ZAP – Chapter 84: Lord of the Zenith Tower

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—Anemoi Babel. 

This era’s Dungeon Master of the Zenith Tower Babel. 

She only looks like a 10 year old. 

Her bangs cut straight and red eyes like ruby. 

This girl in a red robe like blood standing right there in the green prairie stood out a lot. 

(No…she is not alone.) (Eugene)

I can’t see them, but there’s the presence of someone near her. 

There’s something there.

(Stealth magic…I guess?) (Eugene)

The 8th Floor where monsters are gone. 

The Dungeon Master that’s for some reason in a lower floor. 

And then someone who is stealthily hiding themselves. 

This is fishy. 

But I can’t ignore it since I am investigating the reason for the Stampede that’s happening at a bad time. 

Now then, what’s going to happen here? 

I slowly approach the Dungeon Master and…

(Y-You must not! You will be killed, Mister Friend!!) 

Arachne-chan pulled my sleeve as she fell down. 

The Dungeon Master is an extremely scary being for monsters -to the point of losing strength in their legs. 

“Stay here.” (Eugene)

I told the small Arachne-chan who was trembling with a face on the verge of tears. 

I approach the Dungeon Master while purposely not hiding my presence. 

I would get discovered anyway. 

Might as well just be brazen about it. 

“…Oh? We meet often.” (Anemoi)

The Dungeon Master noticed me soon after and faced this way. 

I at the same time hear the sound of footsteps growing further away. 

Not good. The person I can’t see is leaving.

“Hello, Anemoi-san. You seem to be having a fun talk. Can you let me in?” (Eugene)

I actually didn’t hear what they were talking about, but I purposely said that.


The footsteps of the invisible person stop. 

(Baited.) (Eugene)

Looks like they have misunderstood it as me having heard them.

“I can’t really say eavesdropping is praiseworthy.” (Anemoi)

“A Stampede happened on the 1st Floor. The 8th Floor monsters have disappeared, so I came here to investigate what was happening.” (Eugene)

“If it is about the monsters of this floor, I have sent them to the 1st Floor.” (Anemoi)

I knew it… So the Stampede this time around was the doing of the Dungeon Master. 

This conversation should be reaching Carlo-senpai through Arachne-chan.

“Why are you doing something like that?” (Eugene)

“In order to train the explorers. They have been slacking these few days.” (Anemoi)

The Dungeon Master Anemoi-san said this as if nothing. 

“Everyone will resume exploring once the school festival ends. They can’t use the Resurrection Drop when fighting monsters outside the Last Dungeon, so I would be grateful if you were to refrain from Stampedes…” (Eugene)

I don’t think she will yield obediently, but I tell her what I want just in case.

“The Resurrection Drop…huh. The system that the former Dungeon Master implemented. I honestly hate that. Did you know? Most of the explorers that get through the 100th Floor Trial of Gods -the Deus Discipline- have passed it without using the Resurrection Drop. That’s a bad system that spoils the weak.” (Anemoi)

“Isn’t that fine? The Zenith Tower is the dungeon with the least casualties in the South Continent thanks to that.” (Eugene)

“That’s not fine. Is there a point in a safe dungeon? The Deus Discipline is not a game.” (Anemoi)

“Casualties will increase like that.” (Eugene)

“And what of it?” (Anemoi)

“What of it, you ask?” (Eugene)

I was troubled with what to say. 

“It is fine for the weak to die. They must die.” (Anemoi)

“Y-You are pretty blunt.” (Eugene)

The words of the Dungeon Master-san were harsh. 

“That’s the law of nature. The current Last Dungeon is way too lukewarm.” (Anemoi)

“…I see.” (Eugene)

I am beginning to understand the way of thinking of the Dungeon Master-san.

She wants to raise the difficulty of the Last Dungeon. 

But why?

“Why are you being that strict?” (Eugene)

“Because the records have stagnated. The highest record has been frozen in 500 years, you know? It can’t stay like that.” (Anemoi)

“But…dying in accidents like the one where Cerberus showed up in the 20th Floor is way too pitiful, don’t you think?” (Eugene)

“About that! If I remember correctly, you defeated him!” (Anemoi)

The Dungeon Master-san’s bad mood suddenly turned bright.

“That scared me.” (Eugene)

“Fufufu, that was interesting. But the Goddess-sama of the Divine Realm scolded me, so I have to make sure not to get caught next time.” (Anemoi)

“You were the one behind the Cerberus incident, Anemoi-san?!” (Eugene)

Hm? But according to the Academy Principal, the ones who caused that were…

“I obviously helped out. I got the idea from the person there. They told me that maybe the explorers will show more tension when the lower floors are suddenly hit with the Deus Discipline from the 100th Floor. Summoning the Demon Lord Erinyes in Floor 100 was also their idea.” (Anemoi)

The Dungeon Master-san pointed at a place where no one was there.

I move my gaze in the direction she pointed. 

It is at the place where the footsteps stopped at. 

(…They are there.) (Eugene)

I can’t see them. 

But there’s the presence of someone. 

“Aah, you were hiding, right?” (Anemoi)

“…Anemoi-sama, please don’t reveal me.” 

An unfamiliar voice of a woman rang. 

“The swordsman-kun had noticed you anyways.” (Anemoi)

“…I see. Then, there’s no point hiding.” 

A fluttering sound was made and a person suddenly appeared. 

It seems like she was using a cloak with stealth magic imbued. 

The person that showed up was an extremely astounding woman. 

But what drew the eye more than her beauty was her brown skin and her long pointy ears. 

(…Dark Elf?) (Eugene)

A rare race that’s treated in society as a devilkin. 

It is the first time I met one. 

“Nice to meet you, Eugene Santafield-sama. I have been thinking about speaking with you once -the contractor of the Demon Lord Erinyes-sama.” 

“…Why do you know that?” (Eugene)

I unconsciously got wary and took a stance.

“You are the person that the great Fallen Lord we worship has chosen. Of course I would know.” 

I notice there’s a silver accessory at the chest of the dark elf woman.

A snake wrapped around an apple… It is the proof of the Demon Lord worshiping church.

“Someone from the Snake Church…?” (Eugene)

“I am the Archbishop Vanessa. Nice to meet you, Eugene-sama.” 

The dark elf Vanessa-san bows elegantly. 

“I am impressed you could enter the Zenith Tower. The Dungeon Association has been keeping an eye on the Snake Church… That’s why you are using the stealth magic, huh.” (Eugene)

“That’s right.” (Vanessa)

“Entering the Zenith Tower without permission is forbidden by the Dungeon Association though…” (Eugene)

I took a glance at Vanessa-san and…the little girl by her side…the Dungeon Master.

“I don’t like it. Even though the Last Dungeon can be challenged no matter the person. Why is someone else aside from me -the Dungeon Master- making the rules on their own convenience? So annoying.” (Anemoi)

Anemoi-san showed a displeased face again. 

Her emotional swings are drastic. 

The whole 8th Floor began to shake like an earthquake as if synchronizing with this. 


The Archne-chan at my back let out a short scream. 

An earthquake happened just from the Dungeon Master getting in a bad mood. 

“Eugene-sama, I actually wanted to take my time talking with you, but I feel like the explorers hired by the Dungeon Association will be gathering here.” (Vanessa)

I take a glance and see the Dungeon Eye observing us from afar. 

Our state is being seen by the Satellite System. 

Vanessa-san slowly approached me. 

“But let me tell you one thing, Eugene-sama. Do you want to join our church? We, who worship the Demon Lord Erinyes-sama, welcome you.” (Vanessa)

“I won’t.” (Eugene)

I refused without hesitation.

“I see. That’s a shame.” (Vanessa)

She didn’t show much disappointment and smiled.

“Well then, see you later.” (Vanessa)

The Dark Elf-san used the stealth magic cloak to become invisible and only the parting footsteps rang. 

The only ones remaining there were me and the Dungeon Master-san. 

And also the Arachne-chan who is trembling with her small body. 

The Dungeon Master-san stared at me. 

I look back at her too. 

“Are you not scared of me?” (Anemoi)

“Scared?” (Eugene)

I tilt my head.

The Dungeon Master-san walked my way.

Her big red eyes look up at me. 

I don’t see the bottom of her mana. 

I feel pressure as if facing a dragon.

Even if so…

“I am not really scared.” (Eugene)

“Well, you can fight solo against the Divine Beast Cerberus-chan, so maybe your sense of fear has been dulled.” (Anemoi)

I feel like she is saying something rude here. 

“Uhm, what are you doing?” (Eugene)

The Dungeon Master-san stretched her hand towards my face.

“Let me check a bit. Hmm, you have an awful lot of white mana—eh?! You only have white mana? What is this? A disease?” (Anemoi)

“It is my constitution. So rude.” (Eugene)

The Dungeon Master-san touched stuff like my hand and my face all over. 

So unreserved. 

“There’s no way there’s such a constitution… Hm? You have blood of the Divine Realm. Aaah, I see.” (Anemoi)

“You can tell?” (Eugene)

“Obviously. Hooh, moreover, even though you have an uptight face, you have formed a Body Contract with 3 women. You have no shame. Well, they do say that heroes love their colors. Maybe this gives hope instead?” (Anemoi)

“You can even tell that?!” (Eugene)

I obviously got scared there and took distance from her. 

“What are you getting all embarrassed for? Come on, get closer…” (Anemoi)

The Dungeon Master-san approached me with a grin on her face and…

“The two over there!! You have been surrounded!! Don’t resist!” 

There were people surrounding me and the Dungeon Master-san. 

From what I can see, it is D-B Rank explorers. 

They must have come here after they dealt with the Stampede in the 1st Floor. 

The ones leading the explorers seem to be the high rank dungeon staff. 

I think their objective is the Snake Church woman that showed up in the Satellite System, Vanessa-san. 

“We have already confirmed that you two were speaking with the dark elf woman in a friendly manner. We know that there’s a high chance that the woman is affiliated with the Snake Church. We will have you tell us your name and your affiliation first.” 

“Eugene Santafield. Student of the Normal Department from the Lykeion Magic Academy.” (Eugene)

“Why is a student in a place like this?! It should be the school festival.” 

“I have come here to investigate the Stampede.” (Eugene)

“That’s our job! We will have you tell us the circumstances later! Before that, is that girl over there your ally?!” 

“She is an acquaintance in a sense…” (Eugene)

“Fine. We will know once we ask. You two, come obediently with us—” 

“…So noisy.” (Anemoi)

The ground trembled. 

The small critters in the 8th Floor and the birds began to cry all at once. 

The eyes of the Dungeon Master-san shone creepily. 

It is not only the eyes. There’s also red mana wafting up like smoke from her small body. 

I feel danger to a degree where I am getting goosebumps. 

I took distance from the Dungeon Master in an instant. 

“I am leaving.” (Anemoi)

“W-Wait! We can’t let you go—” 

“You deal with these guys.” (Anemoi)

The Dungeon Master-san tapped the ground. 


Tens of stone giants crawled out from the ground. 

And then, they attacked the explorers that were surrounding us. 


“Why are they on the 8th Floor?!” 

“Nothing we can do! Let’s eliminate the monsters first!” 

It turned into a battlefield in an instant. 

The golems were rampaging as if they had gone insane. 

And the Dungeon Master-san elegantly walked on. 

The monsters were not getting close to Anemoi-san no matter what. 

Golems were also attacking me. 

I fought them as I followed the back of the Dungeon Master-san with my eyes. 

“See ya, white mana boy. I am going to be more flashy with the next Stampede.” (Anemoi)

“Anemoi-san, are you serious?!” (Eugene)

I unconsciously shout. 

“Fufufu, look forward to it.” (Anemoi)

She said something extremely selfish and left. 

It seems like Arachne-chan ran away in the confusion. 

After defeating the golems, I was brought to the offices of the Dungeon Association. 

I fortunately wasn’t suspected as a member of the Snake Church.

A Snake Church member wouldn’t defeat the Demon Lord. 

But, even though I told them everything honestly, they didn’t believe me when I said that little girl was the Dungeon Master.

The Dungeon Association apparently has not been able to confirm the existence of the Dungeon Master. 

Well, I learned about it recently myself. 

Their questioning was what lasted the longest. 

Carlo-senpai came in the middle of it and proved my innocence. 

But making contact with an executive of the Snake Church was not good. 

It is an underground organization that didn’t allow their tail to be caught even once after all. 

The information of the person calling herself an Archbishop was way too valuable. 

I was made to repeat over and over the smallest details and went by it again and again. 

I was only released by the next morning. 


I went out of the Dungeon Association building. 

The sky is starting to get bright. 

(That was awful…) (Eugene)

Let’s get some sleep once I get back to the dormitory. 

I was thinking this and I heard the sound of two people running my way. 

A bright brown haired girl and a black long haired girl.


“Eugene, you must have had it rough.” 

It is Sumire and Sara.

“Yeah, it really was.” (Eugene)

Just when I said that…


I noticed the strange gaze of the two.

“Sumire? Sara?” (Eugene)

I asked them and the two began to fidget. 

It seems like they want to say something but can’t. 

That’s how it felt. 

“Eugene-kun, this.” (Sumire)

Sumire slowly gave me a single paper.

It is a drawing. 

More like, it is an image reproduced accurately with magic. 

I grab that and check it. 


What was shown there was the Dungeon Master-san touching my face all over. 

Moreover, the angle is bad, so it even looks as if we are kissing depending on how you see it. 

“Uhm…Sumire, Sara, this is…” (Eugene)

“Eugene-kun…so you don’t only like the big sister type like the Demon Lord-san , but also little girls, huh.” (Sumire)

“Sumire-chan, it can’t be helped. There’s the saying that heroes love their colors.” (Sara)

“Ah, so they say that in this world too.” (Sumire)

“Wait, you two. This is a misunderstanding.” (Eugene)

“I am fine with it. I will accept your likes, Eugene-kun.” (Sumire)

“You don’t need to.” (Eugene)

“Well, I do think it is better than the Demon Lord.” (Sara)

(She is the Dungeon Master, you know…?) (Eugene)

I don’t think they are that different when it comes to how dangerous they are.

In the end, it was even more difficult to explain to these two with their intense imagination compared to the Dungeon Association.

■Comment Response: 

>That said, being able to have a grasp of more than 70,000 monsters and identifying them is truly an unbelievable ability.

>The students of the animal club really are beyond common sense. 

>Well, the club advisor is King Uther after all.

-Carlo-senpai is most likely the one with the most common sense in the animal club.

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