LS – Chapter 185: And so, kick butt

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That Girista…her eyes are shining. There’s no doubt she is in an even higher state than when she rushed at me.

I might end up dropping dead in an instant if I were to approach carelessly. Scary. 

Well, there’s a mountain of prey in front of the battle junkie. Of course she wouldn’t listen even if told to calm down. It is fine and all that we hurried after getting the order of Ekdoik, but isn’t doing a pincer attack against a number of enemies just a plain suicide attack?! 

It is not like they are so dense they would ignore the approach of an enemy. Girista just rushed in instantly… Will I be able to return alive? 

Just when I thought this, a whole lot of swords aimed at my neck. 

“Woah, that’s dangerous!” 

They may look like intermediate rank, but the inside is high rank. I would die instantly if it were to hit me directly. 

That said, I can tell at a glance that the intermediate ranks are exhausted and the high ranks are clearly tired. 

They won’t be hitting me as long as I don’t let my guard down. Instinct-sama can tell me about the surprise attacks that are so prone in melees.

But these guys can narrowly avoid fatal wounds against your average attacks, so it is really difficult to kill them. I am not the same as Girista who just slices them down no questions asked. 

My battle style requires precise hits on the vitals of the enemies. I am having a pretty hard time killing even one thanks to that. 

“But well…this is far easier than having a fist fight with Ekdoik…you know!” (Haaku)

If they reflexively block when their vital points are targeted, I will use the stiffness created from it to break their legs. I smash their face the same moment they fall on their knees. 

Damn it, it moved its head and avoided a direct hit?! 

More enemies are coming at me in retaliation.


“Shut up! Die already!” (Haaku)

Instinct-sama is reacting to every attack, so I can avoid the whole time as if I could see the future. And then, I would finish off the enemies when they hit empty air. 

They are exhausted in the first place, so as long as you hit them cleanly with a mana strengthened strike, they will fall somehow. 

I should be able to manage if it is against intermediate ranks. I will pass the high ranks to Girista if they come. The enemy would be sent flying even if they were to clash their weapons from the front anyways. 

“Alright, I will be hunting the weaklings just like this!” (Haaku)

“Hooh, you flap a lot for a mere human.” 

I heard a voice suddenly on the battlefield. Instinct-sama kicked my butt with even more strength than it has to avoid it. 

I jumped forward without thinking about it and rolled once. 

The wind pressure that I felt from my back gave me chills. 

I turned around immediately and there was an orc a size bigger there. Aside from his size, the quality of his armor and the weapon he is holding are quite different from that of the weaklings around. Gauntlets just like Wolfe; he must be the type to go for punches. Or more like, this one is clearly a Unique! 

“And yet, you are attacking that mere human from behind? Not giving any leeway here.” (Haaku)

“Is there a need to fight fair-and-square with a weakling? But you are unlucky. If you had died in that attack just now, you could have died painlessly.” 

He smashed the thick gauntlets together and directed a hateful smile as he provoked me. 

Hmph, and what about it? I have Girista on my—wait, she is not here. Wait, she has already rushed off all the way there?! Crap, crap-ssu yo. 

Can I run all the way there? I can’t turn my back to a guy like this several times! Calm down, you should calm down first, me. 

I should buy time by talking about random stuff…

“…You must be the boss of these orcs, right? You have the face of someone who has the ugliness of orcs packed in it after all.” (Haaku)

“My name is Mobebadoshun. It is a waste to introduce my name to a weakling like you though. I am tolerant to the ones I will kill.” (Mobe)

“I see. Guess I gotta follow that policy and introduce myself too. Name’s Haakudoku. You lose nothing in remembering it.” (Haaku)

“Losing nothing or not…depends on how long you survive!” (Mobe)

Mobebadoshun dashed with speed that didn’t match his giant body and swept the place I was in with his strong arm. 

I of course avoid that. 

I slipped below him before he swung his attack, and the moment I heard a loud swing above me, I gave a good strike onto his chin.

Alright, this powerful strike of mine—crap! He didn’t even flinch at my attack and went for a second attack! 

“Woah! You are pretty tough.” (Haaku)

“Tough? Did I do anything?” (Mobe)

Uooh, I hit him really hard there though. He didn’t feel it at all, gosh! Skeletons get broken a lot more easily, so your chin should break too! 

“Just the right amount of challenge. Might as well put a bit more waist in my next hit! Try resisting it!” (Haaku)

I was the one who dashed in this time around and swing my tonfas onto his abdomen. Figures he had no intention of avoiding. That damn grin on his face. 

I stopped just before it landed and set my hidden trump card. An attack that can blow up the barrier of Rakura should be able to—

“?! Hmph!” 

He must have felt the danger, he waved my body away with his arm. Even though it wasn’t an attack he put his waist into, it still resonated hard on me despite being through my defense. Moreover, my body easily hovered there. 

But some seriousness is showing in the face of Mobebadoshun. 

“Oi oi, didn’t even try to endure it?” (Haaku)

“I see. Looks like you have a weapon that allows you to brazenly show yourself alone in this battlefield, huh.” (Mobe)

Mobebadoshun took a stance as if he were a seasoned martial artist and slowly closed the distance. 

Ah, I have only made him be more on guard here. I messed up. 

I could have invited neglect and smashed him with my hidden trump card to end it. But now, I don’t even know if he will be messing up or showing any openings. 

But well, there’s one happy miscalculation. That’s quite the magnificent stance despite being a monster. Having a style makes it easier to read your movements. 

“Making a Unique Monster get serious; I have really climbed up in the world.” (Haaku)

“Here I go!” (Mobe)

A fist is pushed out with barely any preliminary motions, but my tonfas deeply gouged the right eye of Mobebadoshun at the same time. 

His eyeballs are still fragile. Good, good. 

But the enemy didn’t falter at this and unleashed a chill-inducing kick. I avoid by moving to the right and use my trump card on the leg that’s supporting hi—

“Agh?!” (Haaku)

He forcefully tried to smash me with the leg he kicked with and I avoided it on the moment. He can deal with stuff even when his vision is taken and I move to a blindspot. 

I would like to aim for his other eye too, but I land a strike on his nose once and retreat. 

It wasn’t to the point of breaking it, but I want to believe it at least brought pain…but there’s not much hope though. 

“You bastard… How dare you…!” (Mobe)

“Man, I am so lucky. I just randomly stretched my hand and got your right eye.” (Haaku)

“Nonsense. You read my moves in the exchange just now and matched them with precision. You must have a grasp of my movements, don’t you?” (Mobe)

“…In terms of basic skills, you are beyond human…or more like, you are pretty much a human. It is true that you are dangerous, but there’s a decent amount of adventurers in Kuama with your movements and skills, you know?” (Haaku)

I am the right hand of Bro Gestaf who is the face of Riodo which is famous for their bad apples. I have a decent amount of experience when it comes to rowdy developments. 

I have had my fair share of rough dealings. 

Fighting a martial artist in a bar is not something rare. He is moving like a troublemaker that simply crushes their opponent with pure violence. 

He is an easy target for me when it comes plainly to compatibility. That said, there’s no guy in bars so dangerous that I would be done for in one hit though… Aah, there’s Girista. 

Anyways, there’s no mistake that it is easy to read an enemy that doesn’t pull any feints. 

“I see. It is just as the Demon Lord-sama said. So humans have the technique to fill up the gap in strength, huh. In that case, I just have to open up that gap to the point where it can’t be filled up…! UOOOOOOH!” (Mobe)

The alarms of Instinct-sama rang even louder all of a sudden. Or more like, this is bad. My consciousness…no, endure! If I lose consciousness here, what I am seeing right now will be the last thing I see! 

I grit my teeth, bring out a pill from my pocket that Brother gave me, and throw it into my mouth in one go while I am still managing to endure somehow. 

“U-Uooooooh, r-run—gh?!” (Haaku)

It is apparently a pill made from some insect, but what’s most noteworthy here is not the effect but this taste! 

It is seriously bitter. 

I would have definitely vomited if I were in a normal state! But, damn it! It is thanks to this that I can endure even the kick of Instinct-sama! 

The Strife power of the Scarlet Demon Lord that Brother was talking about. Honestly speaking, the alarms of Instinct-sama were bad even against the small fry, but the mana that’s coming from this guy is the same as when I am facing a Demon Lord. 

I heard that Uniques have been given power personally, but this is way over! Even his appearance has gotten ultra burly! 

“Now… Time to settle this!” (Mobe)

Mobebadoshun charged at me. 

I can barely keep up with the speed using my eyes, but…in terms of reacting…I won’t make it in time! 

I jumped in a weird direction, following the warning of Instinct-sama, but an unbelievable shockwave assailed my whole body just from a mere graze of it. 

I didn’t fail the landing, but the bones in my whole body are tingling. 

A Unique is dangerous in itself, and yet, he is one stage above that, no, two stages above that. Ain’t that unfair?! No, no, this is not the time to be negative here. 

Analyze the enemy calmly. 

The movements of just now had an abnormal speed, but they are far more simple than before. It feels as if it has become more animal-like. 

The animal instinct has most likely also messed him up in the defensive side. 

But…how do I attack? A straight on battle would be on the level of fighting against Sis Ilias which would be beyond impossible.

“In that case…I have no choice but to use this…” (Haaku)

I direct my gaze at my right arm. 

This right arm that was given to me by Bro; I need to borrow the power of the devil parasitizing it. 

My transformation technique is still questionable, but at this moment when I don’t have any tricks I can use, I have no leeway to not try everything available to me. 

I stretch my hand out to the side and transform the devil into a curtain shape. It matches his size and stretches all the way to my feet, but I barely feel the weight of a black cloth. 

The technique Brother taught me. I was dumbstruck when I heard it, but it was decently effective even against Wolfe when I tried it out. 

The one in front of me is just an animal that charges at me. I have enough of a chance… I do, right? 

“No matter technique, don’t think you stop me!” (Mobe)

Mobebadoshun closes the distance again.

I can react far better thanks to him rushing towards me before he speaks. 

I let Instinct-sama pilot my body and concentrate only on my right arm. 

I avoid his attack with paper-thin difference and cover his face with the black cloth. 

His vision was completely blocked and he won’t be able to see the next attack. 

I prepare my trump card and his stomach—

“With this—hngh!” (Haaku)

“Don’t underestimate me!” (Mobe)

Mobebadoshun felt my presence clearly despite not being able to see me, and followed with an attack. 

Of course he would. 

If my right arm has a cloth extending from it, he should be able to infer my position. 

I take distance and return to glaring at each other. 

I wave the black cloth to provoke him. The setup was done with the exchange just now. 

We settle it in the next move, you damn pig. 

“Now, come at me! I will smash my strongest move next time for sure on that massive belly of yours!” (Haaku)

“Ooooh!” (Mobe)

Mobebadoshun charges at me with even more speed than before. I barely avoided it just like before and covered his face with the cloth. 

I then went around him and set my trump card.

“Pointless!” (Mobe)

This was even sharper than before. A punch that I wouldn’t be able to react to in time if I were to move after seeing it came at me. 

The mana strengthening of someone half-baked like me would be of no point. A massive arm that would murder me for certain in one shot was heading with precision towards where I am supposed to be. 


“Sorry, but that cloth can be detached. It would be unbelievably hard to move with that on after all.” (Haaku)

His attack ended in an empty swing. 

The moment I put it on him the second time, I detached the black cloth from my right arm. It is in order to make him think that I will be attacking him in that opening. 

By doing that, I would make him think I am nearby while he has that on. 

An attack where he was certain would bring assured victory, but he was once again confused when it ended in an empty swing. 

No matter how outstanding his instincts are, that’s the end of it if his body doesn’t move. 

I put my tonfas on Mobebadoshun’s back and activate my hidden trump card. This is the first time since I was born that I will be doing a direct hit against a talking target. 

No need to worry. Just go all out! 

I make the mana condensed to the very limits explode only to the front and send the enemy flying with the impact of it. 


A raw burned stench assailed my nose and a nasty liquid flew over my whole body. 

It doesn’t matter if it is a sturdy body. A clean hole opened from the back to the front of Mobebadoshun’s body. 

Hmm, that’s some outrageous firepower if I do say so myself. 

“It was from the back, but I did land a real good one on that ugly stomach of yours, right? —Wa?!” (Haaku)

“Guh… Ah… Oooooh!” (Mobe)

Mobebadoshun attacked me despite having a hole around his stomach. 

I barely managed to avoid it thanks to Instinct-sama kicking me no questions asked. 

Thank you! Thank you very much! 

“You are not dying with that…? You really are a monster!” (Haaku)

“You bastard… You bastard… Haakudokuuuu!” (Mobe)

What should I do? That technique just now was first customers only. 

I do have some other tricks up my sleeve, but I have not practiced them, so I have no confidence about pulling them in actual combat! Ah, no good, I don’t feel like I will be able to succeed. 

Maybe I should concentrate on evading until his stamina runs out… No, if he were to attack me with that intensity, who knows which one of us will run out of energy. What should I do? What should I do?! 

“Aha! Found a big~ one~!” 


The head of Mobebadoshun suddenly flew in the sky and landed right below my feet.

Uwa, it is still moving… Ah, he died. 

His headless body collapsed on the ground and Girista showed up from behind. 

Looks like she returned all the way here after rampaging everywhere. 

“Oh my~, most of the guys would deal with a surprise attack though~. What a pathetic big boy~. Wait, you were fighting him, Haakudoku~?” (Girista)

“Y-Yeah. You saved me there in a way…?” (Haaku)

Mobebadoshun’s anger had reached its peak. 

Of course a 3rd party would be out of his peripheral in such a state. There would be no room for wariness. 

I don’t know, but I don’t feel like I won here. 

Oh well, a win is a win. 

“Could this possibly be a Unique~?” (Girista)

“Yeah, I was this close to defeating it myself. Well, I don’t mind giving it to you though.” (Haaku)

“But from what I can see, the fight was practically settled, right~? It is fine to consider this one your contribution~.” (Girista)

“Is that so.” (Haaku)

I did want some contribution. Let’s just obediently accept if Girista says it is my kill. 

Aah, so I have finally defeated a Unique Monster, huh~! I am now one of the top dogs I guess~! I will be able to write good news to Bro! 

“Now then, I will be hunting other monsters, okay~?” (Girista)

“Ah, oi, wait. I won’t tell you not to fight, but go on the other direction, okay? If you don’t, we won’t be able to regroup with Ekdoik and the others.” (Haaku)

And I would definitely die. 

I would be surrounded by monsters without doubt while I am chasing after her and die. I don’t care about her going out of control, but please obey the directions at least. 

“Right~. It seems like that place has more enemies anyways~. I will be going then~!” (Girista)

Girista ran over to the place where the enemies are packed in while carrying her stupidly big greatsword lightly. 

Would it be better if I were to get that proactive in battle, too? 

No, that wouldn’t do. 

I wasn’t born with the nerves to slice down enemies while laughing.

“Woah there, I might end up encountering a Unique again if I get separated from her here. Oi, Girista! Run a bit slower! My body hurts quite a bit from the battle just now!” (Haaku)


Protagonist: “If the cloth is in the way, just cut it off after using it.” 

Wolfe: “I think that’s cheating. Hmph!” 

Ilias: {She is holding quite the grudge from Haakudoku having won once against her}.

Protagonist: {She got back at him with 15 consecutive fights and Haakudoku couldn’t get back up though. I thought he died}.

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