LS – Chapter 240: That’s why, choose

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“Raheight has come too, huh. Now then, let’s begin the talk.” 

Ritial and Arcreal were called by Nektohal. It would be better for Tsudwali to be here as well if it were about business, but it seems like Nektohal wants to proceed with just us 4. 

This man hates sharing a lot of information, and only shares information to the bare minimum number of people. 

Ritial can dilute the information well to give to his subordinates, so he is an aside, but it is vexing that Arcreal, who can’t remember the information well in the first place, is being counted in the same group as me who doesn’t like mingling with others. 

“The base in Torin has been brought down. That means the next one is finally Serende, right? But, honestly speaking, they wouldn’t be able to reach our place even if they were to know about it since we have Tsudwali, right? If the research of Nektohal has reached its target, we can just fill our supplies to the brim and coop up.” (Arcreal)

Tsudwali’s power is to not be able to perceive the place that Tsudwali herself has tinkered with. 

You won’t be able to arrive at that place unless you have the exclusive key created by Tsudwali herself. 

It shows its effects by using magic for a set mana attribute, so it is not affected by magic seal stones. 

The keys that were stolen from Soraid were all keys used only for the bases in Torin, so there’s no need to worry. 

The only ones who have keys that can enter the base of the Serende side including this one are the 4 people here and Tsudwali. 

“I don’t know if the resident of Yugura’s planet can conquer the power of Tsudwali. I can’t really say for sure. But he managed to defeat Soraid despite having been hit by his power. We should move with the assumption that it will be broken through.” (Ritial)

“So careful.” (Arcreal)

Arcreal is most likely the only one here who thinks Ritial is way too careful. 

It goes without saying for me and Ritial, but Nektohal has the ability to lend an ear if Ritial says so. 

“Then, let’s move the laboratory to that place. It would be inconvenient when coming and going, but it should be hard to attack that place and easy to protect.” (Nektohal)

“That place, huh. We could prepare ambushes and traps in that corridor, and it would be easy to get ready.” (Ritial)

“Wouldn’t it be easy to defend that place by myself? There may be forks, but the entrance is pretty much a straight road.” (Arcreal)

“Arcreal, it is not like we are worried about the possibility of you losing. But we are worried that the other people will slip past you while they are buying time.” (Raheight)

I can’t even imagine Arcreal losing in a fight. 

But the resident of Yugura’s planet getting the better of this dunce guy in something other than a battle is possible. 

Arcreal would be able to stop the strongest forces of their side, but it is not like there’s only one or two troublesome individuals on their side. 

“So you are assuming I will mess up. That’s cruel.” (Arcreal)

“We will do our best so that not everything will end with just a mistake of yours, so you should be thanking us, not complaining.” (Raheight)

“It is as Raheight says. The issue would be how to deal with the enemies that Arcreal won’t be able to keep at bay.” (Ritial)

We will have Arcreal protect the most important location. That’s an unavoidable path to take. 

The resident of Yugura’s planet will most likely be utilizing Ilias Ratzel and the white demi-human. 

Ekdoik and Mix Taizu who fight using tricks will only be a hindrance. 

In other words, they will slip by in that opening and it will come down to how we will deal with that.

“Hey, is the woman called Ilias the only one from the Taizu knights that will be coming? I personally would like to fight Salvet Ragudo once. You had a past connection with that guy, right, Ritial?” (Arcreal)

“Salvet and Gradona might come. But Taizu shouldn’t be able to spare that many forces.” (Ritial)

“Why?” (Arcreal)

“Nothing big. It is just that I left traces of us trying to do something in each nation. For the people who know about how we tried to overthrow the countries with the people of Leitis, finding fishy traces in their country will make them leave forces behind.” (Ritial)

I thought he had way too much time in his hands while Soraid was doing whatever he wanted, but it seems that wasn’t the case. 

The resident of Yugura’s planet should be able to see that this is a bluff. However, countries can’t move carelessly even at the slight possibility. 

If they were to pour their forces onto Serende, I could use the people of Leitis and possess someone in order to rampage in that country. 

“What a conservative plan. Even though the enemy should be faster when it comes to increasing their numbers.” (Arcreal)

“It is fine to just buy time. The research of Nektohal is already entering the last stage, right?” (Ritial)

“Yeah. The reality is that the talent of Raheight as an Illegitimate was scarily close to the path of resurrection magic. Now all that’s left is the loophole in the wall that Yugura left behind, but…it should be possible in a not so far future.” (Nektohal)

I could feel something in the very depths of my heart move at those words. 

We will soon be able to use a perfected resurrection spell. 

The construction of the spell should be possible by just analyzing necromancy and my talent as an Illegitimate. 

But the people of this world can’t stretch their hands towards the forbidden with that alone. 

The Colorless Demon Lord; the being that was given the duty of an inhibitor by Yugura against the ones that stretch their hand towards the forbidden. 

But the only moment his inhibitor works is when the barrier that detects the forbidden embedded in the laws of the world reacts. 

The Colorless Demon Lord, who can’t take hostile actions, won’t be able to do anything as long as you don’t get caught in that barrier. 

“We still haven’t found the one with the talent to interfere with the laws of the world which escaped from you at the time when you attacked Taizu, right?” (Ritial)

“Just as I said before, as long as we can analyze how the other talents interfere with it, we should be able to get a decent result. Our desire would have been accomplished a few years faster if we had that man though.” (Nektohal)

“I am glad to hear you are outstanding.” (Ritial)

“I am not. I continued researching magic for long years as the demon of the Green Demon Lord. The whole time since the day I became a demon to the day I left his side -for more than a century. I finally managed to reach it after all that, so you could say I am within the category of mediocre.” (Nektohal)

True. The one who can be called an actual genius would be Yugura. 

Yugura showed up in this parallel world, learned the concept of magic, and grasped the laws of this world in the blink of an eye. 

The analysis of Ritial is that the ability to comprehend others from the resident of Yugura’s planet was polished from the difference in his environment. But no matter how different of an environment and way of thinking there is, what Yugura achieved isn’t something that a normal person should be able to reach. 

“I think your tenacity alone is that of a prodigy though. That’s why Raheight and I trust you.” (Ritial)

“Right. I had enough materials to judge that it would be more efficient than aiming for this alone.” (Raheight)

“—I am not used to being praised, so I don’t get sentimental. But I shall give you the results of the research until now just in case anything happens.” (Nektohal)

Nektohal gives magic stones to me and Ritial. 

This is something that utilizes the technique of putting in the necessary information in your mind which uses the ability of Soraid to tinker with the memories of people. 

Nektohal has no intention of getting ahead of us. He is doing this in order to prove that. 

“A massive amount of information flows into me in one go, so I will try to grasp it when I find some time.” (Ritial)

“Right. You should prioritize facing the resident of Yugura’s planet as of present. And so, how are you going to divide the forces of the other Illegitimate and Leitis?” (Nektohal)

“I don’t need anyone. I don’t have the confidence in being able to match someone else.” (Arcreal)

“I also don’t need anyone. I have no intention of entrusting my back to people who might betray me at any point in time.” (Raheight)

Ritial frowned a bit at my words. 

The people who have switched to the side of the resident of Yugura’s planet are: Yasutet, Molari, Smythos, and Komiha. They were Illegitimate who could be used in battle and were found by Ritial. People that strengthened their power. 

“Oi, oi, don’t be so harsh. The opponent is on the same level as Ritial, right?” (Arcreal)

“I was caught once, but didn’t switch sides, you know?” (Raheight)

“So you are giving special treatment to yourself.” (Arcreal)

“That goes the same for you who doesn’t need helpers, right? The one giving special treatment is Ritial. You are believing them too much unconditionally just because they are Illegitimate.” (Raheight)

The power of Ritial to see through talent is the real deal. 

But Ritial is soft towards Illegitimate. 

He should be training them so that they absolutely won’t betray us, and yet, he is satisfied with only something as vague as loyalty. 

The result is as seen. 

“I won’t deny that. But even if you didn’t betray us, they discovered the actions of Gestaf and the others through you. That’s not much different from the leaking of information from Yasutet and the others, right?” (Ritial)

“…Hm. Let’s leave it at that.” (Raheight)

Trying to argue with this man would only amount to fulfilling my pointless self-satisfaction and would be a waste of time. 

In the first place, I wouldn’t be fulfilled no matter what against this monster of quibbles. 

As long as I have a mistake anywhere, there won’t be any point unless I accept it. 

“Don’t make the atmosphere so thorny, you three. If you were to split right before our desire is fulfilled, it would be as if I tried to steal the march.” (Nektohal)

“I am included?!” (Arcreal)

“You are the one who interjected in the first place, Arcreal. I will be making preparations then.” (Raheight)

I left the room, controlled the magic stone, and read the information. 

I see. It certainly only needs one more step. 

It might be possible to finish before the resident of Yugura’s planet attacks us. 

“…Let’s stop the optimism.” (Raheight)

There has been no moment that I have obtained what I wanted from hopeful thinking. 

I may have been able to achieve my objective, but it would always be far different from what I imagined. 

However, there’s something I must achieve no matter what. I have struggled in this swamp of a life just for the sake of that. 

I have an idea of what Nektohal and Ritial will do once they obtain the resurrection magic. 

I don’t know if Arcreal would show interest, but he would in the end be an obstacle. 

“—Just a bit more… A bit more and that time will come.” (Raheight)

The time for a decision will come soon. 

I will most likely be choosing the life that has the most hardships waiting for me. 

Choosing means that I have already decided on the things I want to choose from. 

The understanding that there are choices brings about the certainty of choosing. 

Then, there’s no need to hesitate.

I just have to earnestly advance in the path I wish.

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