ZAP – Chapter 87: Last Day of the School Festival – Part 1

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“Hey…Eri, is doing this really going to serve as training…?” (Eugene)

“Shaddap! Throw away the idle thoughts.” (Eri)

She smacked my shoulder with a wooden stick. 

I am currently sweating buckets in the 7th sealed prison, and made to close my eyes. 

It is apparently one of the ways to arrange your mind in meditation called Zazen which is passed on in the East Continent. 

(Is this the training of an angel…?) (Eugene)

I don’t feel like it is. 

I have done meditation with Pops every now and then too. 

“Hmm? You seem to be doubting me.” (Eri)


She smacked me with a wooden stick again. 

How is she seeing through my idle thoughts with such precision? 

I close my eyes with an empty mind for now. 







…………………How much time has passed? 

(How long do I have to stay like this…?) (Eugene)

I got uneasy at Eri not saying anything. 

Just when I was thinking about complaining to her once or twice…I felt something off. 

What is this? 

Even though my eyes were closed, I could see a faint swaying red light of a person in front of me like a wave. 

That’s slowly approaching me.

What’s this…?

I opened my eyes a bit and…the face of Eri was approaching mine. 

It is a distance that would touch my nose. 

The silver bangs of Eri were pressing on my forehead. 

A distance that’s like right before a kiss. 

Her bright red eyes were looking at me in amusement. 

“W-What are you doing, Eri?” (Eugene)

“Hmm, so you finally saw it, didn’t you? Then, let’s go to the next step. Come on, stand up.” (Eri)


I stand up while still not getting it. 

Eri also stood up and took a bit of distance from me. 

“Come, my spear.” (Eri)

Eri commands this as if singing. 

A single black spear appears from nothing. 

I see this and put a hand on my sword that’s at my waist…

“You stay as you are, Eugene. Your decision making will be dull if you have a weapon.” (Eri)

“Are you telling me to fight barehanded?” (Eugene)

Eri smiled when I asked this. 

“Just evade. Try avoiding the attack I will be unleashing.” (Eri)

“Got it. So I just have to avoid it.” (Eugene)

Now that I think about it, this is my first time training like this with Eri. 

She would normally go ‘that’s a pain~’ and laze about. 

“Ah, also, make sure to have your eyes closed.” (Eri)

“Why?!” (Eugene)

I obviously object. 

As if I can avoid it with my eyes closed! 

“Just try it. You should be able to do it.” (Eri)

“…Are you serious?” (Eugene)

“Have I ever lied?” (Eri)

“Pretty often.” (Eugene)

I answered instantly.

“Oh well, that’s fine.” (Eri)

“Oi.” (Eugene)

“I am telling the truth this time around. Trust me.” (Eri)

Eri takes a stance with her black spear, showing a serious face. 

The tip of her spear is right before my eyes. 

The memories of when I faced her in Floor 100 play in my mind. 

Eri stared straight at me. 

“…Haah, got it.” (Eugene)

I resolved myself and closed my eyes. 

I am stating the obvious here, but I don’t see anything. 

No…I can see faintly. 

The faint light of before is in front of me. 

“Eugene.” (Eri)

“What?” (Eugene)

“Do you know what the duty of us angels is?” (Eri)

“Be the servants of the Goddesses, right?” (Eugene)

“Right. Then, what do you think the Goddesses have ordered the angels to do?” (Eri)

“That’s…stuff like guide the residents of the Mortal Realm and to spread the word of the Goddesses…?” (Eugene)

“That’s more the duty of the Goddesses’ Oracles. You must have met her already, right? The Destiny Oracle Orianne-chan.” (Eri)

“Then, what’s the duty of an angel?” (Eugene)

“The surveillance and protection of the mortals.” (Eri)

“Surveillance and protection…?” (Eugene)

“That’s right. The frail mortals die easily, so you understand what protection entails, right? Angels only have white mana which can’t injure mortals.” (Eri)

I know that to a displeasing degree.

“Yeah, I have suffered greatly because of it. And what’s this about surveillance?” (Eugene)

“Angels can tell the state of the mortals through the mana in the surroundings. The wings of angels serve as the reception antenna. They can observe the Mortal Realm without using their eyes if it is in around a 100 kilometer radius.” (Eri)

“I don’t really get what 100 kilometers is, but…I don’t have wings to begin with.” (Eugene)

I did get wings temporarily when I Mana Linked with the upcoming Holy Maiden Sara, but that’s about it.

“No need to worry about the measurement. You don’t have wings, but you should be able to do the same at a short distance. The mana detection ability of angels is outstanding, you know? Put it to more use.” (Eri)

“…I will try.” (Eugene)

I nod with my eyes still closed. 

A faint red light was undulating like the moon reflected in the water surface. 

This is the mana of Eri…?

“Then, here I go.” (Eri)

I thought for sure she would be attacking me by surprise, but she actually announced it. 

The red light turned into the shape of a sword and came at me. 

I would be skewered by that red sword if I were to stay here, but…

(…It is awfully slow.) (Eugene)

I avoided the approaching sword with time to spare. 

The next instant I did that *whoosh!!* the sound of cutting wind reached my ears. 

“Nicely done☆.” (Eri)

I open my eyes at the voice of the Demon Lord. 

The black spear had passed by my side as if scraping my ear.

Looks like I managed to avoid it. 

“By the way, the attack just now was faster than the time when I pierced your right ear in Floor 100.” (Eri)

“Eh?! …Eri?!” (Eugene)

I was shocked by what she said and faced the Demon Lord dumbstruck.

“Your body is covered in blood!! Why?!” (Eugene)

There’s countless cuts in the body of the Demon Lord. 

Of course, I haven’t done anything.

“Haah… So it really ends up like this when in a sealed state, huh.” (Eri)

“Wait there. I will use healing magic at onc—” (Eugene)

“It is okay. It will heal with a nap. More importantly, try it out once more before you forget the feeling of it…” (Eri)

“Just lay down already!” (Eugene)

I forcefully make Eri lay down and cast healing magic on her. 

Her healing is far slower compared to when I use healing magic on my comrades in the Zenith Tower. 

No way. Why?

“These wounds are punishment towards me, so it won’t heal with just your regular healing magic, you know.” (Eri)

Eri said this as if seeing through my question. 

“You were always sleeping because you knew this would happen…?” (Eugene)

She looked like she was always lazing about, but that was actually the effect of the seal eroding her body…

“Don’t make that face, Eugene. It has been like this for 1,000 years, so I have already gotten used to it. More importantly, is it okay to not continue training?” (Eri)

Eri still said that despite her body ridden in wounds. 

“…It is enough. I will be fine alone now. You take a rest.” (Eugene)

“I see. I will do just that then.” (Eri)

The wounds on her body have not been healed yet. 

Eri is talking in the same tone. 

She laid down on the bed with her usual aloof attitude. 

“Hey, Eugene…” (Eri)

Eri spoke to me with her back towards me. 

“What’s the matter, Eri? Should I cast healing magic once more?” (Eugene)

“I am fine about that. By the way, you are the man that drove me -a Demon Lord- off in the Trial of Gods, so I won’t forgive you if you lose in a mere martial arts tournament of a school, okay?” (Eri)

“Yeah, leave it to me.” (Eugene)

“Nice answer.” (Eri)

I could hear the peaceful breathing of Eri soon after. 

(She did this much for me.) (Eugene)

I can’t go losing. 

I promised myself this and continued training in the 7th seal prison. 

◇Sumire’s POV◇

“Waah, it got late!” (Sumire)

“Let’s hurry, Sumire-chan!” (Leona)

I hurried to the venue of the martial arts tournament together with Leona-chan. 

The last day of the school festival. 

The main attraction today is the finals of the martial arts tournament and the special match. 

It is set that Eugene-kun will be participating in the special match. 

I was thinking I would definitely go cheer for him, but helping out the martial arts club went for longer than I thought. 

The vice-president-san at the end told me ‘you can leave first, Sumire-chan!’.

The finals of the martial arts tournament are in the morning. 

The special match will be in the afternoon. 

I think the finals have just begun at this time. 

That’s why we should be able to make it barely in time…

I somehow managed to keep up with the fast Leona-chan, and just when the big round coliseum came into sight, I noticed a group making a ruckus. 

“Where’s Eugene-kun?! The finals are already over!” 

“Please calm down, President Rebecca… I am searching for Eugene, too. I thought he would be in the training grounds as usual, but I can’t find him even in the Satellite System.” 

I saw a familiar face within the group. 

I head there. 

“Sara-chan! Did something happen?” (Sumire)

“Sumire-chan! We can’t find Eugene.” (Sara)

The ones talking were the student council president Sara-chan and the school festival’s committee president Rebecca-san. 

I spoke to those two.

“Wasn’t Eugene-kun exploring the Zenith Tower? Didn’t he wipe out a Monster House in Floor 105 on his own?” (Sumire)

“I saw that too, but he is nowhere to be seen after that.” (Sara)

“I see.” (Sumire)

Sara-chan and I look at each other’s faces.

“I thought for sure he was with you.” (Sara)

“So he wasn’t with you.” (Sumire)

“If he isn’t with either of us…” (Sara)

“The remaining woman is…” (Sumire)

I am sure Sara-chan and I thought of the same face. 

A silver haired beauty that is ill natured and scary. 

“He really must be at the place of that lady…” (Sumire)

“Kuh… Are you at the place of that woman, Eugene?!” (Sara)

“Sumire-kun, Sara-kun, you have an idea?! Then, I will go there to get him—” (Rebecca)

I wasn’t sure if to tell the flustered President Rebecca about the place with the highest chances of Eugene-kun being there.

(If I remember correctly, the place where that scary Demon Lord-san is in is a place where only Principal Uther and Eugene-kun can go…) (Sumire)

I feel like President Rebecca would rush in just like that if I were to tell her. 

Hmm, should I search for the Academy Principal? 

But it is not like it is certain he is there. 

Just when we were worried about this…

“Sumire? Sara? What are you two doing?” 

We were spoken to.

“Eugene-kun!” (Sumire) 

“Eugene!” (Sara)

Sara-chan and I ran towards him.

But there was someone who jumped at Eugene-kun before us. 

“I was searching for you~!!! I would have to refund the tickets if the special match doesn’t happen! I was this close to being smothered by debt~. I am so glad you came!” (Rebecca)

President Rebecca hugged Eugene-kun and rubbed her cheeks on Eugene-kun’s face.

There’s most likely not that deep of a meaning and she is simply showing her happiness, but…

Uhm…President Rebecca, Eugene-kun is our boyfriend.

I looked by my side and Sara-chan had a face as if she wanted to say something. 

Eugene-kun is flustered here as if he doesn’t understand what’s going on. 

“President Rebecca, right now it is the finals, isn’t it? I thought the special match was not happening yet though.” (Eugene)

“About that! The finals were set in one hit! It doesn’t happen every year, but…the spectator seats are filled with VIPs of each nation… There’s even the next Empress of Grandflare and a Holy Maiden of Caldia! We can’t make them wait any longer!” (Rebecca)

“One hit?! President Robert is really into it. Got it. Then, I will hurry to the venue—” (Eugene)

Eugene-kun said this and…

“No, there’s no time to waste. I will have everyone jump.” (Rebecca)

President Rebecca readied a wooden staff. 

“Teleport!!” (Rebecca)



We were covered in light and I closed my eyes. 

I felt like my body was floating for an instant there, and landed soon after on my butt! 

When I looked around, Sara-chan, Leona-chan, and the people who were together with us were all lying on the ground. 

“President Rebecca, you can use Teleport on so many people, huh. Sumire, Sara, are you okay?” (Eugene)

Aside from Eugene-kun alone who is standing there with an unfazed face. 

I had Eugene-kun pull my hand and stood up. 

“Ouch… Sorry for the rough ride. I wanted to show you to the audience of the coliseum for now. I don’t plan on hurrying the time for the match, so just prepare slowly—” (Rebecca)

“President Rebecca.” (Eugene)

Eugene-kun cut off Rebecca-san.

“What’s the matter?” (Rebecca)

“Is the…opponent for my special match him?” (Eugene)

Eugene-kun stared at the big bulletin board that showed the results of the finals. 


The one who let out that voice wasn’t me but Leona-chan who was by my side.

But I was also surprised by the winner that was written there. 

Because the one shown there was…

“Heya there, Eugene.” 

The name of Eugene-kun was called with a refreshing voice.

A voice filled with familiarity. 

The owner of the voice was a red haired tall handsome man with sky blue armor. 

Not only do I remember that face, we have even explored together with him.

And most of all, he is Leona-chan’s…

“Claude, congratulations on your victory.” (Eugene)

Eugene-kun seemed to have regained composure and congratulated him.

“Thanks.” (Claude)

Claude-kun -Claude Percival-kun of the Legendary Hero Department answered shortly. 

“Now, let’s wage war.” (Claude)

“Right.” (Eugene)

Eugene-kun said this and headed to the ring in the middle of the coliseum. 

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