LS – Chapter 312: As such, forming a plan

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“Looks like this direction is the correct one, but…” 

We are hurrying in the direction where the magic seal stone is most likely in, but even if we know the direction, we don’t know the distance. 

We used a big bathtub before, then Counselor-sama wrote something on top of the map and even calculated the distance, but…I have no such knowledge. 

“There’s no need to worry that much. If they have left the magic seal stone in the open, the Purple Demon Lord’s devils that can fly should have been able to see it. That it is still not being found means that it is being hidden in a big building somewhere. The one that would match such conditions is the supply storage.” (Yasutet)

“You know about the city of Serende in detail, Yasutet-san.” (Rakura)

“Rakura-san, do you remember where our base was?” (Yasutet)

“Ah.” (Rakura)

Right. Ritial-san and his group were using ruins in Serende as their bases. 

They would need to come here in order to replenish their supplies, so of course they would know about it. 

“I am grateful that you forgot we were enemies, but it also makes me think that that’s just how thin of an impression we left.” (Yasutet)

“I-It is okay! I don’t want to fight you ever again!!” (Rakura)

“I see. That’s great to hear. I also wouldn’t like to fight you in principle.” (Yasutet)

“In principle?” (Rakura)

“I don’t want to have a death match with someone I can talk to. But when it comes to a pure battle of skills, I wouldn’t want to just leave it at a defeat… That’s basically what I mean.” (Yasutet)

Yasutet-san is also a man, huh. 

When I see Ekdoik-niisan training, he would often say ‘how about sparring with me every once in a while?’… Oh well, I don’t want to tag along with that though. 

I left the way to Yasutet-san, and after moving for a while, we saw a big building. 

That must be the supply storage. 

“That place is…” (Rakura)

“Seems like it is the correct place. Look.” (Yasutet)

The direction where Yasutet-san pointed at had undead that were not moving at all. 

It is as if they were ordered to protect this place. 

“Them leaving guards means that there’s something they want to protect.” (Rakura)

“That’s part of it, but there’s a large amount of cinders ahead, right?” (Yasutet)

I can see traces of a massive amount of something gathered into one place and burned deeper ahead of the undead. 

There’s fires happening around, so I can’t tell that well because of the smell, but…it is most likely the supplies that were in the storage. 

“They went as far as burning the important supplies of this country to secure the place… What a waste.” (Rakura)

“Everyone values different things -it is what Ritial-sama has told us. Even if it is something that’s necessary for people to live, it could be seen as just a pebble at the side of the street depending on the person… It is important to understand there’s people like that even if you can’t sympathize.” (Yasutet)

Ritial-san really does say things similar to Counselor-sama. 

People who have grasped human nature really must have similar thoughts. 

Well, I like Counselor-sama better since I can live without putting effort by being together with him though. 

“Can you…deal with that number of undead?” (Rakura)

“No issues. But I will have you help out too to make this a bit easier, Rakura-san.” (Yasutet)

Yasutet-san told me a simple plan and headed to the entrance of the supplies storage through the long route. 

I slowly approach from the front and close the distance to a point where the undead react. 

The undead showed a reaction from a human being nearby, and approached me. 

But Yasutet-san jumped out from the back on his own route and skewered the undead from the back with a spear he got at some point in time. 

And then, he stabbed the spear in a wall nearby to affix it in place. 

It is like a meat skewer. But the ones there are humans, so it makes me look away. 

He bent the end of the spear so that they won’t get out easily. He doesn’t overlook anything.

It seems like the undead couldn’t react properly to the sudden ambush from behind, so Yasutet-san was incapacitating them skillfully. 

“Alright. This is good enough I guess.” (Yasutet)

“Uwaah, I feel like I will have nightmares about this… How many spears do you have?” (Rakura)

The many undead stabbed into the wall haven’t noticed that they were restrained and were wriggling around. It is pretty creepy. 

“Let’s go quickly…” (Rakura)

“Right. There’s no telling when they will get out of the restraint after all. Let’s finish what we have to—?!” (Yasutet)

Yasutet-san approached the supply storage, but the moment he was about to put his hand on it…the door was destroyed with force and a big beast showed up from inside. 

Its shape is similar to that of a lizard or a dragon, and yet, it had fur on its whole body, and I can see erosion here and there peculiar to undead. 

Yasutet-san reflexively thrusted with his spear, but the beast didn’t care at all about it and swung its claw down on Yasutet-san. 

The attack of the giant beast was heavy, so the body of Yasutet-san was smashed on the ground, and he bounced back just like that. 

“Yasutet-san?!” (Rakura)

“Guh, no issues.” (Yasutet)

Yasutet-san got up and faced the beast undead. 

He said there’s no issues, but he is severely injured to the point of his shoulder being gouged out. 

The beast undead growled while attacking Yasutet-san straight on. 

Yasutet-san evaded the charge, picked up the spear he dropped, and began his battle against the beast undead. 

But the attacks of Yasutet-san felt like they were not effective at all. It seems like he has judged weak attacks would just be dangerous, so he is concentrating on defense.

“Rakura-san, it is impossible to defeat or restrain this one! Deal with the magic seal stone inside while I draw this guy!” (Yasutet)

“Y-Yes!” (Rakura)

I head to the inside of the destroyed door while keeping Yasutet-san in the very corner of my vision. 

I tried to be careful about any other of the same undead, but it looks like there’s only one. 

I headed deeper in and found it soon after. 

A green rock the size of a house…a magic seal stone.

“If I destroy this… Hm?” (Rakura)

The magic seal stone has an effective range proportional to its size, so the range will decrease greatly if we break it. 

Just shaving it in half would already enable many of the people fighting in the city to use magic. 

But this is not a rock anymore but a boulder. 

I don’t have the super strength of Ilias-san or the explosive power of Wolfe-chan. 

I can’t use magic. I am a woman who can only use a bit of mana strengthening. This isn’t something I can break. 

Should I go back and switch roles with Yasutet-san?

No, it would be impossible for me to hold back that beast, and there’s no telling if that beast would switch targets to me. 

I tried hitting it real hard with a hammer nearby, but it only cracked a bit on the surface. 

It would take way too much time even if I were to repeat this. 

“Uuh, uuh…” (Rakura)

There’s a lot of things in this supply storage. 

I look around to see if I can do something by using the things here. 

Counselor-sama said that you can do a lot more by combining several tools, but…whether I can think of that combination is another story. 

I felt like I was at a loss here, but the harm caused to the country will get even worse if I don’t destroy this magic seal stone here and now. 

Time and pressure; those factors were obstructing my thoughts even further, and by the time I noticed, I was even trying to use magic which I can’t use. 

“…What should I do?” (Rakura)

Time was ticking mercilessly even while I was doing this. 


I have finished moving to a safe location with My Lord. 

I increased my alert level more than necessary for ambushes when I couldn’t use detection magic midway, but I managed to move outside the range of the magic seal stone without issues. 

Looks like the one who caused this incident simply wants to limit the magic in the vicinity of the Serende Castle. 

“It should be enough, right? The devils should suffice to provide support evacuating the people, so can you deal with the undead once we are done with reorganizing the devils?” (Purple)

“As you will… We don’t need to search for the magic seal stone?” (Dyuvuleori)

Not being able to use magic should be pretty inconvenient for the people who are fighting over there. 

Everyone aside from people like Ilias and Wolfe, who excel in mana strengthening and can erase undead with one attack filled with mana, should be struggling. 

“It is fine to destroy it if you find it, but you have to do your best since you can fight decently even without using magic, okay?” (Purple)

“Right. Everything aside from the Horn of Burning that requires adjustment with magic can be used without issues in comparison.” (Dyuvuleori)

The special traits of Great Devils are not lost even with the effects of a magic seal stone. However, even I would be weakened without the support of magic to strengthen those special traits. 

“The Demon Lords and monsters have been adjusted in a manner so that they won’t change much in power even under the influence of a magic seal stone, right?” (Purple)

“Adjusted…?” (Dyuvuleori)

“It is Yugura. When that man gave us our powers as Demon Lords, he spoke to us for a bit, you know? He said: ‘The power I am giving you all is a power for the sake of changing the old era’, you see?” (Purple)

I don’t know the real meaning behind those words, but it is true that the magic and powers involved with Hero Yugura can’t be blocked completely even with a magic seal stone. 

By the time My Lord became a Demon Lord and I was born, magic itself had already begun to decline because of the existence of magic seal stones. 

The fact that it still remains in this era probably means that the people Yugura has left behind have been left with the hopes of magic. 

“Necromancy isn’t affected by a magic seal stone as long as it is activated.” (Dyuvuleori)

“Right? If Blue didn’t care about the means, she could solve everything by force with Annihilation, you know? That’s a power to create the special trait itself of the mana created by necromancy after all.” (Purple)

“She most likely won’t be using it as long as she is being careful about the impressions of people…” (Dyuvuleori)

That’s the same for My Lord. 

They can’t utilize their full power as long as they don’t want to be hated by humans and don’t want to be abandoned. 

I have a lot of complicated feelings regarding the Demon Lords holding back their powers, but My Lord has obtained enough of a recompense for it. 

“I can immediately tell you have some thoughts regarding that just from falling silent even if your face doesn’t change, you know? It is fine…like this. There are times when I have thought it inconvenient to not be able to use my power, but it is better than having him think I am seducing anyone. Or do you think me pathetic without my Enticement?” (Purple)

“No, that’s not the case. You at the very least are brimming with motivation compared to the past.” (Dyuvuleori)

“Of course, you know? Love is sustenance. How about searching for a good love interest too?” (Purple)

“Don’t joke around. Devils have no gender.” (Dyuvuleori)

I said this and the devil called Belard that joined the ranks of the Blue Demon Lord flashed in my mind, but that’s a special case. 

She is a devil that was transformed into a female form that should originally not exist.

“Could it be that…this is the type of thing that won’t progress without me actively helping out? Oh well, let’s deal with that stuff when we have wrapped up this matter, okay?” (Purple)

“…? Now then, I will be going back so, My Lord, please show utmost care…” (Dyuvuleori)

“Just go deal with the undead already if you are worried. If you take way too long, I will go in to check how things are going, you know?” (Purple)

“…I shall wrap things up as swiftly as possible.” (Dyuvuleori)

My Lord must not be exposed to danger because of me. 

Even if it is something My Lord alone can handle. 

I will follow the scent first, regroup with someone, and get information. 

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