ZAP – Chapter 78: School Festival – Day 1

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— “Good morning, everyone.
President Sara Ilia Caldia speaking.
Today for 7 days, the school festival of the Lykeion Magic Academy will be taking place.
I am overjoyed that we have been blessed with such good weather.
I am sure this is the guidance of the Sun Goddess Althena-sama.” 

The clear voice of Sara rang in the 1st training ground through loudspeaker magic. 

“Hey, hey, Eugene-kun, the reality is that the ones who cleared the weather were me, the Committee President Rebecca, and Principal Uther though.” (Sumire)

Sumire at my side seems to be a bit discontented by this. 

I heard this afterwards, but it seems like the weather has been bad lately, so they forcefully cleared the weather to match the school festival. 

The one who planned this was President Rebecca. 

Principal Uther was the one who weaved the magic formula. 

The activation of the spell was performed by Sumire and the school festival committee members. 

“The planner, President Rebecca, said ‘the backstage helpers shouldn’t butt in’, right? You have also received shush money.” (Eugene)

“That’s true, but…” (Sumire)

That said, even if she likes festivals, to think she would go as far as changing the weather.

President Rebecca is really committed.

— “Everyone must have been seriously doing their best in the preparations.
There will be many guests from all nations coming to our school festival.
Everyone is looking forward to what the greatest academic center of the continent, the Lykeion Magic Academy, has to offer.” (Sara)

Sara’s opening greeting continued. 

“What will you do today, Sumire?” (Eugene)

I don’t really have any plans in particular. 

The finals of the martial arts tournament will be on the 6th day. 

I was thinking about inviting Sumire to go around the school festival, but…

“You see, I am going to be helping out at the martial arts club today.” (Sumire)

I was rejected.

“I see. Do your best. I will visit later.” (Eugene)

Yeah☆, come, come.” (Sumire)

Sumire gave a big smile. 

She has meshed in with the academy completely. 

I heard Sara is busy with the student council work. 

Sumire also feels as if she has completely become part of the martial arts club.

(Hm…? Am I the one who is the least meshed in?) (Eugene)

I am now alone by the time I noticed.

I also have no friends I can go around the school festival with. 

No, there’s Claude who told me ‘there will be foreign girls coming, so let’s pick up some girls’, so I smacked his head. 

I think he will seriously get stabbed one of these days. 

The greeting speech of Sara was about to end by the time I was thinking this. 

— “Now then, the school festival of the Lykeion Magic Academy will begin!
Please enjoy these 7 days to your heart’s fullest!!” (Sara)

Loud clapping rang as the speech ended. 

This is how the school festival of the Lykeion Magic Academy began. 

◇Sumire’s POV◇


“This ride has a waiting time of 10 minutes~.” 

“Alright, how tall are you~? It is pretty fast. Will you be okay?” 

“Next person, please wait over here~.” 

It is super lively. 

The martial arts club is doing the: human powered amusement park. 

They provide the merry-go-round, ferris wheel, and roller coaster just as the name states, but they are powered by human effort. 

That’s why, I thought at first that it would be a small ride of only around 10 people for the ferris wheel. 


(Yeah…this is different from what I imagined.) (Sumire)

It is gigantic to a degree where I have to look up. 

A giant ferris wheel matching the one from Odaiba’s amusement park** was being moved by the members of the martial arts club.

They are using Aura at their full output.

It is apparently part of their training. 

Whew, this is truly a fantasy world. 

“Sumire-chan~, please do the fireworks.” 

“Okay~.” (Sumire)

I was told this by Leona-chan, and I poured mana into the magic tool for fireworks.

*Pon! Pon!*

Those bursting sounds rang in the sky and fireworks of vibrant colors spread out. 

It is daytime, so I can barely see it though. 

Customers came, drawn in by the sound.

There’s mostly children. 

Children really do like amusement parks. 

“Miss, where should I line up~?” 

“Over here. Let’s go together.” 

Leona-chan and I were guides, so we organize the customers that come.

Customers were coming nonstop, and I was working without a break. 

I thought I saw someone that resembled Eugene-kun for a moment there, but he mixed in with the crowd soon after and I lost sight of him.

“Ooi, Sumire-chan, Leona, you can take your break now.” 

“Finally~. Sumire-chan, let’s go eat.” (Leona)

“Okay, my stomach is rumbling.” (Sumire)

Leona-chan and I took our lunch break once we were told this by the martial arts club senpai. 

“Sumire-chan, let’s go to the food stall section.” (Leona)

“Ah, the one where there’s a lot of food stalls and booths gathered, right?” (Sumire)

A number of food stalls were running even when we were in the middle of preparing for the school festival, and I have gone with Leona-chan before. 

Today is the real deal, so there’s a good scent coming from all the food stalls. 

I bought deep-fried fish and potatoes. After that, I bought tangerine juice.

Leona-chan bought meat with big bones and bread. 


We sat at a bench from the many placed around the academy specifically for the school festival, and had our lunch. 

I could hear a musical performance from afar. 

There’s crowds of people all over the food stall sector because it is noon. 

It is truly the sight of a festival.

(I wanted to go around with Eugene-kun.) (Sumire)

I have an open shift tomorrow, so let’s invite Eugene-kun to hang out together. 

But will Sara-chan get angry for trying to steal the march again? 

Just when I was thinking this…

“Hm? Hey, Sumire-chan, isn’t that Eugene-san?” (Leona)

“Eh?” (Sumire)

She told me this and I looked at the big screen of the Satellite System. 

There aren’t many explorers because we are in the middle of the school festival. 

That’s why I noticed pretty quickly. 

Eugene-kun said he would go around the school festival alone, but has gone alone to the Zenith Tower for some reason. 

◇Sara’s POV◇

“Council President Sara, good work on the opening greeting.” 

“The busy part comes after that, Teresia-san.” (Sara)

“Yeah, that’s exactly right. I have brewed some tea.” (Teresia)

“Thanks.” (Sara)

I sip the tea that Teresia-san poured for me. 

The screen of the Satellite System in the student council building was displaying the state of the school festival in several spots. 

It is normally a broadcasting device to show the Last Dungeon’s state. 

The Principal used imitation magic to create this magic tool…apparently. 

Thanks to that, we can detect problems faster than having people patrolling.

I watch the state of everyone while at my student council president seat. 

“That stall there doesn’t have permission.” (Sara)

“Should we have them remove it?” (Teresia)

“Let’s have them pay the fine and extra for the application as the rules state. If they refuse, then we remove it.” (Sara)


A number of the enforcement division left swiftly. 

“There’s a crowd on that screen. Did something happen?” (Sara)

“The black magic club and red magic club are having a dispute. Those two don’t get along after all…” (Teresia)

“Why have they taken neighboring stalls if they don’t get along?” (Sara)

“That place is apparently perfect to perform magic experiments because of the position it has relative to the Zenith Tower. And so, the magic clubs always open stalls there every year.” (Teresia)

“Aah, that 1st year used magic to intimidate them.” (Sara)

“That’s dangerous. I will stop them.” 

“Please do.” (Sara)

People from the enforcement division who excel in magic even within that group headed there. 

It is so hectic even on the very first day of the school festival.

“Should I do something too?” (Sara)

I muttered this and Teresia-san shook her head to the sides. 

“Your turn is after this, Council President Sara. The princess of the Blue Waters Federation will be coming tomorrow.” (Teresia)

“Princess of the Blue Waters Federation?” (Sara)

I tilt my head.

The Blue Waters Federation is a gathering of many countries of varying sizes. 

The Federation itself is not a country.

“She is the daughter of the current chairman of the Federation’s council. The strongest nation of the Federation. Would it be easier to understand if I said they are the royalty of the Golden Country?” (Teresia)

“I see.” (Sara)

I sighed.

“Eugene-san is super popular. There’s rumors that she came to see the swordsman that fought off the Demon Lord Erinyes.” (Teresia)

“N-No way… She is aiming for Eugene?” (Sara)

T-That’s not good.

Even though there’s already other women aiming for him. 

There must not be more! 

“Please confirm it yourself if you are curious. She is apparently going to be arriving tomorrow on a Flying Ship. Also, 3 days later, a Holy Maiden-sama and a Holy Knight Captain-sama will be coming from the Sacred Union. On that same day, the Prime Minister-sama of the Grandflare Empire and one royal family member will be coming. It would be better if you were to go greet them, Council President Sara.” (Teresia)

“…I am feeling heavy.” (Sara)

“That’s why, please take it easy for today.” (Teresia)

I am grateful for the consideration of Teresia-san.

Even so…

“Leaving aside the Holy Maiden-sama, is it okay for me to welcome the Prime Minister-sama and the royal family member of the Empire…? Wouldn’t King Uther be a better choice?” (Sara)

“‘The students are the leads of the school festival. King Uther won’t be butting in’ -is the message he left.” (Teresia)

“And the reality is…” (Sara)

“King Uther likes leaving all troublesome stuff to others.” (Teresia)

“Figures.” (Sara)

He is a reliable academy principal that would rush immediately if a student is in trouble, but he normally doesn’t want to go out in public. 

(Aah, I actually wanted to go around the school festival together with Eugene though…) (Sara)

I don’t see that happening at this rate.

Haah… Last year was busy, so I wanted to be together with him this year for sure though.

Speaking of which, Sumire-chan said she was helping out the martial arts club, but is that true? 

Maybe she has slipped out secretly…? 

Should I put an intelligence member of the student council on Sumire-chan? -is what I was thinking, when…

“Oh my, that’s Eugene-kun, President Sara.” (Teresia)

“Eh?” (Sara)

It wasn’t the screens to observe the school festival, but the ones that show the state of the Zenith Tower.

(What is he doing?) (Sara)

It was showing Eugene exploring the lower floors of the Zenith Tower for some reason. 

◇Eugene’s POV◇

The academy grounds are all about the school festival right now. 

Even the training grounds that are normally open are full with open seats for outside guests. 

I can’t train either, so I decided to go around checking the school festival.

I can hear the music played by the music club and the singing of bards.

The students of the acrobatics club were showing off their techniques at the side of the road where most people pass by. 

There’s also martial artist students who are doing gamble matches in the wild -though they are not participants of the martial arts tournament. They would be made to stop that if they are found by teachers and the student council. 

All places are lively. 

There’s a lot of food stalls, and all the places were doing well.

The ingredients of the stalls are almost all from the Last Dungeon. 

There’s a lot of tourists from outside the city in the school festival, so they are buying the food of dungeon origin.

I was thinking about getting food from a stall somewhere, but all of them had such a long line, it was a pain to line up. 

(The cafeteria… If I remember correctly, they are closed during the school festival.) (Eugene)

In that case, I have no choice but to go to the city. 

The eateries of the Dungeon City are mostly closed at the time of the school festival. 

It is because the customers all flow to the school festival. 

(Hmm, what should I do…?) (Eugene)

It should be okay to skip one meal -is what I thought, but…

“Mister, come here!” 

I was called by an unknown woman. 

A small table and a crystal ball. 

She has a black hood and is hiding her mouth. The only thing she is showing are her eyes. 

This is beyond suspicious. 

But that attire is familiar.

“Uhm, from the fortune-telling club?” (Eugene)

“That’s right! Now, now, sit, sit!” 

“No, I am not interested in fortu—” (Eugene)

“Aah!!! How can this be?! I have seen something unbelievable in your future! I can’t not tell you about this! But I also can’t tell you for free! What should I do?!” 


This woman…

She went and did it by herself. 

In the first place, fortune-telling is just Clairvoyance. 

It is said in the Empire that most of them are shams. 

If you could do highly precise Clairvoyance, they would be working in a major country a long time ago. 

That’s how valuable of an ability it is. 

(…That’s how it should be, but…) (Eugene)

I ended up paying on a whim. 

The result of the fortune-telling was ‘you will be caught up in a big event in the middle of the school festival’ which is extremely vague. 

…I will go complain if there’s nothing happening. 

I decided on this as I sat on a bench at the training grounds while avoiding the crowd. 

I went to the martial arts club to get a peek at Sumire, but it was pretty packed, so I decided not to talk to her. 

I observe the crowd of people in the school festival from afar. 

The students. 

The explorers of the Zenith Tower.

The tourists.

I found an unusual person within those. 

It seems like that person has also noticed me and approached me. 

“Eugene, are you enjoying the festival?” 

“Principal, what’s the matter?” (Eugene)

He would normally be in the Principal’s office, his own training room, or would be showing in the Round Council which is the highest decision-making authority in the Dungeon City… In other words, Principal Uther, who is normally cooped inside, is walking outside.

That’s a rare occurrence. 

“There’s actually a problem.” (Uther)

“Problem?” (Eugene)

Principal Uther is normally aloof, but he was furrowing his brows as he looked up at the Zenith Tower.

“It seems like a Stampede is going to be happening soon in the Zenith Tower. I am investigating that.” (Uther)

He said that all so naturally. 

As if talking about the weather. 

■Comment Response: 

>That’s what the Sealed Prisons are? 

>The atmosphere changes after the 5th, so of course only select ones would be able to enter.

>The school festival is finally beginning…! 

-This is where the real deal of the school festival begins. 

■Author’s Comment: 

I will concentrate on the light novel for a while. 

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