LS – Chapter 9: I will leave it to your for the time being

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The first thing I did after obtaining the information was to head to the church again.

The boss of the bandit alliance, the one-armed man. 

I tell the new information to Maya-san. I should be able to narrow the candidates even more with this. 

Maya-san said the information will be arriving shortly, so she will be telling me once she knows.

‘The information will arrive’? Does this world have a way to exchange information from long distances just like the internet? 

It is probably a mail pigeon? I feel like there would be too much information for a pigeon to carry, but well, I will leave it to her. 

And so, I spoke with Ilias-san about the actions we will be taking from here on while we walked the city and returned to the barracks.

The city was filled with energy, and the market was bustling with people.

I was tied up in a bag the first time I was brought to the church, but I have been through this path twice if we omit that time. 

There’s the saying that you can tell how prosperous a country is by looking at the faces of their people, but it really is the case.

The faces of many people walking in the cities of Japan are stiff and meager.

But the faces of this country are overflowing with emotion as if every day was a festival. 

I could feel in my heart as if they were sharing their energy with me just by watching them.

“The king of this country must be a good king.” 

Those words leaked naturally from my mouth. 

“Yeah, the current king and the previous one utilized their wonderful wisdom for the sake of the people. Being able to offer my body to this country as a knight is the greatest of honors and my joy.” (Ilias)

The face of Ilias-san as she said this was kind while she was watching the liveliness of the residents. 

“With this much prosperity, there must be an increase in merchants from outside too.” 

“Yeah, but there’s also lots who would try to benefit with evil intent within that bunch. I cannot allow that.” (Ilias)

“The information we obtained was the location of the bandit alliance’s lairs in the territory of Taizu, and a rough estimate of their numbers. They most likely already know one of their places has been crushed. The chances of them moving their bases will increase if we crush them one by one. In order to utilize this information to its highest worth, we need to set a single surprise attack. We will need more hands.” 

“…I am a subordinate of one of the chivalric order’s captains protecting this country, Lord Ragudo. I will explain the situation to Lord Ragudo and call together the members of Lord Ragudo’s unit.” (Ilias)

“Their numbers?” 

“…Around 30.” (Ilias)

That’s low. 

The bandit subjugation the other day was a sudden dispatchment, so it was only 10, but there were already ⅓ of them? 

The coordination within the chivalric order seems to be high, but there’s way too few people. 

“You said those are of Lord Ragudo, right? The other divisions must have theirs as well. Can’t you request assistance from them?” 

“It is not impossible…but…” (Ilias)

Her face turned bitter and serious. 

Looks like there’s some strenuous circumstances behind this. 

Seems like there’s discord between divisions, huh.

“We don’t have enough numbers as of present, right? Last time was an ambush while closing their escape route. That’s why the bandits had to fight back, and we could easily capture the ones who tried to escape.” 

The lairs of the other bandits are not only caves. 

Some have stuff like huts and tents inside the forest, and have created a small scale settlement. 

In other words, their escape route is in all directions. In order to deal with them with certainty, numbers equal or above theirs is required. 

There’s currently 5 gangs working together in the bandit alliance. 

One of them was wiped out the other day, so there’s 4 remaining. 

3 of them are on a scale of 30 to 50 just like the other time, and the gang of the one-armed man that’s most likely the Mastermind has 50.

4 settlements of around 200 in total; it is impossible to corner all of them with 30 people. 

“Right… We should think about the people first and foremost. This is not the time to be worried about appearances. Let’s request help from the other knight divisions.” (Ilias)

Ilias-san agreed, but it is bothering me. 

It feels like there’s an underlying tone here that a problem might occur if she were to request for assistance. 

“Ilias-san, can you please tell me a number of things before that?” 


After that, we parted ways and I went alone to the place of Lord Ragudo. I asked him to please contact the other knight divisions in order to obtain their cooperation.

“Fumu, fine. But do you understand what you are doing here, Ilias? What exactly would happen if my division were to ask for the help of the other divisions.” (Ragudo)

“Yes, but the number of bandits is far from what we imagined. We managed to obtain the information this time around, but there’s no assurance it will happen again. If we miss this opportunity, there will be even more casualties in the future.” (Ilias)

“…I see. I could back you, you know?” (Ragudo)

“No, Lord Ragudo, you are the last fortress protecting this castle and country -a symbol. You have granted me this opportunity already. I have accepted this as a trial of mine.” (Ilias)

“But…” (Ragudo)

“I am also one of the knights protecting this country. I can’t just be dependent the whole time.” (Ilias)

“I see. In that case, I will watch over you until the very end.” (Ragudo)

“Thank you very much. Well then, please tell the representatives of the ones that agreed to cooperate that there’s a strategy meeting outside of the castle tonight.” (Ilias)

“The bandit subjugation this time around is a big mission. You can use the meeting room in the castle, you know?” (Ragudo)

“No, we have an outsider assisting us here and according to him ‘letting an outsider that’s helping out on a whim enter the castle so readily would be questionable’, so he requested it to be outside the castle.” (Ilias)

“I see, a modest man.” (Ragudo)

“I hope that’s the case.” (Ilias)


There’s no lies in what I told Lord Ragudo just now. However, he said this afterwards.

‘It would be difficult to do it if we are not at the place after all’.


It is night. There were a variety of knights crowding the most spacious room in the barrack.

Ilias-san and Cara-jiisan are the representatives here. 

The representatives of the respective knight divisions showed themselves too.

There were captains who sent subordinates and captains who came personally. 

There’s no need to worry about the former. It should be fine to think of them as actual assistance.

But for the captain-samas that came here personally…

This place must be dirty and cramped compared to the one in the castle. 

They would be bothered about the dirty parts of the room with a frown, and there’s even some who are complaining about the chairs. 

That group will most likely be making a move. I should keep an eye on them. 

Once the appointed time for the meeting hit the clock, Ilias-san stood up and began the talk.

“You have my gratitude for gathering here on such a sudden notice. Now then, regarding the matter of the bandits, I will now be explaining the current state of the situation.” (Ilias)

It must be because there’s her superior and knight captains, I can feel stiffness in her tone. 

And then, she begins explaining the situation and filling in moderately regarding me who came from outside.

However, I can now understand why Ilias-san wasn’t too into the idea of asking for assistance.

Cara-jiisan and the others who are from the unit of Lord Ragudo were showing approval. 

But most of the gazes of the knights here are cold. 

Some would be visibly impressed and there were those who were honestly happy about having cornered the bandits, but…oi, the one who clicked his tongue just now, I am so gonna remember you.

I listen to what Ilias-san says as I am thinking about how I am also biased towards her here with me getting angry.

“And then, we succeeded in obtaining the locations of each lair. Therefore, we want to borrow your strength to raid all the lairs.” (Ilias)

“Can I speak now?” 

One of the people with a red cloak raised his hand. 

The difference between a normal knight and a knight captain is the quality of the cloak. 

The color representing their division is shown in their cloak and decorates their armor.

The captains have the crest of Taizu embroidered on their cloak. 

By the way, the color of Ragudo’s division is greenish blue. 

“Lord Leano, go ahead.” (Ilias)

“I have no intention of being frugal in my cooperation. We are going to be vanquishing the bandits that bring harm to our country after all, so this is a matter of course. However, it seems like there’s some who have been forced to drink boiling water** and those who are driven by personal feelings though.” (Leano) <This is an idiom that means to be betrayed by someone you trust. Being offered a glass of water by a friend and it ends up being scalding hot water.>

The yellow cloak man glared at Lord Leano. 

Aah, so that person is the former. 

“We have deviated from the topic here. Lady Ratzel, how many of the Ragudo Division will be participating in this bandit subjugation?” (Leano)

“Around 30.” (Ilias)

“Fumu, that’s a decent number for the division with the least members. However, us from the Leano Division plan on putting in 300 knights; that’s 10 times your number.” (Leano)

“You have my gratitude.” (Ilias)

“There’s no need to worry. As I said before, subjugating the bandits is also a matter that must be resolved at once for me, too. However, don’t you think it would be ill-advised for the one with the lowest denominator to be holding the reins when commanding a large group of people from several divisions?” (Leano)

“That’s…” (Ilias)

“We of the Ragudo Division are a small unit of elites. Each one of us will show you we can achieve ten times more than a single one of your division!” (Cara)

Cara-jii intervened, but Lord Leano still maintained his leisure expression.

“I am plenty aware of this. That’s exactly why. Wouldn’t it be a waste of a treasure if you valiant warriors were to be commanding instead of out there fighting the good fight? Also, our division alone has 300 people. How do you plan on leading them?” (Leano)

“Hngh.” (Cara)

“The command should be relinquished to the division with the highest numbers in this raid. Now then, how many can the other divisions ready?” (Leano)





So around 800, huh. It is great to see that we have gathered a decent amount. 

Also, this Lord Leano readied a large amount of soldiers for this very purpose, huh. 

“I see, I see! In that case, there should be no issues with me being the one taking command in this bandit subjugation, right?” (Leano)

“No objections.” 

“Same here.” 

“There should be no issues with Lord Leano.” 

“If we can give on-field orders ourselves, I have no issues.” 

Everyone including the yellow cloak man agreed.

According to what I heard from Ilias-san, she is being looked down upon because she is a girl. 

There’s few women in this country who would aim to be a knight.

Especially Ilias-san who is close to being on the seat of a knight captain.

Ilias-san spoke of it lightly, but when I heard about it from Cara-jiisan later, I learned that it is far more malicious than I imagined.

Military prowess to enter the higher ranks in this country despite being a woman, and liked by the one with the highest seniority, Lord Ragudo.

Her fast rise is most likely a target of envy in the eyes of the male knights. 

The average age of the Ragudo Division is high, so they are treating her more like a granddaughter and don’t discriminate against her, but turning that around, it means that the other divisions are mostly young men or ones in the prime of their life. 

The other divisions couldn’t show results in the bandit subjugation, and Ilias-san ended up taking over it. 

There was no one who objected to this. 

If she were to fail, they would use it as an excuse to chide her; if she were to succeed, they could interject like this to steal the most achievements. 

Man, they really are narrow minded. 

They should just throw away that pride about being a man or a woman. 

Ilias-san is a muscle-head gorilla, but she is a good knight. 

It shouldn’t matter whether she is a man or a woman here.

Well, I was told of the possibility this would happen, so I have already consulted with Cara-jiisan, and have made preparations though.

“Hey, lad, can you please say anything?” (Cara)

“Hmm, right…” 

“Oh, I was curious about it, but who are you? It doesn’t seem like you are a knight.” (Leano)

“The provider of the information this time around. Because of a variety of circumstances, I am currently helping out Lady Ratzel.” 

“And so, outsider, do you have some sort of opinion regarding me taking command?” (Leano)

“Not really. If we need a unit that has the spare members to serve as the messengers, it would be better for that one to be the center since it would make the coordination easier.” 

“Wa…?!” (Cara)

“What, so you do get it.” (Leano)

“However, it would be troubling if they were going to be taking command and didn’t have a proper grasp of the information. As such, I have prepared this.” 

I ignore Cara-jiisan who is acting as if he is shocked, and give the bundle of parchments I prepared.

That said, Cara-jiisan is quite the actor. 

“This is…?” (Leano)

“A map of the locations for the bandit lairs which they spoke of before and their navigation routes. The other ones are a compilation of information regarding the respective lairs.” 

Lord Leano was confirming the documents. 

“Hooh, this is nice. The routes that would make it easier to march through when entering the forest and mountains. There’s even the patrol routes of the lookouts and scouts.” (Leano)

“I would like to avoid a scenario where we blindly charge in after we managed to get this information through strenuous efforts. That’s pretty much my opinion here.” 

“I see, I see. It certainly would be rude to not use the efforts of you people. I definitely will be using this.” (Leano)

“We have also prepared a bigger map. The representatives of the divisions are here already, so wouldn’t it be better to decide the route of the other divisions now?” 

Saying this, I bring out a bigger map and spread it on the table. 

“You are well prepared. It really saves time. Now then, let’s finish this up quickly.” (Leano)

“You will be centering around the base where it is said the ringleader is located at, right, Lord Leano?” 

“Of course. We are not a unit of cowards that don’t tread dangers.” (Leano)

What a big mouth. Even though you only want those sweet achievements.

“Now then, what’s left would be to assign the respective lairs. What division will be working together with the Ragudo Division led by Lady Ratzel? Is there anyone who wants to join up with them?” 

Saying this, I look at everyone, but there’s no one responding. 

Well, I was expecting this reaction anyways, so this helps me out. 

“Then, they will be on standby at the trade route to provide assistance from the back. In the case there’s a unit having difficulties in their battle, Lord Leano can send a messenger to have them move, which would allow for a smoother replenishment of troops. Is that okay, Lord Leano?” 

“Of course.” (Leano)

“Do the others have any objections? Then, I will leave the distribution of the lairs to you now.” 

Everyone nodded this time around. I am sure they won’t be calling for help unless they are in extremely dire straits. 

The strategy meeting proceeded without issues, and the representatives left in order to organize their units. 

“Now then, let’s proceed with our preparations too.” 


Ilias-san was making a serious face.

Speaking of which, I have only told the specifics to Cara-jiisan.

Even though I told her to leave it to me, they were moved to provide assistance at the back, so of course she would feel like this. 

“Cara-jiisan, can you tell the members of the Ragudo Division about the secret plan? I will explain to Ilias-san here.” 

“Right, leave it to me!” (Cara)

“Secret plan?” (Ilias)

“Yeah, it is the evil scheme Cara-jiisan and I cooked up together.” 

And so, I tell her the details of the plan.

“You…really have a devious mind.” (Ilias)

“The other side was also using their own nasty tricks, so it is 50/50. Also, I am properly leaving some honey.” 

I end up grinning at how smoothly the plan is going. 

Ilias-san was shocked after seeing my face.

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