ZAP – Chapter 88: Last Day of School Festival – Part 2

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◇Eugene’s POV◇

—The Lykeion Magic Academy’s Legendary Hero Department’s Claude Percival. 

Hero Apprentice of the Blue Waters Federation’s Dragon Country. 

He is someone that should have had no connection with me as someone from the Normal Department that aimed for barrier magic and healing magic, but I for some reason got involved with him often. 

Claude was the only one who interacted with me in physical education classes, and that has been of help to me even now. 

A frivolous lady-killer and playboy.

He has made countless women cry. 

Though I have heard that he has recently been whipped by Leona and Teresia. 

(I don’t think you can say much about others in that matter, Eugene.) (Eri)

Eri gave me a truly reasonable retort. 

It is exactly as she says. 

I am not in a position where I can speak of Claude at all. 

“What’s the matter, Eugene? Are you not going to take a stance?” (Claude)

Claude is not using his usual silver magic spear, but holding up high an unfamiliar red spear. 

It is the common stance for the warriors of the Dragon Country that are most often riding flying dragons. 

That appearance I have seen countless times when we had mock battles. 

The issue is the magic spear that’s as red as blood in Claude’s hands.

“Claude, that spear…is cursed, you know?” (Eugene)

The red spear was oozing out abnormal amounts of mana and miasma.

Miasma that would eat away even at its owner. 

When I pointed this out, Claude showed a bitter smile as if saying he understood. 

“Oi, oi, Eugene, this is the legendary God Spear that has been passed down since the founding of the Dragon Country, you know? Calling it cursed is horrible.” (Claude)

“Eugene! What Claude is holding is the Sacred Treasure, the Dragon God Spear, that the Blue Waters Federation possesses!” 

Sara tells me loudly from outside the ring. 

“That is…” (Eugene)

I have heard of it before. 

The legendary weapon that’s said to have fought off the Great Demonic Beast whose territory spanned all the way to the South Continent, the Darkness Dragon Glasya Labolas.

The Darkness Dragon apparently didn’t approach the South Continent since then due to this. 

But the spear was hit with the curse of the Darkness Dragon at that time, and there’s no user of it right now…or at least that’s what I heard. 

“The warriors of my family are made to hold this Dragon God Spear when they are adults. The ones with an affinity to the spear become Heroes.” (Claude)

“So that’s the way to choose a Hero, huh.” (Eugene)

If I remember correctly, Sara became a candidate for Holy Maiden because she had affinity with the Holy Sword Curtana. 

It is a common method to choose Heroes in the South Continent. 

It is not the Heroes that choose their weapons, but the weapons that choose the Heroes. 

“Well, it is better than the West Continent, I guess. Did you know? The Goddesses themselves are the ones choosing the Heroes in the West Continent.” (Claude)

“So it seems. That’s way too much of an honor.” (Eugene)

“I wouldn’t want that. I wouldn’t be able to flirt with women quietly if the Goddesses are watching the whole time.” (Claude)

“I am sure you wouldn’t change even if you were to become the Hero of a Goddess… More importantly, are you cursed?” (Eugene)

For someone like me who uses both barrier magic and healing magic, I could tell that the body of Claude has been clearly afflicted by a curse. 

I can tell his complexion is also bad now that I look closely. 

“…To be honest with you, it is pretty painful. It is not a weapon to bring out in a martial arts tournament between students, but…a big shot of the Federation wanted to avoid a situation where only the Holy Union and the Empire are in the spotlight. They went so far as to get permission in the Federation Congress to bring out the Sacred Treasure. I am not allowed to lose thanks to that.” (Claude)

“One hit even against the swordsmanship club president who is the strongest in the academy, huh… That’s scary.” (Eugene)

“It is thanks to this Dragon God Spear; it wasn’t my own strength.” (Claude)

The expression of Claude is not the usual bright one. 

Also, he seems to be in pain most likely because of the spear’s curse.

“Claude, let’s begin already.” (Eugene)

“Sorry about that, Eugene.” (Claude)

Claude and I take a stance with our sword and spear respectively and lower our center of gravity. 

Normally, the mock battles would begin with Claude coming at me, and I would be the one taking the attack on, but…

A loud voice interjected from the side at that moment.

“Waah!! The match is already about to begin?! No way! Why?!! Wasn’t the special match in the afternoon?! Stop, stop!! Wait, it is my job to signal the beginning of the match!” 

My ears hurt from the voice amplified with loudspeaker magic. 

Claude and I undid our stances.

We looked at where the voice came from and a female student with a flashy dress and flashy make-up showed up hurriedly to the commentator seat. 

I have seen her before. 

She is a famous stage actress from the Empire if I remember correctly. 

Her voice travels well and is easy to hear. 

It seems like she is the one in charge for the commentary in this tournament. 

“President Rebecca!! Is it okay to not stop—eh? It is okay to begin?! Got it! Then, I will introduce the participants~!!” 

She must be used to adlibs, she is proceeding smoothly. 

“First is the winner of the martial arts tournament, Claude Percival! He was unfortunately defeated in the quarter finals last year, but to everyone’s surprise, he has turned the tables on the champion candidate, Robert! His fiance Princess Tiffania Crystal is also present in the spectator seats! He must be one happy man being able to marry such a beautiful princess!” 

The aforementioned princess was waving her hand with a smile from the guest seats in the middle of the nobles.

There’s also the Holy Maiden-sama from the Holy Union and the Holy Knight Order. 

The high nobles of the Empire and the notable military officers. 

The ones in charge of the Dungeon City, Principal Uther and the 12 knights can also be seen. 

And the audience of the martial arts tournament, which is the biggest event of the school festival, has filled up all the seats of this coliseum. There’s a lot of spectators standing up. 

Everyone is paying attention here. 

A fearsome amount of eyes. 

(I feel like…I will be swallowed by them.) (Eugene)

I return my attention to my opponent, Claude.

Claude answered the cheers of the princess with…a slightly stiff smile.

I could quickly tell the reason why. 

I checked the spectator seats near Sumire and Sara, and…



There’s Leona with a vein popping out from her forehead and Teresia with an ice cold smile. 

Popular guys have it rough.

“Next is the opponent in the special match, Eugene Santafield~!! There should be a lot of people who know that name! His father is the Imperial Sword of the Grandflare Empire, and is also the Legendary Hero of the Lykeion Magic Academy that fought off the Demon Lord Erinyes that showed up the other day in the Zenith Tower!” 

(Hmm, calling me a Legendary Hero is a bit too much of an exaggeration…) (Eugene)

I was faintly thinking this and…

“Moreover! According to the top secret information I got, our contestant Eugene is a childhood friend of the upcoming Empress, Princess Airi. It seems like they were separated because of a small problem 2 years ago, but they succeeded in their joint operation for the subjugation of the Great Demonic Beast Haagenti! I heard they are closer than ever before. If the two of them were to tie up, the Empire will thrive even further~☆.” 

“Wa?!” (Eugene)

A whole ton of my private information was coming out there.

I was wondering where she got all of that…and looked at the spectator seats. 

“Uhm…information provider Camilla-san, this has backing, right?” 

The one by the side of the commentator is my classmate in my military school days and also the reason why I left the country, Camilla. 

(You!) (Eugene)

I glare at Camilla.

“Do your best, Eugene-kun~☆.” (Camilla)

She waved at me with a smile.

That woman! 

Airi was at a spectator seat a bit further away from Camilla. 

She didn’t wave her hand like Camilla did, but when we made eye-contact, she moved her lips and I could tell she said ‘Do your best, Eugy’.

I hesitated for a bit and just responded with a ‘thanks’.

Airi is smiling, satisfied. 

At that moment…I felt chills on my back.

I hesitantly turned around and…

“Eugene-kun~~☆, I see you are getting along well with Airi-chan~.” (Sumire)

“Eugene, let’s talk later♡.” (Sara)

Sumire was smiling and her hair had turned red. 

Sara is showing a smile without any blemishes while brushing the scabbard of her Holy Sword. 


I felt a gaze and looked over there, and there was Claude with a wry smile. 

“…You’ve got it rough, Eugene.” (Claude)

“…It goes both ways.” (Eugene)

“Then, let’s begin.” (Claude)

“Yeah.” (Eugene)

We once again ready our weapons.

I pour mana into my white katana. 

The blade begins to sparkle. 

The spear of Claude shines a creepy red. 

Black wind blows. 


But the mana being emitted by the magic spear of Claude is abnormal.

My mana wouldn’t get to this degree even if I were to borrow the mana of Sumire and Eri. 

“Now then, both contestants, are you ready?!” 

Claude and I nod at the commentator at the same time. 


Sound disappears from the surroundings at the same time as this was said. 

I closed my eyes and concentrated solely on my opponent Claude.

(This is crazy…) (Eugene)

I could tell even more vividly how fearsome the Dragon God Spear is after using mana detection. 

Mana and miasma were creating a giant swirl around Claude and going all the way to the sky. 

That’s not mana that a human can bring out. 

The power of the Dragon God Spear is far higher than the Demon Lord Eri I fought in Floor 100.

There’s an outstanding amount of miasma overflowing from the magic spear. 

It is not only that…

(If the legends are true, you can’t escape from the attacks of the Dragon God Spear.) (Eugene)

It is said that the Miracle of the Dragon God dwells within the Dragon Spear. 

The Miracle of Certain Hit is activated once you swing it. 

The legend says that this crushed one of the 4 hearts of the Darkness Dragon. 

And then, the owner of the Dragon God Spear was bathed in the corrupted blood of the Darkness Dragon and lost their life, and the God Spear was cursed.

“Here I come.” (Claude)

The low mutter of Claude reached my ears. 

The black mana changed its shape into a big black blade and approached me at the same time.

But this is…

(Not the actual attack but a simulation of it…) (Eugene)

I remember the conversation I had with Eri last night. 


“Listen here, Eugene. We angels have the ability to predict the future. But it is far from the Goddesses who can see the future directly. In the first place, it is different from foreseeing the far future in that there’s most cases when you can’t even avoid the predictions.” (Eri)

“So it is not that reliable?” (Eugene)

“You idiot, that’s not it. I have told you before, haven’t I? Once you get to the higher floors of the Zenith Tower, there will be enemies who can easily control time and unleash attacks that can’t be avoided. Even without that, your sword style has a lot of techniques that ‘hit the opponent after taking on their attack’. If you were to deal with them using your eyes without a care, you will be dead by the time you notice.” (Eri)

“…That would be troubling.” (Eugene)

“Right? That’s why, make sure to master the simulation ability. I say that, but it will activate on its own if you use mana detection, so there’s no need to worry too much about it. You will predict the future on your own once danger approaches.” (Eri)

“That’s convenient. But you can’t avoid the predicted future, right?” (Eugene)

That’s right. It is different from the Clairvoyance of the Destiny Goddess. The predicted future is a ‘set’ future.” (Eri)

“Then, doesn’t that make it the same…?” (Eugene)

“You can still brace yourself.” (Eri)

“Eh?” (Eugene)

“Even if you can’t avoid the future of an unavoidable attack, if you know what happens beforehand, you decide what happens afterwards. Master it in such a fashion. Also, angels excel in defense and healing rather than attack…though I didn’t need to spell that for you, huh.” (Eri)

“So you are telling me to cling on no matter how unsightly it is… That’s my specialty.” (Eugene)

“You got it☆.” (Eri)

Eri smiled more brightly than usual. 


I had memories of that conversation. 

And so, the present.

I see an image of my left arm being sliced off in my mind. 

(Claude is merciless.) (Eugene)

No, it is better than having my heart targeted.

This tournament forbids intentional murder. 

The aim of Claude must be to leave me unable to act in one hit. 

He might end up killing his opponent if he doesn’t settle it in one hit. 

That’s how ridiculous the power of the Dragon God Spear is. 


Pain ran through my left arm as predicted, and I lost sensation in my arm. 

I reflexively open my eyes. 

I think I heard the angry shouts and screams of some people. 

But I forget about them for now and concentrate only on my front. 

The expression of Claude.

The tension of before is gone. 

He must have thought ‘I won’.

His opponent swordsman has lost an arm. 

It can’t be helped that he would be certain of victory. 

(But…) (Eugene)

I ready my white katana with only my right arm. 

— Twin Heavenly Resonance Style: [Cornered Rat].

A stabbing technique with one hand. 

The aim is the dominant arm of Claude.


The sound of stepping in and Claude flying away rang at the same time. 

The white blade stabbed into the right shoulder of Claude…and pierced it.


Claude must have had his guard lowered, he let go of the Dragon God Spear and rolled on the ground.

No, his body must have already been at its limit because of the curse.

There was no strength in his grip. 

I decide to pursue Claude who was rolling on the ground and the white blade fast approoached the neck of Claude—

“Match is set.” 

Principal Uther was standing on the ring at some point in time and grabbed my katana.

“Eh?! Wa? …Principal Uther, since when…? Uuh…” 

The confused voice of the commentator rang. 

“Commentator-kun, congratulate the winner first. I must heal the wounds of the two.” (Uther)

“Y-Yes! Now then…” 

The commentator takes a deep breath.

“Winner, Eugene Santafield!!!” 

Explosive cheers echoed through the whole coliseum. 

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>Eri’s heroine power is high! 

-The poster heroine really is on a different level! 

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