LS – Chapter 71: The small Sage-san at present

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Today is the long awaited meeting with the magic research team. Leaving aside Marito, and Ilias who is coming as my bodyguard, the ones who I will be seeing now are comrades who will be shedding blood, sweat, and tears together with me from here on.

One of them is Mix, the little sister of the Wise King and a skilled adventurer. I am looking forward to her opinions as someone who has practical experience.

Next would be the representative that Marito recommended. That person is…

“Uhm…Onii-san, how did things turn out like this?” 

“Yeah, I do admit this is a valid option. You could even say it is personnel selection that matches Marito.” 

“Right?” (Marito)

The errand maid, Ruko.

She is one of the maids that Marito has taken a liking to because of her vast knowledge in gardening. It has not been made public, but she is also a candidate to become the wife of Marito. 

She apparently became a pupil of a personal gardening artisan of Marito recently, but no one would have expected her to become the leader of the magic research team. 

“Of course, it is not like I am expecting results from Ruko in the magic research. But we needed a person with common sense that just fit right in, you see. A knight would be too hard-headed, and if we leave it to a specialist, they would run towards their own selfishness, so she entered right in my vision.” (Marito)

“T-That was the reason?! I have my job as an errand maid too—” (Ruko)

“Not from today on. I will have you continue your training in gardening, so there’s no need to worry.” (Marito)

Ruko is looking at me in tears. It is as if she is saying: ‘Is this your fault?’. 

Of course, I shake my head to the sides. If he had consulted with me beforehand, I would have hesitated for a bit…and then agreed.

“Your salary will increase, so isn’t this great?” 

“D-Do you really think I can properly fill a big role like this?!” (Ruko)

Marito and Mix nodded. She can’t do anything if the royal siblings agree.

“If you insist it is impossible for you, that’s fine too. But I would like you to work hard until we find a new one. My friend will be managing somehow in most things anyways, so there should be no need to worry.” (Marito)

“Uuh… Understood…” (Ruko)

By the way, it is completely obvious to a number of people that the scheme of Marito here is to make Ruko gain some achievements here by placing her in an important role and use that as  good leverage for the time when he makes her his wife, but there’s no one who would say it. 

“You have knowledge in magic, Ruko?” 

“Uhm, I have studied the basics. But not on the level where I can research it, you know?” (Ruko)

“That works just fine for the representative that has to maintain order. I don’t see the specialist, but it is not the punchline of them being someone I know, right?” 

“That would be pushing it. If I had to give a background, it would be that they are a disciple of the Sage researching magic in Kuama. I actually called for the Sage, but they presented me their disciple instead, you see. I think they are about to arrive… There they are.” (Marito)

I hear the sound of someone running through the hallway, and then, the sound of pulling the brakes in front of the entrance. 

The door then proceeded to be opened with great force.

“Is it here?! Man, a castle is so big!” 

What showed up was someone in the attire of a mage right out of a fantasy book. A robe that covered their whole body and a giant pointed hat. 

An appearance anyone would recognize as a mage…worn by a child. 

Smaller than even Wolfe. How old are they? Around 15 years old? 

Middle schooler—no, elementary school? …A girl that, rather than looking young, gives more of the impression that she is childish. 

I glanced at Marito. He is still showing a refreshing smile. 

“Marito…is it this?” 

“I won’t deny that she is young in age and looks, but despite appearances, she is highly recommended by the Sage.” (Marito)

“Ah, Taizu King. The castle was so big I got lost!” 

Now then, I have no intention of getting angry at her for being such a child. I was imagining a weirdo to begin with. 

I was expecting a full blown scientist, or a lazy prodigy jerk, or something like that. 

I do kind of feel like: ‘aah, so it was that pattern, huh’.

“Can I ask you to introduce yourself for now?” 

“Nora-ssu! I am the number…I don’t remember, but I am the disciple of the Great Sage Barastos-na no da!” 

“Norassu, huh. That’s a peculiar way of saying it.” 

“It is Nora-na no da. To be more precise, it is Noderikutoranlis Zakuzarifyuansriton-na no da.” (Nora)

Long! Cara-jii and Boru-jii also have long names. 

I lowered my guard since there weren’t any newcomers with long names recently, but to think this shorty would be taking up that spot… Could it be that the long names are beginning to trend?! 

The name of Lord Ragudo’s grandchild wasn’t that long though… Noderikutoranlis, so her nickname is Nora, huh.

I don’t feel like I would be able to remember, so Nora is fine. 

From what I see, she is a girl with abnormally high energy and a strong accent. In the case when such a person has talent, they are normally either mad scientists or are troublemakers though… Well, it is all about testing. 

“Then, Nora, sorry for springing this on you immediately, but I would like to see what you can do. There’s a Spirit possessing me. Can you tell the theory behind it?” 

“Let me see-no da. Hmhm, there certainly is something. Take this.” (Nora)

Just when I thought Nora placed a hand on my chest, she moved as if pulling something out. 

“Oi, could it be that just now—” 

“——, ——?” 

…Aah, the Spirit was pulled out, huh. 

I can’t speak their words anymore, and I can’t tell what they are saying. 

Are Spirits that easy to pull out? 

It is looking after me, so please don’t treat it roughly, okay? 

“It troubles me if words don’t get through though… Oi, Marito, you can understand what I am saying, right? Make her return it.” 

I gesture to Marito who is the most perceptive one in this group. 

Marito raises his hand in response and tells Nora something. 

Nora must have agreed, she placed her hand on my chest again.

“I have returned it-no da.” (Nora)

“Yeah, I can understand you now. I won’t tell you not to pull it out, but at least tell me first.” 

“Sorry, but it was a pretty interesting technique-no da. Was that your spell, Nii-chan?” (Nora)

“No, it is a technique from the Archbishop of the Yugura Church, Maya-san. I am a foreign person, you see. There’s a language barrier between us, so I am relying on a Spirit to communicate.” 

“That was a language I have never heard before. Your eyes and hair are also black. What a weird guy-na no da.” (Nora)

“It is not good to judge from appearances. If we went by that standard, you wouldn’t be qualified to stand here at your age.” 

“Muh, that’s…I am sorry-na no da.” (Nora)

Fumu, so easily… A girl that can apologize honestly, huh.

I thought she would say a thing or two if I looked down on her age, but that didn’t happen. 

Her ability is certainly high. Even though she is confident, she still has the allowance to be admonished by others. 

She certainly does fulfill my requirements. 

“Fine. Nora, I understand your skills now. Next, let’s hear the reason why you came here.” 

“Reason? Master said that I should come here for training, so I did.” (Nora)

“So you just accepted that? You weren’t told what you will be doing?” 

“I did hear. I was told that you are going to research magic, so to help you out-no da.” (Nora)

“And so, you came here raring with motivation?” 

“That’s right-na no da!” (Nora)

“…Marito, any words from the Sage?” 

Yeah. ‘Look after my disciple’.” (Marito)

“So a nice give-and-take. The exchange of a Sage and a Wise King must be something like that.” 

“What do you mean-na no da?” (Nora)

“I was just deducing what your master was thinking.” 

“I think it is just as you have deduced.” (Marito)

After hearing the request for support from Marito, they must have thought it would be a good place for their disciple to train and entrusted their disciple to us. 

Should I have her learn naturally? Let’s at least check to what extent it is. 

“Nora, do you know what the intention of your master was?” 

“It is a place for practical application where you create new magic-na no da. It means I’ve got to get used to a workplace whippity whoop-na no da!” (Nora)

“Whippity whoop… Well, that’s half of it.” 

“What’s the remaining half then-na no da?” (Nora)

“It means it is not just to polish your skills. You will understand soon, so let’s just begin by working whippity whoopity hard, okay?” 

“Understood! And so, are you the one in the highest position in this research, Nii-chan?” (Nora)

“No, the one in the highest position is Ruko-sama.” 

“‘-sama’?!” (Ruko)

I introduced Ruko. She was flustered by the sudden ‘-sama’. By the way, Marito is laughing silently in the shadows. 

“Ooh…but she doesn’t look too amazing.” (Nora)

“Right. Ruko is far below you when it comes to her technique in magic. But if your master were to see Ruko, she would say: ‘What a great superior’.” 

“Really-na no da?” (Nora)

“Yeah, your master would be happy if you can understand that.” 

“…Got it. I will be under your care-na no da, Ruko-sama!” (Nora)

“No, that honorific is just…” (Ruko)

“Umu, counting on you, Ruko-sama!” (Mix)

“E-Even Mix-sama?! O-Onii-san?!” (Ruko)

 And in this way, the Taizu magic research facility was established inside the castle grounds. 

By the way, Nora will be living together with Mix. It should be fine if it is Mix. 

But the ratio of men and women is despairing right now. I must do something about this at once. It might start feeling suffocating despite being my ideal environment.

I should stealthily tell Marito to prioritize a man for the next one. 

“By the way, Ruko-sama, what should we begin with?” (Nora)

“Uuh, uhm…Onii-san?” (Ruko)

“Aah, sorry, sorry. Ruko, I would like you to think whether you can recreate the spells from the theory I will be explaining to you. If you want to consult about practical applications, you can rely on Mix who was an adventurer. But most of what I can provide you will be abstract ideas. It will be pretty rough, you know?” 

“Do you not know much about magic, Nii-chan?” (Nora)

“I can’t use it at all. Below Ruko-sama.” 

“Onii-san, can you stop that?” (Ruko)

She glared at me somewhat scarily there. Looks like me being friends with Marito is not showing much effect here. 

If I tease her too much, I feel like she would go as far as stopping the research to reprimand me, so let’s keep it moderate. 

“I thought you would be someone like Master. That’s unexpected.” (Nora)

What kind of master is that? Are their eyes dead? 

Ah, but I do agree with their decision of entrusting her to Marito. 

I see, so Nora was unexpectedly obedient here because she felt the shadow of her master in me, huh. 

—I am sure they are not a decent master. 

“By the way, construction magic is not the only job we have. I plan on researching mana too, so keep the likes and dislikes to a moderate degree, okay?” 

“Fufu, Nora is all-purpose-na no da! Bring it on-na no da!” (Nora)

“Nicely said. Then, first will be this.” 

What I brought out from my pocket were small pea green color ores: magic seal stones. 

“Magic seal stones-na no da. What about it?” (Nora)

“Do you know how this works?” 

“Of course-na no da. When the mana of a magic seal stone touches the structure of a spell, their structure is dismantled by the special trait of the magic seal stone’s mana.” (Nora)

She answered immediately. Looks like her knowledge of the foundations is pretty high.

I thought we would have to incur costs to gather stuff like books if she only had talent, but it seems like we can save on that. 

“Right. Even though it is so accessible, its effect is tremendous. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the research of magic has slowed down in history because of this.” 

“I don’t think that’s the case. If you keep it away, you can use magic.” (Nora)

“So what will you do if it gets close?” 

“Can’t use it, obviously-na no da. Are you an idiot, Nii-chan?” (Nora)

“You… In other words, because this exists, magic can’t be used freely. The reason why magic doesn’t get developed for combat is because of this. Researching magic costs money. An organization that provides funds for smooth operations is required. The major one being the country itself.”  

I should try seeing the reaction of Nora on these fronts. 

She is making a complicated expression, but she seems to at least understand that the country has a lot of money. 

“Then, what do you think the people of the country would want to fork out money for? Of course, we are not talking about magic here.” 

“Hmm…methods to cure diseases?” (Nora)

“Right. The development of medical care will extend the lifespan of the populace, lead to an increase in population, and could even increase the national power. But with the healing magic research having advanced to a decent degree, the funding for the learning and spreading of it may still be done, however, is it being researched as often now?” 

With magic that can heal wounds, you can treat most external wounds like lacerations, bruises, and bone fractures.

There may be small differences depending on the disease, but it is still being used as if it were an elixir. 

The average lifespan of the people in this world is higher compared to the level of their medical skills. It is because most diseases can be dealt with as long as you have mana. 

Of course, there’s also the issue with the outside forces like monsters, and there’s no first-aid team that can move swiftly at a moment’s notice. 

Because of that, the mortality rate is high, so their average lifespan is still lower compared to that of the modern era though. Even so, it is still high. 

However, their repertoire in healing magic is meager despite being a fantasy world. 

If I had to illustrate it in a video game, it would be like finding it a hassle to prepare a healing spell for every single status ailment and having to learn them. 

Of course you would create a spell that can deal with a variety of symptoms from an early stage. 

“Then, Mister Friend, would it be a method to make the country prosper?” (Mix)

“Searching for a way to make a country prosper is in a way proof that the era has gotten better though. Trailing back history, money has been poured in order to protect the country, or seeking power to make the country stronger. To put it simply, for conflict.” 

“Conflict…” (Mix)

“They would reclaim land in order to increase the number of people that can fight, build a castle in order to strengthen their defenses, and create weapons to make the death of the enemy certain. Conflict is important in the evolution of civilization. Of course, it is not praiseworthy. However, humans are creatures that grow and develop faster by competing and fighting each other instead of holding hands like friends. Now, let’s return to the main topic. Do you think magic is suitable in conflicts between humans?” 

“Magic seal stones exist, so preparing countermeasures is not difficult. It is not suitable.” (Nora)

“That’s right. Because magic seal stones exist, magic has barely any use as an offensive mean. That is the reason why only healing magic was developed since it can be used on their own side. In actual combat, mana strengthening is the one used mainly. That’s why the countries didn’t bring out money for the research of magic. Because there was a countermeasure in the form of a magic seal stone, the research of magic was stifled greatly.” 

“This is a difficult topic-na no da. Also, humans are idiots-na no da.” (Nora)

“Yeah, you will become a pretty decent Sage if you understand that.” 

Despite magic having infinite possibilities, the progress of it was slowed because it can’t be used in war. 

There’s no way of calling that other than stupid. You could say Yugura was intelligent on that front since he concentrated on the research of magic.

If we consider the fact that this brought a tragic result, you can still call him an idiot though.

“And so, I was thinking about making this magic seal stone be our first research topic. We get that magic gets disassembled. But I would like to investigate just how it does that.” 

“What do you plan on doing by researching that?” (Nora)

“What. Do you not understand the worth of investigating this despite hearing everything I said until now?” 

“Muh…” (Nora)

Nora falls into thought. Mix and the others seem to be thinking too. 

Everyone trying to think for themselves is a good stance. If we get a bit closer to each other, we might even be able to consult with each other.

The first one to get it was Ruko. Makes sense. 

It is easier to reach this conclusion the further you are from magic. 

“Onii-san, could it be that you are thinking of a way to invalidate  magic seal stones?” (Ruko)

“As expected of Ruko-sama—no, Ruko. I am sorry, don’t glare at me… *Cough* If magic seal stones can disable magic, there might be a way to in turn disable the magic seal stones.” 

“No, that sounds difficult…” (Ilias)

“Ilias, do you remember the battle against Dokora? He used necromancy a lot, but he also excelled at using magic seal stones.” 

“Y-Yeah…” (Ilias)

“He fought by using magic outside the effective range of magic seal stones, and by changing the properties of the magic with mana. That’s a legitimate way to deal with magic seal stones. He obtained the benefits of magic seal stones and sealed the magic of others. And then, utilized his own magic to create an advantage.” 

The reason the knights of Taizu were having such a rough time against Dokora was because magic seal stones were used and they were getting caught in the grasp of the enemies’ magic. 

They would get found out with detection magic, would have their battle power analyzed, dealt with, and if our side were to use detection magic, they would be blocked with magic seal stones. 

Dokora stood at a one-sided advantage in the information war due to this. 

“If you just call it an intelligent fighting style, that would be the end of it, but if we were to research the properties of magic seal stones further and take advantage of it, don’t you think it would benefit us greatly?” 

“That’s…true.” (Ilias)

“I know that there’s body strengthening through mana, but is there a body strengthening through magic?” 

“There is. There’s the danger of being canceled in actual combat, so it can’t be used, but it does help out to get a feel of the strengthening through mana in training.” (Ilias)

“The knights of Taizu learn to strengthen their bodies through magic, and train to replicate that sensation with mana after all.” 

That’s the core of the body strengthening of Taizu’s chivalric order.

The strength they would originally obtain from strengthening magic, they would replicate it by gathering up their mana. 

If we were to consider the strengthening through magic to be Auto, then strengthening through mana would be Manual. 

Manual is superior because you can strengthen the parts you want and adjust the output, but it requires quite a lot of time and effort to learn it. 

And the biggest plus of it is that it doesn’t get dispelled by the enemy. 

If this were the magic version, it would get dispelled just from approaching the enemy’s weapon that has a magic seal stone embedded in it. 

There’s no way you would be able to fight properly if your gear suddenly switches on its own in the middle of battle. 

“You could say that’s where the gap between Gahne and Taizu’s military force lies. But what would happen in an environment where you could use strengthening magic without getting affected by magic seal stones?” 

“…I wouldn’t want to imagine that.” (Ilias)

“In terms of training, the chivalric order would obviously be above them. However, the military strength of Gahne would jump drastically.” 

“Mister Friend…isn’t it better to not research this? Wouldn’t this be like Taizu throwing away their strong point on their own?” (Mix)

“Magic seal stones are still valid, but who knows when another country will learn of a method to disable or avoid the magic seal stones.” 

If the threat of magic seal stones is gone, the value of magic in the battlefield will rise sharply. All countries would obviously put their strength in researching magic at that time. 

But the ones that fell behind will be hit with a big handicap. It is close to the relationship between an advanced country and a developing country. 

“This might just be like running in circles here, but it is possible they would think of a way to disable the disabling of magic seal stones. This wouldn’t be wasted effort.” 

“This is a complicated issue…” (Mix)

“…Nii-chan is a weirdo-na no da.” (Nora)

“What brought that all of a sudden?” 

“Wanting to research magic seal stones is already weird in itself-na no da. But you are thinking something even weirder that lies beyond that.” (Nora)

“Don’t like it?” 

“That’s not it. It sounds interesting-na no da.” (Nora)

“I see. That’s a relief. Also, even if we are going to be researching magic seal stones, we are also going to be doing research on the structure of magic too. It would be hard to borrow money from the country if we don’t create some degree of results after all.” 

I say this and bring out the next batch of parchment. You could say this will be our main objective at present. 

“This is…the thing you mentioned before?” (Ilias)

“Yeah, I understand the principle after all. There’s also a precedent nearby. There’s the possibility of this being made possible at a pretty early stage, and it would fit just right as a visible achievement.” 

This would also be easy to bring out passion for development. It is easy to imagine how much of an effect it will bring out after all.

As proof of this, Nora is observing the parchment with serious eyes after seeing the arrangement. 

She is small and young, but her ability is certain. There are some worrying points, but the other members should be able to make up for that. 

It is on a small scale right now, but there’s no doubt something interesting will be born in the future. 

“Ooh, you really are a weirdo, Nii-chan.” (Nora)

“You… Well, there’s the need to study the existing magic theory for this one. I leave the assistance of that part to you, Nora.” 

“Got it-no da. Leave it to me as if you are riding a log rolling down a mountain-no da!” (Nora)

“I’m assured severe injuries!” 

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