LS – Chapter 79: Broken from the onset first

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How did things turn out like this? -that’s what I muttered in my heart. 

I made contact with the Purple Demon Lord the other day, and decided to gain her trust to gather information. 

She is the Demon Lord that left the most scars in the world. If we were to provoke her carelessly, we might even end up changing this Taizu into a battlefield. That’s how serious it felt. 

I made Ilias feel uneasy despite having decided to protect her, and I have also lost my main weapon for battle. 

It is not like I am facing this with half-assed emotions. That’s not the case, but…

“Oh my, what’s the matter? Is there something on my face?” 

“—No, you are beautiful.” 

“My, I am happy to hear that?” 

I am currently facing that Purple Demon Lord and having lunch. 

This happened the next morning of our strategy meeting. The merchant that came from Kuama requested permission through Ban-san to inspect the black wolfkin village and said he wanted to make use of the specialty products of Taizu in the store he is going to open.

The trades of the black wolfkin village are currently being intermediated at present by Ban-san’s company, but it is not like he is monopolizing it all. 

Even if the place of Ban-san is enough as the company of Taizu, an opportunity to make trades with the products of Kuama would be beneficial for the black wolfkins too.

In the eyes of the Taizu country, the black wolfkins are within their territory and are compatriots. As long as it doesn’t affect the commerce inside the country negatively too much, they want to provide a certain degree of freedom. 

And so, they readily consented as a country, and they quickly contacted the black wolfkin village and made an appointment. 

By the way, the one who was chosen as the intermediary was me, the otherworlder.

It was a decision after thinking of a way to get acquainted with the merchant first in order to make contact with the Purple Demon Lord and bring her along with us when heading to the black wolfkin forest.

But to think the Purple Demon Lord would be accompanying him. She went ‘Oh my, we reunited pretty fast?’ and was surprised.

I am the one that’s surprised. There was the possibility for her to show up in the business meetings, but I thought it would be when the negotiations were not going well or when things had shaped up a bit more. Looks like I judged wrongly. 

By the way, the name of the merchant is Tort-san. He is apparently a friend of affluent families. 

Tort-san doesn’t look like a puppet at a glance. He gave me the impression that he is a man that’s dedicated to his trade. 

But there were also strange points. He began the business discussion politely at first, but the Purple Demon Lord suddenly interjected. 

‘Hey Tort, it would be troubling if we put too much work on them, so how about compiling what your plans are in a file?’.

Things like that are normally made when both sides have conversed and have confirmed points of compromise, but Tort-san agreed immediately to this. 

He said he would make them immediately and left, leaving the Purple Demon Lord alone. 

It could look like a gullible merchant, but I could only see this as him being a puppet of hers, and it was pretty scary. 

If we manage to create a situation where it is only me, my bodyguard, and the Purple Demon Lord, that would be nice, but I managed that on the very first day. 

As for the Purple Demon Lord that was left there, she seemed to be strangely interested in me and invited me to lunch.

And so, that brings us to the present. Ekdoik doesn’t have much of a presence, but he is by my side. 

“Speaking of which, the lady that was by your side the other day, I thought she was your bodyguard, but she is not with you today?” (Yukari)

“Yeah, I normally ask Ekdo to be my bodyguard. Her skills with the sword are better, but there’s a limit to the places I can go to if it is not a guy, you see.” 

Ekdoik bows lightly. He is not leaking out hostility or wariness. Nice. 

Just in case, I decided to call Ekdoik with the nickname Ekdo. With this, the danger of his name being known decreases, and even if I am on the verge of calling him by his real name, I can endure it in the middle. 

I have already contacted Ban-san, Wolfe, and the others to call him as such. 

I couldn’t hide my name here, so I have told her. 

According to the information we got from Ekdoik, Raheight doesn’t know my name, and we have countermeasures, so I want to believe it is fine. 

If I were to suddenly tell her to call me by a nickname, she would get wary. And if I were to give her a false name and she has the ability to see through lies like the clergy of the Yugura Church, it would be fatal. 

“You two were giving off the faint smell of alcohol, so I thought you were close?” (Yukari) 

“I would say we are close. I acknowledge her as a reliable bodyguard after all.” 

“By the way, Dear, are you married?” (Yukari)

“No, I am a bachelor. I don’t have a girlfriend either.” 

“Oh my, even though you are a wonderful gentleman?” (Yukari)

She asked me a variety of questions, but they were all personal questions like my hobbies and my standing.

It doesn’t feel like she is trying to figure out whether I am the Earthling. Also, she hasn’t called my name. 

The Purple Demon Lord’s Enticement requires her to call the name of the person in front of the person themselves. So, regardless of whether it succeeds or not, I told Ekdoik to be careful. 

Could it be that she has formed habits to not use her ability carelessly just like how I don’t use common first-person pronouns like ‘ore’ and ‘watashi’?

The only name she has called is the one of Tort-san. Even when referring to Ban-san just a few moments ago, she said ‘the landlord of the manor’ even though she knows the name of Ban-san.

“How about accompanying us, bodyguard?” (Yukari)

“I am fine. Please act as if I am not present.” (Ekdoik)

“Really? I kind of feel bad for the bodyguard?” (Yukari)

“It is his job after all.” 

Even though she could call him Ekdo-san, she doesn’t. Is she really avoiding it purposely? 

But most of all, the gaze of the Purple Demon Lord is burning me. She is staring intently at what I do. 

When our eyes make contact, she would smile extremely gently. 

This has quite the destructive power. I can feel pure adult charm from her compared to the precocious Gold Demon Lord. 

“Are you free later? I would like you to guide me around the city if possible?” (Yukari)

“Yeah, I don’t mind. But what about Tort-san?” 

“It is okay. He is my friend and married, you know? There’s no issues with whatever happens between you and me?” (Yukari)

Hmm, she really does like me here, right? 

Even if I was kind to her the other day, would you really get this much of a favorable impression? 

I normally excel in gauging my distance with others, but that is messing me up here instead. 

If the affection meter was at around 10 when we met, it is currently at around 90 now. But I still have barely any info on her. 

Maybe she digested my kindness afterwards and her affection increased? No, no, it went up way too much.

I should judge this as some sort of scheme. Maybe she has already progressed in her information gathering and has reached to my identity by trailing Ilias? 

I am beginning to get trust issues here. 

“Right, my shoe broke, so I had spare shoes prepared. But we have the chance here for me to choose them myself, right?” (Yukari)

“That’s true. If you are going to be staying in Taizu for a while, you will have a lot of opportunities to do shopping, so I will guide you around.” 

And so, we walk around the city together, but she is hugging my arm for some reason. Her eyes are directed at me.

“Excuse me, Yukari-san?” 

“Oh, what’s the matter?” (Yukari)

“Uhm, you see…I was thinking you were awfully close to me.” 

“Is that so?” (Yukari)

…This is way beyond scary, I can’t even enjoy the sensation. Are all Demon Lords so easily infatuated? 

There’s no way that’s the case. She doesn’t show such skinship with Tort-san and Ekdoik. 

“It is fine if you don’t mind, Yukari-san.” 

“Yeah, I don’t. I would even say this is desirable.” (Yukari)

Mix or Ilias are probably observing this from somewhere. They might be worried that I am already under her control. 


“Isn’t he being controlled already?!” 

“Mister Friend is so popular. It seems like he is flustered here, so I think he is still fine though.” (Mix)

“T-That’s true. If he were controlled, there would be no reason to resist… No wait, he is not resisting.” (Ilias)

I thought he accepted to become the bait and make contact with the Purple Demon Lord after a lot of resolve, but then I am hit with this development. 

They are getting along to a shocking degree. The only times when I have seen him walking so close to someone is when he is dealing with the drunk Rakura. 

He is walking together with her despite their arms being linked. There’s slight awkwardness from him, but he doesn’t look like he dislikes it. 

By the way, I am currently following them with Mix-sama. We had Ekdoik cast presence erasure and invisibility on us, and we acted in a way that won’t draw attention to us. 

My usual sword has a magic seal stone embedded in it, so I am currently walking around with a sword around the same size. It is so light, it is a bit unreliable. 

“The so-called ‘decorum’ of an Earthling is impressive. To think that, after the Gold Demon Lord, he would charm the Purple Demon Lord too.” (Mix)

“I don’t think that’s the same here, but…maybe his face is attractive to Demon Lords?” (Ilias)

Charm in his outward appearance…I don’t feel it that much from him. I have experienced unease and frailness from it countless times though. 

He would normally show an unfriendly expression to me and Rakura, and anger at times too, and yet, towards Wolfe…his way of speaking turns kind, but his expression doesn’t change that much. 

I feel like his expression was softer only when talking to Cara-jii and Ban. 

Aah, his expression was really kind the other day when he was talking about his cat in his previous world. 

If he made a face like that on the regular, he would have become a more likable young man though.

“The refreshing smile of Mister Friend packed quite the punch, but he hasn’t shown such signs yet.” (Mix)

What’s with that? I have seen him smile often, but they are all evil-looking ones…

I can think of a few instances where he has smiled normally, but I have not seen any to that degree. 

I am curious about this, but…this is not the time for that.

I pay attention to the surroundings: things like the shadows, the openings of buildings, and the windows, seeing whether there’s any 3rd parties observing them. 

According to Ekdoik, low rank devils have no will, and there are cases when they would always be by the side of their ruler to fulfill their role. 

If it is the Purple Demon Lord who rules over all the devils in the Mejis Nether, it wouldn’t be strange for her to hide one or two devils around. 

“I don’t see anything off as of now -aside from him and the Purple Demon Lord.” (Ilias)

“So it seems. But it is a situation where they might end up alone at any moment. Let’s stay on our toes here.” (Mix)

The location the two headed to was a shoe store. 

They chose shoes there all amicably and she bought a pair after making him choose. 

After that, it was a clothing store, accessory store, general store; they went to a whole variety of stores. 

By the way, Ekdoik could be considered present, but he has pretty much melted into the background.

“This is like a tryst.” (Mix)

“The Purple Demon Lord certainly does seem to be in a really good mood.” (Ilias)

He seems to be a lot less nervous now, it feels like he is interacting with her in his natural state. 

Speaking of which, I haven’t spent time with him shopping around in that manner -I have with Saira though.

“That’s nice. Even though we are on edge here following them… I would like to spend a day off with Mister Friend like this. I think we would be able to talk for hours about Ani-sama.” (Mix)

I feel like he would be the one who wouldn’t last, but let’s not say that. 

It might be a good idea to invite him to a weapon store next time. 

He must have finished guiding her around to most places, they were now walking around the market, and checking the street stalls. 

We have been casted invisibility magic, so moving around crowds is a lot of work… 

We have to be wary of pedestrians the whole time or we would crash into them. Mix-sama and I were busily moving left and right. 

“By the way, Ekdoik is pretty good. Even though he is inside such a crowd, he is maintaining the same distance from him the whole time…” (Ilias)

“From what I can see, I feel like he has used the repelling magic around them.” (Mix)

“Wouldn’t they notice that?” (Ilias)

“They probably have, but it is on a small scale, and he most likely notified them that this is in order to make it easier for them to walk in a crowd.” (Mix)

What a convenient spell. If we speak of just versatility as a bodyguard, I have no choice but to acknowledge that he is one step ahead of me. 

Him saying my battle power is higher than Ekdoik is the only saving here, but I must improve myself without getting complacent. 

There are times when my eyes would make contact with Ekdoik, and then, he would show me a gesture of placing a hand on his ear. 

What does he mean by that…? Ah, right. 

What I took out was a part of Ekdoik’s chains.

He said he would contact me when something happened, but I didn’t know how to use it at all, so I have just left it in my pocket for now. 

Do I just have to push it onto my ear? 

{—What are you doing inside the crowd? Move atop buildings.} (Ekdoik)

The voice of Ekdoik came through the chains and seeped into my flesh and bones. He is not moving his mouth, so he must be sending his thoughts. What a convenient spell.

“Lady Ratzel, is that Ekdoik-dono’s?” (Mix)

“Yeah. He told us to move on top of the buildings because it has a better view.” (Ilias)

“That sounds like a good plan. We can move at once if something happens after all.” (Mix)

“Won’t it stand out? —Right, we are invisible.” (Ilias)

This is my first time doing a stealth mission like this, so I don’t really know what to do. Let’s listen to the instructions of Ekdoik obediently.

{The Purple Demon Lord is interacting amicably with Comrade as of present. If I had to point out anything that bothers me, it would be that she has the tendency to avoid saying names on purpose.} (Ekdoik)

We continued observing them from on top of the buildings as I  listened to the call of Ekdoik together with Mix-sama by holding the ends of the chain. We can’t ask questions on our side which is a downside, but this is still convenient to a degree where it doesn’t lose to the secret technique of the Yugura Church.

{I have used repelling magic to a degree where they instinctively avoid us and it is harder for others to perceive us. I am using it with the acknowledgement of the two. Told them that it was in order to walk more easily in this crowd. It would be troubling if he were to meet someone close to him and they end up blowing it after all. If you pay attention as you chase after us, there won’t be any issues, but there’s the possibility that you will lose sight of us if you let your eyes wander for too long, so stay attentive.} (Ekdoik)

“Ekdoik-dono is being pretty careful here, too.” (Mix)

“True. If he were to meet Saira here, there’s the possibility she would point out the color of his hair.” (Ilias)

{We will be heading to the north plaza to take a break.} (Ekdoik)

It seems like they have begun moving. Let’s follow them too. 


We bought a decent amount of things by the time I noticed.

I don’t know if it is because she is being considerate with me or she doesn’t want to occupy both of my hands, but it is fortunate that it is an amount that I can carry with one hand. 

I sat at a bench and took a break. The Purple Demon Lord saw that state of mine and giggled.

“Fufu, sorry about that. You must be tired of me dragging you around, right?” (Yukari)

“Rather than the walking, it was more the nervousness and fatigue from being together with you though.” 

“Oh my, did you dislike being with me?” (Yukari)

“It has simply been a while since I have treated a woman as a woman.” 

Ilias and the others are friends, so there aren’t many instances where I would have to be aware of each other as the opposite gender as I act. 

I am of course being careful in the bathroom and when changing at the house, but that’s for self-preservation. 

As for the people who interact with me while being conscious that I am a man, they would be: Rakura, Mix, and the Gold Demon Lord. 

Mix gives that boyish vibe, and I can’t take away that feeling of precocious from the Gold Demon Lord. 

You could say Rakura is the most feminine out of them, but I can’t let go of the feeling that she is a useless friend, so it is hard to be conscious of it. 

There’s barely any opportunities for me to be seen as a man, and for me to be conscious of someone as a woman and interacting with her as such.

While I was thinking this, the Purple Demon Lord tilted her body and entrusted her body onto my shoulder. 

“Hey, Dear…are you hiding something from me?” (Yukari)

“—What are you talking about?” 

“I can tell that your emotions are shaking just like my feelings towards you? But I feel like yours is from something else. I am curious about those feelings?” (Yukari)

This is…a bit bad.

I certainly do feel like I have been thinking an unnecessary amount. It would be great if I could say it is purely from being nervous, but I have been distrusting her this whole time that maybe there’s something behind all this. 

Of course she would notice after feeling like that the whole day…

“I have a habit of falling in thought about a variety of things. It is nothing.” 

“I see… Are you someone who lies to me?” (Yukari)

“Yes, if necessary. Do you hate lies?” 

“I don’t mind being deceived if it is by your lies.” (Yukari)

I can’t get a grasp of the distance. This is pretty rough on me. 

But she is seeing me favorably even if it is on the outside. In that case, it should be okay to get a bit closer to her. 

“Excuse the question, but can you tell me the reason why you have opened up to me this much?” 

“Oh my, you want to know about such a small thing?” (Yukari)

“This is the first time I have been liked this much without anything in return, you see.” 

“Really? You helped me out when I was troubled, didn’t introduce yourself, and didn’t ask for a reward… Isn’t that enough?” (Yukari)

“For me, it was just a brief instant though.” 

“—Everything I have wanted to do, what I wished for, I had others fulfill them for me… No one can refuse my requests. That’s why there’s actually really few people who would provide me with things regardless of my will.” (Yukari)

She must be talking about her Enticement power. She is speaking about a pretty deep part of herself. 

It is true that the will of the Purple Demon Lord will always go through since she can control others. That would end up becoming the regular.

If she speaks to someone, they will end up helping her out just as she wishes. 

It certainly would be rare for people to provide a helping hand on their own will with that preamble. 

That would mean she has never formed a proper relationship with others until now.

Aah, I don’t even have to switch my consciousness to understand. She is similar. 

“That…would look like the colors of life are faded.” 

“—Yes, it is really lonely. No matter how much I obtain, it doesn’t fulfill me, you know?” (Yukari)

She must also be someone who is fed up by life. 

A normal human would happily utilize the power of freely controlling others. They would grant their desires without end. 

That’s because they know just how difficult it is to form a relationship with others. Just how much trouble it would save if they could control them freely.

But she has no such awareness. She has barely any interaction with people and their emotions. 

I see, so that’s why she goes as far as seeking the displeasing sensation of the Hierarchy Curse, huh.

Her heart doesn’t resonate unless you stimulate it heavily. That’s how faded her world is. 

Her life before becoming a Demon Lord must have been an isolated one where she didn’t have any opportunity to make contact with others. 

And then, once she became a Demon Lord, she got into the overwhelming easy mode. The only ones that could affect her were other Demon Lords and Yugura. 

That’s why she continued seeking things and getting them. The result of that must have been the creation of the biggest Nether in the world.

…Let’s stop my thoughts there. More than this and I will end up trying to overlap with her. 

“How was your day today?” 

“Right… You were reflected clearly in my eyes. I think I enjoyed it? Is it okay for me to ask for your help more?” (Yukari)

“Of course. —I will also arrange it so I can head together with you to the black wolfkin village. I think the messenger that headed to the village will be returning today or tomorrow.” 

“I see. I am looking forward to it.” (Yukari)

That’s how I parted ways with Yukari-san for today. 

The first place I headed to was a certain room in the castle. The place Marito told me to come to when things end today. 

They will be checking whether me and Ekdoik are under the effects of the Enticement. 

The check took more than 1 hour. The first thing was a confirmation of our internal mana, and we were questioned about a variety of things. 

This strict inspection reminds me that the girl that was smiling gleefully just a few moments ago was one of the most fearsome Demon Lords in the world. 

She is an heretical being in this world. I felt that was really sad. 


I separated from him and returned to the lodging. 

Tort was immersing himself in his work just as ordered. It would be troubling if he were to collapse from lack of sleep, so I gave him detailed instructions which served in part as a break. 

I sunk down in the bathtub and reminisced about my day. 

I didn’t expect to reunite with him this soon. 

I also managed to ask for his name, and managed to stay with him for a day. 

He said that my life must look like it is faded.

Those words really clicked with me. Even when thinking of the past, I would barely feel any color in the scenery. 

The only scenes I could remember clearly were when I tasted pain or made others taste it. 

As for my memories of before becoming a Demon Lord, everything is hazy. It is like an old book that has been soaked in water. 

He managed to see through a general picture of my upbringing just from a single utterance of mine. 

“Fufu, just how much did he comprehend me there?” 

I am faintly convinced here… He is hiding something. 

This is not through my power as a Demon Lord. This is most likely the natural instinct of when I was a human which I haven’t used in a long time. 

It might be easy to reach a conclusion if I were to make use of it.

No, even if I didn’t do that, this would be settled with a single word of mine if I used my Enticement. 

But that’s such a waste. As if I would allow that. 

If he were to fall into being my loyal puppet, I am sure that will be the end. 

I would be able to feel the satisfaction of drawing him into my side. I might be able to admire him after that. 

However, the emotions I am enjoying right now, the feelings I desire from him would surely end right then and there. 

If it were the usual, I would have made others into my puppets the moment I heard their name. But I endured using it this time around. 

How irritating, roundabout, but that’s what makes it good. 

His reactions being cold are to be praised. Everything is fun. 

But I ended up thinking…for how long will this relationship last? 

He was the person that was introduced to Tort by the nation to become the bridge between him and the black wolfkin village. 

In other words, once the negotiations with the black wolfkins are over, our connection will wane.

It may be possible to meet him afterwards, but he might stop trying to meet me. 

“I…don’t want that.” 

—The shadows around begin to stir the moment the Purple Demon Lord spoke with emotion in her voice. 

Are they trying to improve the mood of the Demon Lord, or are they resonating with the rise in her emotions? 

The Purple Demon Lord doesn’t understand those intricacies there and has no intention to. 

They are simply beings that move loyally at her every order after all.

“Right… Let’s give you guys work too? I grant you permission to rampage. It is okay to wave about that power of yours as you please, got it?” 

The shadows moved again and eventually returned to being shadows. 

Within the silence where the devils had disappeared and not even their presence could be felt anymore, the Purple Demon Lord stared at the ceiling with a blank face. 

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