LS – Chapter 125: What comes next

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The world was stormy a long time ago.

There was discord between humans and demi-humans, but it wasn’t strange for there to be battles between humans and humans, and demi-humans and demi-humans.

The more the race’s population increases, the more territory they need.

That’s why they would seek justification for growing hostile.

The humans would look down on demi-humans just because a part of their bodies are those of animals.

The demi-humans would also look down and repudiate other species of demi-humans with different animal parts.

Within those, there was a species called the one-horned folk.

I don’t know what animal we were modeled after and have never seen it before.

There were demi-humans who had horns like goats and deers, but there’s extremely few demi-humans with horns. They were perfect targets to isolate because they were the minority.

It is easy to imagine how, within the already rare horned demi-humans, the even rarer one-horned folk would get surrounded by enemies.

That’s why my ancestors escaped to a remote land and chose to live a quiet life.

They would manage their births so their numbers wouldn’t increase too much, and would educate their descendants thoroughly so that other humans and demi-humans don’t find them.

But the passing of time degrades all things.

By the time I was born, the sense of threat towards the humans and demi-humans had dimmed, and the number of people in the tribe and the limit of people allowed to be born had increased compared to the time with our ancestors.

We made our village bigger and made our temporary base bigger.

I was a tomboy, which always worried my mother, but my father said I could become a reliable partner in the future and laughed happily about it.

One day, I went far away and met a certain man.

The name of that man was Gresto. A humble knight serving a human kingdom.

The first time I met Gresto, he was badly injured.

He was wounded in a war nearby and ended up lost in the forest after barely escaping the enemies.

He was attacked by a wild animal, but he managed to fight it off. However, after getting drenched by the blood of it, there’s no way the animals around wouldn’t sniff him out.

He wandered the forest with sleepless nights and was completely exhausted.

Seeing the first human in my life, I thought ‘he is almost no different from us’.

It is true that he didn’t have a horn or a tail, but we have had people in our tribe who have been attacked by animals and lost their lives.

That’s why I saved Gresto, brought him to the village together with my father, and treated his injuries.

The villagers were also surprised at first, but soon began to gather food for the sake of the badly injured Gresto, would treat him all night, and would look after him.

Because of this, Gresto recovered in the blink of an eye and could walk with his own feet now.

Gresto was deeply grateful and thanked us countless times before he left the village.

We couldn’t communicate with words, but our feelings certainly transmitted.

The gratitude of Gresto was the real deal at that time. There was no lie in the tears he shed at the kindness of the people in the village.

But the village was burned to the ground a few weeks later.

The man that burned down the village was called Taves.

The Knight Captain, Taves, learned about the circumstances of Gresto’s return, and explained it to his king, Waphroi.

Waphroi utilized his own power as the king of a powerful kingdom.

So when he heard the story of extremely rare demi-humans, he said this.

“One-horned demi-humans. These species that’s not in the shape of any animal will become a pest that will bring forth calamities on us humans. We must cull this blood as people in positions of responsibility.”

My family, friends, and acquaintances were all killed.

They all stood in front of the humans to let me, who had shallow injuries, escape.

They entrusted me with the future, saying that I should be able to rebuild the village with the survivors.

I desperately escaped, but I ended up encountering a single pursuer.

The moment I saw the face of that pursuer, I could tell immediately…it was Gresto.

The face of Gresto was completely haggard. Just by looking at that face, I felt as if my heart had been saved somewhat.

I am sure Gresto was simply forced to guide them to our village. That his heart must be as hurt as the ones of us.

There were even more pursuers coming from behind. I could tell I couldn’t escape here, so I said to Gresto.

“Please kill me. This may be harsh on you, but I don’t want to be killed gleefully by barbarians.”

Even if he didn’t understand my words, I thought for sure my feelings would transmit.

Gresto hesitated for a moment and then swung down his sword.

But his sword didn’t take my life. He instead cut off my horn cleanly from the very base.

He then gave me his own helmet and cloak, hid the traces of my horn, and sheltered me as a human.

It was a desperate measure, but I was saved with this.

The pursuers confirmed I didn’t have a horn and lost interest.

Gresto let me escape after getting away from the pursuers.

After the heat died out, I returned to the village to see how it was, but there wasn’t a single one who survived.

The corpses all had their heads cut off.

The humans took the heads of the one-horned folk as war trophies.

That’s why, when they saw me with no horn, they must have judged I had no worth as a trophy, and didn’t try to press on the topic.

I knew the name of all the villagers. That’s why I continued waiting, sure that I might eventually meet someone I know.

But no matter how much I waited and waited, no one came.

I couldn’t even secure food satisfactorily in a situation where there was no help. I felt the limit of my stamina and left the ruins of my village.

‘What should I do from here on?’ -I continued worrying like that, but the only thing I could think of as someone who hasn’t experienced anything like this was to rely on someone I know.

The acquaintance I know is alive: Gresto.

I scrape away the remains of the horn with a rock and hide it carefully.

I was sure it would turn into an issue if my tail were to be found, so I bit onto a rope and sliced it off.

I wrapped bandages around my head and confirmed my appearance in the lake.

I was a human no matter how you saw it. The same as the humans that slaughtered us. A dry laugh leaked out from me.

After that, I arrived at the kingdom of Waphroi.

There were a shocking amount of humans in the city.

I acted as if my voice couldn’t come out since I don’t know the human language, and wandered around as a beggar.

Even with that, many humans showed kindness towards me.

They blessed me with food, and there was even a time I was given a blanket when it was cold.

They are no different from us. It even made me question if we were really killed by these humans.

I learned simple words and finally managed to find the house Gresto lived in.

He had a wife and children, and had a happy family.

It would most likely bring unsavory unease to the family if I were to suddenly show up. Let’s observe him for a while and talk to him when he is alone -I thought this and observed Gresto from outside.

That’s when I noticed the young child of Gresto was holding something.

The child had grabbed that thing decorating the house with a playful heart. Gresto reprimanded the child with a smile.

It should be a pleasant sight, and yet, my heart quickly grew cold.

It was a skull from a one-horned folk, moreover, from my mother.

There’s no way I would mistake the marks in that horn.

The heads taken by them were sent to the people with the highest contributions as commemoration.

Gresto may not have known that was the head of my mother.

But seeing the head with a similar face to mine, he didn’t think anything about it?

Why is it that he can see the corpse of the tribe that he ended with his own hands while laughing?

Humans and demi-humans are different -that’s when I realized this completely.

I sank into disappointment and stood still inside the forest.

There’s nothing I seek from this world. There’s no reason at all to continue living in this world.

The energy necessary for the sake to live in this world was not welling up at all.

That’s why I wore out not long after and was on the verge of death.

There are animals that are trying to attack me since I am not moving.

I am sure the animals would eat me completely, bones and all. My corpse won’t be desecrated like that.

I wished for death and accepted it.

“Heya there, oni lass on the verge of death. You luckily survived… No, would it be better to say it was unlucky in your opinion?”

The next thing I noticed was that I was lying in bed and Yugura was by my side.

I was given treatment, but my body was still worn out.

Yugura stated with confidence that I would die soon at this rate.

I wished to welcome death just like this.

But Yugura whispered a sweet temptation to my desire for death.

“You were disappointed in life, weren’t you? So you are thinking it should be fine to just die like this. But dying is not the only way to end despair. You can do so while alive, you know? If you don’t have any attachment to your life anyways, how about getting on my proposal? There’s nothing for you to lose anyways.”

I have nothing to lose. I certainly did think that was true.

That’s why I accepted his invitation and became a Demon Lord.

Yugura said ‘You will need this’ and gave me the power of Annihilation.

I also learned words, learned magic, and was given knowledge.

But even after obtaining that power, I was still me.

My despair towards the world hadn’t changed at all.

There may have been slight quarrels between the Demon Lord, but they were not showing the desire to get along.

After that, I was freed by Yugura -while nothing had changed.

I threw a question at Yugura at the end. How can I end this despair?

“You just have to become honest with yourself. Aah, but being too honest would be an issue too. If you want a trigger, try retracing the path you have walked.”

Yugura didn’t give me a proper answer.

But I followed his advice and headed to the ruins of my village.

The burned down remains of my village. It is not different from the last time I came here.

The only change was that I became a Demon Lord.

That’s why I used my power without thinking much about it.

I regenerated the corpses of the villagers that had already been torn apart by the animals and created undead.

What surprised me slightly was that even the people that had their heads stolen had their heads recreated in a warped shape by earth and rocks.

The souls must remember their former shapes even if faintly.

But they didn’t return to their original selves. The miracle of reviving the dead is not so easily achieved.

I understood that as someone who has received the effects of resurrection magic with my own body.

The people around me are those that have already died once. Bringing those souls back forcefully and controlling them isn’t that different from the act of humans taking their heads and shaming them.

I thought about this and was about to undo it, but words leaked out from my mouth all of a sudden.

“Are you guys okay with things being like this?”

Maybe I was influenced by people like Yugura and Black, I was surprised by the words that escaped my mouth.

The undead are not answering. But is it okay for things to end like this?

I was given power…the power to bring these people back to the world to provide them an opportunity.

I turned all the corpses of the one-horned folk into undead, and headed to the kingdom of Waphroi.

The reaction of the humans was truly remarkable.

They were all simple reactions between fear or showing hostility.

The humans that saw for the first time undead that can regenerate no matter how many times they defeat them were dying one after the other, and that was creating new undead.

The knights and Taves that burned down the village and destroyed it were surrounded by undead and were eaten alive.

Waphroi who called the one-horned folk as fiends and gave the order to burn them all down was trying to escape with his family, but were surrounded by one-horned folk undead and were eradicated.

The remaining humans of the kingdom were being trampled down by the undead, and I accomplished my 3rd reunion.

It was Gresto who was trying to protect his wife and children from the undead.

The moment Gresto found me and understood that I was the source of this situation, he threw away his sword and pleaded to me.

“I will give you my life, so please spare my wife and children. This might be unforgivable when thinking about the things that were done to your tribe, but I saved you at that time. That’s why, please spare a few even if it is just your share.”

I had the undead around Gresto and the others step back.

And then, I gave the sword Gresto threw back to him.

“You saved me after taking away what made me a demi-human. Now I will save you after taking away what makes you a human. Being able to live after that depends on you.”

He looked at the undead around him and told his remaining wife and children with trembling teeth ‘I am sure it will be fine’ and killed himself.

I hesitated for a bit. Gresto certainly sinned, but he showed his sincerity here.

The direct reasons are already dead. Then, this should be enough -is what I thought as I was about to leave that place.

But my hesitation disappeared after what the wife of Gresto muttered afterwards.

“You should have died at that time, you…monster.”

In the end, I didn’t attack them with the undead just as I promised to Gresto and turned him into an undead.

After that, I had Gresto eat his wife and children to death, and the Waphroi kingdom fell.

I decided to have the undead of my tribe return to the village and free them.

“The ones who want to stay can.”

I ordered this, but all the undead desired to be freed from the necromancy. Even the undead of my father and mother were not showing any sort of attempt to communicate.

I thought I had helped them clear their grudges, but the pain of being called back by the necromancy must have been even more reproachful.

Even so, I fulfilled the revenge.

But there’s nothing left. Nothing has changed. Nothing has been born.

Nothing… Nothing…

I once again thought of dying.

Even with a power like this, I can’t end this despair.

“Oh, in the end, you still choose death?”

Yugura once again appeared at that time.

According to Yugura, he was just coincidentally passing by, but he was most likely watching the chaos I caused.

Yugura said while laughing.

“But that’s too bad. The resurrection magic is still latching onto your soul. Even if you die now, you would just resurrect again, you know?”

I regretted thinking there was nothing to lose.

Yugura had stolen death from me…stolen my end.

I pleaded Yugura to kill me.

“It is the same as normally not being able to revive someone who has lost their lives. You can’t give death to the people who have lost death, you know? Well, you have regained your flesh with the irregularity that is resurrection magic though. Sorry. I didn’t research it at all, so I don’t think I would be able to do it.”

Yugura, Black, and the other Demon Lords didn’t have a way to completely kill me.

I had no choice but to live in this world I only feel despair in for eternity.

I went around searching for a way to die, but I couldn’t get anything. Even Yugura who created the resurrection magic can’t do it, so there’s no way others would be able to easily get to that path.

Even so, I wanted to die…die so much…yet I couldn’t.

I ended up disillusioned by everything and decided to just throw it all away.

The only thing I wish for is death.

At that time, Purple said: ‘if humans see you as a threat, a person that can end you might show up’.

It was completely blatant that she was trying to use me by taking advantage of my desire for death, but I began invading the humans without hesitation.

That’s because I thought that it might be possible with the cruelty of humans.

If someone like Yugura were to hate me, they might create a method to end me.

At that time, 3 undead lined up around me.

The one that saved, Gresto.

The one that destroyed, Taves.

The one that ordered, Waphroi.

I couldn’t forgive the fact that I am the only one that continued living.

That’s why I decided to keep the 3 that are the symbols of my despair in life until the day I die.

“Sorry to interrupt at the time when you want to die, but you are a bit in the way, so leave it for later, okay?”

In the end, my invasion was stopped by Yugura while my threat towards the humans was still inferior to that of Black and Purple.

There was no method for me to die even in the world after I resurrected.

I accepted the invitation of Scarlet and resumed what I tried to pull off before, but…

Aah, I can’t die with this.

Someone, please…

Please let me die.


The Blue Demon Lord is glaring at me hatefully.

She must have been reminded of the past because I brought up the topic.

“And what if you know my past? Do you sympathize with me? Then, let me die!” (Blue)

“…I hold no sympathy. Even when told about you, I don’t have the power to understand the pain and despair you tasted.” (Ekdoik)

The Blue Demon Lord lived for a long time despite wishing for death yet not being able to obtain it. There’s no way I can just cheaply say I can understand the darkness she holds in her heart.

If it is Comrade…no, even if Comrade can understand their mental state, I don’t think he would be able to completely understand the weight of it.

Comrade taught me the way to kill the Blue Demon Lord, and then, he entrusted me with her name too.

That’s basically the same as telling me ‘kill the Blue Demon Lord’.

But even with that…

“Then—” (Blue)

“I don’t want to kill you.” (Ekdoik)

Killing the Blue Demon Lord and ending it is something that I can’t do. I don’t want to.

“…What’s with you? You don’t want to kill the pitiful me… That’s in the end sympathy.” (Blue)

“Wrong. I wonder what this is. It is a feeling that I haven’t felt that much, so I can’t really describe it. But I have the duty to explain it, huh.” (Ekdoik)

I was prioritizing capturing the Blue Demon Lord and stopping the invasion all the way here.

That’s why I don’t know what to say when that time comes…

I am different from Comrade. I can’t pull off the same act of shaking the other party skillfully with words.

But I can understand the feelings of the Blue Demon Lord a bit.

“I was kidnapped by a devil when I was young and was raised to antagonize humans. For me, the devil that raised me was my only guidepost and I lived foolishly following that. But that devil died one day…all too sudden. I lost the worth of my life. Even so, I was desperate trying to find worth in the life I lived. The me at that time was…somewhat similar to you.” (Ekdoik)

At the time when Father…Beglagud was killed by Rakura, I couldn’t bring worth to my life until now.

Even so, if I were to decide that my life was worthless, I felt like everything would end, so I tried to recklessly recover that worth.

“One day I left a result that was bigger than what I desired. You could say I settled my revenge against the person I wanted to get my revenge on. I succeeded in leaving worth in the life I lived.” (Ekdoik)

“What’s with that? That’s just you bragging…!” (Blue)

“But I didn’t think at all about what to do after that. That’s why I thought that was enough for me and I was about to accept it when I was about to die.” (Ekdoik)


“But one small thing turned all of that around. Do you know what that is?” (Ekdoik)

“I don’t!” (Blue)

“…Desires. I proved my own worth and was satisfied. But I thought that maybe I could grow my own worth even further ahead. I don’t want to lose to someone else, I can still go for a bit more; I had those desires and rejected death.” (Ekdoik)

“Unfortunately, I have not had such desires.” (Blue)

“Yeah, exactly that. That’s exactly why I don’t want to kill you. You haven’t had any desires in your life, and yet, you went and got disillusioned in the world and wished for death. I don’t want to kill someone like that.” (Ekdoik)

Desiring death is not a desire; it is just an escape after giving up on everything and wanting to end it.

I won’t say having your hopes stolen, despairing at life, and choosing death is completely wrong.

There must be hearts that can be saved from choosing death, but that’s still too soon for the Blue Demon Lord.

The life she lived is far longer than mine, but the amount of time wishing to live should have been shorter than mine.

“You tried to end your despair after becoming a Demon Lord. But the only thing you did was get revenge and create tragedy. You haven’t tried to grasp hope, right?” (Ekdoik)

“What kind of hope is there in this world?! In this world full of despair—” (Blue)

“I at least hold hope. I believe that there’s a future in my own life. That’s why I don’t want a person that denies all the hope ahead of them and only knows about the despair to die.” (Ekdoik)

That’s right. This is resentment.

I have met many people beginning with Comrade, and have experienced many things.

And I managed to find a new objective to live for.

I was raised by a devil and couldn’t live properly as a human, so I don’t like giving up on the possibility of doing things and just scraping it off as not being possible.

“You don’t know that!” (Blue)

“That’s why I want you to search for it -your desire, your hope. Can you please give yourself that time? Turn the time you desire for death into one that seeks for a way to not wish for death. I don’t want you to die while holding despair. This is my ego. I simply can’t forgive your own way of dying.” (Ekdoik)

“Are you telling me to live just for the sake of satisfying you? Don’t joke around!” (Blue)

“I am not joking around. This is also for the sake of protecting my own way of living. This is a battle to believe that even a man like me has hope. That’s why I will do my best to cooperate with you. If you can’t bring hope despite all that…I shall return your name.” (Ekdoik)

“I have continued suffering for centuries in this world with just despair alone. What are you saying I can gain even in a few decades of your cooperation?! In the first place, do you think I can believe in you?!” (Blue)

“There’s a simple way to believe in me.” (Ekdoik)

“Then tell me!” (Blue)

Make me your demon.” (Ekdoik)

“—?!” (Blue)

“I have heard from the other Demon Lords. The Demon Lords can order the monsters that are born from their own Nether. And they can give even stronger orders to the demons they have created.” (Ekdoik)

Unique Class monsters that grew naturally can rebel just like the time with the Purple Demon Lord.

But demons can be born after both parties accept it. The power of a contract affects this.

Therefore, it is possible for Demon Lords to exercise absolute authority on demons.

The Purple Demon Lord said: ‘You are turned into a demon after accepting to serve for an eternity, so I don’t think there will be an opportunity to use it though?’, but it should be possible to use it for this.

“Are you insane?” (Blue)

“I am sane. You just have to order me: ‘Don’t betray me’. I will give myself to you as a bargaining chip to stop the invasion.” (Ekdoik)

“…You really are insane. If I were to order you to tell me my name, that would be the end, you know?” (Blue)

“I don’t mind you using that order at the very end, but I would like you to believe in me first.” (Ekdoik)

The Blue Demon Lord fell silent and observed me.

Time is cutting close here already. I have already finished signaling Comrade with the initial lightning magic.

If he saw the signal, it wouldn’t be strange for him to show up at any time now.

When that happens, the authority of this negotiation will be held by him. In that case…

“…Fine. Even if you are plotting something, everything will be revealed if I order you once you are a demon. As long as the connection of resurrection magic overlaps, you won’t be able to pull any tricks.” (Blue)

“I won’t pull something like that. What I am worried about instead is whether you will mess up.” (Ekdoik)

“Fighting words.” (Blue)

She has decided to accept the negotiation for now.

I undo the restraints of the Blue Demon Lord. She staggered lightly, but she was not showing signs of trying to pull something.

She walked over to me after a while.

She took off the glove on her right hand, put her palm up, and offered it to me.

“You bring out your right hand too.” (Blue)


I give her my right hand just like she told me.

The Blue Demon Lord grabbed my right hand slightly annoyed and made my palm face down.

“You face it this way! And then, hold my hand!” (Blue)

“O-Okay.” (Ekdoik)

A handshake between right hands. Only the wrists are facing a different direction.

The Blue Demon Lord created a thin needle with her left hand and said this while looking at my face.

“I am going to stab you.” (Blue)

“Where?” (Ekdoik)

“Your hand, obviously!” (Blue)

She said this and swung the needle vertically while we were still holding hands.

The needle pierced both hands.

It hurts, but not that much.

The Blue Demon Lord took out the needle, and blood flowed out from both of our right hands.

The blood temperature of the Blue Demon Lord felt slightly low, but it is without doubt the temperature of a person.

The blood of each other mixing is a mysterious sensation.

I observed the right hands, and the right hand of the Blue Demon Lord began to shine blue.

“I declare unto thee: Wilt thou partake in the blood of the Blue Demon Lord and accept thine eternal subordination?” (Blue)

“…Yeah.” (Ekdoik)

“Pray, doth reveal thy name and proffer thy words of fealty to thy lord.” (Blue)

“Mine name is Ekdoik Salf. Blue Demon Lord, I shall entrust you with my time.” (Ekdoik)

The moment I declared this, a torrent of the Blue Demon Lord’s mana flowed from her hand to mine.

The same mana as the one of the Nether; the characteristic mana of the Blue Demon Lord was flowing in my body.

My body is burning. The skin of my whole body, my meat, bones, and blood were all boiling.

“Guh…Gah!” (Ekdoik)

My body was being melted and forcefully reconstructed.

This is most likely a very close comparison…no, that might actually be what’s happening.

I can feel how the mana that felt like a muddy liquid was being created to an overflowing degree from the depths of my body.

Pain that would knock out your average human. But it eventually receded.

“Haaah… Haah… Is it over?” (Ekdoik)

“The change in your body begins from here on, but the shaping of your soul has finished.” (Blue)

I can’t tell the exact changes in my appearance unless I look at a mirror. The color of my skin has changed into a slightly darkish one at most.

As for the inside…I can’t tell either.

But my whole body is extremely heavy. If I go to sleep once, I feel like I would end up sleeping for a long time.

“With this, can you order me now?” (Ekdoik)

“…Yes, I should be able to.” (Blue)

“Then, tell me the order you wish for.” (Ekdoik)

It is not like I can rest easy with this.

Just as the Blue Demon Lord said before, if she were to order me to tell her her name, everything would turn into foam.

She would undo the resurrection magic with that name, and she might even give me an order that would clash me with Comrade and the others.

But when it happens, it happens. Even if I won’t be able to give a chance to the Blue Demon Lord, Comrade and the others should be able to deal with a situation where I alone betray them anyways.

I was easily defeated by Rakura when we were pinpointing the location. She will most likely be able to put an end to me if I were to become an enemy.

The Blue Demon Lord slowly opened her mouth while looking at my face.

“…Ekdoik Salf, my name…” (Blue)

…So it was a no go. It really was impossible for me.

Sorry, Comrade.

“…Do your best so the day won’t come that you will have to say it.” (Blue)


“What’s your answer?” (Blue)

“…You could tell me with stronger wording, you know?” (Ekdoik)

Did you order me there? There’s no reaction from my body.

I expected my body to move reflexively or forcefully, affecting my mind though.

“Why are you talking back?!” (Blue)

“I am going to obviously be doing my best… Also, I told you to please give me an order.” (Ekdoik)

“I know!” (Blue)

“But it doesn’t feel like there’s any coercive power.” (Ekdoik)

“…It is fine!” (Blue)

The Blue Demon Lord let go of my hand and faced away.

No, it is not fine.

A promise is a promise. We should properly go through the steps.

“Being half-baked is no good. Can you please order me properly?” (Ekdoik)

“As I said, I already know! It is because you are trying to do your best from the heart that there’s no coercive power in the order! That’s why I said it is fine!” (Blue)

What does that mean then?

It must mean that my true feelings of wanting to do my best have transmitted to her.

If that was enough, then…

“I see, so it was an action that was worthy of trust, huh.” (Ekdoik)

“Ekdoik Salf, grovel on the ground!” (Blue)

“Owa?!” (Ekdoik)

My body was suddenly sucked to the ground. Pressure to a degree where my whole body might get sunk into the ground hit me.

It is as if I can’t move. So this is the power of a Demon Lord’s order, huh…

But why all of a sudden? Aah, so she used an order I didn’t expect to prove the coercive power of it, huh.

“I see, it is powerful. You can undo it now.” (Ekdoik)

“Stay like that for a while!” (Blue)

Did I make her angry? The hearts of people really are complicated.


What’s the meaning of this? That anomaly is definitely the demon turning ritual.

Are you telling me Ekdoik has become the demon of the Blue Demon Lord?

So it was a negotiation in exchange for sparing him? No, where’s the necessity to go through the danger so that he can’t go against the orders of the Blue Demon Lord?

I know how high the mana control of Ekdoik is, but I don’t think he has enough knowledge to tamper with the contract magic when turning into a demon.

No, it might be possible if he obtained the knowledge of the resident of Yugura’s planet?

But Ekdoik was smashed to the ground soon after.

That’s without doubt the order of a Demon Lord towards a demon… Did the negotiation fail?

What should I do? Should I return? No, there’s the need to know the situation in detail.

I considered the possibility of reinforcements showing up and some of them attacking me, so I went to a location where I can just barely see what’s going on with farsight magic, but that’s coming to bite me.

If I were to approach to a degree where I can hear them, there’s the fear of Ekdoik detecting me again. I really should wait for a while more—


I feel strong pain on my right leg. When I directed my gaze there, there was a single knife pierced on my calf.

It is a throwing knife sold anywhere. Did I get attacked?!

I raised my guard…no, if they have already detected me, I should throw this body away—


My body is numb. I can’t speak properly.

This is… Damn it, it is poison.

The poison traveled fast because of how small my body is. My body lost its functions in the blink of an eye and I collapsed on the ground.

The only thing that’s comparatively okay is my brain, my hearing, my sense of smell, and my sense of touch…is somewhat there.

I can’t form magic. It is a paralyzing poison, huh.

I can’t even breathe properly because my muscles are flaccid.

“Man, it was just as Mister Friend said!”

A single woman appeared in my vision. Is this the stealth magic that the anbus use?

Is it an anbu from some country? No, her appearance is that of an adventurer.

Also, the ornaments in the knife she has equipped…it is of Taizu royalty…

“You seem to have a habit of throwing away your body when in danger, so I paralyzed you with poison!”

I might have been more wary if it had been a more expensive knife, but I ended up lowering my guard because it was a knife that can be bought with the allowance of a child.

I really should fix my habit of getting ahead of myself when looking at items of low quality just like in the time with Archbishop Ukka.

The woman walked towards me, made my body face up, and forcefully opened my mouth.

“If I remember correctly, it was the right molar… Ooh, there it is! But how to get it…? Well, I can just pull it out together with the tooth!”

The woman said this and drove her hand into my mouth without hesitation, and pulled out the magic crystal for soul transfer along with the molar.

You could say it is fortunate that most of my senses are numb because of the poison, but it is still pretty painful in its own way.

“As for the other teeth… Doesn’t seem to be any. But with such baggy clothes, I feel like you would be able to hide as many as you want. Don’t worry, I am a user of concealed weapons too, so I excel at checking belongings!”

She inspected my clothes with a hum and stole my belongings one after the other.

This woman… She is investigating every single nook and cranny to a degree where I feel like her job is a thief.

She even retrieved the magic crystal for emergencies that I had sewn above my clothes.

“Hmm, there’s too many. It would be faster to just strip you naked.”

“I agree with that, but can you please spare me from doing it right in front of my eyes?”

The voice of a man. I have heard this voice before.

I can’t move my head, but I managed to slowly move my eyes only.

The man I met at Taizu, the resident of Yugura’s planet, was standing there.

The man speaks to me with an expression that I can clearly tell is a fake smile.

“Heya there, Raheight. Are you happy to meet me again?”

His eyes were far muddier than the time when I met him. It is as if I am facing unfathomable madness that can see through my heart.

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