LS – Chapter 74: A good bath as of present

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I showed a weary face at the appearance of the top ranked man that doesn’t fit a public bath, but Marito didn’t seem to be bothered by it and was soaking in the hot water carefreely. 

“What’s up lad, suddenly stopping ther—Y-Your Majesty!” (Cara)

Cara-jii at my back also made a good reaction. It is like the company president being there when you nonchalantly go to a hot spring. 

No, more like the prime minister or the emperor? Considering it is a monarchy, it would be the latter. 

“Come on, don’t be so loud, Lord Domitorkofucon. His Majesty has come here stealthily. You would be wasting the consideration of His Majesty if you were to stiffen the others.” 

The next one to appear was someone who pushed the back of Cara-jii, Lord Ragudo.

—No, wouldn’t you stiffen the people more? 

First, Marito. His body is pretty toned up. 

I heard he is versed in literacy and martial arts, but it seems like that wasn’t a lie. I couldn’t tell because he always wore baggy clothes, but he has a body that doesn’t lose to that of an athlete. 

The pose of the David statue made by Michelangelo would definitely suit him. If the king were to make that joke, I am certain I would knock myself out from the laughter. 

But the craziest one here is Lord Ragudo. The toughness of the body from the strongest in Taizu is insane. 

I obviously don’t feel the aging of his body just like Cara-jii, but it doesn’t feel like he is wearing an armor of muscle like Cara-jii does either. 

How to say it, it is like he is the peak of unwasted muscles. If I met a person with a body like this in the modern era, I would be beyond shocked. 

His speed, power, and everything are maxed. Would it be better to say that this body was made in order to achieve peak efficiency? 

This really is what you would call a living national treasure. 

“E-Even Lord Ragudo… Just what in the world brought this?” 

“His Majesty suddenly said he wanted to inspect this place. I am simply accompanying him.” (Ragudo)

“That’s how it is. What a coincidence, my friend.” (Marito)

“Oh, it really is—is what you think I would say? It was obviously intentional.” 

“Hahahaha, what are you talking about?” (Marito)

I have told Marito before about the places I would like to go to but can’t because Ilias is always with me.

He must have predicted that I would go to the public bath today after hearing my bodyguard will be changing to Cara-jii. 

I deduce this is an ambush after predicting my action patterns. 

“It is pretty scary that you even got the time just right.” 

“Your Majesty, you have been here for around 1 hour. Are you okay?” (Ragudo)

“You were more off than I expected. Are you not feeling dizzy?” 

“I have cooled myself down a number of times. I do like bathing after all. My body gets all stiff with continuous office work; it is unbearable.” (Ragudo)

Now that he mentions it, Marito does deskwork. A modern Japanese person can relate with the pains in that front. 

But do you normally not notice when someone of this magnitude is soaking in the bathtub? 

“Didn’t you get exposed when paying the fee? Even Cara-jii shocked a few people at the watch stand.” 

“I changed my face with magic when entering. Lord Ragudo, too. Inside, it is this steamy, so as long as you don’t get close to people, it is pretty hard to notice, you know?” (Marito)

“No, the body of Lord Ragudo would definitely draw eyes.” 

“I don’t mind me being exposed. I am actually a pretty good decoy to hide the existence of His Majesty.” (Ragudo)

It is true that there’s nothing to be surprised about Marito unless you see his face. If the body of Lord Ragudo that has its own gravitational force is by his side, their gazes would have no choice but to move there.

No, no, is that how it works?

“It is true that I wanted to inspect the public bath that you put your hands on. Since the opportunity was there, I simply aimed for the moment when you were there too. A bit of naked bonding ain’t bad every now and then, right?” (Marito)

“I won’t say it is bad, but the burden of Cara-jii…” 

“I-It is okay. Fuafua…” (Cara)

Cara-jii is totally shriveling here. 

The muscles that looked so imposing until just a moment ago feel like they have shriveled along.

It is like the time when he suffered with Wolfe and when he gets scolded by his wife. 

“Lord Domitorkofucon, I will consider Lord Ragudo as his bodyguard in the time we are inside this public bath. You can just relax and enjoy yourself.” (Marito)

“—Then, lad, see ya later.” (Cara)

“Ah, he abandoned me pretty easily!” 

Cara-jii disappeared deeper into the bathtub. I just witnessed a horrible betrayal.

The presence of Marito is quite the thing. Even Ilias cowers when glared at by him.

The same would happen to Cara-jii. Especially when his superior, Lord Ragudo, is present too. 

Right now Cara-jii was pushed by Lord Ragudo and his olympian body, but Marito’s presence must have had the same pressure on him.

“—Well, it can’t be helped. He would obviously have to tense up in front of the king.” 

“That’s right. I am glad you now understand just how much of a blessing your existence is to me.” (Marito)

“Glad to hear that. But you yourself were the one who created this relationship, I’ll have you know.” 

“I know. My policy is to obtain what I want with my own hands. Isn’t it fine to be grateful for the things that I obtained myself?” (Marito)

“I am already being treated as prey, huh. I don’t remember having pledged fealty though.” 

“I have not sought fealty from you. What I seek is for you to be yourself and have a relationship as equals.” (Marito)

“Be myself, huh… Hm?” 

Right now there’s Marito at reach of my left hand, and there’s also Lord Ragudo with a space in between enough for one person.

For a moment I thought that it was because Marito is closing the distance in a friendly manner and Lord Ragudo was being considerate and keeping distance, but…

“Could it be that Anbu-kun is right by my side?” 

“Yes, as expected of the friend of His Majesty.” 

A damp hand was placed on my shoulder.

That’s straight from a horror movie. If I hadn’t noticed beforehand, I might have screamed.

“I thought an invisible man entering a steamy bath would instead be more noticeable though…”

“This invisibility spell deceives the cognition of the surroundings. Everyone is watching a world with the premise that I don’t exist.” (Anbu-kun)

“That’s a pretty impressive and lonely spell.” 

It is not just a simple matter of being invisible. It is a spell that makes you unable to perceive the changes that would happen in his presence. 

Anbu-kun is relaxing in the water right by my side, but I can’t perceive that reality. So I am being shown the scenery of when he doesn’t exist.

The fact that its effects are showing on me despite me being resistant to mind control spells means that it isn’t something that tinkers with the person themselves.

Is it interfering with the concept of cognition in itself? When spells get to that scale, I can’t understand the logic behind it. 

He is the descendant of a cheat hero; I would be losing if I get bothered by it. 

Or more like, with him touching me so much, that sensation has begun to grow hazy, and I am panicking here, you know.

“I normally take a bath alone, but a place where you can speak while taking off your restraints is not bad. The comfortability of this place has increased thanks to your help after all.” (Anbu-kun) 

I moved my gaze to the outside and there were several facilities I had proposed. 

First is the cold bath. At that time, he asked me whether there’s any point in cooling yourself after going out of your way to enter a warm bath, but for people who want to stay here for a long time, a cold bath is a pretty necessary thing. 

I have also prepared a hammock-like chair for the people who can’t handle cold baths so that they can lay down.

By making it possible to stay here for long periods of time, I have turned the public bath into a kind of recreational facility. 

One bath should be enough, but since you are paying to use it, you need to have a decent degree of comfort, or there won’t be much worth in paying.

How long you are open is important, but increasing the rate of usage is important too. 

It would be hard to make people accept a completely new recreational facility, so what caught my eyes first was the public bath.

I have also made it so that there’s a difference in temperature depending on the location. This didn’t require much work.

I grab the magic stone that is shining faintly. It is a bit hot. 

I had a shallow partition placed in the vast bathtub and had them distribute the warmth retention magic stones in a way that it adjusts the temperature by location.

With this, you solve the issue of people liking lukewarm or hot baths, and will appeal to a wider demographic.

After that, I had them add a bag that has a blend of medicinal plants and herbs in the small bathtubs, creating a medicinal bath on the side. 

This world has two stamina tanks in the form of mana, so I am not really sure if the effects of medicinal plants will be that good.

And so, for the healing factor, I had them throw in a magic stone that covers that front, and it is mostly used as a bath that smells good.

There are people who are grateful since it saves them the trouble of using perfume. 

I was personally hoping for its original effects as a medicinal bath. Medicines are important for people with no mana.

What has gotten the best reception has been the sauna. 

I tried making both the dry and wet version, but they were both received greatly. 

The dry version is popular in Japan too. For the wet version you pour water on high temperature stones to create steam.

It is a facility to wash off your sweat, so I was worried whether the act of sweating would be accepted, but it is popular.

It is also popular with knights. They even compete on who lasts longer. 

However, it gets really bad when they pour too much water, so there’s warnings written down: ‘Body strengthening is prohibited’, ‘endurance competitions between a knight and a civilian are prohibited’. They have finally added weird rules on it. 

Depending on the person, body strengthening can help you endure even a fire breath, so it would be a real bother if they were to use that as the standard in an endurance competition.

It is nice that friendships in this bathhouse are strengthening thanks to the saunas.

“Since the opportunity has been presented, let’s enter the sauna. You may be tired from your deskwork, but you have barely sweated, right?” 

“Right, I enjoyed the bathtub first, but I haven’t gone there yet.” (Marito)

“I already did. That environment where you silently face the heat is pretty nice.” (Ragudo)

So that’s the reason why Lord Ragudo was coming from behind.

Now then, which one should I go to…? Oh, I saw Cara-jii enter the wet version just now. 

I would feel bad intruding on him, so let’s go to the dry one. 

I leave the bathtub. When I did, I could hear the voices of women from the other side of the wall. 

The women’s bath is on the other side. It is great to see it has begun getting popular with the women too. 

“Now, Saira-dono, Rakura-dono! We are entering the sauna next!” 


“W-Wait a moment please!” 

“Mix-sama, it is dangerous to run! Wolfe, please stay together with Nora!” 

“Got it~.” 

“Aah, this is a nice bath-na no da.” 

…I could hear a whole ton of familiar voices. That’s weird. If I remember correctly, Mix and Nora were not in their plan to meet up. 

“Hey, Marito, could it be that you also invited Mix?” 

“No, I didn’t. I did tell her that I would be going there around noon though.” (Marito)

I see, so that’s why she brought Nora here. 

While heading here, she found Ilias and the others, and came here, I guess? 

Well, Ilias also can only come to places like this on her days off. It is great to hear that she is enjoying herself.

But to think the one with the old man reaction would be Nora…

“Oh well.” 

“Oh, I thought you would be really interested here though. Are you not going to propose to peek at them with your imaginative way of thinking?” (Anbu-kun) 

“I am not invisible like a certain someone, so I won’t think about such evil doings.” 

“Ah, speaking of which, there was that advantage… Well, I don’t have any interest in the body of women though.” (Anbu-kun)

“Can you not make such scary statements? It would have sounded cooler if you had just said you would rather prioritize protecting Marito though. What a waste.” 

“If I knew Mix was coming, I would have made her invite Ruko too. Well, I should propose that to her next time.” (Marito)

The men past their puberty entered the dry sauna with their philosophical views. 


“Man, we can get some nice sweat here!” 

“True. This is apparently the idea of Mister Friend!” 

“Onii-san is impressive!” 

Saira and Mix-sama were laughing in the dry sauna. 

I haven’t been able to do training that makes me sweat, so this isn’t bad in itself. 

On the other hand, Rakura is the one who is sweating the most out of everyone here. Is she okay? 

“Fufufu… Right… I feel like I will be able to slim down in a lot of places.” (Rakura)

“Rakura-dono, the weight you lose with sweat is simply from moisture, so it doesn’t bring any changes to your physique.” (Mix)

“What…?” (Rakura)

“There may be some effects like improving your metabolism… Ah, but the booze you drink afterwards will taste better.” (Mix)

“If that’s the case, I can endure this.” (Rakura)

“You must not push yourself, okay? But Ilias is impressive. She is barely sweating!” (Saira)

Saira sat by my side and checked my state. She is a good girl that’s considerate to even me who is not speaking. 

But her body is thin and really feminine… No, I must not look at her with a lewd gaze. 

“I have restrained my mana strengthening so that I sweat as much as possible though… Looks like a decent amount of time is needed in order to sweat a satisfying amount.” (Ilias)

“You don’t have to worry about that. We just need to enter the cold bath once and come back after all. But it feels a bit mature from the fact that children can’t enter this place, don’t you think?!” (Saira)

“R-Really?” (Ilias)

There’s a written warning that said 15 years old and younger can’t enter. It certainly would be dangerous for children who don’t know the limits of their bodies to enter here. 

I think it would be fine if their parents were with them, but…the bodies of the parents would be different from their child. This is most likely a preventive measure.

By the way, meeting up with Mix-sama and Nora was unexpected. We coincidentally met them while we were shopping. 

Since the opportunity presented itself, we finished introducing each other, chatted, and with both Saira and Mix-sama having bright personalities, they meshed really quickly. 

Wolfe and Nora seemed to be strangely on the same wavelength. Maybe they felt with their skin that they are both prodigies?

In the end, we went shopping together and returned home, but Mix-sama hurriedly said she wanted to come here and invited us. 

His Majesty is apparently sneaking into the men’s bath, and she said she wanted to experience the public bath that he has come to. 

Has that Anbu-kun come here too? Wouldn’t invisibility magic stand out instead if he were to touch the steam and water? 

“Ani-sama must be satisfied with this too! But it would be even better if Mister Friend were present…” (Mix)

“He still hadn’t come back home after all. Who knows where he is wandering around…” (Ilias)

Cara-jii is with him, so there’s no need to worry, but if something were to happen, it would be a ruckus on the likes of the time with Pashuro.

He might unexpectedly be here. This is one of the places he can’t go to when I am with him after all.

“At any rate, you really do love Marito, don’t you, Mix? Has there been a time when you thought it would have been better if you weren’t his little sister?” (Saira)

Saira is treating Mix-sama equally, or more like, Mix-sama made her. 

She said she wanted to be treated as the adventurer Mix, and Saira agreed to that. 

Did Mix-sama want to create a relationship like that of His Majesty and that man? Or she simply hates the formalities…? I am obviously in a position that has to call her with -sama though.

“No, no, I have not thought even once that being Ani-sama’s little sister was a loss! The feelings I hold for Ani-sama are those of aspiration. He is not someone I can hold feelings of romantic love with.” (Mix)

“Aah, I can actually understand that. I get pretty nervous with the knights, and I would most likely freeze in front of Marito-sama too.” (Saira)

“The more you know about the greatness of Ani-sama, the more flavor he gets after all.” (Mix)

What’s with that expression as if he were dried food? …But I understand what she means. 

It was the previous king’s era  when I lost my parents and aimed to become a knight like my father. 

At that time, His Majesty was simply a being that I only knew the name of. 

It is not like I didn’t hear the rumors about how he is a remarkable character and how in the future he would become a wise king, but he had no relationship with me and I concentrated on training.

I was somewhat arrogant in those days. I even thought I was the most splendid knight for honing myself and could protect anything in this country. My admiration towards my father must have blinded me. 

You need to pledge your fealty in the knight appointment ceremony. I accepted this as a ritual of sorts and participated in it. 

Once this is over, I can protect the country as a knight. My attention was elsewhere, thinking about how I wanted this to end soon and would report to my father and mother in front of their graves. 

At that time, His Majesty had already inherited the throne. I kneeled in front of His Majesty and faced him for the first time. 

He was a young king. I thought to myself ‘is he someone who walked his own path just like me? Is he a king that’s worthy of me who went through grueling training?’ …But those arrogant feelings were broken.

“Ilias Ratzel, for what sake do you hold that sword of yours?” 

Those eyes of His Majesty, those words, almost made my heart break for the first time. 

I understood that he had seen through everything about me and threw me that question on that basis. 

The moment I heard those words, I caught a glimpse of what His Majesty shouldered. I was taught just how diminutive of an existence I was.

I have had bouts with many knights. I have not faltered to any of them. 

Even against that famed Lord Ragudo, I managed to face him bravely from the very front. 

And yet, those few words alone made me want to run away from there.

I felt fear towards a person who should be inferior to me in strength. 

I was thinking about what to say beforehand at that time, so I remember having responded.

But I don’t remember what I said. 

Those shallow words of mine didn’t remain in my mind. They most likely didn’t reach the heart of His Majesty either. 

I have adhered strongly to the chivalric path since then. 

I threw away the unnecessary pride and arrogance, and took the sword to strive for even higher heights, for the sake of His Majesty and this country…

“Ilias? You don’t look too good there. Are you okay?” (Saira)

I came back to my senses with the call of Saira. Looks like I remembered my past fear. 

“Y-Yeah. I was remembering the time when I was frozen by His Majesty…” (Ilias)

“Aah, that must be a painful memory… There’s barely any people who are fine when glared at by Ani-sama after all… I heard that even the hands of Lord Ragudo holding a sword were trembling when he was training Ani-sama.” (Mix)

“If that’s the case for Lord Ragudo, any knight of Taizu would tremble too… As expected of His Majesty, huh… He has fulfilled his position splendidly. Just what do you have to do to change that much?” (Ilias)

“No, Ani-sama hasn’t changed since way back, Lady Ratzel.” (Mix)

“Really?” (Ilias)

“Yes. Let’s use this opportunity to explain my miserable past -the greatness of Ani-sama!” (Mix)

Miserable, you say… But I am certainly curious about the source of Mix-sama’s absolute trust towards His Majesty. 

Mix Taizu, the princess that was said to be as much of a prodigy as His Majesty. 

There were even some who said her ingenuity surpassed even His Majesty in their childhood. 

“It was when I was still young…” (Mix)


Extremely high expectations were placed on me by my mother when I was born as an ingenious princess.

Many were talking that Ani-sama was the one who would inherit the throne as the only prince, but the ones who knew about my ingenuity changed their tune.

That fact made me feel good. Everyone who learned of me evaluated me highly. 

Because I began to think like that, I was always burning with antagonism towards Ani-sama despite being young. 

Studies, swordsmanship, I would train desperately in everything, would compare myself with Ani-sama, and even had more victories than defeats.

The people who learned about this steadily began to think that maybe I should be the next ruler. That change of heart made me the most happy out of everything.

“I have lost. You really are impressive, Mix.” 

Ani-sama wouldn’t feel frustrated even when losing and would smile peacefully. 

Ani-sama’s ability was the real deal, but I couldn’t feel he was serious. 

I was looking down on Ani-sama from the shadows as someone who was doing her best. 

I was so conceited I would like to cut off my limbs if I could go to the past. 

Of course, I tried not to lower my guard since he was a man and was older than me. 

There was no doubt that he was at a distance that could reach me immediately if I were to get too confident. 

But on the day when I went to hunt beasts together with Ani-sama and the escorts, I was pumped up to win against Ani-sama as usual. 

I thought I wouldn’t feel like I have won against Ani-sama if the escorts were taking the front searching for prey, so I ended up making the horse run, and entered the forest.

The escorts chased after me, worried, but they weren’t that desperate since there aren’t that many dangerous animals showing up in this forest.

As such, I easily managed to explore the forest alone. I finally managed to hunt a big game, a large buck.

Ani-sama hunted several rabbits, moreover, under the instructions of the escorts.

I was happy, unable to hide my excitement. 

—Because of that, I didn’t notice the presence of the giant bear behind me. 


A giant carnivore that originally shouldn’t be there. It most likely escaped from its turf with the appearance of monsters a few years ago.

It must have trailed the scent of blood from the deer I killed.

I shot an arrow by reflex, but it didn’t serve as a decisive blow. That instead provoked the bear and made it misunderstand that I am an enemy. 

I trembled pathetically, cried, and well…I think I leaked all the fluids I could there.

The bear ran mercilessly towards me, and swung down those claws. 

I closed my eyes and prepared myself for my own death. 

However, there was no pain, just silence.

Finding this strange, I opened my eyes and Ani-sama was there.

Someone had found me faster than the escorts and had blocked the claws of both arms from the bear with a shield. 

The unstable mana strengthening of a child is negligible. The bones in both of Ani-sama’s arms should have been broken without doubt by the claws of the wild beast. 

His clothes, skin, and flesh tore, and I think even the bones were visible.

But Ani-sama didn’t lower both arms. Rather, he readied a carving knife and stood in front of the bear. 

That’s not something even an adult would be able to do.

“You bastard, who gave you the permission to put a hand on my little sister?” 

It was the first time I heard that voice.

Hearing those words filled with unbearable anger and killing intent, I trembled more towards Ani-sama than even the bear that tried to take my life.

If I had seen the eyes of Ani-sama at that time, I might have lost consciousness. That’s how much the air around had changed.

I was serious when I was training with Ani-sama. I might have even put killing intent behind it. 

But for Ani-sama, that was mere child’s play. If he had glared at me with the eyes lying ahead and spoken to me with that voice, I would have simply embarrassed myself in front of everyone.

The bear judged Ani-sama to be the highest threat and tried to intimidate him, but it didn’t last long and escaped into the forest. 

After confirming this, Ani-sama turned around with his usual peaceful face.

And then said this with his usual tone.

“You hunted a deer. You really are impressive, Mix.” 

After that, we were found by the escorts, and his arms were given treatment at once. 

His arms could now move as they did, but the scars of it still remain faintly.

I was prepared to be scolded for my own mistake, but there was none of it. Ani-sama gave a false report. 

“I didn’t want to lose to Mix so I chased after her, and I ended up getting attacked by a deer. It would have been dangerous if Mix wasn’t there.” 

Of course that would end up with this being seen as the mistake of Ani-sama, and he got scolded by father. 

Even though I saw Ani-sama as an enemy I must overcome, Ani-sama saw me as a little sister he must protect.

This defeat allowed me to realize it. Ani-sama surpassed me in every single aspect. 

He simply showed rivalry towards me since I was directing hostility, and purposely lost. 

Only a certain few understood this. They were the people who didn’t change their opinion about Ani-sama being the one worthy to become the king even after I won. 

I was ashamed.

I couldn’t look at Ani-sama in the face anymore, and couldn’t speak properly to him either.

Ani-sama was sad about this, but that’s fine. 

I continued polishing myself after that.

I showed my everything as I grew, and Ani-sama continued being himself while hiding everything, yet, we were just about the same level.

There was no remaining feeling of wanting to win against Ani-sama, but I didn’t want to be more shameful than I already was as his little sister.

My efforts bore fruit and, even when it was time for Ani-sama to inherit the throne, mother and her comrades still thought that I was the one fitting to become the ruler. 

However, I knew the difference. I am not the one fitting to be the ruler of this kingdom. 

Father understood this too, but the others were not the same.

It is most likely because we were born from different mothers. I understand how mother didn’t want to admit that the child she gave birth to was inferior to the one of someone else.

Any more than this would be troubling for Ani-sama. Thinking this, I abandoned Taizu and became an adventurer. 


“And well, something like that happened, I guess.” 

I threw a topic inside the sauna, and ended up getting told an outrageous story. It is hard to believe that Mix of all people was full-on hostile towards Marito. 

That said, what kind of childhood did he have, being able to drive away a bear? I was attacked by a bear-san recently, you know? 

“Holding back as if playing against a child towards someone who is facing you seriously; that’s pretty cruel, you know.” 

“There was certainly a difference in ability. However, it was also true that she was a good person to compete against since she would latch on. The difference of age is big between children. I am obviously at an advantage as someone who was born several years before her. But it ended up in that kind of relationship after she discovered that I was holding back, you see. My other little sisters didn’t even serve as competition, you know?” (Marito)

I understand the reason for the eccentricities of Mix a bit more now. She was seriously and desperately competing for the throne after all.

If she had an attachment to the throne, she would have been able to compete even after that, but it seems like that desire was broken since childhood.

Marito had way too much leeway. I feel bad for Mix. 

The good thing here is that Mix positively deified Marito instead. 

“The conclusion is that you are the one at fault. It is a matter that wouldn’t have happened if you had taken it seriously from the very beginning.” 

“That hurts my ears. I know that. That’s why I took all the responsibility, you know?” (Marito)

“Maybe you could tell her about it and return your relationship to how it was before… Doesn’t sound possible.” 

“Yeah… I feel like showing her this scar would be a bad idea.” (Marito)

There are old scars faintly remaining in both of his arms.

It is not like it is detrimental or anything. There’s simply traces of it remaining on his skin.

However, this would be a trace that would awaken the trauma of Mix.

“You are a pretty strict guy, you know.” 

“Right. If I could go back to the past, I would like to break my own limbs and tell myself this: ‘Mix is not a convenient little sister for you’. I was a child that was fine even with both arms broken, so that much wouldn’t be that big of a deal.” (Marito)

“That’s not peaceful.” 

“Mix grew splendidly in the end. It is reaching the point where the gap in age won’t be much of an advantage, so competing for the throne one last time might be a good idea.” (Marito)

“You were thinking about losing there?” 

“No, it is only right for this one to be won by the righteous victor. I would simply open the path without grudges if Mix managed to win against me there. If I was the most fitting one, then I wouldn’t back down.” (Marito)

If he can still be reasoned with in that front, Marito’s position as the king really would still be steadfast. 

Mix was instilled with a sense of inferiority, and she gave up the throne at the end.

Someone who is going to become a king should be competing to the end there. 

Even if that ends up in a shameful defeat, it is not something you would be able to hold after sacrificing your pride and position.

“You are the one most worthy to be the king. I don’t know if I could give you a passing mark when it comes to being a brother though.” 

“Yeah… Maybe I should invite my other little sisters as well next time and have a banquet?” (Marito)

“Yeah, you do that.” 

He managed to protect Mix with his life on the line. He is by no means a failure as a brother. 

This is a form of sibling relationship as well. But the judgment of Mix was not wrong in the end.

Marito was always building an overwhelming foundation. It was to the point that he had to hold back against her little sister despite her desperately latching on.

Finding fault in such loneliness would be harsh. Marito was a child too at that time. 

Thinking about it in that way, an otherworlder that he can talk to as equals must be a good partner to relieve that loneliness he felt in his childhood.

Hm? Does that mean I am being kept here in this country to distract him from the loneliness of his childhood? 

Hmm… Oh well.

We enjoyed ourselves in the public bath after that and left. 

I wanted to propose coffee milk and fruit milk like the otherworlder I am, but with the popularization of salt still being in a questionable state, it would end up being more expensive than alcohol in this world.

I have at least made it so you can drink some cold water after a bath and there’s also bars nearby, so let’s have the people of this world endure with that. 

“Oh, isn’t that Mister Friend?” (Mix)

“It is Shishou.” (Wolfe)

“Oh my, Counselor-sama.” (Rakura)

“Ah, Onii-san.” (Saira)

“It is Nii-chan-na no da.” (Nora)

“What, you were here too?” (Ilias)

We ran into Mix and the others at the entrance.

All of them are really relaxing here. 

Ah, no, Wolfe is cautious of Cara-jii by my side as always. It is stronger than usual. 

“Yeah, I was. Marito and the others left before me though. A king standing out for too long would trouble the other customers, is what I complained to him.” 

“Complained… You are the only one who would be able to talk to His Majesty like that.” (Ilias)

“If someone else was there for him, he might have been able to have a more proper childhood though.” 

“…Yeah. I am glad that you are there for him, Mister Friend!” (Mix)

“It hurts.” 

She smacked my back over and over. It hurts.

Is jealousy mixed in here? It hurts quite a bit. 

“Speaking of which, he told me about Mix too. He said he wanted to gather the other little sisters and have a banquet.” 

“Ah, A-A-Ani-sama said that?!” (Mix)

“If the other little sisters are as reserved as you towards him, you should be the one gathering them for him, okay? He would be happy.” 

“B-But me stepping in on what Ani-sama does is…” (Mix)

“What are you saying? You are his number one little sister. Just be proud of that already.” 

Marito has already seen through you -is what I told her. 

Mix froze for a bit there, but she made a happy smile as she smacked my back again.

It has more intensity than before, but the pain is low.

“Can’t be helped since Mister Friend said so! Then, I shall put on a bit of a show!” (Mix)

“It hurts.” 

It is a relationship where they both acknowledge each other. I am sure the relationship of Mix and Marito will be softer if given a bit more time. 

But well, they are really similar siblings, yup.

“Ah, I said I would put on a show, but I have already finished taking a bath, so I won’t be putting on more of a show than that, okay? It might be a different story if you so desire though, Mister Friend…” (Mix)

“I don’t need such a weird addendum…” 

“You are so distant, Mister Friend! Geez!” (Mix)

“It hurts.” 

That last one was pure pain.

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