ZAP – Chapter 35: Eugene starts over

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“Sara-chan♪ A monster went there☆.” (Sumire)

“Yes, Sumire-chan♪ Leave it to me☆. Ah, I leave that one to you.” (Sara)

“Okay~☆” (Sumire)



The big monster was sliced in two by the Holy Sword. 

The pack of humanoid beast monsters holding weapons exploded and burned from the giant Fireball of Sumire.

The monsters screamed and ran away. 

Within all that, two lovely girls trampled down the monsters as if dancing. 


They probably discovered that they can’t match the two, so a number of monsters attacked me instead. 

—Twin Heavenly Resonance: Wind Form – [Kamaitachi]. 

I slice down the monsters with the fire Magic Sword. 

(I heard the monsters from Floor 51 were on another level from those before though…) (Eugene)

My sword is working just fine. 

That reality is a happy one. 

But it falls short in front of Sumire and Sara. 

That’s just how destructive it is when the two are working as a team. 

“Yay☆” (Sumire)

“That was easy.” (Sara)

Sumire smiled and high-fived Sara. 

There’s a mountain of monster corpses at the back of the two. 

“Eugene-kun, we are done~☆.” (Sumire)

“How was my gallant figure, Eugene?” (Sara)

Sumire waved her hand with a smile and Sara brushed her hair elegantly. 

And those two are holding hands tightly. 

(…Since when did they get this close?) (Eugene)

I tilted my head. 

Just the other day, mediating those two when they were arguing was like a daily thing already.

“You two were impressive. Felt totally different.” (Eugene)

“Right? Ehehe~.” (Sumire)

“Right? Have you fallen all over again for me? You have, right?” (Sara)

“Sara-chan?” (Sumire)

“Isn’t this much fine?” (Sara)

“…Hmm, hey, Eugene-kun, I worked hard today, so I would like a reward.” (Sumire)

“Sumire-chan, that’s against the rules.” (Sara)

“Isn’t this much fine?” (Sumire)


The two stare at each other. 

So they really haven’t improved their relationship completely. 

“Sumire, Sara, want to go grab something to eat as a celebration for clearing Floor 51?” (Eugene)


The two turn with smiles at the same time. 

They really are in sync. 


—Dungeon Tavern: Perch Pavilion.

There’s a lot of taverns in this city of explorers.

We came to an establishment that many academy students go to. 


We raised a toast in celebration for clearing the floor. 

I am having the usual black ale. 

Sumire is having a cocktail made from red fruits. 

Sara is having foaming white wine. 

We also have a number of side dishes. 

A combination platter of cheese.

A noodle dish with sour sauce. 

Meat with bones that is seasoned with pepper and salt. 

And a salad made from seasonal vegetables. 

“The food at the Perch Pavilion is tasty!” (Sumire)

It seems like Sumire has completely taken a liking to this place. 

“I have not come to places like this one before, but…it is fun.” (Sara)

Sara was flustered at the noisy atmosphere at first, but she has gotten used to it now. 

As for me, it is not like this is my favorite place since way back.

It is a place that Claude told me about. 

—A few days ago.

“Eugene, are you having celebrations after clearing the floors with your comrades?” (Claude)

“Would it be better if I did?” (Eugene)

“Oi oi, that’s obvious. Overcoming the same trials and celebrating together in a meal. It is common sense to strengthen your team’s bonds with that.” (Claude)

“…Really?” (Eugene)

We were not taught that in the lessons at the academy, but the A rank explorer Claude is the one saying it, so he is most likely right. 

“I will invite Sumire and Sara next time.” (Eugene)

“Yeah, do that.” (Claude)

“Want to come too?” (Eugene)

“……I don’t want to be hated by those two, so I won’t.” (Claude)

“You can just invite someone too.” (Eugene)

“I have been called by Leona and Teresia.” (Claude)

“……So who did you end up going out with?” (Eugene)

“We will talk about that at a later time. That goes for you as well, Eugene. Solidify your surroundings too.” (Claude)


He avoided the topic.

But he told me about a good establishment. 

By the way, Claude said he had something to do today, so he couldn’t come with us.

—And so, the present. 

“Here, Sara-chan. Your glass is empty.” (Sumire)

“Sumire-chan too. Have you had enough to drink?” (Sara)

Sumire and Sara are making each other drink amicably.

Isn’t the pace too fast? 

If I remember correctly, Sara is not the type to drink much. 

As for Sumire, she barely began not that long ago. 

By the way, I don’t know the age of Sumire, but according to the Principal, it should be fine to consider her the same age as Sara. 

And so, as per the laws of the Empire, a 15 year old is treated as an adult and there’s no problem with drinking alcohol. 

I tried asking something that bothered me here.

“Hey, Sumire and Sara, how did you suddenly get along so well?” (Eugene)


The two who were all smiles until now suddenly turned serious.

Was my question a bit too straight? 

“Cause…” (Sumire)

“The dungeon guide of before…” (Sara)

“The dungeon guide?” (Eugene)

Are they referring to Amaryllis-san?

“There’s apparently rumors because Sara-chan and I don’t get along.” (Sumire)

“We don’t want to trouble you.” (Sara)

“No, that’s…” (Eugene)

It was…for my sake? 

I feel bad for the two in that case.

“And so, the two of us had a talk.” (Sumire)

“That’s right. That’s when we noticed. This isn’t the time for us to be fighting each other.” (Sara)

“So we decided to get along!” (Sumire)

“But that was a bit too blatant.” (Sara)

“It seems like I have pushed you two… Sorry.” (Eugene)

I apologized to the two of them. 

“Eh?! We are not pushing ourselves at all.” (Sumire)

“It was a good opportunity.” (Sara)

“I see.” (Eugene)

That’s good then.

“And so, I was thinking about softening Sara-chan here in order to get along better☆.” (Sumire)

“She says, but it is obvious that you are planning on crushing me here to be alone with Eugene.” (Sara)

“We have the same thought then, Sara-chan~☆.” (Sumire)

“Fufu!” (Sara)

“Ah, you laugh it off! Drink more~!” (Sumire)

“Hey, don’t mix it! You drink, too!” (Sara)

“Oi, calm down a bit…” (Eugene)

The two are going fast.

—2 hours later.

“Fufufu…Sumire-chan, you are bright red. Are you drunk?” (Sara)

“Nope, I am still okay~☆. What about you, Sara-chan? You look sleepy. It is okay to go to sleep, you know.” (Sumire)

“Oh my, worried about me?” (Sara)

“Of course~.” (Sumire)

“So kind, Sumire-chan.” (Sara)

They are completely drunk.

The two of them can’t even talk properly. 

“Hey, haven’t you two drank too much?” (Eugene)

I asked, worried.

By the way, I have never experienced getting drunk.

It is apparently a constitution of mine. 

I was made to drink a whole ton of wine by Eri before, but when nothing happened, she said ‘Eugene doesn’t get drunk so it is boring~’ and went to take a nap. 

I was more than 15 years old when I was abandoned by my childhood friend, Airi.

The night before studying abroad at the magic academy, I exchanged drinks with Pops. 

Pops said ‘There’s rarely anyone who can win against me when it comes to drinking, you know?’, but he easily got wasted before me. 

Thanks to that, I ended up having to take care of a drunkard the night before departing. 

…Not getting drunk is rough in its own way. 

“Hey, Eugene-kun…” (Sumire)

“Eugene, there’s something I would like to ask…” (Sara)

Sumire and Sara slid their bodies my way. 

“Something you want to ask?” (Eugene)

The eyes of the two are blank. 

I am a bit scared of what they are going to ask. 

“Have you not forgotten about your childhood friend-chan?” (Sumire)

“Eugene, do you still like your childrenhood friend-san?” (Sara)

“……Eh?” (Eugene)

It seems like this is what Sumire and Sara wanted to ask. 

“About Airi, huh…” (Eugene)

Being told this, I remembered about my childhood friend for a while. 

That’s right, the trigger for me coming to the Lykeion Magic Academy…

But I have now met Sumire and have reformed my party with Sara.

We have been advancing through the Zenith Tower floors smoothly. 

That’s for certain.

That pathetic feeling I had when I first came to the academy is gone. 

I see. 

I already forgot about the despair of that time. 

“I…” (Eugene)

The moment I was about to put those feelings into words…



“Hm?” (Eugene)

Sumire and Sara were sleeping by the time I noticed.

I couldn’t answer their question.

Can’t be helped. I will get them back to the dorm. 

I pay the bill for the Perch Pavilion, and carry Sumire and Sara with me. 

That said, I can’t treat them like luggage, so I created something similar to a hammock with barrier magic, and I had the two lie there. 

I doubt they will fall like this. 

But it seems like that caught the attention of the surroundings, academy students spoke to me. 

“Oi, Eugene, carrying girls with you—wait, isn’t that council president Sara?!” 

“Moreover, there’s even the otherworlder Sumire-chan!” 

“With the two of them?!” 


“May it fall off!!” 

“Wait, I am simply carrying them back to the dorm.” (Eugene)


Why do I have to get looks of suspicion from these guys? 

Putting a hand on drunk girls is morally wrong, you know? 

I carried Sumire and Sara back to the female dorms while getting spoken to by academy students. 

I entrusted the two to the dorm manager at the entrance.

I finally can catch a break. 

(…Did the bonds in our team…get stronger?) (Eugene)

I don’t really know. 

However, my mental health has gotten better than before. 

That’s most likely thanks to Sumire and Sara.

And Eri.

Let’s do our best tomorrow, too.


“Sorry, Eugene. I can’t explore with you for a while…” (Sara)

Sara said this all apologetically the next day. 

When I asked the reason…

“The academy festival of the magic academy?” (Sumire)

Sumire made a shocked expression.

I see. This is the first time for Sumire. 

“Once every year, we have a big event at the Lykeion Magic Academy with the students being the main leadership. There’s the martial arts tournament that decides the strongest in the academy, and the presentation of new magic. There’s also an auction for rare magic tools found in the Last Dungeon, so it is not only the Dungeon City, there might even be people from other continents coming.” (Eugene)

“I see!! Wow. That sounds like fun!!” (Sumire)

Sumire’s eyes shine. 

But she soon made a questioning look.

“Are you going to be leading that as the student council president, Sara-chan?” (Sumire)

“No way. The academy festival’s administration team has been made separately. The student council is simply helping out. That’s why I actually can’t take too much time for myself…” (Sara)

“Could it possibly be the leader of the administration team?” (Eugene)

I remember what happened last year and guessed this. 

“That’s right! That festival woman!! Thinking it is all fine as long as you make everything flashy!!” (Sara)

Sara’s voice grew rough. 

“Eugene-kun, what’s this about?” (Sumire)

“It seems like the top of the academy festival’s administration team usually causes trouble. I heard she always has the student council clean up after her.” (Eugene)

“It is the same this year too… She is a troublemaker, but she’s only got charisma and has a lot of students under her, so she goes out of control really fast…” (Sara)

I could tell that Sara was having it rough here with her expression.

“Then, it looks like it will be difficult for Sara to participate for a while.” (Eugene)

“I am sorry, Eugene, Sumire-chan.” (Sara)

“Can’t be helped if that’s your reason. Then, Eugene-kun and I—” (Sumire)

“Sumire-chan, no stealing the march.” (Sara)

“A-Aw, come on, of course not☆, Sara-chan.” (Sumire)

“How about we have a talk with just us two~?” (Sara)

“I get it, you know.” (Sumire)

Sara pulled the hand of Sumire. 

Sumire and Sara are having a talk in low volume. 

It seems like they reached a conclusion after a while. 

“Now then, Eugene, wait for me… I will return real quick.” (Sara)

Sara left for the student council building reluctantly. 

It is now only Sumire and I.

“Looks like the exploration will be postponed for a while.” (Eugene)

“Does that mean you and I lack the strength?” (Sumire)

Sumire made a slightly dejected face.

“That’s…it would be better to check our strength before aiming for Floor 52. Sara is an all-rounder that could cover close, mid, and long range, but if it is just you and me, the scales tip over to close range too much. We would be in trouble against flying monsters.” (Eugene)

“I see. That’s true. Yeah! Then, let’s do our best training!” (Sumire)

Energy returned to Sumire’s face. 

This speed in changing tunes is just like her. 

We arrived at the club room of the animal club. 

I still had club work remaining after all.

Today is the day I look after the 1st Cage. 

I asked Sumire to wait outside, but I noticed something off once I approached the door of the cage. 

(…Someone is inside?) (Eugene)

The seal of the cage is undone.

It is not that it was broken, but opened with the correct key spell.

(As for people who would have any business in this cage, it would be…) (Eugene)

“Oh, Eugene-chan? It has been a while~.” 

I heard a lax voice.

A voice I know. 

Unkempt blonde hair and a worn-out white robe, the white robe being proof of being a researcher. 

“Carlo-senpai, it has been half a year.” (Eugene)

“Eugene-kun, uhm, who is the one there?” (Sumire)

Sumire obviously asked.

There’s no need to hide this, so I answered honestly. 

“Carlo-senpai is an upperclassman in the animal club.” (Eugene)

I noticed after saying this.

Speaking of which, I haven’t introduced the members of the animal club to Sumire yet.

…The problem is that they not only rarely show themselves in the club, there’s a lot of them who don’t even show properly to classes. 

It is true that there was barely any chance to. 

(But for the first person to be Carlo-senpai of all people…) (Eugene)

He is an eccentric senior even among the quirky members of the animal club. 

I got a bit worried about Sumire.

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