ZAP – Chapter 60: Eugene is taught by his mother

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“The resealing of the Great Demonic Beast Haagenti will fail.” (Jubei)

It is hard to believe this is the same frivolous Pops. It is a serious voice.

“B-But…they managed to seal it 100 years ago, right?” (Eugene)

I asked this flustered.

“Yeah, that’s right. The plan was to seal it with the same method, but…there’s apparently only failure showing no matter how many times they checked with destiny magic.” (Jubei)

“No way…” (Eugene)

The magic research labs of the imperial army are the biggest in the continent.

It easily surpasses the Lykeion Magic Academy in scale.

Their magic techniques are evolving by the day.

I doubt the mages in the present can’t do the things the mages could do 100 years ago.

“Well, there’s a number of reasons as to why.” (Laila)

Mother raises a finger.

“Laila, can you please tell us? Honestly speaking, I heard from the Imperial Court Mages that there’s nothing they can do.” (Jubei)

“You know a method to seal it, Mother?” (Eugene)

Mine and Pops’ gazes were directed at my small mother.

“The current Star Demonic Beast Haagenti has grown way too much. You normally have to let it rampage every now and then to extract its miasma, and yet, you guys sealed it with a really sturdy barrier, right? Because of that, its miasma couldn’t be taken out and has gotten around twice as big compared to 100 years ago.” (Laila)

“2 times?” (Eugene)

“That’s…” (Jubei)

No wonder the methods of 100 years ago wouldn’t work.

“Do you two know why a Star Demonic Beast is born in the first place?” (Laila)

She threw us a question instead. Pops and I looked at each other’s faces.

I am not used to hearing the word Star Demonic Beast to begin with.

Looks like that’s how the Great Demonic Beasts are called in the Divine Realm.

“No.” (Eugene)

“Not at all.” (Pops)

Me and Pops shook our heads to the sides.

I know how dangerous Great Demonic Beasts are, but their birth is a mystery.

There’s just talk about how it showed up more than 200 years ago, and turned the Chryse Plains into its den.

Mother began speaking.

“The world has something called the Planet Lifestreams… It is basically the veins of the planet. This sends mana to every nook and cranny of the planet. And at very limited locations, a ‘Mana Cluster’ will happen. The cluster of ‘positive’ mana is called a Holy Ground or a Fountain of Life…There’s one hidden in the Imperial Palace.” (Laila)

“Eh?” (Eugene)

I look at Pops in surprise.

“…Yeah, there’s certainly one. It is one of the biggest national secrets that only royalty and a select few know of.” (Jubei)

Pops made a complicated expression as he nodded.

“There’s a medicine called Elixir by the residents of the mortal realm that flows out from the Fountain of Life. The Grandflare Empire is using this to maintain the strongest army in the continent… But there’s always a pitfall in every sweet honey.” (Laila)

Mother’s words made Pops furrow his brows and nod.

“The more water you scoop out from the Fountain of Life, the more miasma will accumulate on the Great Demonic Beast that is a cluster of ‘negative’ mana…” (Jubei)

“That’s right. The Planet Lifestream is simply natural energy. The plus (positive) and minus (negative) becomes 0. And yet, the previous Emperor mistook this as an infinite resource and utilized the Fountain of Life way too much. Thanks to that, the healers in the Empire are not growing, and the Great Demonic Beast is growing more and more.” (Laila)

“Yeah, it is because they hurried to increase their forces for the sake of unifying the continent. Thanks to that, healers and barriermancers have been shaved away… Just like you, Eugene.” (Jubei)

“So…that’s how it was.” (Eugene)

The Empire that I know only sees worth in people who can use offensive magic, and the worth of support magic was low.

I never really questioned those values.

So that’s where it stemmed from.

The words of my mother continued.

“Well, the worst part is the details of the seal. Hey, Eugene, can you tell me the sealing method they used for the Great Demonic Beast 100 years ago?” (Laila)

“Uhm…if I remember correctly, 100 mages put their lives on the line to seal it…” (Eugene)

In order to stop the fierce attack of the Great Demonic Beast that partially destroyed the Empire, 100 of the strongest mages of the Empire lost their lives in their attempt to seal it and succeeded.

The great achievement of those 100 mages was sung about, and their names would always be shown in history books.

“…Sacrificial Technique; that’s what they used.” (Laila)

The angel crossed her arms and said this with a complicated expression.

“Sacrificial…eh?” (Eugene)

I doubted my ears.

Sacrificial Technique…the method to obtain massive amounts of mana in exchange for your own lifespan.

But the caster will lose their life.

It is a forbidden technique.

The Grandflare Empire, the Sacred Union, and the Blue Waters Federation; they are forbidden in all nations.

Heavy punishment is given to the ones who break this.

“This reality is hidden even within the history of the Empire. Even I only learned of this just recently.” (Pops)

Pops muttered.

It is a secret kept from even the Imperial Sword that’s supposed to be an arm of the Emperor.

No wonder I didn’t know either.

“The ones forbidding Sacrificial Techniques are the Goddess Church… In other words, it is a teaching of the Destiny Goddess… It was an exception 100 years ago. There was no other choice but to do that. The people of the capital might have perished if the Great Demonic Beast hadn’t been stopped there.” (Laila)

“But why isn’t it going to work this time, Mother?” (Eugene)

I asked this while still being flustered about learning that the great historical moment 100 years ago was carved by a forbidden technique.

“Ju-kun, this time, they have prepared 300 people for the resealing, right?” (Laila)

“Wa?!” (Eugene)


I raised my voice in shock, but Pops didn’t change his expression as he nodded lightly.

“…Is that okay?” (Eugene)

“There’s no other way…or so I have heard.” (Jubei)

Pops muttered this in pain.

“Yeah, that’s the same in the eyes of the Destiny Goddess. It is impossible to stop the Star Demonic Beast that has grown this much with the current forces of the Empire.” (Laila)

The voice of Mother even felt cold here.

Here’s where I speak out my question.

“But then it is weird that it won’t succeed, Mother. They should be able to seal it if they use the lives of 300 mages…” (Eugene)

“The 300 sacrifices are all prisoners sentenced to death. Prisoners that were prepared to be sacrificed aside from the mages.” (Laila)


I was left speechless.

And then, I slowly understand the situation.

“Is that…even considered valid as a Sacrificial Technique?” (Eugene)

“It does in a sense. The basic theory of the Sacrificial Technique is to change life (anima) into mana after all. However…even if it is a Sacrificial Technique, the quality of mana you can obtain from the mages that tried to protect the capital with their lives 100 years ago, and the prisoners that are being forced to become sacrifices is just different. It goes without saying…which one is the coarse one.” (Laila)

“So that really is where the problem lies…” (Jubei)

Pops groaned as if saying he expected this.

“Also, about the steps of the seal. In order to seal the Great Demonic Beast again:

① You need to undo the old barrier spell.

② Let the Great Demonic Beast rampage to expend its miasma.

③Seal it again with a new barrier spell.

That’s the flow of things. A ‘bait’ will be required in order to keep the damage to a minimum in ②.” (Laila)

“We understand that issue. The prisoners with their weak mana wouldn’t be able to fulfill that role.” (Jubei)

“100 years ago, the leader of the Empire’s mages at that time served as the bait. Of course, he…became the first casualty within the 100 mages.” (Laila)

“I nominated myself to become the bait, but…the Emperor and the Prime Minister-chan were against it.” (Jubei)

“Pops?!” (Eugene)

I look back in surprise.

“Eugene, it is not like I was trying to die there, you know? The Twin Heavenly Resonance Style has mana slicing and repelling techniques. I thought I would be able to face the Great Demonic Beast by using that, but…” (Jubei)

“It would be impossible. Ju-kun doesn’t have much internal mana. Great Demonic Beasts react to the ones with the higher mana. Most of all, the Great Demonic Beast would be able to tell instinctively -that it would be ‘dangerous’ to put a hand on the number one magic swordsman of the Empire. Choosing you as the bait would be a fatal mistake.” (Laila)

“I see… The Prime Minister-chan told me that too.” (Jubei)

Pops drooped his shoulders.

That’s where Mother narrowed her eyes.

“By the way, Ju-kun, about the young girl of the Empire that has been showing up for a while now…” (Laila)

“Eh, no…that’s…” (Jubei)

“Oh well, fine. This is not a talk we should have in front of our child.” (Laila)

“Yeah, let’s leave that talk for later.” (Jubei)

“Hm? About what?” (Eugene)


I looked at both of the faces of Mother and Pops, but they didn’t touch the conversation any further.

What’s that about the Prime Minister?

“I can only say one thing. You shouldn’t try to achieve the resealing of the Great Demonic Beast with just the Empire. It would be better to ask for the help of the Holy Nation of Caldia and the Blue Waters Federation. It would be too much in the hands of just one nation after all.” (Laila)

“We know, but…that guy (the Emperor) is very prideful after all.” (Jubei)

Pops scratched his head.

“This isn’t the time to be saying that! The barrier of the Star Demonic Beast will be breaking in just a few days!” (Laila)

“I will tell him myself. I think he has already contacted them though.” (Jubei)

“Even if it is not to the degree of the East Continent, the South Continent’s cooperation between nations is bad too… Even though the Great Demon Lord is going to be resurrected soon.” (Laila)

“It hurts my ears. Even though it isn’t the time for people to be fighting each other…” (Jubei)

I was listening to the conversation of Pops and Mother, and ended up speaking out.

“Hey, can I help out somehow?” (Eugene)

“Hm? You, Eugene?” (Jubei)

“What are you saying, Eugene?” (Laila)

“This talk about a bait, wouldn’t I be able to fulfill it as a mage?” (Eugene)

“Oi oi, Eugene, even if you use magic, your main field is a swordsman.” (Jubei)

“…You must not. You are a mage, so you have more mana than Ju-kun, but it is not like the amount of mana you have is outstandingly higher compared to others. You are insufficient as a bait for the Star Demonic Beast.” (Laila)

Pops must have thought I was joking there, he didn’t take me seriously.

But Mother chose her words a bit when speaking.

(She might be the type that I can’t keep secrets from…) (Eugene)

I decided to speak what I thought of.

“If I were to receive the mana of the Ifrit, Sumire, wouldn’t I be able to become a good bait?” (Eugene)

Sumire has infinite mana.

And then, I can use Mana Link to get mana from Sumire.

“I see, if you do that—” (Jubei)

“YOU MUST NOT!!!!!” (Laila)

Pops spoke as if impressed, but Mother erased it by speaking out loudly.

“Laila?” (Jubei)

“Mother?” (Eugene)

“It is dangerous, so no! You definitely must not!! I won’t allow that!” (Laila)

“…Right. Eugene, there’s no need for you to shoulder that much. You are still a student.” (Jubei)

“I am an adult by the standards of the Empire.” (Eugene)

“Come on, leave already. Sumire-chan and Sara-chan are waiting for you at home, right?” (Laila)

Mother smacked my back.

“But I wanted to talk with you for a bit more…” (Eugene)

“It is okay! We will be able to meet again. It is not like it will be the whole time, but I have gotten the permission of the Destiny Goddess. As long as you form a barrier so my Aura won’t leak outside, I can at least talk to you in the academy, Eugene.” (Laila)

“That would be difficult for me.” (Jubei)

The effective range of my barrier magic is really small.

Enough for two people is as much as I can handle.

Barrier magic that can cover a whole building on top of being able to hide the presence of an angel.

I couldn’t think of anyone aside from the Academy Principal.

“Eugene, I have to talk with Laila a bit more about the sealing method of the Great Demonic Beast.” (Jubei)

“Got it. I will go back first then.” (Eugene)

I was going to leave the church, but…

“Ah, wait, Eugene!” (Laila)

Mother flew my way.

“Is something—”

By the time I turned around, Mother was right in front of me, and was hugged without even having time to react.

My small mother hugged my head tightly.

“You have become big -really. I have been watching you the whole time in my free time at work in the Divine Realm, Eugene…” (Laila)

“Mother…” (Eugene)

After hesitating for a bit, Mother wrapped her small arms around my back.

The back of my small mother somehow felt big.

“Sorry that I couldn’t meet you this whole time. It must have been lonely…” (Laila)


Was I lonely?

It was natural for me to not have a mother by the time I had awareness.

When I heard about the parents of my classmates at the military school, I might have been a bit jealous.

I didn’t have any memories with my mother.


“I will come talk to you again, Mother.” (Eugene)

Even if I can only meet here once a year, I can talk to her through the church.

I was happy about that.

“Yeah, come anytime… We can take our time talking if I am not busy with work.” (Laila)

“Got it. Then, I will go back first, Pops, Mother.” (Eugene)

I waved at my parents and left the church.

I went through the forest just like that and headed to the house.

(My head can’t wrap around this yet…) (Eugene)

I didn’t expect I would meet Mother again.

I returned to my house with a hard to describe happy feeling.


“Is your father not coming back today too, Eugene?” (Sara)

Sara puckered her lips dissatisfied.

“Well, it can’t be helped, Sara-chan.” (Sumire)

Sumire was drinking warm tea.

I could hear the sounds of cooking from the kitchen by Hana-san.

As for me…I was still spaced out.

But I can’t just stay like that the whole time.

There’s something I had to tell Sara and Sumire.

“Sara, Sumire, I have something to tell you.” (Eugene)

“Marriage?” (Sara)

“Sara-chan, you are going too fast. We get engaged first, right?” (Sumire)

When I spoke to the two, that’s the response I got.

“It is a serious topic though…” (Eugene)

“Ara, I am serious here, Eugene.” (Sara)

“Yeah, we are saying this seriously, Eugene-kun.” (Sumire)

The eyes of the two were so serious it was scary.

“I-I got it, but let’s talk about that at another time… Actually, the capital might be exposed to danger. I am sorry since Sara just arrived, but I think it would be better for you two to move away from the capital.” (Eugene)

The Prime Minister said that the resealing of the Great Demonic Beast is a national secret.

That’s why I will have to tell Sara who is from Caldia in a way where I won’t breach it, but it is hard to put it in words like that.


“Aah, it is about Haagenti, right?” (Sara)

Sara easily spoke about that information.

“Eh? Why do you know that, Sara-chan?” (Sumire)

Looks like it wasn’t Sumire who told her.

“The Destiny Oracle-sama contacted me through transmission magic. She told me to be careful if I am headed to the imperial capital.” (Sara)

“So it has been discovered by the Holy Nation a long time ago, huh…” (Eugene)

My mother who is an angel also knows after all.

There’s no way the Destiny Goddess is not aware of it.

“Then…” (Eugene)

“I won’t go back. If the seal of the Great Demonic Beast is broken, many people will be exposed to danger. I would be a failure of a Holy Maiden if I were to run away ahead of them while aware of this.” (Sara)

“I will also stay. I have learned magic to a degree where I can protect myself.” (Sumire)

Sara and Sumire answered without hesitation.

“But…” (Eugene)

I was about to say it is dangerous, but stopped.

The straight eyes of the two were saying this: ‘We are partners, right?’.

(So it was unnecessary worry, huh.) (Eugene)

“Then, let’s all stay in the capital. I have become a low rank noble, so there’s the chance I will get called in the plan for the resealing of the Great Demonic Beast. If an emergency that will bring harm to the people of the capital were to happen, Sara and Sumire, I would like you to help the people evacuate.” (Eugene)

“Yeah, leave it to me, Eugene.” (Sara)

“Got it, Eugene-kun!” (Sumire)

The two nodded with strength.

(But will I really be called for the strategy of the army?) (Eugene)

The imperial court mage that went together with me to investigate told me he would give me a call if there’s anything, but there has been nothing after that.

That said, they probably haven’t decided on a plan yet at the headquarters just like I heard from Pops before.

They can’t just go ahead on a plan that they know will fail after being told with Clairvoyance.

If they don’t call me, I will help out on the evacuation of the citizens with Sara and Sumire.

Just when I was thinking that…

“Is Eugene Santafield-dono here?!!”

I was called loudly.

It came from the entrance.

(With this timing, huh.) (Eugene)

There’s no doubt it is a call from the Imperial Court Mage-san.

I stopped Hana-san who was about to go check and headed to where I was called.

I am being called by name, so it would be faster to just go directly.

The one standing upright was a Black Iron Knight.

When he saw my face, he swiftly put a hand on his chest and lowered his head lightly.

I did the same.

“I am Eugene. What brings you here?” (Eugene)

I asked this, but this is most likely a call to the strategy meeting in the Einherjar Palace.

Imperial Princess Airi is calling you! The carriage is waiting outside! Will you give us time?!”

(With this timing?) (Eugene)

The one calling me was my childhood friend.

■Comment Response:

>…Can a child be made between Eri?


My isekai allows babies between almost all races.

>I would like Eugene to equip the weapon of an angel and hunt Hage.

-At first, I wondered who ‘Hage’ was.

So it is the short version of Haagenti, huh. I see.

■Author’s Comment:

I will be depicting Airi properly on the next chapter.

I am still thinking about whether to make it Airi’s POV.

An aside.

The Fountain of Life is also present in Zero Believers at the deepest floor of Laberintos.

That place is the den of the Ancient Dragons, so it has barely been used.

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