ZAP – Chapter 51: Eugene returns to the Empire

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Author: 3rd Arc start.


“Uwaah, the wind feels good~!!” (Sumire)

Sumire leaned against the handrails of the Flying Ship’s deck, and was receiving the wind with her whole body. 

“That’s dangerous! Please don’t bring your body out from the handrails too much!” 

A crew member of the Flying Ship warned her. 

“I-I am sorry~.” (Sumire)

I watched as Sumire hurriedly let go of the handrails.

The Flying Ship we are riding on is a fixed flight from the Dungeon City of Caliph to the Imperial Capital of Grandflare.

The Flying Ship fleet of the imperial army that gathered in the Dungeon City after hearing of the resurrection of Erinyes participated in the celebration of a student defeating the Demon Lord, and went back right after to the Empire. 

I was surrounded by leaders of the Empire and big shots from other countries in the celebration party. It was extremely tiring. 

The Heaven Knight that came as a guest asked me ‘Eugene-kun, want to get on our Flying Ship?’, but I thought it would mentally fatigue me, so I refused politely.

If I am going to be returning anyways, there’s a variety of things I want to prepare. 

I spoke to Sumire and Sara and asked them if they wanted to come to my home together.

◇A few days ago◇

“Your parent’s home, Eugene-kun?! Of course I will go!! I am looking forward to it~☆.” (Sumire)

Sumire answered instantly.

“I-I will go too! I will get ready, okay?!” (Sara)

Sara also came forward and said she would tag along as well, but…

“You must not, President Sara. There’s still a mountain of things I need you to decide on. I at the very least want you to pass an eye on the documents piled up right now and sign them.” (Teresia)

“N-No way! That’s too much, Teresia-san!” (Sara)

“If you want to accompany Eugene-kun no matter what, please do so after finishing all your work as the president… In the first place, have you received permission from your nation?” (Teresia)

“…No issues. The Holy Maiden-samas have instructed me to investigate the internal affairs of the Empire.” (Sara)

I acted as if I didn’t hear what was whispered in the latter half. 

Sara really has a lot on her plate as always.

Even if I were to return to the Empire, I wouldn’t have any standing or authority, so I think it would be pointless to try to sniff anything out though. 

I will at least guide them in the capital. 

“Aah, that’s a shame~. To think Sara-chan won’t be able to come~. Do your best in your work☆.” (Sumire)

“…Sumire-chan, do you know what will happen if you try to get ahead?” (Sara)

“Eh~, I don’t☆ …Wa, wait! Don’t ready your Holy Sword!” (Sumire)

“Fufufu…promise to this sword: You won’t put a hand on Eugene until I come.” (Sara)

“Y-You must not, President Sara! Using the Relic Sword in such a manner!!” (Teresia)

“Don’t stop me! I have to make this woman understand!” (Sara)

“Is it okay to put my hands on him if you come, Sara-chan?” (Sumire)

“…That’s right. Leave it for until I come.” (Sara)

“Can’t be helped. Sara-chan is so selfish☆.” (Sumire)


There was an event like that. 

I questioned their sanity for having a conversation like that in front of the person himself though.

And so, Sumire and I are heading to the Empire together. 

Sara is apparently going to be coming later. 

Just when we departed, Sumire was all uneasy saying ‘Uwa, Flying Ships shake quite a lot. I might get dizzy… Will I be okay?’, but she was running around the deck all energetically by the next day. 

After that, she would get warned about how she shouldn’t be running on the Flying Ship aside from emergencies.

She then leaned her body against the handrails, and she understandably got warned again. 

By the way, it seems like the Flying Ship crew now has an eye on her, and they have been keeping an eye on Sumire since a while now. 

“Aah!! Eugene-kun, look look!” (Sumire)

Sumire shouted loudly.

“Sumire, calm down a little—hm?” (Eugene)

I directed my gaze towards the direction where Sumire pointed at and got surprised.

A giant bird monster -around the size of a small dragon- was flying parallel to the Flying Ship.

“A Roc Bird, huh…” (Eugene)

“This is a Roc Bird?! Won’t it attack us?” (Sumire)

“Who knows…” (Eugene)

A strange bird that would not only attack cows and pigs, but also even monsters like Goblins and Orcs.

It is a dangerous demonic beast that even shows up as a Floor Boss in the Last Dungeon.

“It is okay. A Roc Bird is an intelligent monster. The Flying Ships heading to the Empire have magic armaments that can shoot down even Dragons. It wouldn’t attack us, and even if it did, it would be possible to fight it off.” 

The crew member-san explained to us with a smile, most likely because they heard our conversation. 

The Roc Bird moved away from the Flying Ship shortly after. 

“We will be arriving at the Empire in the afternoon. Go ahead and relax on-board in the meantime.” 

The crew member-san left. 

Basically what she said was to not make a ruckus outside.

“By the way, Sumire, we still haven’t had breakfast. Let’s go to the cafeteria.” (Eugene)

“Yeah, that’s right! My tummy is rumbling.” (Sumire)

We spend our time inside the Flying Ship until we arrive at the imperial capital.

At the time when I left the capital and headed to the dungeon city alone, I didn’t have the leeway to enjoy the journey. 

Thanks to Sumire being together with me this time around, I didn’t end up thinking unnecessary things, and managed to spend time without getting bored. 

A few hours of traveling in the sky. 

I have returned to the imperial capital after around 2 years. 

◇Sumire’s POV◇

“Uwaaah… This is the city where Eugene-kun grew in. It really is a big city…!” (Sumire)

“Really? The dungeon city also had a lot of people though?” (Eugene)

When I raised my voice in admiration, Eugene-kun tilted his head. 

“Hmm, but the buildings are bigger here, also the city and the streets are wide!” (Sumire)

The first city I saw aside from the dungeon city felt extremely big. 

The atmosphere is obviously completely different from my original world though. 

It reminds me of the multistory buildings of Tokyo that I faintly remember. 

It gives me the strong impression of a ‘maintained city’ with its many buildings packed closely together compared to the dungeon city. 

“It is true that there’s marching parades, so the streets might be more imposing than the ones in the dungeon city. The reason why the buildings are big is because the whole imperial capital is treated as a fortress, so the walls are made thick, and made with the assumption of enemy attacks.” (Eugene)

“Enemies?” (Sumire)

Isn’t the Grandflare Empire the strongest country in the South Continent? 

Doesn’t that mean its capital city is the safest place within the South Continent? -is the kind of question I threw to Eugene-kun.

“Not really. The Empire would be defeated in war against foreign countries depending on the times, and there would be times when they would get attacked by strong monsters. Also…the biggest reason would be the harm brought upon by the Great Demonic Beasts.” (Eugene)

“Great Demonic Beasts… They are really strong monsters that have lived for centuries, right…?” (Sumire)

I remember the knowledge I learned in the lessons of the Magic Academy. 

The Great Demonic Beasts in the South Continent who are also called living calamities.

3 of them have currently been confirmed.

“The Lord of the Blue Waters Federation’s coastal waters: Mermaid Verpal. Using the mountain range of Tarsis close to the Holy Nation of Caldia as its dwelling: Dark Bird Raum. And then, there’s the Giant Beast Haagenti who is sealed within the Chryse Plains of the Empire.” (Eugene)

Eugene-kun told me without pause. 

It seems like this is common knowledge in this world.

“Around half of the imperial capital was destroyed because of the Giant Beast Haagenti’s seal almost breaking more than a century ago.” (Eugene)

“H-Half?!” (Sumire)

Half of this big city was destroyed?! 

“Well, the capital is made sturdy because of such past circumstances. Now then, I will guide you to my house.” (Eugene)

“O-Okay. Uhm, what about the guide to the city?” (Sumire)

“You must be tired from the long flight in the Flying Ship, right? Let’s leave it for tomorrow.” (Eugene)

“Okay~.” (Sumire)

I held hands with Eugene-kun cheerfully. 

There were a whole lot of carriages in the street pulled by horses or big birds. 

There’s clothing stores, tool stores, and many other stores I have not seen in the dungeon city. 

The fashion is also different from the dungeon city. It feels as if this one here is more refined. 

It feels as if I came from the countryside to the city.

I was looking around restlessly, and was careful about not separating from Eugene-kun.

There’s a lot of people after all.

People that look like residents of the city and peddlers with many different attires. 

There’s also knights that seem to be guards, and also people of high class here and there. 

A while of walking after entering the city…

“Oh, isn’t that Eugene?! You came back?!” 

A merchant-san from a street stall spoke to Eugene-kun.

“Old man, it has been a while!” (Eugene)

Eugene-kun responded with a smile. 

“I was wondering what happened to you since you didn’t show your face around anymore, but you seem to be doing well! Here, this one’s on the house!” 

“Thanks, old man.” (Eugene)

Eugene-kun received some sort of food. 

What’s that? 

Eugene-kun must have noticed my gaze, he said to the stall owner-san.

“Old man, I will pay, so give me another one.” (Eugene)

“Hm? You had a friend with you? I was inconsiderate then. Here, your share, young lady.” 

“Thank you very much!” (Sumire)

He said this and gave another one to me. 

Grilled meat with thick sauce and a whole lot of vegetables wrapped in something that has the texture of crepe.

It seems to be freshly made to the point where it is a bit hot in my hand. 

The gentle tasty scent stimulated my appetite. 

“Eat it while it is still hot, young lady.” 

“Itadakimasu~… Tasty!” (Sumire)

“I am glad to hear that. Come here again! Welcome, customer! How many do you want?!” 

It seems like it is a popular stall. The next customer came. 

“Old man, I will come again.” (Eugene)

“Thanks a lot!” (Sumire)

Eugene-kun and I moved away from the stall to not get in the way of his business.

“So the old man from that stall was an acquaintance of yours.” (Sumire)

“Yeah, I came here often to buy from him when I was in the military school. You get hungry after training, you see. I would order 3-4, and would often be told ‘You are eating too much!’…Yeah.” (Eugene)

“…I see.” (Sumire)

The voice of Eugene-kun got lower in the latter half. 

I could tell who it was that said this even without him telling me. 

It is most definitely that childhood friend.

The expression of Eugene-kun is the same as always, and I can’t tell what he is thinking. 

“Now then, around here are the military facilities and the school. This is the sector with the library and the most public facilities, and my home is ahead of here. We will arrive shortly.” (Eugene)

Eugene-kun spoke to me as if trying to change the atmosphere.

By the time I noticed, the cityscape with a whole lot of stalls lined up had changed to that of a group of big buildings lined up.

There’s a lot of people in military uniforms and in their knight attire on the street. 

“Ah, wait, I will finish eating.” (Sumire)

“You can take your time.” (Eugene)

I tried to match Eugene-kun, who had already finished eating, and was about to stuff my cheeks with the food we got at the stall before. 

“You…are you possibly Eugene?” 

The name of Eugene-kun was called again. 

The one standing there was a man of around the same age as him in military uniform.

Strong physique and sharp eyes. 

His combed back short hair really gives off the atmosphere of a soldier.

“Mazio, huh. It has been a while.” (Eugene)

Eugene-kun’s expression was the same. 

“…Yeah, 2 years.” (Mazio)

The man who spoke to him had a slightly bitter expression. 

(Could it be…?) Sumire)

“Since military school, huh.” (Eugene)

I was certain after what Eugene-kun said. 

He is an acquaintance of Eugene-kun from the school he dropped out from! 

■Comment Response: 

>It is the first time we go outside from a perspective outside of Eugene.

>Will he be going around the continent as a Sword Saint candidate? 

→I am aiming for dungeon and school in this story, but it depends on the reaction of the readers. 

It was fun to depict a new city.

■Author’s Comment: 

I am currently being worked to death on the manuscript. 

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