LS – Chapter 134: What’s shown next

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TLN: Reminder that me is ore and me is watashi.


An unknown man. I have never seen this man before in the castle-no da. 

More importantly, this is impossible-no da.

Nora used detection magic just before. There’s no doubt there wasn’t anyone in the room-no da.

And yet, this man was sitting on a chair in Nora’s vision as if he was sitting there from the very beginning-no da. 

I was constructing the spell, but I would have noticed if someone had approached the chair that’s in my vision. Even if he was hiding with magic, it would be strange to not see traces of it-no da. 

“What, are you going to stop? Despite being so close to completing it?” 

The body of the man is mostly assimilated to the scenery. From the contours, it looks as if he is wearing a big robe on his half-naked body with a hood on that makes him invisible. 

“W-Who are you-na no da?!” (Nora)

“Who, huh? Well, it is not like just anyone can talk to me, but appearing in front of someone that doesn’t know me is sad. Oh well, there’s no need to worry about the small details, right?” 

The man made a motion of taking his hood off and the face of the man showed up clearly.

An unknown face. Dark skin and black hair and eyes. 

Traits similar to Nii-chan, but this man is different. 

The mana quality inside of him is clearly not that of a human no matter how I see it-no da. 

“But as expected of the disciple of Barastos. Even if there was a trigger, it is impressive that your hands reached the forbidden at that age. You should be proud of it. There has been no one aside from Barastos who has been able to get this far since the time Yugura appeared after all.” 

“Y-You know Master-no da?” (Nora)

“Yeah, I have met that super lewd Great Sage-sama. But well, they were boring and chose to erase their memories though. You are different, right?” 

The man slowly stood up and smiled as if amused. 

“Now then, time to die.” 

“Hiih!!” (Nora)

There’s no killing intent at all. This man was not releasing what even wild animals show. 

But there’s no doubt this man is trying to kill Nora. 

The eyes he is using to look at Nora have no conflict at all. He is just going to end it by killing me. 

I can’t allow this man to approach me-na no da. This man is not human-no da! 

I form magic and shoot it. This is a dangerous spell that Master told me I should never direct at people. 

A spell that you can’t hold back its power and simply excels at killing the targ—

“Oh, impressive. You even know an offensive spell like that. But sorry, if it is within the realm of an offensive spell, it won’t even amount to anything.” 

The moment the spell was about to hit the man, it scattered-no da.

It is as if the structure unraveled by itself. It returned to just mana. 

“Is it a magic seal stone?!” (Nora)

“Aah, it works similarly. I am in a realm where I don’t need to rely on something like that.” 

Magic doesn’t work. Even if I were to strengthen myself with mana, Nora wouldn’t be able to face a man like this…

“Out of cards already? Well, it makes sense. You did way too well for a brat that only has magic. Wishing for more than this would be harsh.” 

The man slowly raised his right hand and pointed his index finger at Nora. 

Mana was gathering faintly in the tip of the man’s finger. But I can’t see him weaving anything-no da.

“Well then, by—” 

The door suddenly opened.

Moonlight entered from the opened door and the shadow of someone showed up…

“W-Who are you?!” 

“R-Ruko-sama?!” (Nora)

“…Oh, this is unexpected.” 

The one there was Ruko-sama. Only Ruko-sama can open the door with her key, so you could say this is natural-na no da. 


“Run away, Ruko-sama!” (Nora)

“…What are you trying to do to Nora-chan?!” (Ruko)

Ruko-sama jumped into the room and got in between the man and Nora. 

Aah, geez, even Ruko-sama should be able to tell just how dangerous this man is! 

The man scratched his cheek with the finger he had at ready as if finding this a pain.

“What, you ask. Can’t you tell just by looking? I am in the middle of killing that brat.” 

“Wa, why?!” (Ruko)

“Hmm, did I have the duty to explain? Well, I do think I was told not to put my hands on a 3rd party as much as possible. I am the Colorless Demon Lord. My occupation is to protect the equilibrium of this world. To be more precise, my job is to eliminate the people that try to create forbidden magic. And so, that brat was experimenting with forbidden magic stealthily in the night. Her hands have now reached the forbidden that Yugura stipulated. That’s why I will kill her. Understood?” (Colorless)

“Demon Lord…?! Also, forbidden…?” (Ruko)

Ruko-sama glanced at Nora for a bit. But she soon faced the man…the Colorless Demon Lord again.

That’s a Demon Lord. The ones that brought chaos to the world…

“Even if so, a reason like that isn’t enough to kill this girl!” (Ruko)

“A reason like that? Oi oi, you say that despite being a human from this world? You should have heard about at least one forbidden magic, right? That’s right, resurrection magic. It is not like you don’t know just how much harm this caused to the world, right? Forbidden magic are creations that can give birth to great calamities. If used by evil, it can easily make nations fall and kill millions of people.” (Colorless)

“Nora-chan wouldn’t use magic for evil!” (Ruko)

“Even if I were to swallow your words, young lady, if it gets completed, it will get transmitted through the ages. Who can assure that there won’t be anyone who uses that power for evil at some point in time? Everything will be wrapped up without complications if I just kill that brat and we can save millions of people who will die in the future. You are not so foolish to not be able to understand this, right?” (Colorless)


“If a brat like that were the one who created resurrection magic, just how many people in this world would think it was great that such a person died in an unfortunate accident? This is basically for the sake of the world. Can you still say it is ‘for a reason like that’?” (Colorless)

The magic that Nora was researching is the same as resurrection magic… If used for evil, many people would… But this is…I didn’t research it for the sake of something like that-no da! 

But…but…what the Colorless Demon Lord is saying…

I can! Nora-chan is important to me. No matter the reason, that won’t change!” (Ruko)

“Ruko-sama…” (Nora)

“You sound like a mother protecting her child. Blind with no intelligence at all. There’s no point in saying anything to someone who has no intention of listening to begin with. This is troubling… Guess I will have you die together?” (Colorless) 


Wa…This… What’s this what’s this what’s this?! 

The air is cold. I can’t hear anything around. I can’t see anything aside from the Colorless Demon Lord and Ruko-sama. 

My teeth are clattering and it hurts. My whole body is trembling and can’t move. I can’t breathe. 

I can’t even stay up and end up falling onto the ground. Scary…scary scary scary! 

Ruko-sama, Ruko-sama, Ruko-sama! 

No good-na no da. No one can win against this Demon Lord. Run away-no da! 

I can’t speak. I can’t do anything. I can only watch. 

Ruko-sama is standing there, but I can tell she is trembling. 

But that’s all. She can’t do anything.

The floor is warm. I can tell it is damp. 

“Young lady, you can tell the difference in strength with your skin, right? The work I have to do in order to kill just the brat here and both of you together is the same. Regardless of whether you protect that brat, she will die. There’s no point at all in your dedication here. Just give up on that brat. This is my job, so I will do what I have to do.” (Colorless)


“Aah, sorry, sorry. You can’t move or even talk when hit by my killing intent, right? That works just fine. You won’t be able to see that brat die in that position. Stay put just like that.” (Colorless)

The Colorless Demon Lord takes one step to the side.

Those eyes of his were looking straight at Nora. 

And then, he steps forward. 

Ah, but Ruko-sama might be saved with this-no da. 

Even if it is impossible for Nora to escape from this man, if Ruko-sama can come out fine—

“…Oi, are you serious?” (Colorless)

No way. Why?! 

Ruko-sama stood in front of the Colorless Demon Lord again. 

Even though she shouldn’t be able to move or talk with such killing intent being poured on her…

“That’s impressive, young lady. Your average person would faint at times, but…I am amazed you can move despite looking like you haven’t trained at all. But even if you do that—” (Colorless)

“E-…ven…so…! I can’t allow Nora-chan to be killed!” (Ruko)

“Ooh, even your tongue is rolling now. I am losing confidence here. Well, after having gone so far, I can’t not tag along with your self-satisfaction.” (Colorless)

The arm of the Colorless Demon Lord came out from the body of Ruko-sama.

From the chest to the back…it easily went through…

“Uh…Ah…” (Ruko)

“Ah, sorry, I went too far.” (Colorless)

The arm of the Colorless Demon Lord is being pulled out, but he couldn’t take it out completely and was still pierced on the body of Ruko-sama…

The arm of the Colorless Demon Lord is pulled out completely after a moment.

“Aah… Guh…” (Ruko)

The body of Ruko-sama stayed up only for an instant and then fell in place. Ruko-sama has… Ruko-sama! 

“Ruko-sama!” (Nora)

My body moved. I crawled over…and over…to the fallen Ruko-sama while trembling, and finally managed to touch her body-no da.

Ruko-sama is completely unconscious, but…she is breathing faintly. 

“Figures she would lose consciousness if her mana is affected directly. Oi, brat, perk up your ears.” (Colorless)

The Colorless Demon Lord grabbed Nora’s hair and forcefully raised my face. I had no surplus to feel pain. 

His face is the same as the first time I met him.

“I will honor that young lady and provide you an opportunity once. I have set a curse in the heart of that young lady. In the case that forbidden spell you are researching is completed, the heart of the young lady will explode. She will of course die, but not instantly. Once that time comes, the young lady will be eaten by regret and fear.” (Colorless)

I couldn’t hear his words properly. Nora doesn’t have the leeway to understand what he is saying anymore…

“Of course, I will kill you after the young lady dies. That won’t change. You might be able to leave great accomplishments for posterity though. Well, you can do as you please aside from what I told you.” (Colorless)

He let go of my hair and my body fell on top of Ruko-sama.

By the time I noticed, there was already only Nora and Ruko-sama in this room. 

“Uuh…Wuu…Ruko-sama… Ruko-sama… Ruko-samaa!” (Nora)


At the same time as I return to my previous space, I create a sofa, and entrust my whole body to gravity. 

“Whew, the eyes of a strong woman are dreadful no matter the era.” 

My current strength could easily murder the Scarlet Beast or the Green Lord. 

The only one who could put up a fight against me would be Yugura’s descendant as of present. 

And yet, to think I would falter at a mere maid.

“…Crap, I should have fondled her boobs at least once.” 

She wasn’t to a degree of being boing boing, but she had a decent amount after all. I missed an opportunity there. 

Well, let’s enjoy that if the brat completes the forbidden. 

“The impact weakened a bit there, but I fulfilled my objective, so let’s say that’s okay.” 

This will enter the ears of that Earthling later. When that happens, the next move will begin. 

I bring out the mirror and show the current situation. 

“Still neutral as of present, huh. Well, makes sense. But Yugura really left one troublesome order.” 

When I closed my eyes, I remembered the scenery of when I separated from Yugura.

“—————You are the Colorless Demon Lord right now, right? I will leave you a single order. I will have you be in a fair standing as the guardian that will protect the balance of the world. I prohibit you from becoming the enemy of someone, okay?” 

This power that Yugura gave me…he placed shackles on them so that I can’t use them as I please. 

I currently can use my powers without issues if it is as the being that keeps an eye on forbidden magic. 

But fighting on the surface is out of the question. Who knows how much of a penalty would be imposed on me if I were to break that. 

If the Scarlet Beast were to corner that Earthling, that’s fine; but with 3 Demon Lords as enemies, the possibilities are half and half. 

In order to cooperate with the Scarlet Beast, there’s the need for the humans and the representative of the 3rd Faction, the Earthling, to recognize me as an enemy. 

Even though I provided information to the Scarlet Demon Lord as a position of fairness in front of the Gold Lass, that Earthling still treats me as neutral after all. Just how peaceful is that guy? 

But that brat approaching the forbidden was pretty good news. She managed to get close to finishing it quite fast just from tinkering things a bit.

That Earthling apparently faced the Mejis Anbus pretty seriously when the vagrant he wasn’t even that close with was killed. How will he move when two women he is close with have been attacked? 

“Aah, I want to corner him quickly. Can he please get dyed in hatred just like Black Sis already~?” (Colorless)

If he gets on the level of Black Sis, it would be interesting for me too. It can bring moisture to my unbearably boring days. 

Playing the bad guy for the sake of that doesn’t sound bad. More like, it fits me too well. 

“That’s why please, Earthling, become my enemy.” (Colorless)


Marito called me, telling me there’s an emergency and was told what happened to Nora and Ruko last night. 

The knights guarding the city are looking after the two. I barely managed to get out what happened from Nora who had lost all energy. 

Nora lost it even after she told me about the situation, so I had magic used on her to make her sleep. 

The life of Ruko is not at risk here, but she is extremely exhausted in both mind and body, and has not woken up even now. 

“Just saying this beforehand, but it is not like it is all your fault. Don’t get conceited about that.” (Marito)

“Even if so, part of the responsibility lies in me. At least let me feel bad about it.” 

“I don’t mind that much though. But there’s no one to punish you, so keep it moderate.” (Marito)

“Yeah, got it.” 

My responsibility is that I left everything to Ruko in regards to the actions of Nora. 

And also, I mistook the talent of Nora.

No, it is in the first place because the knowledge of my world was misappropriated. 

But right now I should be trying to grasp the current situation instead of regretting it. 

The key to the research lab has been entrusted to Marito by the guard. I borrow that and enter the research lab together with Ilias. 

The inside was the same as usual. It doesn’t look like trouble happened here. 

The guards apparently cleaned it up already, but…now then, I opened the drawer and checked the documents inside. 

“…This one, huh.” 

I grab the one that has the writing of Nora I don’t remember seeing before and observe the magic construction formula.

It is complicated and I barely understand anything, but I understand the general gist of things. 

It is something that matches one of the things in the list that Colorless gave me. So Nora researched this by herself and was trying to finish it, huh. 

“Ilias, hold this for a bit.” 

“O-Okay… There’s no need to be so hung up about it. The worst case scenario didn’t happen.” (Ilias)

“Thanks for your concern. I am operating as normal here.” 

“It doesn’t seem to be the case though…” (Ilias)

“I see. Then I might be a bit pissed here. Towards that Colorless and myself.” 

But that’s a bit strange. Even if it is Nora, it is a bit too fast to be able to reach this theory. 

I rummage through the drawer, bring out the other documents, and confirm them. 

…I knew it. That damn colorless.

But if that’s the case, another question surfaces.

What’s the reason? I don’t have enough material to reach a conclusion. 

“Ilias, I want to use that. Give me permission.” 

“I understand how you feel, but…even if you catch him off-guard, you have no means to do something about him, right?” (Ilias)

“That’s not my objective. It is just that there’s a weird point in the fact that Nora touched upon the forbidden and Colorless dealt with it. There’s a different intention in this matter. I would like to discern what that is.” 

“A different intention?” (Ilias)

“Yeah, but it would be difficult to reach that in my current state. I know I am asking you conveniently here, but I think solving this is necessary.” 

“…Got it.” (Ilias)

In the case of Purple, the opponent was in front of my eyes; for Raheight, I had the information of Girista; but this time around, it will be difficult unless I delve a bit deep. 

It hurts me to make Ilias worry, but my senses are tingling. 

This was an action out of malice. If I choose to just watch as things unfold, there’s a high chance an even more troublesome situation will happen. 

I sit on the chair and close my eyes. 

I met Colorless 3 times. I have gained a decent amount of information. 

I will tie the troublesome points of that guy and comprehend him.

I think of that hateful leisure face of his. 

Who…Who am I…?

…I am…

“Alright, I am done.” 

“…That was faster than I thought.” (Ilias)

“I had a grasp of his personality already after all. It is also in big part because I saw parts that were close to me.” 

“…Is it okay to ask for the details?” (Ilias)

“Sorry, Ilias. I would like to keep this inside of myself for a while. There’s the need to.” 

Ilias is staring intently at my eyes.

The usual eyes filled with unease and worry when looking at me.

Also, I switched to me, so it can’t be helped. But this is necessary. 

It has to be the me instead of the me that moves by emotions.

“So you will tell me.” (Ilias)

“Yeah, I think we will be able to match answers today or tomorrow. Now then, let’s go.” 

“Where are you planning on going?” (Ilias)

“To Nora’s place. We can wake Nora up if we want, right? There’s something I would like to confirm.” 

“Right now Nora is—” (Ilias)

“That’s exactly why. She currently regrets that all the responsibility is on her. We should lower that weight on her as soon as possible.” 

“…I really can’t come to like this you.” (Ilias)

“That’s fine, that’s fine. If you were to be receptive about me, I wouldn’t be able to return. I want me to live safely at the other side of me.” 

My consciousness has been getting stronger since coming to this world, and the gap between me has gotten bigger.

Well, let’s deal with this issue when I am me.

It is enough for me to just do things silently after all.

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