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“…Hm? This place is…”

“Hey, you’re finally awake.”

At one of the infirmaries of the Kuama Castle.

Rakura, who had been laid in bed at one of the beds there, had woken up.

The medical treatments that can heal your wounds in the middle of battle are swift in their effects, but the pain would be left or would be incomplete treatments that are basically bandaids.

In the case they are doing careful treatments, it would consume a large amount of mana from the person themselves. Because of this, the wounds of Rakura had completely healed, but she had been sleeping soundly for several days because of the side-effects of the healing magic.

Rakura moved her head and looked at me who was sitting on the chair I placed by the side of her pillow.

“Counselor-sama…were you here with me the whole time until I woke up?” (Rakura)

“No, around 1 hour ago. I am not so free as to stay the whole time by the side of someone sleeping for several days.”

“I would have been happier if you had said you were watching over me with care… Ah! My body is clean despite having been sleeping for several days! Could it be that Counselor-sama…?!” (Rakura)

“If you want to thank someone, thank Mix who wiped your body every day.”

“Figures.” (Rakura)

Mix was the one who said thank you instead, but let’s not touch on that.

I explain the developments to Rakura who raised her upper body. We cornered Gestaf, exposed the identity of Ritial, and managed to deal heavy damage to the forces of Laitis.

I would have wanted to finish Ritial if possible, but he had something as convenient as teleport magic.

Purple requested for punishment due to having let Ritial escape, but Dyuvuleori said he should be the one punished, and so I threw the matter to Dyuvuleori, telling him to think of a punishment for Purple.

I have prohibited the intervention of Purple, so I want to believe he will think of a safe punishment.

“I see… So Ekdoik-san won against Haakudoku-san.” (Rakura)

“Well, I am planning on scolding him afterwards though.”

“You haven’t done so yet?” (Rakura)

“I was thinking about telling you first. You knew Ekdoik was nearby, yet didn’t ask for his help, right?”

“Ugh… I don’t know what you are talking about.” (Rakura)

“Your ‘ugh’ is very telling. How about I make an analysis of that time? You noticed the presence of someone in the middle of your battle against Haakudoku, and could immediately tell that it was an ally. It is a different direction from where Girista and Mix went. If I was present, Ilias and Wolfe would have jumped in immediately. That’s why you could tell that person was Ekdoik, but he was simply watching the situation. You could have asked him to help, but you adhered to your one-on-one against Haakudoku. The reason for that is—”

“T-That’s good enough! I admit it! *Sob* Even though the secrets in the heart of a maiden are the most important…” (Rakura)

“Then try to be more mysterious. Your thoughts are becoming more hot-blooded instead.”

“Hot-blooded?!” (Rakura)

I could see signs of this in the matter with Blue, and that goes the same for this one.

Rakura, who would take it easy when given the opportunity, must have taken an action like this because of Ekdoik.

I did warn them to not create superiority through each other’s talents, but it must have been impossible to prevent siblings from being conscious of it.

“We are talking about you here, so you must have seen the amount of mana and his precision and judged that you had plenty enough of a chance to win… How does it feel…to be defeated in such a manner?”

“…It was honestly a thorough defeat. That’s how it feels to be dancing in the palm of a hand, huh.” (Rakura)

“Well, you should be able to win if you fight him again. Your base specs are higher than his after all.”

“But I…won’t be able to fight Haakudoku anymore, right?” (Rakura)

“Yeah. In that sense, you could say Haakudoku won that one battle and has cemented himself as having more wins than you.”

Even if they were to fight more than 100 times afterwards, Rakura would be able to win more than 9 out of 10.

But Haakudoku managed to get the necessary win in the fight that was needed. That’s the reason why Rakura admitted thorough defeat.

“And Ekdoik-san won against Haakudoku-san… In the first place, you had judged we had won with that as the premise… Haah, so vexing… I lost again…” (Rakura)

Rakura deliberately leaned against me languidly.

But that way of placing her weight without reservations would make me tilt back if I don’t stand firm.

“Oi, Rakura.”

“…Counselor-sama, is Ekdoik-san better as expected?” (Rakura)

It is her usual tone, but I can’t see the face of Rakura because she is rubbing her head against me. Pushing myself to look at her face would make me feel bad, so I refrain from doing so.

“What’s with the ‘as expected’? Don’t just decide on my evaluation on your own.”

“Then…” (Rakura)

“As I have said before, my evaluation of people who don’t treasure their lives or are suicidal is low. You and Ekdoik should take care of yourselves a little bit better. There’s no worth in comparing people who despise themselves.”

“Mumuh… I think I like myself quite a bit though…” (Rakura)

“As if I can trust in the high self-evaluation of a person that compares herself to others and labels herself.”

“So cruel! But aren’t these and that two different matters?” (Rakura)

“Yeah, they are. That’s why I like the usual Rakura.”

A brief silence.

Her skin is getting color. That’s good.

“…Nice move, Counselor-sama.” (Rakura)

“Thanks. But you guys should stop comparing each other and creating superiority by yourselves. If you are too persistent, I will interfere in that competition of superiority.”

“That…would be a real confidence boost.” (Rakura)

“Ooh, your self-evaluation is pretty high when it is with me, huh. Getting ahead of yourself.”

I can’t see Rakura’s face, so I grind my knuckles on her head.

Rakura struggled, but she still didn’t raise her head.

“I get reprimanded regardless of whether I raise it or lower it?!” (Rakura)

“There’s no way I wouldn’t feel displeased in being looked down upon or when taking a self-denigrating attitude. Well, I do understand that you feel vexed by this. I can also sympathize with it. That’s why, have your fill of being sad. Complain as much as you want, too. I will tag along with you as long as you want if you are to return to your usual self.”

At the time when I couldn’t take a step forward in the matter with Purple, Rakura was considerate with me in her own way.

Having her be the only one being considerate would not feel right.

“…Seriously… You won’t tell me to change, huh.” (Rakura)

“At least fix your daily habits. Also, your spending habits.”

“*Sob*.” (Rakura)

“Good grief. Don’t try to act tough when you can’t bear it by yourself. If I hadn’t been present, you would have been doom and gloom too, you know?”

“Yeah. If I had woken up alone, I would have cried from the vexation. And so, please comfort me!” (Rakura)

“Sorry, but I have business elsewhere. I can’t use my time only on you.”

“So cruel! Can’t you casually say ‘Can’t be helped’ at a time like this at least?!” (Rakura)

“I am being made to say that on the regular after all. I am merciless towards people that are normally pampered.”

“*Sob*.” (Rakura)

“That’s why it will only be for around 1 hour.”

“…Okay.” (Rakura)

Rakura entrusted her body to me while silently looking down as she was. Her mind must have been running through a lot of thoughts. She didn’t cry, but I could tell she was grinning in the middle of it.

And then, after 1 hour, I stand up straight away. Rakura finally showed her face, but she is making a dissatisfied face.

“It still hasn’t been 1 hour.” (Rakura)

“Kutou, how much time has passed since I said I will only be staying for 1 hour?”

“1 hour and 1 minute! The internal clock of devil…no mistake!” (Kutou)

“Mumumu…” (Rakura)

“That’s how it is. Kutou can’t lie after all.”

“Also…you been staying this room…for 5 hours!” (Kutou)

“Oi, don’t lie.”

Looks like it was a mistake to get Kutou into a habit of adding explanations when telling others something. I should educate him properly later.

“…It can’t be helped. I shall compromise with this much for today.” (Rakura)

“Mix will soon be coming to wipe your body anyways, so I will allow you to compromise.”

“I really would like you to compromise there… Counselor-sama, this might be selfish again, but…if I had died…would you have been sad?” (Rakura)

Again? Well, her tone tells me she has regained her leeway. She is basically telling me what she thought when she was feeling down now that she had the chance.

“I would ponder on whether to place a whole ton of cheap alcohol at your grave or a bit of expensive alcohol. And then, I would find it a pain and compromise with water.”

“So cruel!” (Rakura)

“Humans die easily when the time comes. All events until now have been things that could take one’s life in the blink of an eye. I would acknowledge it as things just developing in that fashion. I wouldn’t have cried even if you had died at that time, Rakura.”

“*Sob* *Sob*…You could cry a bit for my sake…” (Rakura)

“There are others who will cry for you instead. Aah, but if you had died, Gestaf and Haakudoku would have suffered a fate worse than death.”

In that sense, you could say it is truly miraculous that Girista and Ekdoik, Purple and Dyuvuleori, Blue, and the extra Gold ended up becoming friendly.

I didn’t see signs of Rakura responding to this, so I left the room just like that.


My consciousness returned faintly. My head is throbbing slightly.

This must be that. It is the headache when you sleep for a stupidly long time. I do that often on holidays, so there’s no doubt about it.

My whole body hurts. Right, I fought against Ekdoik…and lost.

What about Bro…? Right, is Bro okay?!


The pain in my whole body woke up my brain in one go when I tried to forcefully raise my body.

I curled up and desperately tried to endure tears.

“Finally up, Haakudoku.”

I have gotten used to this voice already. Or more like, he is near me? I lose consciousness when I see you though?!

But Instinct-sama is silent here. What’s going on? I realized the answer was simple when I directed my gaze there.

It is true that that man is there. But it is through a veil that is hanging from the ceiling.

I was fine when blindfolded, so it seems I am fine as long as I don’t see him directly.

“I would have liked to wake up to a cute girl at least.” (Haaku)

“Sorry about that. Most of the women I know are dangerous, you see.”


“Now that you mention it, you are right. I would also like to refrain from women who are monsters on the inside.” (Haaku)


That female knight was within my vision by the time I noticed. I am truly careless when not using detection magic.

The man explained what happened in the time I lost consciousness. They cornered the organization on the side of Raheight and partially destroyed them.

Or more like, that guy was the guildmaster of Morgana…?

“Gestaf has begun to gather people in preparation for the founding of the nation. He will arrange the specifics of what we will be doing next week, and he plans on preparing a place for negotiation with the Zenotta King and Gahne King.”

“In the time I was sleeping… Bro really is impressive… It would be nice if I could help with something, but…with my arm in this state…Hm? Hmmm?!” (Haaku)

Right arm-san that was blown clean all the way to the shoulder…

It has been wrapped up in bandages, so I can’t tell what its state is, but I can feel a dull sensation from around my fingertips.

“Noticed just now? Wouldn’t that be the first thing one notices normally?”

“W-What’s going on here?!” (Haaku)

“It is true that your right arm was blown up without any traces left. That’s why I transplanted a different arm to you. However, it seems like there’s no such techniques in this world, so I asked Purple…the Purple Demon Lord to use one high devil as a stopgap measure.”

“Devil?!” (Haaku)

“The devils that Purple personally creates mostly lack any will. That’s why we had it parasite you to serve as your arm. It was honestly possible to form it with just a devil, but the precision of the control would apparently increase to a point where even a novice would be able to control it if we were to transplant something that would serve as a core too.”

“That’s quite the unnerving topic…” (Haaku)

A person normally doesn’t have such crazy thoughts like sticking an arm on someone, you know?

I try using detection magic. Uo, it is true. A monster is wrapping up my whole right arm. So creepy!

Within it, there’s certainly the arm of a person… Oi.

“Oi, this arm—!” (Haaku)

“It was a strong request from the person himself. As you can tell, that’s the right arm of Gestaf Heriodora.”

My body moved faster than my brain. I jumped off the bed, ignoring the pain, and tried to punch the man through the veil.

But my movements were read completely. My body was seized by the female knight before my fist reached the veil.

Pain ran through my whole body, but that doesn’t matter. Unforgivable… I definitely won’t forgive him!

And yet, I can’t move.

This female knight is not budging an inch. It is not about my body being injured. She doesn’t budge with my strength.

“You really are like an open book.”

“You…! How dare you do that to Bro’s arm!” (Haaku)

“Don’t just put the blame on me. As I said, he strongly requested it. I was thinking about digging it out from a grave somewhere or taking it away from a death row prisoner. But Gestaf even lowered his head and asked me when he heard about this.”

“No way… As if I can believe that!” (Haaku)

“Gestaf said so himself: ‘If we don’t go this far, he will belittle his own life. I don’t want to die after him. I doubt he will do anything reckless if he has my arm’.”


I got the detailed result of the mana detection for my right arm. This is not an arm that was cut off by force. I can tell that this was an arm entrusted to me by Bro. Just what kind of emotions Bro had when giving me this arm…?

“I was asked to give you a message when you woke up. ‘With this, you are literally and figuratively my right hand. Don’t let an old man live his remaining life with just one hand, okay?’ Good grief, don’t make me say that twice.”

“Bro… Even if so…giving the arm of Bro to someone like me…!” (Haaku)

The female knight releases me. It seems like she judged there was no need to anymore.

I ignored my pained body and hugged my whole body with my right arm. I properly acknowledge the sensation of my right arm with my whole body.

“Sorry for ruining your emotional moment, but I have had a devil of Purple parasitize Gestaf and turn into his right arm. He was actually pretty ecstatic that it was more pleasant than before.”

“Ruined the moment and spitted on it!” (Haaku)

This guy seriously crushed one’s emotional moment!

No, that won’t shake my emotions for this right arm though!

“…By the way, what about the core stuff that serves for the right arm of Bro?” (Haaku)

“Gestaf said that a devil was enough, so there’s no core. However, he showed surprising adaptability and managed to move it a long time ago. You normally begin from just being able to feel things with it though. It seems like he has good compatibility with the devil arm.”

“As expected of Bro.” (Haaku)

“I don’t know about expecting that from someone.”

Shut up. Anything is as expected for Bro when it comes to his impressive feats.

“By the way, if it is compatible with the body of Bro, isn’t this right arm of Bro also the case?” (Haaku)

“You have bad compatibility.”

“…That’s rough.” (Haaku)

“Don’t feel down in such a blatant manner.”

Having bad compatibility with the right arm of Bro…hurts. No, I should just acknowledge this as me being incompetent.

That’s right, this arm is too much for me. I just have to become a man worthy of this arm!

“Alright, back in action!” (Haaku)

“I don’t hate that part of you. Right, right, Gestaf will be shutting himself in office work. Also, your name is not within his personnel.”

“Can you not go for the throat of a guy that just recovered?!” (Haaku)

This guy… I can’t see his face through the veil, but he is definitely grinning! The female knight there is looking at you with a face as if saying ‘he is having fun’!

But why, Bro? No, it is not like I don’t understand the reason, but…

“Well, you can’t do office work at all, right?”

“That’s…I am bad at writing, so… I was living in a world where studying was a far concept!” (Haaku)

“Having someone like that nearby would just be a hindrance, so train here for the foreseeable future -is what he said.”

“…Eh?” (Haaku)

“In other words, you are doing odd jobs for me from here on.”

“…Wait wait! Why odd jobs?! Shouldn’t I be a bodyguard or something?!” (Haaku)

“I am fine with making you my bodyguard, but you will be treated on the same level as Ilias there, you know?”

I glance at the female knight called Ilias. She is puffing her chest out proudly.

Yeah, that level is impossible for me, Bro. If I am going to be competing with this, I would rather do odd jobs.

“Odd jobs, huh… If I just think of it as me crawling out from the bottom of the pit, it isn’t that bad…” (Haaku)

“If you want me to drop you even lower, I can make you a servant in the base of the Demon Lords.”

“Odd jobs! That sounds like the perfect starting line! Let’s do this!” (Haaku)

I have only met this guy a few times, but I can tell…

He is a guy that does what he says without hesitation. Or more like, he wants to do it.

There’s no doubt he is a dangerous guy, but it should be far better than being thrown into a place where there’s apparently 3 Demon Lords as allies. Please let it be better.

“That’s a bit unexpected. I thought you would be a bit more annoying about leaving the side of Gestaf.”

“I of course don’t want to leave the side of Bro, but if he is telling me to train, I have to become stronger no matter the hellhole I have to plunge into.” (Haaku)

“If you want a hellhole, I can give it to you.”

“A good environment, please. Pushing oneself is not good. Even I can tell that. That’s why, throw away the idea you were thinking, okay?” (Haaku)

“I see… I see…”

“Don’t look so dejected by it! …By the way, aren’t you worried about leaving a guy that tried to kill Rakura and Girista by your side?” (Haaku)

“You not including Ekdoik there means that you have honestly admitted your defeat there, huh.”

“I don’t! Ekdoik is included!” (Haaku)

“I did have my thoughts about that. If you hadn’t spoken without shame at that time, even if I had left Gestaf alive to contribute as a consultant, I would have killed you.”

“…Don’t make me remember. I said that with the intention of them being my dying words.” (Haaku)

Seriously, just thinking calmly about it, I feel ashamed to even meet Bro. I vomited everything I wanted to say, and…yeah…why am I alive?

“If you had said that while sober, I wouldn’t have wanted to keep you close, but I did consider killing you, and you guys lost in a reading battle against me. However, you managed to survive despite all odds. In that sense, you could say you won the life you are holding right now. I can’t deny that luck was on your side too though.”

“Heeh, I see. Then, I will be boldly proud of it. That would be more mortifying for you after all.” (Haaku)

“Not at all. Honestly speaking, you being alive or not wouldn’t have changed anything anyways.”

“Isn’t your evaluation towards someone who is going to become your comrade from here on way too low?!” (Haaku)

“Even if you tell me that…you are simply unbelievably stubborn, and have no other good points.”

“Stabbing where it hurts!” (Haaku)

“Get a weapon of your own. You will eventually hit a wall with just your instincts alone.”

“…I already hit one a long time ago.” (Haaku)

“I know. It is rough for both of us, not being able to grow and all that.”

I have been living my life relying on Instinct-sama until now. But I have been made to realize that’s not enough.

This lowlife managed to deal with Instinct-sama -an invisible factor- as naturally as breathing.

I can’t tell if this guy will become an ally or an enemy of Bro in the future.

Bro acknowledged him, so the possibility of him just staying as an ally is high.

But there’s the possibility a dangerous guy like him will become an enemy. In that case, I should learn what I can from him.

Just you wait, Bro. I will become even more stubborn. I vow to this right arm you have given me that I will definitely become a man you will be proud of.

“Then, I will be counting on you… Wait, I haven’t heard your name.” (Haaku)

“Don’t worry, I haven’t told anyone.”

“You gotta be kidding me.” (Haaku)

“It is true.”

“It is true.”

“You gotta be kidding me…” (Haaku)

What’s this? Bro, will I be able to do well with this guy? I don’t know.


After I finished talking with Haakudoku, we went to meet Gold who is in Taizu, and we will be negotiating together with Gestaf.

I used the Ekdoik taxi the first time I came to Kuama, huh. I don’t know if it is because he has become a demon, but he is several times faster than before. It is truly wonderful that his head wind preventions are also perfect.

But Ekdoik himself is not speaking. Even at the time when I told him we would return to Taizu, he just responded with ‘Okay’.

He is most likely waiting for me to breach the topic. We are alone here. There’s a high chance Gold and Blue will be with us when we head to Kuama, so now is the time to talk about it, huh.

“Ekdoik, I will ask you straight. What is it you want me to say?”

“…That instead makes it hard. But…I would like words that allow me to arrange my current mental state.” (Ekdoik)

“In that case, I would be doing the analysis that Ilias dislikes. Is that okay with you?”

“Yeah, I don’t mind. I honestly can’t see myself. It is as if haze is blinding my vision.” (Ekdoik)

They really are siblings on these occasions. Well, it wouldn’t be fair to pamper just Rakura.

“To avoid beating around the bush, your view of things was vast.”

“That’s summarizing it too much. Please give me more bits and pieces.” (Ekdoik)

“You were living just for the sake of the honor of Beglagud and to prove your own worth. But you have achieved that objective and wanted to elevate your own worth. Rakura entered your vision as a criteria for your objective. But after meeting a variety of people and talking to them, you have learned of their worth. You would be touched by those events at times, be influenced, and would turn them into factors that pushed your heart.”

For someone like Ekdoik who lived in the underground society alone, even interacting with many people is a fresh experience.

A strong spirited person like Gozu, a flexible person like Ban-san, a confident person like Lord Leano, a person with earnest loyalty like Dyuvuleori; the more he learned about what was inside them, the more things he could see.

“That’s why, when you were in front of Blue, you thought her life was not good. It is exactly because you thought that that you held the desire of wanting to turn it into a good one. Well, things are going fine and dandy from this point though.”

“…Right. When I managed to persuade the Blue Demon Lord, I felt something similar to satisfaction somewhere in my heart. It was different from elevating Rakura for my sake. I extended my hand for the sake of someone I purely wanted to help, and she held my hand back. I think that experience…is irreplaceable even if I were to look back at my whole life.” (Ekdoik)

Say that to the person herself. She is a pitiful girl.

“But with you having grown that much, your own evaluation of Rakura changed instead. Rakura was someone that you wanted to overcome, but it was hard to do so. However, you began to lower the hurdle of Rakura as your field of view expanded.”

“Are you saying…I began looking down on Rakura? I had no intention of doing so though…” (Ekdoik)

“You not looking up at her doesn’t mean you are looking down on her now. You simply began seeing her better as ‘so that’s the kind of person she was’.”

“Seeing her…better?” (Ekdoik)

“You believed Rakura would not lose and didn’t cooperate -that’s most likely what you think, but that’s actually not all there is to it. You thought Rakura didn’t wish for it.”

“That’s…” (Ekdoik)

“The reality is that Rakura noticed you, yet didn’t ask for your help because of her sense of rivalry towards you. You could now feel those emotions from Rakura. That’s why it ended up like that. Even though you thought you should help her out, you were held back by your feelings towards Rakura and the feelings of Rakura herself.”

“I did feel Rakura wouldn’t lose. But taking into consideration the feelings of Rakura…” (Ekdoik)

“You were worried about Rakura when she lost, right?”

“Comrade, I would at least be worried when my allies have collapsed, you know?” (Ekdoik)

“I am not talking about worrying for the life of Rakura. Haakudoku crushed Rakura’s feelings of not wanting to lose to you. You must have felt pity from that. That’s why, even if you won against Haakudoku who defeated Rakura, a part of you couldn’t be happy about it. It is because you could now understand -even if vaguely- the mortification that Rakura must be feeling right now.”

At the time when he declared war on Rakura, he must have only thought of it as ‘I want to be acknowledged by Comrade more than Rakura and show the difference between us’.

But Rakura had her own feelings as well. He can’t just go ‘How’s that?! It is my win! Serves you right!’ now that he has learned those feelings.

“Ekdoik, you can now see yourself as an individual instead of just zooming at just the objective of overcoming Rakura. The vision you use when seeing someone has expanded. That’s why you began to cheapen your past actions -the actions you took when you still had your narrow vision. That’s the identity of the haze in your heart as of present. I wouldn’t really call it haze though. It is more like what you were aiming for before has gotten duller.”

“…Then, Comrade, what should I do? Should I just throw away what I resolved myself to do in the past because their worth has waned?” (Ekdoik)

“There’s no need to throw it away. It is just that you now have more road in the paths you should tread forward on. Then, you just have to aim for even higher heights. That’s like an extension of raising your own worth, right?”

“…I can’t put into words just how I see the future.” (Ekdoik)

“There’s no need to put it into words. It is fine to just perceive it in a safe manner. My objective in life is just to live safely, you know?”

“Live safely, huh… I see. I was looking at it cheaply, but it seems to be pretty deep.” (Ekdoik)

“I may just be making you think like that, and it might actually be unexpectedly shallow.”

“Fuh! Then, I will just keep it as deep. I certainly did learn a lot about other people. I understand that there’s many differences. But I still don’t understand the truth behind your wish. That’s why I will polish these eyes of mine so that I will be able to grasp the depths of it.” (Ekdoik)

I felt the expression of Ekdoik soften. This is my first time seeing such a peaceful expression from him.

“That’s the spirit. But as I said before, treasure yourself more. Don’t go out of your way to create pedestals of superiority.”

“…I thought I had erased such signs. I am impressed you could tell.” (Ekdoik)

“I knew you were hiding in the neighboring room and was by the side of Rakura 24/7 after all. Even if I can’t see you or feel you, I knew that you would do that.”

“…I really can’t match you.” (Ekdoik)

“Just for your information, Rakura would be taken aback if she were to know that. Learn moderation, okay?”

“…I will try.” (Ekdoik)

We arrived at the villa of Purple in Taizu. The owner is in Kuama, so only Blue and Gold are here as of present.

These two have shown up aimlessly at the Taizu Castle, and have researched magic together with Nora and Ruko.

That said, Gold has her land of Gahne, too. She needs to move her consciousness to Gahne for a certain period of time each day when she is in Taizu.

At this time…she is probably asleep. She did say ‘ya can crawl into my bedding anytime ya want’, so let’s do a table flip with her sheets in the youkai style.

There’s the need for someone with the specified mana wavelengths to enter the residence.

It goes without saying that the 3 Demon Lords are included in this, but there’s also Dyuvuleori and Ekdoik who have a free pass.

I also can, but I don’t have mana, so Kutou is serving as my mana key.

“Oi, Blue~, are you there~? Have you gone feral after being unable to get used to living in civilization?”

“I am here! Why would I turn fera—wait, Ekdoik?!” (Blue)

The one who welcomed us was Blue. Her appearance has changed quite a lot.

When we met her before, she was wearing a blue dress that suited a Demon Lord, and some sort of frozen headband.

But right now she is wearing a simple yet rough attire that’s faintly blue. Should I call it tribal?

Also, there’s more stuff on her: like a single horn growing from her forehead, and a tail like that of a horse.

“Yeah, I came together with Comrade… Your atmosphere has changed.” (Ekdoik)

“R-Really? I would overlap with Purple if I used a dress after all. She compressed devils and made them jewels, so I can’t win against her when it comes to extravagance.” (Blue)

“By the way, is the horn and tail a fetish of yours?”

“As if! I was born with them! They began regenerating after I became a Demon Lord, but I sealed them so they wouldn’t grow.” (Blue)

Speaking of which, they were called one-horned ogres and were one-sidedly persecuted.

She was made to shoulder enormous trauma, and shaved off her horn and tore off her tail. She most likely didn’t want to return to that appearance even after becoming a Demon Lord.

Her trying to return to her origins like this is good.

“Quite the impressive horn.”

“Yeah, but I have not seen an animal like this. Do you know of one, Comrade?” (Ekdoik)

“The one-horned tribe, huh. There’s actually an animal like that, you know?”

“Eh, really?” (Blue)

I draw a narwhal on a parchment.

It is basically a horned dolphin…whale…?

It lives in the sea, so it must be a pretty rare sight in this world.

“…Comrade, you are good at drawing.” (Ekdoik)

“There would often be cases when I would have to bring drawn documents in order to deceive people after all.”

“Quite the sad reason.” (Ekdoik)

“…That’s not it! It has a horn, but the one-horned tribe doesn’t have the blood of a plump animal like this!” (Blue)

“But no matter how I look at your horn…”

“The tail is completely different! See?! Look at my tail closely!” (Blue)

Even if you point your butt at me with such vigor… Well, it is true that a narwhal technically doesn’t have a tail.

“If it is a horse tail and a horn, there’s only the unicorn.”

“Unicorn?” (Blue)

I once again go and draw a unicorn. I have copied horses when I was free, so this was easy.

I show the drawing to the two.

“…A horse with a horn growing from it, huh.” (Blue)

“…It is indeed a horse with a horn.” (Ekdoik)

“It didn’t exist on Earth. It is a mythological creature. It is said that this horn could even cleanse poisonous waters.”

Also, it prefers pure maidens, or more like, it is a ferocious guy to anyone aside from them.

“I see. It fits quite well if that’s the image.” (Ekdoik)

“…R-Right. I agree with the image of pure! …Why are you covering your mouth and laughing?!” (Blue)

No, it is not about her purity or anything. It just hit my funny bone that Ekdoik said it fit her image exactly when I thought that they are ferocious guys.

“Sorry. It is true that an unicorn fits you better. That said, it is a white horse though. Can’t do anything about the color, I guess.”

“White, huh… Don’t really like that it reminds me of Yugura, but unicorns aren’t to blame for that.” (Blue)

That said, Blue is pretty high-strung here. No, she is pretty high-strung when biting at a certain someone, but…it feels like she is happy.

It really must be because Ekdoik has shown himself. Even though he is her first demon, he has been leaving her alone this whole time after all.

“…Right, it fits the atmosphere of Blue well. That outfit also accentuates your traits as a demi-human. You look really beautiful.” (Ekdoik)

Oh, this guy praised her sincerely. I think he chose his words well. How is it, Blue-san?

Ah, she is making a super red face.

“Wa…you…said beautiful? More importantly, Blue…?!” (Blue)

“Yeah. We will be going outside together in the future, so I was told it would be bad if I were to call you Demon Lord at those times… Would you have preferred me to call you something else?” (Ekdoik)

“…No, it is fine. I wouldn’t like it if he were the only one calling me that…” (Blue)

“I see. Then, I will call you Blue from here on. Aah, now that I say it out loud, it is unexpectedly easy to say, and it sounds good.” (Ekdoik)


Yup, yup, this easy Demon Lord has been cleansed from all the accumulated grievances. It even feels as if he has cleansed way too much.

“What’s the matter? Your face is red… Do Demon Lords get fevers too?” (Ekdoik)

“T-That’s not it!” (Blue)

“But…no matter how you see it, your face is bright re—” (Ekdoik)

“Ekdoik Salf, grovel on the ground!” (Blue)

“Owa?!” (Ekdoik)

Ooh, that’s impressive. She smashed Ekdoik on the ground.

So this is the commanding power she has on a demon, huh. How scary.

Just thinking about becoming the demon of Gold and Purple sends shivers down my spine.

“…Comrade, it might be harder to understand her than understand you.” (Ekdoik)

“No, it is probably super easy, you know?”

“I see…so I am still lacking a lot…” (Ekdoik)

Maybe I should have him consult Marito next time. He is most likely the most versed when it comes to dealing with women after all.

Author: The next chapter is most likely the last one for this arc.

1st Arc: 24 chapters, 2nd Arc: 26 chapters, 3rd Arc: 27 chapters, 4th Arc: 37 chapters, 5th Arc: 45 chapters (tentative).

I see. Will the 6th Arc be alright?

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