LS – Chapter 107: A nostalgic technique to start with

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Ekdoik is making an unbelievable face. Let’s leave that aside.

I couldn’t follow most of the movements with my eyes, but it seems like a shocking development happened. 

An arm and both legs of Dyuvuleori were sliced off after a few seconds of looking at each other. 

It must have been the doing of Rakura, but Dyuvuleori was shaken by it, and received a direct hit from Ilias. 

I confirmed something flying far to the back. It seems like that was Dyuvuleori. 

Ilias is not chasing. Now that I looked closely, his right arm had been sliced in pieces and was on her shadow. 

Even after getting a direct hit, he must have used his severed right arm to tie her shadow to the ground. 

“Oi, Comrade.” 

But well, the basic specs of Dyuvuleori are incredibly high, and yet, he also has the specialties of all the Great Devils. That’s scary. 

Even if a number of the abilities don’t work properly against Ilias and Rakura, the abilities that excel against individuals like the nose of Ramyugureska are a pure threat. 

“Oi, wait.” 

But what’s more surprising is the growth of Ilias. She is having an exchange that’s not losing in any way against Dyuvuleori who should be on the level of Lord Ragudo. 

She said she got a win on Lord Ragudo. I can tell where her overflowing confidence is coming from. 

But I don’t know if I should be happy at how she has become more of a gorilla. 

While I was having those thoughts, my neck was being tightened by chains. It hurts.

“Don’t ignore me on purpose!” 

“It is not on purpose. When I am wearing the Superhuman Glasses, my senses are way too sharp and I can’t talk properly!” 

I take off my glasses and face Ekdoik. It is rare for that Ekdoik to be this flustered. 

It is not like I don’t understand how he feels. 

I could hear the shout of Dyuvuleori. What Rakura used was the Eyes of Blindness. It is the special ability of Beglagud who is the father that raised Ekdoik. 

Moreover, it is on the level where Ramyugureska’s nose couldn’t detect it, so it is the true Eyes of Blindness that Ekdoik showcased for the first time not that long ago.

He most likely can’t handle having his ultimate technique being used by someone else in less than an hour later. 

“Comrade, did you know about this?!” (Ekdoik)

“No, there’s no way I did.” 

“I didn’t see much unrest in you though. Tell me the reason why!” (Ekdoik)

Hmm, he is sharp. 

It is true that I didn’t get too flustered at the time when Rakura used that power. 

It seems like Ekdoik noticed after seeing that state of mine.

“The chains that you brought out in the fight against Ramyugureska, Rakura alone was following those chains with her eyes.” 

“What…?” (Ekdoik)

That’s right. At that time, I thought it strange when I saw the reaction of Ramyugureska, so I moved my gaze towards my comrades. 

Ilias and the others had their eyes directed at Ekdoik or Ramyugureska, and yet, Rakura alone was looking at the center where the chains were stretched around. 

“She must have been seeing them by some means -that’s the only opinion I had about that, but her using those eyes clicked.” 

“Why can Rakura Salf use the Eyes of Blindness that mine father gave to me?!” (Ekdoik)

“I have a few guesses about that one, but I am not certain. No choice but to confirm with the person herself later.” 

As for one possibility, it would be that when Rakura defeated Beglagud, she was granted the power of the eyes by Beglagud just like he did with Ekdoik. 

But that’s a bleak possibility since Rakura doesn’t even remember Beglagud. 

There’s one other guess that’s pretty much a stretch, but…even though it fits just right, there’s way too many uncertain factors. 

“There’s barely any burden in her eyes too… Even though that technique shouldn’t be able to project whatever you want.” (Ekdoik)

“What you are the most familiar with are chains. As for Rakura, it would be her barrier magic, right? Maybe the burden is lessened because they are immaterial?” 

Rakura’s way of using it is more practical compared to Ekdoik who had the veins in his eyes pop.

That said, Ekdoik’s chains must have been sturdier and have more applications to them.

You could say it is cost and return. 

“…What should I do?” (Ekdoik)

“I don’t know if this will serve as a consolation, but if I were to hire someone, I would prefer you by leaps and bounds over Rakura, you know?” 

“I see… Right now even that is good enough…” (Ekdoik)

Rakura is the type of person that can bluntly say she can’t do something.

Especially when her life is at stake. More so when it is against Dyuvuleori who she has seen the strength of before. 

And yet, that Rakura has silently joined the arena. I can understand that that’s because she has thought of a way to win. 

That method of hers dealt psychic damage onto Ekdoik, but I will take care of him later, so do your best, Rakura. 


There’s no follow up attack.

At the time when I took the sword of Ilias Ratzel with my left arm, I unleashed my severed right arm to her shadow. 

Rakura Salf must have noticed that too, she didn’t advance on her own. 

Moreover, I managed to buy distance with the impact of the attack. 

I will fix my posture first. I do a quick regeneration of all of my limbs including my crushed left arm. 

The burden of having lost my limbs was big. 

The exhaustion from the pain isn’t that big of a deal, but when it comes to regenerating several parts of my body, the internal mana I lose can’t be scoffed at. 

Even if I recover to a state where I am uninjured, I can’t hide the exhaustion. 

There’s no doubt that Rakura Salf used the Eyes of Blindness. 

But this is not the time to be questioning her about the reason. 

Right now I have to win for the sake of My Lord. I should not mix my personal feelings here. 

Ilias Ratzel destroyed the remains of my right arm restraining her at the same time as I regenerated. 

“That’s a surprise, Rakura. Wasn’t that just now the technique Ekdoik used?” (Ilias)

“Well, yeah. I managed to do it once I tried it.” (Rakura)

Analyzing the information that entered my ears, it would be questionable whether she would be able to answer even if I were to ask her about it. 

Me and Ilias Ratzel are almost on the same level when it comes to physical prowess, and I can’t properly detect the initial moves of Rakura Salf. I would say I am at a disadvantage here. 

“How lenient. You think you have won already?” (Dyuvuleori)

“That’s not our intention. We have no intention of losing from the very beginning though.” (Ilias)

“I see, then let’s continue!” (Dyuvuleori)

I place strength in my left leg and run. What I should do at present is to throw away the choice of waiting. 

As long as I don’t know when and where the barrier will be placed, I will end up having parts of me severed if I am at a place where a barrier appears. 

The power of the true Eyes of Blindness is a real threat.

You can’t see it, can’t smell it, and can’t hear it. 

Even if you can feel it with touch, it is already too late by that time. 

But it is not like it is completely flawless. Ramyugureska had already seen room to overcome this. 

My nose can smell danger, I can tell when normal barriers are placed. 

It is something to be wary of, but what I should be the most wary of is not that…

“…There!” (Dyuvuleori)

The moment my instincts reacted, I smashed my tail on the ground and changed the trajectory of my rush. 

That’s right. I had already formed a countermeasure for the True Eyes of Blindness in the attack of before. 

My instincts are telling me of death. I let my body take over and react to it.

Detection of danger that goes beyond even the senses. As long as I can evade it, I can manage somehow for the rest. 

I feel how my tail was sliced off. It looks like I just barely managed to escape the danger zone. 

I will close the distance in one go just like this and deal damage. 

“As if I will let you!” (Ilias)

Ilias Ratzel also chased after me with her eyes and blocked my path. 

I pushed my right arm to the front and condense my mana in an instant, and then, I made it explode.

The broken bones scattered and landed on Ilias Ratzel. 

It won’t be a decisive blow, but it should have plenty enough effect as a smokescreen and to stagger her. 

I unleash lightning magic without delay and take away their vision further. 

My instincts tell me of danger again. She set a barrier in that one brief moment, huh. 

But it is impossible to create a barrier for attack at this moment when her vision has been taken away. If you are going to forcefully activate it, Ilias Ratzel, who is trying to clash with me, should be within its attack range. 

I regenerated my tail again, had it divided in two, set them on the ground, and adjusted my position slightly. 

With this, Ilias Ratzel and Rakura Salf will be right in front of me. 

I placed all of my strength and pierce the two of them in one strike.

“With this—” (Dyuvuleori)

But I don’t feel anything. 

There’s no way. The two of them should have certainly been pierced after my vision came back from the light of the lightning magic. No, this is…

“The traditional Eyes of Blindness?!” (Dyuvuleori)

“That’s right.” (Rakura)

My left arm flies in the air. 

Ilias Ratzel had suddenly appeared in my vision and sliced my left arm. 

To think she could use even the original illusions. No, why didn’t I include the possibility she could?! 

“Too shallow!” (Ilias)

“You…don’t look down on me!” (Dyuvuleori)

The moment I tried to smash my right leg onto Ilias Ratzel, my tail was sliced off. 

So this time it is the true one, huh. If she uses both alternately, I can’t tell what to be wary of anymore. 

“How’s…this?!” (Ilias)

The sword of Ilias Ratzel slashed my body deeply from the base of my neck all the way to my abdomen.

A massive mana torrent is dealing deep damage onto me. 

That’s when my consciousness…

What’s this? When were these memories? 

Aah, I remember now. Of course I do. 

A little before My Lord was defeated by Yugura, at the time before I became a Great Devil, when I had an appearance no different from that of other devils. 

The appearance of My Lord is no different from before. 

She would give orders to us who had begun to obtain a will, and showed absolute control. 

Even if I couldn’t join the very frontlines, I always felt her greatness. 

I was lacking even within the devils. 

My growth speed was remarkably lower than the other devils.

That’s why I began to be aware of the others being even lower than me and was a bit proud of myself. 

Aah, one day, I want to fight for the sake of our creator.

Even if I can’t put it in words, my instincts, my soul was feeling that. 

But My Lord was defeated by Yugura. 

The remaining devils scattered and escaped. 

That was the same for me. I ran away from Yugura out of fear of death. 

I abandoned My Lord and ran for self-preservation. 

I felt ashamed at my own lack of strength. But it is because of that that I am alive which relieved me. 

I was angered at my pathetic self for being so adhered to life, and that created meaning in my life. 

That personage will definitely appear in front of me. When that happens, I will become a worthy pawn for her. 

I will become a being that protects her. 

That in itself is the reason I was born as a devil. 

I continued gathering strength in order to become as close to her as possible, to be able to stand by her side. 

I continued living for centuries with those feelings alone, and by the time I noticed, I had become one of the Great Devils. 

That’s why, when there was the call of My Lord, my heart shook, and I leaked out a voice of admiration. 

The time has finally come. The day has come to serve My Lord by her side and protect her. 

“…And this is how I end up, huh.” 

The memories of the past helped me retain my fading consciousness. 

What am I doing right now? What kind of pathetic sight am I exposing myself with? 

Even though that personage has wagered herself, I will just be expending my life for nothing? 

I poured my remaining mana and regenerated my wounds. 

The sword is still lodged around my abdomen. 

In that case, I will regenerate it just like that and seize the sword with my body.


“I…mine name is Tongue of Control, Dyuvuleori! The close aide of mine lord, the Purple Demon Lord!” (Dyuvuleori)

I extend the bones of my right arm that are grabbing the sword to its maximum, stab it to the ground, and connect it. 

I have sealed her sword completely. Now, if I can just pierce her with my left arm while she is at a close range that can’t be avoided—

“Good spirit. I am one of the knights of the chivalric order of Taizu, member of the Ragudo Division, Ilias Ratzel! That highly esteemed resolve, grit, I will face them all head on and crush them!” (Ilias)

Ilias Ratzel takes one more step to the front.

I have already sealed her sword. I won’t let her draw it so easily. 

No, wait, why…why has she let go of her sword? 

The sword that Ilias Ratzel should have been holding with both hands had now let go of the sword, and she has moved her hand to her waist. 

What showed up in both of her hands within my vision was a scabbard. 

And then, that iron scabbard sliced my head high in the sky. 

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