ZAP – Chapter 58: Eugene visits a grave

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—Seihara Laila.

That’s the name of my mother. 

That said, I haven’t spoken to my mother before. 

When I was 0 years old, in other words, soon after I was born, she fell ill and died. 

She was apparently a woman with a weak constitution.

I have seen her appearance with the image that was recorded by Pops on paper with recording magic.

There’s a copy decorating the desk in my dormitory in the Lykeion Magic Academy. 

It is kind of like a charm. 

For me, a mother is like an imaginary existence inside fairytales. 

It doesn’t feel like she was someone that existed. 


“The one showing in this drawing is your mother, Eugene?” 

“Yeah.” (Eugene)

More than a year ago.

At the time when I formed a duo with Sara.

When we were forming a plan to clear the dungeon in my room, Sara asked me this, and I nodded. 

“Such beautiful black hair… Was she from the East Continent?” (Sara)

“Hmm, mother was traveling, and Pops fell in love with her when she visited his hometown. I don’t know where she is from.” (Eugene)

“I see… I would like to see your homeland one day, Eugene.” (Sara)

“The East Continent? It is always at war and it is apparently unliveable, you know? I advise you not to.” (Eugene)

Sara said ‘right’ at my words and her expression clouded. 

“The only time they were temporarily at peace was when the Sword Saint-sama ended the war temporarily 500 years ago, right?” (Sara)

“So it is said. My family lineage is apparently descended from the Sword Saint-sama. Even my family name is different, so it is honestly suspicious though.” (Eugene)

“The legendary Sword Saint-sama…Sieg Walker**. I heard he was a half-human half-elf…but no matter how I see it, you are a human.” (Sara) <TLN: Sieg is read as Jiku in JP>

“Pops too. Well, what’s important when calling yourself the descendant of the Sword Saint is your ability with the sword rather than your appearance.” (Eugene)

“The Twin Heavenly Resonance that you use is, how to say it…way too practical. It is as if it is way too specialized in ‘killing’ your enemy…” (Sara)

“It is a sword style for the sake of surviving the flames of war after all.” (Eugene)

“Even though your magic excels in healing and protection… How ironic, isn’t it?” (Sara)


“Hey, don’t feel down there! Come on, let’s continue thinking about a plan to clear the dungeon.” (Sara)

“You will do the slicing and I will serve as the healer and the bait. Let’s go with that.” (Eugene)

“Geez, that’s the same as always!” (Sara)

The memory of that conversation surfaced in my mind.


“Who is the one in that portrait? So beautiful.” 

“It is my mother. She died soon after I was born, so there’s only this picture.” (Eugene)

Sumire asked me the same thing just recently when she came to my room. 

“I see~, she has long black hair, looks graceful, and…hmm?” (Sumire)

That’s when Sumire made a questioning look.

“What’s the matter, Sumire?” (Eugene)

“She looks a bit like Sara-chan.” (Sumire)

“R-Really?” (Eugene)

Now that she mentions it, her smiling kindly in the photo does look a bit similar to Sara in her student council president mode. 

But Sara would approach me persistently, so it didn’t give me that impression too much. 

“I see… Sara-chan resembles the mother of Eugene-kun…” (Sumire)

“I don’t think that’s the case, Sumire.” (Eugene)

I pat the shoulder of Sumire who crossed her arms and fell in thought. 

I have not spoken to my mother before, so I can only imagine what kind of person she was. 

Pops only says ‘she was a good woman’, so I can’t get a clear picture. 

“Maybe I should grow my hair~.” (Sumire)

“Your current hair suits you, Sumire.” (Eugene)

“Really?” (Sumire)

“Really.” (Eugene)

I am not lying. 

I think her current bob cut suits her. 

Short hair is more common for explorers.

It is easier to take care of and doesn’t get in the way of battle. 

The reason the hair of Sara is long is because she is a Holy Maiden candidate, and because it is for training, or something like that. 

“Hmm…? Muuh.” (Sumire)

Sumire is staring intently at the portrait of my mother. 

(Sara and my mother look similar…huh.) (Eugene)

I have never thought about it. 

Now that she mentions it, they might be. 

Well, my mother is not around. There’s no way to compare them.

That’s most likely what I was thinking at that time. 


“It has been a year since I was last here.” (Yubei)

Pops muttered.

—Communal cemetery of the Empire. 

We went to the communal cemetery at the outskirts of the capital. 

There’s tombstones lined up in this vast plot of land. 

The gravesite of mother is within those. 

That said, her ashes are buried in her actual grave at the East Continent -her homeland.

This one only has mementos, clothes, and accessories. 

There’s numbers assigned to the sectors because of how vast this place is. 

The gravesite of mother is in Sector No. 57.

I came here every year before enrolling in the Magic Academy, so I remember the place clearly. 

That’s why I immediately noticed something as I followed Pops. 

“Wait, it is not over here though.” (Eugene)

I spoke to Pops who was walking at a fast pace. 

“It is okay. This is the correct place today.” (Yubei)


The location we are heading to is clearly different from usual, but that’s apparently correct. 

I followed after him while still finding this strange. 

There’s a forest spreading deep in the communal cemetery.

If I remember correctly, that should be where the royalty and nobles should be located at. 

There’s fences and barriers around the forest, and they are blocking the thieves that would aim for the expensive accessories and gems that were buried in the graves. 

There’s 2 soldiers stationed at the sole entrance. 

“Stop! Entrance is prohibited beyond this point!” 

One of the soldiers stopped us when we approached the entrance.

“I have a permit.” (Yubei)

Pops showed the stamped paper to the soldier. 

“Let me see… The personal seal of the Prime Minister… Is it the real deal?” 

The soldier stared dubiously at me and Pops. 

“That’s suspicious… State your business!” 

Looks like the other soldier is also suspecting us. 

Or more like, is the face of Pops not that well known? 

The Imperial Sword should be pretty up there though.

“It is a personal matter, so I can’t tell you, but…you are not going to let us through despite having a permit?” (Yubei)

“That’s right! This is a sacred place where the graves of generations of Emperors are located too. We can’t allow suspicious individuals through!” 

“Hooh… I see, I see.” (Yubei)

Pops narrowed his eyes with a faint smile.

His hand was on the handle of his katana by the time I noticed.

“O-Oi, Pops.” (Eugene)

“You bastard!” 

“Plan on resisting?!” 

At the same time the soldiers shouted ‘what do you plan on doing?!’ and drew their swords…


A low sound reached my ears. 

…*Clunk Clunk Clunk Clunk*


The armor the soldiers were wearing was minced and fell on the ground.

Even the swords they had were sliced in two. 

It is the sword drawing technique that Pops specializes in. 

(I could barely see his swordsmanship…) (Eugene)

The only thing that entered my vision was the part where he unsheathed his katana and the last part where he sheathed it. 

It is not like I have been lazing about at the academy though…

I am still far from the realm of Pops…

“Oi, what’s all this ruckus about?” 

Another soldier came, most likely from the station deeper in. 

Judging from the clothes he is wearing, he must be the superior of those two. 

“Captain, he attacked us!” 

Please call reinforcements! We must deal with this!” 

“What?! …You bastard are…wa?!” 

The soldier that was called a captain opened his eyes wide.

“Imperial Sword-sama!!!” 


Looks like the captain knows the position of Pops. 

“Why are you at a place like this, Imperial Sword-sama?” 

“A personal matter. Can I come in?” (Yubei)

“About that…even if it is you, we can’t let anyone in without a permit.” 

“I do have a permit. I showed it to these two, but they told me I am suspicious, so they didn’t let me through.” (Yubei)


The captain glared at the two soldiers. 

The two soldiers averted their gaze awkwardly. 

The captain snatched away the permit, and after checking it, he sighed heavily. 

“There’s no issues with the permit. Please go ahead. The punishment of these two—” 

“Aah, it is okay, it is okay. I don’t mind it.” (Yubei)

Pops waved his hand and crossed the gate. 

I bowed lightly and followed after him. 

We slowly advance through the dark forest. 

The leaves were shaking as the wind blew. 

We walked as the chirping of birds rang around us. 

I spoke to Pops while walking. 

“There was no need to slash those soldiers all of a sudden, Pops.” (Eugene)

“If we were bandits, those two would have died. Don’t you think so, Eugene?” (Yubei)

“That’s…well, yeah.” (Eugene)

It is true that we were suspicious people, and yet, they still entered sword range without a care. 

Honestly speaking, they were full of openings. 

“I hope they get a bit of a sense of danger with this.” (Yubei)

“So you did it because of that?” (Eugene)

“No, I simply felt like cutting them.” (Yubei)

“…Knew it.” (Eugene)

It was the usual Pops. 

He would first slice and then invent a random excuse later.


We advanced through the forest for a while after that. 

“We have arrived, Eugene.” (Yubei)

Pops stopped.

“Where’s this?” (Eugene)

What was in front of my eyes was a small church.

Pops approached the church and pushed the door.


The door made that sound as it opened.

There was no one inside, but it must be taken care of, there wasn’t a single spec of dust.

There was a big goddess statue looking down at us inside the dim church.

The hands of the goddess had a big pocket watch.

(The church of the Destiny Goddess, Ilia-sama?) 

The ones mainly worshiped in the Empire are the Major Goddess Althena-sama and the Fire Goddess Sol-sama.

Although, because the Destiny Goddess is worshiped widely in the South Continent, it is not strange for there to be a church.


“The Goddess you should be a believer of is the Major Goddess, Althena-sama, isn’t it?” (Eugene)

He should have been converted when he emigrated from the East Continent and began serving the Empire. 

I am also a believer of Althena-sama.

“It is okay, this time around.” (Yubei)

Pops said this and placed a magic tool I have never seen before in front of the statue of the goddess.

What was lined up together with the magic tool were many magic crystals that were releasing high mana. 

They were all expensive magic crystals that might go for 1,000,000 G each. 

Even though Pops should have almost no knowledge of magic…

He lined up the magic crystals and the magic tool in a complicated way without hesitation.

That way of lining things up has been taught to me in the Lykeion Magic Academy. 

“Pops, could this possibly be summoning magic?” (Eugene)

“I am impressed that you know, Eugene.” (Yubei)

 Pops agreed without looking back.

…He continued placing the magic crystals. 

Looks like that was the last one. 

“Eugene, we are praying.” (Yubei)

Pops kneeled in front of the statue of the goddess.


To what? -is what I thought, but the voice of Pops that didn’t allow a no for an answer made me unable to ask.

I put both hands together and offer a prayer towards the statue of the Destiny Goddess.


And then…a considerable amount of time passed.

Pops is not saying anything.

Silence was ruling over the church.

(How long are we supposed to stay like this…?) (Eugene)

Just when I thought this…

“Eh?” (Eugene)

The magic tool and the magic crystals lined up in front of the Destiny Goddess’s statue began to shine golden. 

(The summoning magic has…activated?) (Eugene)

That shouldn’t be possible. 

Pops can’t use magic. 

In the first place, he hasn’t even chanted at all. 

I can only use healing and barrier magic, but I am still a mage. 

I know the theory of how magic is activated at the very least. 

I have never heard of a spell with the activation conditions being that you create a magic circle with the magic crystals and magic tools. 

But summoning magic has been activated right in front of my eyes already. 

The 1,000,000 G magic crystals are crumbling into dust one after the other. 

(Just what in the world…) (Eugene)

The moment all of the magic crystals were gone, a short woman releasing dazzling light appeared from the magic circle. 

She had an inhumanly symmetrical appearance.

She is releasing mana and pressure to a degree where I was finding it hard to breathe.

She was clad in such a holy aura, I was on the verge of kneeling by reflex. 

And I am familiar with this atmosphere.

That said, it would be obvious with just one glance though. 

There’s pure white wings at the back of her after all.

At the 100th Floor of the Zenith Tower and the 7th Seal Prison of the Lykeion Magic Academy. 

“Angel-sama…” (Eugene)

An angel that serves the Goddesses in the Divine Realm. 


Pops is not saying anything. 

Why was there a need to summon an angel?

I waited for the explanation of Pops, but he didn’t say anything. 


Instead, the angel that was summoned slowly opened her eyes.

Her eyes were a deep blue like the night sky. 

My body shuddered just from making eye-contact. 

What should I say?

The moment my gaze made contact with the angel…

“Eugene~!!!!! You have gotten so big~!! Mom is so happy!!!!” 

The angel that moved right in front of my very eyes hugged me faster than I could realize. 

“……………Huh?” (Eugene)

My head fell into chaos. 

What did this angel just say? 

My Pops finally spoke when my brain exploded just now.

“Eugene, this may be the first time you speak to her, but…she is your mother, Laila.” (Yubei)

“…Eh?! …Wait…eh?” (Eugene)

Nothing coherent could come out from my mouth. 

In the first place, the mana of the angel that’s hugging me is mana that rivals that of the Divine Beast Cerberus and the Demon Lord Erinyes.

Being hugged by an angel like that, breathing is already taking my everything. 

“Geez, Eugene, you can’t even say a word because of how moved you are from finally meeting your mom, right? Go ahead and get pampered as much as you want☆.” (Laila)

My brain has stopped functioning. 

A short angel is ruffling my hair.

It took a while for my brain to restart. 

■Comment Response: 

>I am happy that Sara-chan has finally come! 

-I am happy that there’s readers that like Sara. 

>I am curious as to what kind of person the mother of Eugene was. 

-And she is here now.

■Author’s Comment: 

The previous work was one where a whole lot of Goddesses showed up, so this one will have a lot of angels showing up (probably).

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