ZAP – Chapter 14: Gossip – From the Student Council Building

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◇Teresia from the Student Council’s General Affairs POV◇

At the grand hall of the Lykeion Academy’s Student Council Building.

There’s a giant magic monitor at that place, and you can check the state of the several floors of the Last Dungeon with the Satellite System. 

If a dangerous situation draws near to one of the academy students and there’s not enough hands for the dungeon staff, there will be cases when the Student Council Enforcement Unit has to quickly mobilize. 

But it is really peaceful right now. 

An aloof atmosphere is filling the student council. 

I poured black tea for myself and was tidying up the paperwork that was on the desk at the corner of the hall. 

That’s when I felt the noise in my surroundings and raised my gaze. 

What showed there was…

A certain student dealing with the 10th Floor Boss. 

Looks like that student is aiding the explorers of the Blue Waters Federation. 

And that student is an acquaintance of mine. 

(Eugene-kun?) (Teresia)

The male student that came together with the otherworlder, Sumire-san, the other day to greet the student council. 

“Look at that. That bootlicking Barriermancer has gone to the 10th Floor.” 

“Hoh, even though he is always just crawling around the low floors.” 

“He is probably just trying to show off to the otherworlder girl.” 

There were mocking comments here and there. 


This is deplorable. 

They are warriors from the High Class Department, so they don’t have to show such animosity towards Eugene-kun who is from the Normal Department. 

But it is rare for Eugene-kun to go to the Territory of the Floor Boss. 

This might be the first time I have seen that. 

Curious about this, I stopped my work and continued following the broadcast with my eyes. 

Eugene-kun became bait for the explorers of the Federation that are not that strong, and in the end, he managed to block all the attacks of the Troll by himself.

(Wow…) (Teresia)

It seems like I wasn’t the only one who thought that. Even the student council members were growing noisy. 

“Isn’t that impressive?” 

“Isn’t it common practice to challenge a Floor Boss with a team of more than 10?” 

“Look at that. He actually managed to stop the boss by himself.” 

Voices of surprise were being raised.

“That Eugene finally showed his serious side.” 

At that time, someone sat at the desk where I was working.

Thanks to that, it was hard to see the screen.

(Geez, who is it?!) (Teresia)

When I looked up, there was a blonde male student with a handsome face looking down at me.

“Heya there, Teresia-chan. Have some time to talk?” 

“Oh my, Claude-kun, welcome. Do you have any business here?” (Teresia)

He is Claude Percival-kun from the Legendary Hero Department. 

He is a famous person from the same year known for being a Hero. 

“Actually, I forgot to make my application for the expedition before. The captain got mad at me, so I brought the application here.” (Claude)

“Another application after the fact… How many times has it been now?” (Teresia)

“Sorry sorry.” (Claude)

Claude-kun raised one hand as if in prayer and winked to apologize. 

Is he really feeling apologetic here? 

I received the application form from Claude-kun, and then, I remembered his words just now. 

“You are good friends with Eugene-kun, right?” (Teresia)

“Yeah, he is looking after my partner, and he has tagged along to expeditions with me a number of times. He is a reliable guy.” (Claude)

“I see.” (Teresia)

That’s rare. 

Eugene-kun from the Normal Department and Claude-kun from the Legendary Hero Department. 

The Lykeion Magic Academy has over thousands of students, and yet, only a few handful of people can enter the Legendary Hero Department. 

It seems like a chosen one like Claude-kun evaluates Eugene-kun highly. 

At that moment, there was activity in the broadcast of the 10th Floor magic monitor. 

“Oh, Eugene showed up again.” (Claude)

“Right. But is he going to be fighting alone?” (Teresia)

Eugene-kun is stepping into the Border of the Floor Boss with a red Magic Sword in hand. 

“Ha! Doubt he can defeat the Floor Boss!” 

“His Magic Sword can’t deal damage!” 

“Even we have defeated the 10th Floor Boss!” 

“Yeah, it would be super easy with our unit!” 

I heard the voices of the warrior male students.

…They really are blunt about their hate towards Eugene-kun.

“Hey hey, Teresia-chan, why do they hate Eugene?” (Claude)

Claude-kun whispered into my ear.

…Your face is close.

“Because the Council President Sara has taken a liking to Eugene-kun after all. They are annoyed by that.” (Teresia)

“Aah, Sara, huh. She is indeed interested in Eugene.” (Claude)

“Speaking of which, Council President Sara is also from the Legendary Hero Department. Do you speak to her often?” (Teresia)

“No. Sara seems like she is always busy, so we can’t have a leisure talk. She is also doing the Holy Maiden Candidate mission while she is the student council president, right? She is a bonafide monster.” (Claude)

“Don’t put it in a rude manner.” (Teresia)

“Sorry sorry.” (Claude)

I was a bit angered by Claude-kun describing the President Sara I respect as a monster. 

I don’t think he said that with any bad intent though. 

At that moment, a loud voice was raised in the student council room. 

The screen was showing Eugene-kun cutting down the arm of the Floor Boss. 

“Eeeeeeh?! Wow!!” 

“Won’t he defeat it at this rate?” 

“N-No way…” 

They were all watching with their eyes nailed to the screen. 

And then…Eugene-kun defeated the 10th Floor Boss -the Large Sized Troll- on his own. 

“H-He defeated it…?” 

“A Floor Boss all on his own…?” 

“Y-You gotta be kidding…” 

“Hey, how long has it been since a Floor Boss has been defeated alone?” 

“There’s no idiot who would go out of their way to do something that stupid…” 

“…I have not seen something like that in years.” 

The commotion was not letting down in the student council room. 

Everyone is showing faces of disbelief. 

Only one person, Claude-kun, who is by my side, is making a face as if saying this is just natural. 

“You did it, Eugene.” (Claude)

“If he could do something like this, why did he hide his true strength until now?” (Teresia)

I wondered about this. 

“Well, he is having his own difficulties too.” (Claude)

Claude-kun seemed to know the circumstances here, but he didn’t try to tell me in detail. 

“By the way, Teresia-chan…” (Claude)

“What is it?” (Teresia)

“I am a bit hungry. Can I have this cookie?” (Claude)

“Okay, but it is already damp, you know?” (Teresia)

What he pointed at were cheap cookies that were prepared for tea. 

It has been quite a while since I brought it out, so I didn’t feel like eating it. 

Did Claude-kun like sweet stuff?

He was munching on the cookie while I was tilting my head.

“Thanks, Teresia-chan. You saved me there. I will treat you to dinner next time as thanks. When are you free?” (Claude)

“…….Haah.” (Teresia)

So that was his real aim. 

There’s rumors that Claude-kun is the son of a noble in a country of the Blue Waters Federation and that country is considered a major power even within it. 

He is in the Legendary Hero Department and has the Ability of Hero which makes him a man with a bright future ahead. 

On top of that, he is also handsome. 

He is a good man that you can’t complain about. 

…Aside from the fact that he is a womanizer. 

“It can be a restaurant from the dungeon city, or we could even ride my wyvern and go to a far port city. If you have any wishes, I will escort you there.” (Claude)

He smiled and pushed the conversation slightly forcefully. 

Even that pushiness is stylish with his face. 

There must be a lot of girls who have been fooled by this. 

“Speaking of which, you were a dragon knight as well, right? Could I ride a wyvern?” (Teresia)

“Yeah, it will be alright if you are with me. It may be scary at first, but once you get used to it, the scenery is the best. How about it?” (Claude)

He really is going full throttle here. 

Well, it is better than an herbivorous man, but…

“Claude-kun.” (Teresia)

“What, Teresia-chan?” (Claude)

He is showing a smile that reflects he doesn’t think at all he will be refused here. 

“A complaint came to the student council about a ‘certain Dragon Knight’-san. He is flirting with the girls of the swordsmanship club and the martial arts club, and the male students of the same club are having their motivation drained which is troubling. Bringing such topics to the student council is troubling to us as well though…” (Teresia)

I speak this out with a transparent tone. 


The smile of Claude-kun slowly faded away at my words. 

And then, he made a serious face and spoke. 

“I see, you must have it rough, Teresia-chan.” (Claude)

“That’s right, I do. If only that Dragon Knight-kun were to get more serious, I could at least go to dinner with him, you know.” (Teresia)

When I gave him an upturned glance, Claude-kun made a slightly strained smile.

“I see, I see. Teresia-chan likes serious guys, huh.” (Claude)

“There’s no woman that likes insincere men.” (Teresia)

“Got it. I will be leaving for today. I will be coming again, Teresia-chan.” (Claude)

“Next time, submit your application in time, okay?” (Teresia)

Claude-kun left while waving his hand.

I also waved my hand and saw him off. 

…Good grief.

The student council is still raising a ruckus from Eugene-kun having defeated the Floor Boss alone. 

Speaking of which, I don’t hear any rumors of Eugene-kun regarding women.

The complete opposite of Claude-kun.

It might be because the other female students are being reserved due to the rumors with  President Sara. 

While I was thinking that…

“There’s quite a lot of noise here. Did something happen?” 

Council President Sara showed up just in time. 

“President Sara, Eugene-kun defeated the 10th Floor Boss.” (Teresia)

“Eh? No way! Eugene did?!” (Sara)

President Sara’s elegant manner of speech crumbled. 

It happens all the time when it comes to Eugene-kun.

“Teresia-chan, please explain! What happened?!!” (Sara)

She was shaking me by the shoulder. 

“P-Please calm down, President Sara. You see…” (Teresia)

I explained what happened just now.

“And so, Eugene-kun defeated the Floor Boss to assist the Blue Waters Federation explorers. It was truly splendid. The footage is probably saved with recording magic, so you can watch it later……President Sara?” (Teresia)

I noticed something was off in the middle of my explanation.

President Sara was looking at the screen with her mouth wide open. 

What she was looking at…was Eugene-kun and the new student, Sashiogi Sumire-san, hugging each other on the screen. 

Her eyes are sparkling and she is blushing.

Hmm, Eugene-kun is also one sinful man. 

“Eugene-kun and Sumire-san completely get along with each other n—” (Teresia)

I couldn’t finish what I was saying. 

“How dare she…Eugene-kun is mi…” (Sara)

The usually calm President Sara let out a voice mixed with resentment that I have never heard before. 


“…Uhm…President Sara?” (Teresia)

I called President Sara despite being nervous about it. 

The President made a ‘hah!’ expression and slowly returned to a serious face. 

Just like Claude-kun before. 

“It is nothing. Looks like I will have to congratulate Eugene next time I see him.” (Sara)

That voice of hers was the usual elegant and beautiful President Sara. 

But I know.

President Sara may look all candid, but she is actually a really jealous person. 

(Aah, my condolences, Eugene-kun…) (Teresia)

I pray from the shadows that this doesn’t turn into trouble. 

Gotta deal with the documents that Claude-kun gave me just now, so I returned to my work. 

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