ZAP – Chapter 82: School Festival – Day 4

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“Aah, I slept well♪. But it was a pretty small room.” (Airi)

“Don’t compare it to the room of a princess.” (Eugene)

“That’s true.” (Airi)

Airi and I stretch widely as we come out from the hotel. 

The sun had begun coming out.

The morning air feels nice. 

A cheerful voice rang. 

“Airi-sama, we have come for you.” 

I know that voice.

It is also the person that has been hiding their presence nearby since yesterday. 

I see. 

So one of the bodyguards was this person.

“Thanks for coming, Cami.” (Airi)

A past classmate of mine in the military school and is currently in the intelligence division of the army, Camilla Veina. 

Looks like she had come to the Lykeion Magic Academy to accompany Airi. 

“……Hey, Camilla.” (Eugene)

“Wa, what’s the matter, Eugene-kun?” (Camilla)

Camilla turned cautious when I approached her. 

I moved my face close to her and whispered to her. 

(Wouldn’t it have been fine to tell me beforehand if Airi were to visit?) (Eugene)

(Eeh, I thought it would be better for you to be surprised.) (Camilla)

(I am saying this because I was surprised!) (Eugene)

(Haha, sorry, sorry.) (Camilla)

She apologized with a totally unapologetic face.

…This girl.

Has she forgotten about the curse? 

“Hey, what are you talking all sneakily about?” (Airi)

“It is nothing, Airi.” (Eugene)

“We are just having a bit of a chat, Airi-sama.” (Camilla)

“Hmm, but it seems like you have made up with Cami. That’s a relief.” (Airi)

Airi nodded in a satisfied fashion.

Camilla slid her way to Airi. 

“Fufufu, it seems like you spent a heated night with Eugene-kun, Airi-sama.” (Camilla)

“Heated night? It wasn’t really hot.” (Airi)

“Now now~, playing dumb, Airi-sama.” (Camilla)

Airi tilted her head, not understanding what she was saying.

“By the way, what are the plans for today, Cami.” (Airi)

“Uhm…wait for a bit, Airi-sama.” (Camilla)

Camilla takes out a red notebook from her cleavage and flips it. 

What an unbelievable place to put it in.

“Hmm…you will be having lunch with King Uther. After that, a tea party with the Holy Maiden-sama of Caldia. Then dinner with Princess Tifania of the Blue Waters Federation.” (Camilla)

“Haah…I don’t think I will be able to stay together with Eugy. It can’t be helped. I will meet you some other time.” (Airi)

“You are so busy, Airi.” (Eugene)

“I am. It is such a pain.” (Airi)

It is natural in the position of Airi. 

Her only having Camilla despite that is way too few. 

I was a bit worried since the future Empress was being awfully careless. 

I check the surroundings a bit. 

There aren’t many people because it is early in the morning.

Within those people…

(There’s around…10 guards who are observing us.) (Eugene)

I barely feel their presence.

They are all pretty skilled.

They must be guarding her from afar in order to not get in the way of Princess Airi’s school festival touring. 

Any suspicious individuals would most likely be captured in an instant. 

There’s no need to worry, huh.

“Now then…I guess I will return to the dormitories for now.” (Eugene)

Just when I muttered this…

I felt like ice was injected into my back.


A gaze as if stabbing me over and over. 

Anger like boiling water. 

The moment I saw the person who was releasing that…

“Good morning, Eugene-kun. It is a good morning, right☆?”

“Oh my, oh my, bumping into each other when coming out from the Love Hotel. What a coincidence, Eugene.” 

I slowly avert my eyes. 

Sumire and Sara were standing there.

The two of them were walking here with large strides. 

I won’t ask them: ‘Why are you here?’.

There’s several surveillance magic tools for the sake of security in the school festival. 

There are many broadcasting devices for security in the student council room. 

My actions must have been completely visible. 

“Eugene-kun, look over here.” (Sumire)

“You have quite the nerve to cheat when you have two girlfriends.” (Sara)

“……Yes.” (Eugene)

The pretty eyebrows of Sumire and Sara went up. 

Camilla went ‘Achaa’ and Airi was dumbfounded.

“Eugene-kun is unexpectedly loose when it comes to female relationships.” (Sumire)

“Well, it would be against the teachings of the Destiny Goddess Ilia-sama to one-sidedly assume things. Eugene, any excuses?” (Sara)

“…None. Burn me or boil me; do as you please.” (Eugene)

I have no response. 

Just when I was thinking I would be getting a severe scolding from these two…

“Hey, Cami, why are those two angry?” (Airi)

“Airi-sama, are you seriously asking that?” (Camilla)

I heard the conversation of Airi and Camilla behind me. 

The faces of Sumire and Sara grew even more dangerous. 

“Eugy and I were simply talking about stories of the military school and swordsmanship, you know? Doing that much should be fine, right?” (Airi)


It wasn’t only Camilla, Sumire and Sara also turned to Airi with their eyes wide. 

“W-What does she mean, Eugene-kun?!” (Sumire)

“You entered the Love Hotel and only talked? Is that a joke?” (Sara)

“I-It is a lie, right?! Airi-sama, Eugene-kun, speak the truth.” (Camilla)

I tell them honestly about what happened last night after being asked by the 3. 

“We were talking about the past last night just like Airi said. Airi went to sleep first after getting tired of talking, so I slept on the sofa.” (Eugene)

But there’s no arguing that I entered the Love Hotel together with another woman despite having girlfriends. 

It is only natural for Sumire and Sara to be angry, so I am completely at fault. 

“Good grief. I told them it is a room for two, yet there was only 1 bed. What a terrible hotel, right, Eugy? Such crude service would be unforgivable in the Empire.” (Airi)

Airi is fuming at the completely wrong thing.

(That was a double bed, so it being for two is correct though.) (Eugene)

The bed of Airi in the Empire is far bigger despite being for one person. 

It seems like she didn’t expect a bed for two people to be that small.

“Airi-sama, Airi-sama.” (Camilla)

“What, Cami?” (Airi)

“Please lend me your ear for a bit.” (Camilla)

Camilla explains something into the ear of Airi.

“Eh? …The place Eugy and I stayed last night was…eh? …It was a place with that objective?!” (Airi)

Airi’s face was visibly turning bright red.

Looks like she finally understands the meaning of a love hotel. 

“Hey, Eugene-kun, could it be that Airi-chan has no common sense?” (Sumire)

Sumire says without reservation.

Calling the heir to the throne with -chan, she is gutsy. 

“She was 2 years ago…and it seems that’s still the case.” (Eugene)

“I see, so she is a sheltered princess.” (Sara)

Sara also shows no mercy. 

That could turn into a diplomatic problem.

“Wait, you people! You really are saying whatever you please!” (Airi)

Airi heard our conversation and came at us with her face still bright red. 

“Calm down, Airi.” (Eugene)

“Eugy!!! Why didn’t you tell me that last night?!” (Airi)

“I thought you knew.” (Eugene)

“There’s no way I would!” (Airi)

She got angry at me. 

“What would you have done if I had told you?” (Eugene)

“Eh?” (Airi)

I just asked this out of curiosity and Airi froze. 

“You have a fiance in the first place, Airi.”(Eugene)

“I have already annulled that ages ago!!” (Airi)

“Eh, really?” (Eugene)

So her engagement with Ber-kun has been annulled, huh. 

Well, he is a half-sibling of Airi, so they wouldn’t have been able to marry anyways. 

“Come on, come on, Airi-sama. Prime Minister Catherine is waiting, so let’s return.” (Camilla)

Camilla pulls Airi.

“Wait, Cami. Let me talk with Eugy for a bit more!!” (Airi)

“The school festival will continue for a few days more, so you can get some time later. See ya, Eugene-kun and friends~.” (Camilla)

Camilla kept talking while stretching her inflection and pulled Airi away. 

Airi showed resistance, but allowed herself to be pulled. 

(Let’s go talk to her when we have the time.) (Eugene)

It was fun as if we had returned to the past. 

I watched as Airi grew smaller and disappeared.

-While feeling painful stares at my back. 

“Eugene-kun~?” (Sumire)

“Eugene, face here.” (Sara)

It is by no means because I was escaping reality. 

“Sorry, Sara, Sumire!!” (Eugene)

I turned around and lowered my head before looking at the faces of the two. 

I thought for sure they would be scolding me or giving corporal punishment, but there was nothing.


I slowly checked the faces of Sara and Sumire, and they were both looking at me with cold eyes. 

“What should we do, President Sara?” (Sumire)

“It is hard to say, Sumire-san.” (Sara)

The tone of the two is slightly different from usual. 

It is somewhat scary.

“Entering a love hotel with another woman is out of bounds.” (Sumire)

“But he didn’t put a hand on her, so he is barely innocent, I guess.” (Sara)

“You are so kind, Sara-chan~. As expected of a Holy Maiden-sama.” (Sumire)

“What do you think, Sumire-chan?” (Sara)

“Cheaters should burn at the stake. Burn.” (Sumire)


The voices of me and Sara overlap. 

“Fire magic doesn’t work on Eugene-kun anyways.” (Sumire)

“Ah…so I can use barrier magic.” (Eugene)

That’s a relief.

“I wouldn’t propose burning at the stake without barrier magic.” (Sumire)

“Burning at the stake is one of the capital punishments in my homeland, so that wouldn’t be a joke, Sumire-chan.” (Sara)

“No way! It really exists here?! Your homeland is super yikes, Sara-chan!!” (Sumire)

It has returned to the usual conversation.

Could this mean…I have been forgiven? 

That’s when loudspeaker magic ran in the grounds.

—Student Council President, Sara Ilia Caldia-san, if you are hearing this, please return to the student council building. Repeating. Student Council—President Sara!! Where are you wandering about?! Please come back at once! 

“This voice…” (Eugene)

“Must be Teresia-san. She is angry.” (Sumire)

“I-I am going back! Eugene, there’s no next time!” (Sara)

Sara said this and ran off in an instant by casting swiftness magic on herself. 

Sumire and I were left there.

“Sumire, what are we—” (Eugene)

“Aah, I have to go help out the martial arts club! See ya, Eugene-kun! You must not go to a love hotel with Airi-chan anymore!!” (Sumire)

“Y-Yeah, I got it.” (Eugene)

That was an awfully lax restriction.

“See ya~!” (Sumire)

Sumire ran off.

This is how I ended up alone.

Let’s apologize to the two one more time after this. 

(Alright. I have spare time, so let’s go to the dormitories n—) (Eugene)

Just when I thought that again…


“Ouch!” (Eugene)

I suddenly felt pain in my head.

At the same time as this happened, an unendurable chill covered my whole body. 

(This is…a curse…or something close to that. Is ‘she’…in a bad mood?) (Eugene)

It has been a while since I have felt this. 

This is not the time to head back to the dormitories. 

I hurried to that place. 

“…Eri-san~?” (Eugene)

I came to the 7th Seal Prison, entered the cell of Erinyes located the deepest, and hesitantly spoke to her. 


There’s no response.

“Eri, are you sleeping?” (Eugene)

I asked this, but I could tell from her presence that she is not sleeping.


Dense miasma filled the cell. 

It is so dense it would even knock out monsters and myself if I didn’t have my barrier magic. 

“Aah, Eugene has been changing from one woman to another recently. It must be fun~.” (Eri)

The response I finally got was a super sour one. 

I slowly approach Eri and…

“N-No, it is not like I have been changing from one to anothe—ouch!” 

“Ei☆.” (Eri)

She kicked me. 

She did it while letting out a cute voice, but it was a tremendous kick that would have killed a goblin instantly. 


I was sent flying all the way to the corner of the cell. 

I somehow managed to mitigate the fall.

“That was dangerous.” (Eugene)

“You wouldn’t even get injured from that, Eugene. Come on over here already.” (Eri)

“Don’t kick me again, okay?” (Eugene)

I slowly approach the Demon Lord who is beckoning me. 

I sit right by the side of Eri. 

“Caught ya.” (Eri)

“Eh?!” (Eugene)

My vision was pitch black all of a sudden. 

I notice this was because I was covered by the black wings of the Demon Lord. 

It is as if the black wings are spreading all over the cell. 

(An illusion…) (Eugene)

A frighteningly powerful illusion spell. 

I can barely distinguish it from reality. 

I cleared the illusion with mind protection magic and noticed I had been pushed down by the Demon Lord. 

She is straddling me with red eyes shining fiercely.

“Looks like I have to teach you who the main heroine is.” (Eri)

“Wait, Eri. What are you sa—” (Eugene)

“Shut up.” (Eri)

She didn’t wait. 


“Well then, I will go back up. The main matches of the tournament are about to begin, so I want to watch.” (Eugene)

“Can’t be helped~.” (Eri)

She didn’t keep me for as long as I thought. 

It seems like she was appeased with just smashing her anger at me once. 

(The seriously ill humored Demon Lord Eri was scary.) (Eugene)

She was honestly scarier than in the 100th Floor Trial of Gods. 

I have a promise with her to meet her once every week, but this made me think it might be better to increase the frequency every once in a while. 

“I will bring the favorites of yours the next time I come, Eri. Red wine, cheese, and raw ham, right?” (Eugene)

“Oh my, that’s a good attitude. You are missing the fruits. Bring pomegranates too.” (Eri)

“…Got it.” (Eugene)

They are pretty expensive right now because it is out of season, you know -I thought this, but I didn’t say it out loud. 

Just when I put my hand on the key of the cell and was about to leave…

“Eugene, be careful about the Zenith Tower. Something amusing is about to happen.” (Eri)

She said something meaningful. 

“Something amusing?” (Eugene)

What the Demon Lord Eri would find amusing…

Basically, trouble. 

And super large size.

“Fufufu, I am looking forward to it☆.” (Eri)

“Thanks for the warning.” (Eugene)

I thanked her and left the cell.

(Something is going to happen…at the Zenith Tower…huh.) (Eugene)

It did bother me, but I headed to the main venue of the martial arts tournament. 

The winner of the tournament will be my opponent. 

I can’t ignore it. 

I have checked the names of the ones that won the preliminaries, but I would like to see the battle styles of everyone if possible. 

That’s what I was thinking.

—“Woooh! Woooh!” 

I hear those cheers. 

A giant round colosseum could be seen from afar now. 

The school festival committee members were apparently the ones who made that. 

‘It is because you made something like that that your funds evaporated!’ -is what Sara said angrily. 

But it would raise the morale of the participants. 

The mood of the spectators too. 

I approach the entrance. 

There’s a fee to enter the colosseum, so there’s a gatekeeper. 

I was about to buy a ticket for the day but…


Someone spoke to me from behind.

There was no presence. 

I was surprised by the fact that my back was taken so easily and looked back. What was there wasn’t a person, but a single dragonfly flying. 

It is not a regular dragonfly but a metal yanma that has metal wings. 

A monster from the Last Dungeon. 

The one who can use a bug monster like this one is…

“Carlo-senpai? What’s the matter?” (Eugene)

There’s no one aside from my senior of the animal club.

“Things have gotten bad, Eugene-chan. Come to the Zenith Tower at once.” (Carlo)

“Just what…” (Eugene)

He answered briefly when I asked.

“A Stampede has happened. A large-scale one.” (Carlo)

Didn’t you say it wouldn’t be happening for a while longer, Calo-senpai?

■Comment Response: 

>Eh, is he going to do it with Airi too?

>Wouldn’t it be troubling if he were to take the chastity of the coming Empress? 

-Not this time. 

Airi is actually a late bloomer.

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