LS – Chapter 116: When called next

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The special space created by the Black Demon Lord.

It is the place that was created in order to perform the recurrent meetings as a means to keep in check and exchange information between the Demon Lords that were created by Yugura and released.

There’s crystals, where the consciousness of the Demon Lords can reside in, lined up in a spherical shape on the round table, and all crystals aside from the black and white ones are illuminating the place faintly.

The first one to speak was the crystal shining golden: the Gold Demon Lord.

“So, is there anyone with anything to report? I am planning on talking about a decently important thing, so I would like to wrap up the small stuff first.” (Gold)

“Nothing on my side.” (Purple)

“Same here. Nothing to report.” (Scarlet)

“Nothing here… A boring everyday life… Aah, I want to die…” (Blue)

“Blue is as pessimistic as always. I would like ya to get attached to something and see ya laugh one day.” (Gold)

There’s no reaction from the green and colorless crystals, but the Gold Demon Lord coughed and continued speaking.

“About this one’s report… Scarlet, do ya still have contact with the human on your side, Raheight?” (Gold)

“…He is not nearby, but it is not impossible.” (Scarlet)

“That’s fine. —I would like ya to take back yer order to him about putting yer hand on the resident of Yugura’s planet.” (Gold)

“Speak the reason. This place is for information exchanges, not one where you can just push your circumstances one-sidedly. You should know that full well.” (Scarlet)

“I have decided to join hands with that person.” (Gold)

“Are you insane?” (Scarlet)

“I am sane. Also, it is not only this one.” (Gold)

“Yes, I have decided to do so as well.” (Purple)

“Purple, you, too? What in the world is going on here?” (Scarlet)

“Nothing special, you know? I simply got interested in him, so I made contact with him. He wasn’t that bad, so I joined hands with him… That’s all, you know?” (Purple)

“If ya don’t want to take it back no matter what, I don’t mind, but if ya do so, I will have to consider that yer will, Scarlet.” (Gold)

“…Fine, I will contact him.” (Scarlet)

“Fumu, yer not being clear here. In the case Raheight tries to put a hand on the resident of Yugura’s planet, I will take that as it being okay to deal with Raheight as if it was his arbitrary decision… Is that okay?” (Gold)

“Yeah, I don’t mind that. I don’t plan on putting a hand on him myself. But that man has obtained the information of Blue. Actions that use this information will not only be antagonizing Blue but the other Demon Lords. If that happens, I have no intention of arguing.” (Scarlet)

“Fumu, I will keep that warning in mind at least. Blue and Green, any objections to our decision?” (Gold)

“The resident of Yugura’s planet… I am impressed you can trust a human from the same planet as him… I want to die.” (Blue)

“It is true that he is a bit strange compared to the people of this world, but he is different from Yugura, okay? He is understanding and I like him, you know?” (Purple)

“Do as you please, Purple and Gold. I have no right to tell you what to do… Aah, I want to die.” (Blue)

“Green…well, I will take that silence as an agreement. Now then, with this, our business—” (Gold)

“Here here, I am going to talk~!”

The one who suddenly cut in was the colorless crystal; the Colorless Demon Lord that didn’t speak once before in the recurrent meetings.

“…Interesting. Colorless is speaking?” (Green)

“Heya there, Green Lord. Man, I just thought it was about time, you see?” (Colorless)

“…What, are ya acquaintances, Green and Colorless? Ya could have mentioned that.” (Gold)

“That’s simply the annexed item of Yugura and Black. He is not included in my acquaintances.” (Green)

“That’s so cruel. Even if you hate Yugura and Black Sis, there’s no need to hate me too! Well, fine. I was just thinking about providing you with a bit of information, you see?” (Colorless)

“Information?” (Green)

“Yeah, I thought it wouldn’t be fair to not tell Scarlet Beast and Blue Oni after all.” (Colorless)

“Are those our nicknames or something?” (Scarlet)

“Blue Oni… So horrible… I want to die…” (Blue)

“First, the humans have already noticed your resurrection a long time ago. They are currently swamped with confirming the truth of this, but it won’t be long before they make their move, you know?” (Colorless)

“…I see.” (Scarlet)

“Next is about Yugura. He is currently taking a break. He died once after all. In other words, that’s what it means.” (Colorless)

“…Wait, where did you learn that?” (Scarlet)

“You are such a worrywart, Scarlet Beast. Of course I would know. I am not a Demon Lord, but the demon of the White Demon Lord Yugura after all.” (Colorless)


“Haha! I can vividly tell that Scarlet Beast is holding his head. But don’t worry. This is something like my duty in my position, you see.” (Colorless)

“Duty…?” (Scarlet)

“That’s right. I have inherited the will of Yugura. Humans and Demon Lords should be fair. If humans have obtained beneficial information, you guys should be given good news to the same extent -is the message of Yugura.” (Colorless)

“I am impressed he could say that after killing every single one of us.” (Scarlet)

“That’s the fault of Black Sis…and also Purple Princess and Blue Oni. You attacked the humans before they could get ready to prepare for a counterattack, making it a one-sided game, right? Of course Yugura would take the side of the humans. It is just fair to do that after all. But I am sure Yugura didn’t expect this to become a threeway though. Hahaha!” (Colorless)

The laugh of the Colorless Demon Lord echoed in the space.

He is provoking the Demon Lords from the bottom of his heart.

“So stupid. Is that all, Annexed Item?” (Green)

“So that just now wasn’t much desired information for the Green Lord, huh. The information that you like…well, I can’t disclose it just yet. If the humans become a bit more competent, I could provide it to you guys to make it fairer though.” (Colorless)

“I see. Then crush your throat to perish that ear-piercing laugh of yours.” (Green)

“So cruel. Well, I will eventually give you information about the Illegitimate, so don’t be so prickly.” (Colorless)

“Illegitimate? Just what in the world—” (Gold)

“Don’t butt in, Gold. This has nothing to do with you guys.” (Green)

“Muh, how cold. Well, fine. No need to poke the lion. This should be enough for today.” (Gold)


“I see, so that’s how Colorless made his move.”

Dyuvuleori told me to show up after the recurrent meeting of the Demon Lords, so I showed up at the villa of the Purple Demon Lord.

And then, I was told the details of the meeting.

I thought I managed to wipe out the threat of Raheight who has  been dim lately, and yet, we’ve got this development, huh.

That Colorless seems to like to stir the pot.

“Do you know the objective of Colorless?” (Purple)

“Somewhat. What you are faintly thinking of is most likely the correct answer, you know?”

“I see… By the way, what is it?” (Gold)

“You… The Colorless Demon Lord provoked the Scarlet Demon Lord: ‘If you are going to make a move, it would be better to do so quickly’.”

“The humans have learned about our resurrection and are trying to make countermeasures. Yugura, who could become the biggest threat, is not present… Even if me and Gold take the side of the humans, this would certainly be the best opportunity?” (Purple)

“To think he would take the side of the Demon Lords this time despite saying he had inherited the will of Yugura.” (Gold)

“Yugura Nariya’s will, huh…”

Yugura was a neutral party.

He created the Demon Lords and defeated the Demon Lords as a Hero for the sake of the humans.

If we just take that into account, he is simply a self-aggrandizing bastard, but if we arrange the bits and pieces of information we have obtained, we can create a slightly bigger picture.

One of his objectives was most likely to make Demon Lords and humans fight.

But there’s meaning to having them fight, and he wasn’t trying to make it end with a one-sided slaughter.

Considering the background of the era, that ideology in his actions can be seen relatively plainly.

It is extremely bothersome for the ones that got dragged into it though.

“He most likely thought of the Gold and Purple Demon Lord taking the side of the humans as a good moment to kindle them… In that case, there’s the chance that the Scarlet Demon Lord is colluding with another Demon Lord. The most plausible one would be the Blue Demon Lord.”

The Colorless Demon Lord is basically acting as a balance adjuster.

The risk of the Scarlet Demon Lord, who is trying to invade the human realm, has increased with the Gold and Purple Demon Lord joining the human side.

He was worrying that, at worst, the other Demon Lords might get taken in too.

If he told the Scarlet Demon Lord that now’s the time to attack, it means that the power balance between the human side and the Demon Lord side is the same.

It should be safe to assume that there’s one more Demon Lord who will be invading the humans together with the Scarlet Demon Lord.

Judging from the conversations until now and their personality trends, the Green Demon Lord isn’t concerned…no, they are interested in something else?

Illegitimate… I would like to get more detailed information about this, but let’s ignore that for now.

That said, it is not like I can deny the possibility of the Green Demon Lord planning to invade the humans for certain. There’s the need to be wary of them to a degree where we don’t provoke them.

“Anyways, thanks for the information, you two. Even though you should have a lot to think about with Colorless instilling a lot of thoughts in you two.”

“Is it about you being able to release us from the resurrection magic if you learn of our names? I don’t really mind that much, you know? Even if I return to being human, I can at least still stay with you after all?” (Purple)

“Dyuvuleori would be sad.”

“If the loyalty of Dyuvuleori is involved with my race, then that’s as far as it goes. I am sure that’s fine though?” (Purple)

We are talking about Dyuvuleori, so I feel like he would still be loyal even if the Purple Demon Lord were to return to being a human.

“Even if that’s the case, there’s nothing to ascertain that you will safely return to being human after regaining your name and being freed from the resurrection magic. On the contrary, you might be made to pay back for the long life and resurrecting after death in full.”

There’s the possibility they would take the full brunt of the resurrection magic just like with Urashima Tarou, who lived for a long time with the present of the dragon and opened the forbidden jewel box, aging in one go.

If centuries were to hit them incessantly, I am sure they would turn to skeletons at least. That’s way too scary.

“I wouldn’t like that, huh? But not being able to live the same time as you is a task that you would want to solve, right? The fastest method would be for you to become my demon though?” (Purple)

“This one would interject in that, ya know? This one was the first to talk to him about making him a demon after all.” (Gold)

“Oh my, the order is a trifling matter though? Don’t you think the strength of his feelings is more important than order?” (Purple)

“It is not like we could get any superiority from arguing about that. On the contrary, if we want to be equals, Ser, how about becoming a Demon Lord?” (Gold)

“Are you telling me to die once? Just for your information, I don’t plan on stopping being a human, okay?”

I don’t think I would be able to return to my world if I became a Demon Lord.

Even if I did manage to, I doubt I would be able to lead a proper life.

It would eventually be discovered that I am immortal, would be captured by the humans, be treated as a creature, and I would have to lead a life of eternally running and hiding.

I am fine with just being able to live until 80 years old. I would say the best scenario would be for me to go completely senile and die when I am completely unable to distinguish myself anymore.

“Becoming a Demon Lord wouldn’t be bad though. Ye would have a lot more mana than yer previous self and the quality of yer mana would change, but ya yerself wouldn’t change that much.” (Gold)

“That might be the case.”

The Gold Demon Lord was from a race of demi-humans called the golden fox folk. They look different from humans, but as someone who knows the black wolfkin Wolfe, I only feel it as a difference in race.

As for the Purple Demon Lord, she has an appearance indistinguishable from a human aside from the countenance of her skin.

…Leaving aside their beauty and all that stuff.

“Yer so hard-headed for someone who said ya don’t have prejudices. Ya actually have them, don’t ya?” (Gold)

“It is true that I have no prejudice towards turning into a Demon Lord. What I do have a prejudice on is the adaptability of this world.”

According to the Colorless Demon Lord, the reason why I have mana on the level of a child even when I am living in this fantasy world is because my mind hasn’t accepted this world.

I am aware that I am always thinking of a way to return to Earth in the corner of my mind. Throwing away those lingering regrets is not easy.

“I have heard about yer past, Ser, but I couldn’t find anything that could be taken as lingering regrets though.” (Gold)

“I was born with this disposition after all. I don’t know if it will be solved by just resolving myself to live in this world…”

It is true that this world is comfortable.

As for my relationships with others, there’s some targeting my life, but I have reliable allies that surpass this.

It is not like I have personal relationships that are deeper than them if I return to Earth.

Aah, but that guy that was my neighbor told me pretty amusing stories.

“Well, I will just think about that stuff in the years I will be living in this world. I am often seen as young in this world. I would like to age a bit more even if I do decide to become immortal.”

“Speaking of which, I was surprised when I heard yer actual age, Ser.” (Gold)

“Right. I wouldn’t mind you growing a beard at least, you know?” (Purple)

“I would be very grateful if you could help me live that long. By the way, I remembered after talking about demons, but how many demons can you guys make?”

Demons are decently known beings in this world.

They are humanoids with black hair and black eyes that serve the Demon Lords.

It is because of this information that I was suspected and apprehended by Ilias and the others, and was interrogated.

And yet, the only demon I have met since encountering two Demon Lords has been that Colorless Demon Lord.

“There’s few Demon Lords who have created demons though? I wasn’t troubled with help since I have my Enticement… Blue didn’t interact with people to begin with, you know?” (Purple)

“My village was burned down and my brethren were wiped cleanly, so there wasn’t anyone I would go out of my way to turn into a demon.” (Gold)

From what I know, the Demon Lords were turned into Demon Lords through the negotiation they had with Yugura after they died an unwanted death.

The chances of people like that wanting someone who will be staying by their side for an eternity is low.

They most likely wouldn’t have fallen into the eyes of Yugura if they had such relationships to begin with.

“I don’t think Scarlet has created demons either. He is mostly gathering loyal monsters as his warriors though?” (Purple)

“That means the ones creating demons are the Green and Black Demon Lords?”

“Yes. That said, the demons known and seen by the public, and the ones transmitted in legends were all the subordinates of Black. The numbers are…more than ten, I guess?” (Purple)

“That’s a lot, oi.”

I had the impression demons were the close aides of Demon Lords, so I thought for sure it was 1 or 2, but to think it was on the scale of a small team…

“Are those demons still alive?”

“Who knows. There’s the possibility they are still alive in the Nether that Black made, but…I heard most of them were killed in the battle between Black and Yugura, you know?” (Purple)

It is not like they were cleanly wiped out. There’s the possibility of them sharpening their fangs somewhere within the Nether I still haven’t seen, dreaming for the moment when the Black Demon Lord resurrects.

…Well, that won’t be an issue for now.

“There’s no point worrying too much about it.”

“Fumu. They are decently strong, but not on the level of a Demon Lord. It should be safe to see their threat level as low.” (Gold)

“A demon should be a decently important position for Demon Lords.”

“Of course. Yugura also told us: ‘Make sure you only make people you trust into demons’ after all.” (Gold)

“…Let’s be happy that I am being invited to become a demon.”

“Nfufu! That’s right, it is a super big honor.” (Gold)

I am liked quite a lot here.

With this, they won’t be throwing me away no matter how much I struggle.

“Aah, speaking of which, you guys call each other with abbreviated names, right?”

“Are ya talking about how I call her Purple?” (Gold)

“Yeah, calling you Gold Demon Lord feels like me calling Marito as Taizu King, you see. Can I call you that too?”

Calling them with ‘Demon Lord’ at every instance feels distant.

In the first place, these two show up inside the capital of Taizu as if it were natural. It would be best to avoid using Demon Lord in the middle of the city.

They have gone out of their way to close the distance, so it should be okay for me to close the distance too.

The two Demon Lords look at each other’s faces.

“That’s true. I was having ya called me that in order to display my position as a Demon Lord, but there’s no need for that if we are equals.” (Gold)

“It is fine then, Gold.”

“…Ooh, it is ticklish.” (Gold)

“Dear, can you call me too?” (Purple)

“Yeah, looking forward to working with you from here on, Purple.”

“…It is certainly ticklish…but it is nice. You can call me that from here on, okay?” (Purple)

“Kay kay.”

What was most ticklish is that Dyuvuleori and Ekdoik are watching this with straight faces.


Author: Kono isekai demo bunan ni ikitai shoukogun managed to win the 6th novel prix and the publisher Ichinisan has decided to turn it into a light novel.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the readers, the people who bookmarked this story, rated, and cheered me on. It is all thanks to you all.

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