ZAP – Chapter 52: Eugene’s reunion

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◇Sumire’s POV◇

“What are you doing, Mazio?” (Eugene)

Eugene-kun spoke to that man casually. 

Is it someone he gets along well with? 

“Haah?! I am going to be patrolling the capital and then it will be training! There’s no days off for second class knights in the Black Iron Knight Division! I don’t have the time to be touring around like you who is bringing around a woman!” (Mazio)

A thorny response was returned instead.

Or more like, he seems like he has a bad personality and is so nasty! 

“I see… So you entered the Black Iron Knight Division, Mazio.” (Eugene)

Eugene-kun didn’t get bothered by his attitude, and was actually speaking in an envying tone. 

The man called Mazio made a face as if he had been hit unexpectedly by that reaction of his. 

“You…defeated a Divine Beast and a Demon Lord, right…? You will be called by His Imperial Majesty and join the Golden Knight Division, no, there’s rumors in the Imperial Army that you might possibly be a candidate to become a Heaven Knight, Eugene.” (Mazio)

“Really? I was simply called back by my Pops though. It is the anniversary of my mother’s death after all.” (Eugene)

“Aah, right. It was that time…” (Mazio)

“Also, I will be aiming for the 500th Floor of the Zenith Tower. I will return to the dungeon city after a while.” (Eugene)

“…Are you seriously saying that?” (Mazio)

Mazio-san was looking at Eugene-kun as if he were looking at something unbelievable. 

“Isn’t that obvious? Because I promised to Sumire.” (Eugene)

“Sumire? …Ah.” (Mazio)

That’s when he once again looked at me, who was by Eugene-kun’s side.

“Welcome to the imperial capital of Grandflare, Fire Half-God guided from a parallel world, Sumire-dono. Go ahead and have a relaxed stay.” (Mazio)

I am shocked by the difference in treatment. 

“Y-Yes! Thank you very much for the politeness… Why do you know about me?” (Sumire)

“We of the imperial army have strict orders to treat otherworlders with respect as per the teachings of the Destiny Goddess-sama. Also, we have been duty-bound to watch the fight of Eugene against the Demon Lord and Cerberos. If it is someone from the imperial army, most of them would know your face, Sumire-dono.” (Mazio)

“E-Eeeh…” (Sumire)

What’s with that? 

Mazio-san finished explaining to me and his face turned sour again. 

“See ya, Eugene. Nice to see that you are bringing a beauty like that around! Good grief!” (Mazio)

“Eh?” (Sumire)

By beauty, does he mean me?! 

“Hey, Mazio, it has been a while, so how about having a bout? A 3 round match.” (Eugene)

“I won’t do it! I told you I have work to do now! You aren’t planning on cutting me down with the Mana Blade you used to defeat the Demon Lord, right?!” (Mazio)

“It is okay. I will hold back compared to the time with the Demon Lord.” (Eugene)

“Don’t mess around! I am heading off to work!” (Mazio)

“Do your best at work.” (Eugene)

“Shut up!” (Mazio)

Mazio-san left with long strides. 

“He seemed like a violent person…” (Sumire)

“Mazio…you have simmered down.” (Eugene)

The comment I blurted out was completely opposite to Eugene-kun’s.

“Eh? S-Simmered?” (Sumire)

“He would without doubt challenge me to a fight in the past.” (Eugene)

“I-I see…” (Sumire)

Maybe the military school Eugene-kun went to was pretty wild? 

Or more like, seeing the disappointed face of Eugene-kun, maybe he wanted to fight? 

Eugene-kun might actually be confrontational? 

“Well then, let’s go.” (Eugene)

Eugene-kun walked with light steps. 

I hurriedly followed after him. 

“Hey, Eugene-kun, what’s this Black Iron Knight Division and Golden Knight Division?” (Sumire)

I asked what I was curious about while walking.

Eugene-kun doesn’t seem to be bothered by it, but it means that he might be told to come back to the Empire, right?

Eugene-kun did defeat the Demon Lord after all! 

“Hmm, there’s a total of 4 knight divisions in the Empire…” (Eugene)

Summarizing what Eugene-kun explained: 

-Golden Knight Division: Under the direct control of the Emperor. The strongest knight division of the Empire.

-Silver Knight Division: A seasoned knight division with many battles under their belts. 

-Black Iron Knight Division: Have the duty of protecting the imperial capital. There’s a lot of elite knights who graduated from the imperial military school.

-Bronze Knight Division: Their duty is to protect the settlements in the area. It has the highest number of people.

“I see~, so there’s a lot going on with the knight-sans too. Wait, what about the Heaven Knights?” (Sumire)

“The Heaven Knights are a pseudonym for the strongest of the Empire and there’s only 7 of them. There’s my Pops, the Sword Hero, and…my childhood friend Airi is also one of them.” (Eugene)

“Ah…?!” (Sumire)


I made him say the landmine word. 

Eugene-kun chuckled seeing my expression.

“I am already fine about Airi, Sumire.” (Eugene)

“…Really?” (Sumire)

“Yeah.” (Eugene)

The face of Eugene-kun certainly did seem like he was not worried about it anymore. 

Does that mean he has already gotten over it?

“We are here, Sumire.” (Eugene)

“Ooh…this is…wait, eeeeeeh?!” (Sumire)

I was shocked by the place Eugene-kun pointed at. 

The capital has had buildings with several stories lined up for the whole duration. 

They were all made of thick walls and tall fences. 

I could agree to the fact that this whole city is considered a fortress.

But there was one strange house within them. 

There’s no fences and is surrounded by hedges of around waist length. 

Trees that resembled pine trees like those of Japanese gardens were growing here and there.

There’s a pond in the middle of the garden, and there are fishes similar to red carps swimming in it. 

The most eye-catching thing here is the house itself. 

A one-story residence was stretching out there all super imposingly! 

Inside this western cityscape, that place alone felt like a Japanese residence from the Edo Era was cut and pasted here, giving off a unique presence. 


“Is something the matter, Sumire?” (Eugene)

“Rather than something being the matter… Is this your home, Eugene-kun?” (Sumire)

“That’s right. I am back~.” (Eugene)

Eugene-kun crossed the gate that was wide open. 

“W-Wait.” (Sumire)

I hurriedly chased after him who was standing there in place from the surprise. 

We went through the big garden, and Eugene-kun placed a hand on the door at the entrance.

The door…opened smoothly.

“What about the key?! Why is it open?” (Sumire)

“We never lock the place.” (Eugene)

“Isn’t that too careless?!” (Sumire)

“We don’t have anything of value anyways. We have the important things on ourselves or Pops has left it in the custody of the castle.” (Eugene)

“A thief will enter!” (Sumire)

“Actually, they have entered countless times, and they have all had their heads cut off by Pops. That rumor spread and now even robbers avoid this place.” (Eugene)

“Scary!!!” (Sumire)

Is the father of Eugene-kun actually a dangerous person?

When we got past the entrance all nervously, there was a dirt floor and a long corridor. 

I followed the example of Eugene-kun who took his shoes off.

“Sumire, I am surprised you knew about taking off your shoes. Everyone gets surprised by this.” (Eugene)

“This is actually more natural for me. That’s how my previous world worked after all.” (Sumire)

I was flustered by the sudden Japanese custom here.

Eugene-kun and I advance through the wooden building that doesn’t have a single spec of dust.

“It has been 2 years, huh…” (Eugene)

Eugene-kun was observing the state of his own home with a pensive look. 

I was pulled by this and looked around the house too. 

The wood grains of the floor are of a calming color. 

The partition of the room has a door that opens from the side like a sliding door.  

I could see a tatami-like room deeper in. 

(Japanese… It is a Japanese house…) (Sumire)

“A weird house, right? Pops wanted to recreate the building of his homeland no matter what, and when he told the designer what he wanted, they apparently held their head in pain.” (Eugene)

“If I remember correctly, your father’s homeland should be the one in the East Continent…” (Sumire)

“A small country that fell in war…apparently. I don’t remember since that happened when I wasn’t aware yet.” (Eugene)

“I see.” (Sumire)

The East Continent must have a Japanese-like culture. 

I am a bit curious, but they are apparently at war the whole time, so I am scared of going. 

While I was thinking that…

“Eugene-chan!!! Welcome back!!” 

Someone suddenly spoke from behind.

“Wa!” (Sumire)

“Hana-san, it has been a while.” (Eugene)

That gave me a fright.

Even though there shouldn’t have been anyone until just now. 

Eugene-kun must have noticed, he doesn’t seem surprised.

“Oh my, oh my, together with such a cute girl. You are a sinful man, Eugene-chan.” (Hana)

The one that spoke to us is a smiling old lady in an apron.

She looks pretty old, but her back is upright and her posture is good. 

“Hana-san, this one here is Sumire-san. A classmate of mine in the Lykeion Magic Academy and…my girlfriend…” (Eugene)

“N-Nice to meet you! My name is Sumire!” (Sumire)

I hurriedly greeted her. 

…So Eugene-kun is presenting me as his girlfriend.

My face is getting a bit hot. 

“Yes, I know. I have heard from your father-sama. Nice to meet you, Sumire-san. I am the housekeeper in the Santafield household, my name’s Hana. I have been looking after Eugene-chan since he was small. Ask me about anything you are curious about like how he can’t eat spicy stuff and how he was scared of ghosts a long time ago.” (Hana)

“Hana-san?!” (Eugene)

“Fufufufu.” (Hana)

Hana-san was laughing loudly. 

She is quite the hearty old lady. 

“Eugene-chan, Sumire-san, I have prepared tea and snacks, so please come to the guest room.” (Hana)

“Thanks, Hana-san. Is Pops still at work?” (Eugene)

“That’s right. I heard he will be back by dinner.” (Hana)

“Got it. Come, Sumire.” (Eugene)

“Okay~.” (Sumire)

I was guided to a big living room close to the entrance by Eugene-kun.

That place alone wasn’t a Japanese room,  but a western style reception room that had a sofa. 

There’s also teacups on top of the table and pastries at the side of it. 

“Go ahead.” (Eugene)

“Yeah, thanks, Eugene-kun.” (Sumire)

I sat on the sofa urged on by Eugene-kun, and after sipping on the warm tea, I sighed with a ‘tahaah~’.

“I am tired.” (Eugene)

“Right. I might have been nervous from my first ride on a Flying Ship.” (Sumire)

“I will place the luggage in our rooms. We have prepared a room for you to stay in, Sumire.” (Eugene)

“Uhm…by room, do you mean I will be staying together with Eugene-kun—” (Sumire)

“Different rooms.” (Eugene)

“…Okay~.” (Sumire)

It is understandable that we are not suddenly going to be staying in the same room after coming to his home. 

Well, the grudge of Sara-chan would be scary if I were to steal the march, so let’s just obey here. 

Eugene-kun returned later, and after chatting for a while, I dozed off for a bit and…

“You can go to sleep.” (Eugene)

“……Okay.” (Sumire)

I fell asleep just like that.



When I woke up, the light coming in from the window was red. 

Looks like it is right by the time when the sun is going down. 

A blanket was on top of my body. 

There’s no one in the room.

“…Eugene-kun?” (Sumire)

I muttered this in this empty room.

“If you are looking for Eugene-chan, he is currently training in the dojo, Sumire-san.” 

“Heh?!” (Sumire)

Hana-san was standing right by my side with a smile.

No way! There was definitely no one there just a moment ago.

Is this person a ninja? 

“Uhm, where is the dojo?” (Sumire)

I asked with my heart beating fast.

“I will guide you.” (Hana)

I follow behind Hana-san.

Looks like this dojo is behind the house of Eugene-kun.

It is connected to the house with a corridor, and it looks like a small gym from the outside. 

I could hear ‘Hyu! Hyu!’ swinging sounds from the dojo.

That must be Eugene-kun.

“Well then, I have to prepare dinner.” (Hana)

Hana-san bowed lightly and left.

I also bowed back at her and moved to the dojo. 

(Waaah…) (Sumire)

I saw the inside from the opened door and my heart let out a voice of admiration. 

Eugene-kun was swinging a wooden sword inside the dojo alone. 

I am a newbie with the sword, so I don’t know the complicated stuff, but the sword swinging of Eugene-kun was fluid. 

He carried his body smoothly, and there’s no shake in his trunk.

I couldn’t capture the sword cutting the wind with my eyes. 

It seems like Eugene-kun noticed me at that moment. 

“Sumire, you are up?” (Eugene)

“Yeah, I fell asleep.” (Sumire)

I said this, and just when I was about to step into the dojo…


“Looks like you have continued training.” 


The voice of an unknown person rang.

(Eh?) (Sumire)

The moment I thought this…


A loud sound rang and the floor shook.

“Kya!” (Sumire)

I ended up letting out a short scream and closing my eyes. 

And then, when I opened my eyes, there was Eugene-kun with a knee on the ground, receiving the swung down sword of a stranger with his own sword.

“Eugene-kun!!!” (Sumire)

“Oops, I surprised you there. Sorry, young lady.” 

His smiling face was like that of a child pulling off a prank, and his appearance is that of a proper adult in his 40s.

Black hair and black eyes, his long hair tied up untidily at his back. 

Has an unshaven face and his attire is like a casual kimono. 

Also, he somewhat resembles Eugene-kun.

“……Oi, Pops, you are pulling a sneak attack on your son you are meeting after 2 years?” (Eugene)

Eugene-kun complained.

“As your master in the sword, it is a matter of course that I would confirm whether your skills have dulled.” 

This middle aged man answered aloofly. 

(This person is…!) (Sumire)

Looks like this man is the father of Eugene-kun.

■Comment Response: 

>If I remember correctly, Mazio is the guy that said a lot of things to Eugene in the 1st chapter, right? 

-Yes, in the 1st chapter. 

A classmate of his in the military school, and the man that was 3rd place. (1st being Eugene and the next being Airi)

>Will Eugene’s papa show up next chapter? 

-You called it.

■Author’s Comment: 

I am currently being murdered by work (the whole time at the end of the year to the 1st month next year)

But I got some energy after hearing that Armored Core will be having a new release, so I can still do my best. 

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