LS – Chapter 282: As such, sigh

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“Uhm, I have finished gathering everything needed now. Ekdoik-san, want me to carry some of that?” 

“I don’t know about saying this to a holy knight, but this amount of ingredients isn’t heavy at all. More importantly, please concentrate on widening your vision to see if there’s any other thing that we might need that is on sale.” (Ekdoik)

“We bought what we needed, so any more than this would be a wasted expenditure. Also, I kind of would like to narrow my vision right now…” (Melia)

I am currently buying things in the market together with Melia. 

I would be able to shop by myself if it is just cooking whatever, but…I can learn a lot just from watching Melia do the groceries. 

It is not only that the stores sell different things. The price and quality also differs. 

Melia would confirm all that and haggles on top of that to save on money. 

I can tell that my monetary sense is pretty dull when compared to Melia who has adapted to human society. 

She even thinks about the people she is making the meals for, and there’s no waste when it comes to her menu. 

So you can spread so far and wide by paying attention to your daily life too, huh. I am impressed. 

“Hm? There’s a strange crowd formed over there.” (Ekdoik)

“True. Merchants can’t place a stall there, so I don’t think it is a flash sale though… Ah, it is a notice board from the Yugura Church.” (Melia)

Notices from the nation are normally done through boards like this one aside from emergencies. 

You can give the information to the villages, and the ones who can’t read can simply ask the ones who can in that location. 

But it must be decently important information if there’s this much of a crowd. 

I thought about this and floated a bit with my chains. I should be able to read without worrying about the crowd. 

“Those chains really are convenient… What does the board say?” (Melia)

“…It is about Comrade and the others.” (Ekdoik)

The existence of Comrade who is from the same world as Yugura has been reaching the ears of the people in this world after the matter of the Scarlet Demon Lord. 

The Yugura Church has announced him as a special person that can control the Gold Demon Lord, Purple Demon Lord, and Blue through their cooperation.

What’s written in this board this time around is that Comrade has defeated the criminals that were trying to obtain resurrection magic. 

The Yugura Church probably wants to act in a way that shows Comrade is not a threat but a reliable being. 

I can tell even from this writing, but…

“Even if so, allying with Demon Lords…? This isn’t a joke, right?” 

“Right… Especially leaving the Purple Demon Lord be…” 

Due to the teachings of Yugura that have been passed on for a long time along with the harm caused by the monsters created by the Demon Lords, the view of the public regarding the forbidden and the Demon Lords is extremely bad. 

It is to the point that it is an action akin to putting your hands on the forbidden and deserving of the capital punishment. 

They may have driven off the threat of the Scarlet Demon Lord, but thinking about the damage caused to the villages that were abandoned because of the Demon Lord army and the soldiers staying at those places, it is hard to feel how valuable our work was. 

“I think Comrade-san is acting well though…” (Melia)

“I don’t have a single complaint as a related party. However, 3rd parties can’t help but prioritize only the result.” (Ekdoik)

Even at the time when we were trying to raise the fame of Rakura, we were simply publicizing the results of Rakura. 

It is fortunate that there was practically no relation to her personality in that, but…this is working against us here. 

“I may understand it, but it is still vexing.” (Melia)

“There’s no need for us to get impatient. The way the Yugura Church interacts with Comrade is extremely friendly at least. We just have to make that stance resonate slowly with the public.” (Ekdoik)

It is possible a lot of troubles will happen in that time. 

But that should be the area of expertise of Comrade. We just have to move in the way that’s suitable for Comrade. 

If it had been the me from not that long ago, I might have gone to where that board is and spoken about the achievements of Comrade. 

But right now I am a demon -a being that they show disgust towards. 

I can keep my hair and skin color to that of a human by my will, but there’s no telling when I would end up turning into the appearance of a demon. 

Things would get beyond complicated if that happened. 

“…You are impressive, Ekdoik-san.” (Melia)

“Why am I being praised there?” (Ekdoik)

“Because even when Comrade-san, who you respect so much, is being insulted, you can think properly and endure it.” (Melia)

I think that’s simply because my facial expressions are abysmal though… 

There’s no doubt I am feeling displeased about it, but as someone who understands the position of Mom, worrying too deeply about this is just…

“They have a reason why they feel disgust towards it. I simply don’t want to deny that with my own personal opinion -at least as long as they are not a threat.” (Ekdoik)

“Is it the ‘living safely’ that Comrade-san speaks of?” (Melia)

“…Right. Something like that.” (Ekdoik)

I wouldn’t have been able to think like this in the long past. Maybe I have been dyed by the ideals of Comrade by the time I noticed? 

But well…the more important people there are around me, the more I understand the necessity of this ideal. 

That ideal has most likely resonated not only in me but Ilias and the others… I really can’t underestimate the influence of Comrade at any time. 

“By the way, Ekdoik-san, can you lift me up a bit too?” (Melia)

“Hm, I don’t mind, but I have already memorized the details of the board, so I can just write it down for you.” (Ekdoik)

“Y-You don’t need to go that far. I will just get a quick glance! It is actually the lifting that is—ah, anyways, please lift me!” (Melia)

Fumu, does this mean she just wants to get lifted by the chains? 

Melia has a tendency to be interested in the actions I take. Having strong curiosity and entrepreneurship is a good point, but I can’t tell at all what an experience like this will be good for. 

But Melia looked like she was several times happier than normal when I lifted her up with the chains. 

I don’t mind doing this as much as she wants if it will make her feel better, but…will it work for Blue, too?


“I see. A subordinate of Yumis tried to investigate you, huh. Chisante might be nearby too, then.” (Washekt)

I told Washekt about Toppara and he made a face that said ‘figures’.

The surroundings of Washekt most likely have surveillance too, but he is pretty stout for being able to stay this calm about it. 

“Aren’t you going to put people in my surroundings, Washekt?” 

“I just need to ask you if I am curious about it. You are the type of person who doesn’t hide anything that doesn’t need to be hidden. You hiding something means that it is something you have judged it is better to be hidden, right? Then, there’s no need to force you to tell me.” (Washekt)

“You should have things you are curious about though.” 

“At those times, I will say: ‘I want to know so much, it is troubling me. Please tell me for my sake’ and bring it to a negotiation.” (Washekt)

He seriously has such a straightforward personality. 

Maybe him being glared at by Marito and faltering in Gahne was a rare case. 

Well, Marito is a king, so any careless statements could cause diplomatic issues, so of course he would be careful. 

“According to the report of Mix, there’s several people who are hiding while keeping a not so far distance. They don’t have much information like Toppara even if we were to capture them though.” 

“They should pose no harm as long as you people don’t stand out that much. If you are displeased with it, you can complain to the throne candidates and the others directly when I introduce you to them. Their presence should calm down a bit.” (Washekt)

So there’s no intention of stopping it, huh. 

Well, this is their home, so I don’t want to take that haughty of an attitude on them. 

Let’s just use them moderately as a joke. 

“I want to begin acting for a little bit, but the ones in charge of monitoring me are on vacation and are not present in Serende.” 

“You can’t get into it if there’s no surveillance. You have a pretty peculiar taste.” (Washekt)

“There are people within the Yugura Church who want some sort of reason after all.” 

There’s the case of Archbishop Omsam who moved the holy knights on his own in order to secure Seraes. 

If they learn that I am moving outside surveillance, they might use that as an excuse to do something weird again. 

Well, the people who mess things up will just act even without doing anything, but what’s important is to show that we mean no harm in a 3rd person perspective. 

“I myself will simply be doing what I am asked to as Prince Washekt. Don’t expect much from me.” (Washekt)

“Just being the bridge to the other throne candidates is enough, and being a guide for the ruins.” 

“Leave the matter of the ruins to me. But that’s unexpected. To think you seriously had interest in the ruins.” (Washekt)

“Guess there’s a lot of people who just act as if they have interest in them for appearances sake.” 

“They must have learned that that’s the most effective way to get into my good side. That said, they don’t seem to understand that my grading is pretty strict.” (Washekt)

He probably can see through the other party on a level close to my Comprehension when it comes to ruins alone. 

Well, that must be how much he loves ruins. 

If he can’t become the king, he will either become an adventurer like Mix, or a treasure hunter to be more precise. No, maybe he will be protecting the ruins. 

“And so, I heard that you would be bringing someone today.” 

“Probably arriving any time now. This is a hospital room, so it would be poison to the eyes if you were to be in the middle of changing your clothes.” (Washekt)

“That means it is either your little sister or—oh.” 

Someone knocked on the door, and Washekt, who is not the owner of the room, responded with ‘come in’. 

Well, he is a prince, so you could argue that this building in itself is his though.

The one who entered was an awfully cute elf girl. 

There’s no doubt she is the little sister of Washekt, Hilmera.

“Allow me to introduce her. She is my little sister, Hilmera. Hilmera, this man is the one I have told you about before, the resident of Yugura’s planet. His eyes are scary, but he is a normal human on the inside.” (Washekt)

“Onii-sama, I don’t know about you describing him in that manner! *Cough* Nice to meet you, I am Hilmera. Thank you very much for your contributions in subjugating the criminals in Serende.” (Hilmera)

I thought she was a bit more of a sheltered princess with how doting Washekt was, but…she seems to be decently proper. 

“Yeah, nice to meet you, Princess Hilmera. Sorry that I can’t give you a proper reception.” 

“I would be a failure as royalty if I were to make a patient entertain me, so don’t worry about it. Uhm… I have been told your circumstances, but what should I be calling you?” (Hilmera)

“You can call me as you wish. I don’t really have anything that could be considered an official post anyways.” 

“Then, Envoy-sama. You came here from another world, didn’t you, Envoy-sama? What’s your view of Serende in your eyes? Does it give the impression of a countryside?” (Hilmera)

She comes at me with quite the tough question there. 

It seems like she is on the curious side, but I can feel an exquisite sense of distance here. 

She must be adjusting it deliberately. 

It is pretty hard to find a 14 year old who can observe the expressions of someone to this degree.

“It is wondrous in a good sense. It is a sight straight out of fairytales.” 

“That can also be taken as being unrealistic and old-fashioned, you know. Onii-sama, we really should advise Father to take in the culture of other countries a little bit more.” (Hilmera)

“As you can see, my little sister is easily fascinated by new things. But Hilmera, people like Chisante might use that as an excuse to begin projects that would harm the scenery of the ruins.” (Washekt)

“Geez, even Chisante-oniisama still has a heart that treasures the history of Serende!” (Hilmera)

Washekt is pretty frank towards his little sister despite doting on her. 

Hilmera seems to be doing the same, but…I can feel strong trust in Washekt deep inside her. 

Looks like these two have a strong connection compared to the other members of the royal family.

“The other countries are not that different. Gahne seems to be one era ahead, but it stands out in this world. The high amount of ruins being protected in Serende can serve well as a personal trait.” 

“So you are also someone who has had his heart taken by the ruins, Envoy-sama. I don’t hate them either, but compared to Onii-sama… I am at an age where I want to have a hobby that’s more feminine.” (Hilmera)

I would have to be a bit more careful in how I act in this country in its own way if the siblings were all ruin maniacs, but it looks like there’s no worry there. 

There wasn’t anything noteworthy in my conversation with Princess Hilmera. We threw moderate questions at each other, and it ended with both of us getting answers that we agreed on. 

I personally thought we could get along a bit better, but…well, there’s the eyes of Washekt. 

“It is about time. Hilmera, I will be staying for a while longer, but you should go back. Murshto should be running out of patience anytime now waiting for you outside.” (Washekt)

“That’s his job. There’s no need to be considerate to him to such a degree. Worrying about every single thing is what would be tiring for Murshto.” (Hilmera)

Ilias was paying attention to the outside of the room every now and then, but it seems like the bodyguard of Princess Hilmera was on standby outside. 

Murshto, huh. I will remember it just in case. 

“I honestly don’t care about Murshto. There’s another patient in this room, so I was simply being considerate here.” (Washekt)

“Eh, ah… Right. Well then, Envoy-sama, please tell me stories about the other world next time, okay?” (Hilmera)

Princess Hilmera bowed lightly towards me and where Yox is, and exited the room. 

What I could gather from this short conversation with her was that she is a cheerful girl who would get along well with anyone, but…

“What do you think of Hilmera? You have enough material to make a judgment, right?” (Washekt)

“Yeah, it served as a good reference.” 

I could tell that even the 14 year old Princess Hilmera was faking her real self. 

The other members of the royal family are most likely good at putting on a mask. 

Now I understand why Washekt has such a straightforward personality. 

“All our brothers and sisters are people with thick faces after all. She must have been influenced by them. She was originally a more introverted girl.” (Washekt)

“So it seems. That means the other candidates are more conniving. You are the only outlier.” 

“I want to at least be the only true ally as someone who has the same mother.” (Washekt)

I thought this would be far easier than dealing with Ritial, but it looks like we will be doing more heavy lifting here. 

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