from that.

I can somewhat tell what’s the objective of Hilmera-sama.

But she probably hasn’t noticed that this and the mission this time around are a bit misaligned.

Well, the number one reason is most likely the Serende King ordering Washekt-sama to cooperate with Envoy-sama though.

I don’t think there’s any point in Hilmera-sama getting involved when it is someone skilled enough to defeat a demon though.

“Then, I will make contact with him and watch over him moderately?” (Murshto)

“No. I am sure their pawns will be moving. Please get rid of them.” (Hilmera)

“…Are you telling me to aim for when they show up?” (Murshto)

“Yeah. It saves you the time of searching for them, right? Make sure to kill them, okay?” (Hilmera)

I am not someone who hesitates when killing someone, but Hilmera-sama is also there.

There would be no need to worry that much if she were simply someone who doesn’t understand death correctly because of her lack of knowledge of society, but…she is the real deal.

She is someone who can condone killing after understanding the meaning of killing and its weight.

“Please don’t go outside no matter what while I am away, okay? Please avoid receiving any visits aside from Washekt-sama.” (Murhsto)

“I know even without you telling me.” (Hilmera)


This princess is pretty whimsical and rebellious after all.

Well, Washekt-sama would visit every day if it is known that Hilmera-sama caught a cold, so I doubt she will be going out arbitrarily.

“…Maybe your real objective is being nursed and you are trying to push me away while at it?” (Murshto)

“Being perceptive can sometimes be fatal, you know?” (Hilmera)

“Eeek!” (Murshto)

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