ZAP – Chapter 99: Eugene receives the request

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“What, won’t you come to the Blue Waters Federation, Eugene?” (Claude)

“Yeah, sorry, Claude. We are going to accept the request of Caldia.” (Eugene)

Claude and I were sparring in the training grounds of the academy. 

The topic of conversation while we were training was obviously the 2 requests to subjugate Great Demonic Beasts. 

“Well, Sara-chan is in your party after all. It can’t be helped.” (Claude)

“The person herself didn’t seem to be too into the idea though.” (Eugene)

“Really?” (Claude)

Sara is the upcoming Holy Maiden of the Holy Union.

In that case, she would have to prioritize the request of the Holy Union. 

That said, she was muttering ‘there’s no need to go out of our way to poke at the lion…’.

Looks like the Great Demonic Beast subjugation isn’t really the plan of the rulers of the Holy Nation, but a push from the public saying that ‘The Empire succeeded in subjugating the Great Demonic Beast, so the Holy Nation should be able to do it, too’.

The higher ups from the Holy Nation simply think of this as a performance, so they are thinking of keeping the casualties for the subjugation to the bare minimum and announce ‘it is not yet time for the subjugation’.

The Great Demonic Beast that’s nested in the inner area of the Tharsis Mountain Range: Bird of Darkness Raum.

It is docile for a Great Demonic Beast and rarely tries anything on settlements. 

It has an extremely troublesome ability. The pitch black feathers of Raum cause deadly diseases. The areas that have had those feathers scattered around have been contaminated, and it is said that it makes them inhabitable for 10 years. 

The Holy Union tried to subjugate it more than a century ago several times with Caldia, but every time it happened, it created more inhabitable places, so lately they have settled with non-interference. 

The leaders of Caldia probably don’t want to do anything as much as possible. 

I heard this classified information from Sara, but I can’t tell Claude. 

I do wonder if it is okay for her to tell me, someone from the Empire though…

“How about you, Claude? How are you feeling about your chances against the Mermaid Vepal?” (Eugene)

Claude made a grim face like Sara when I asked this. 

“The people of the Blue Waters Federation are shouting all grandly ‘This time for sure!’, but…I honestly think it is reckless.” (Claude)

“Is it okay to be saying that?” (Eugene)

“You should know as well, right? It is impossible to defeat all of Vepal.” (Claude)

“Well…that’s true.” (Eugene)

The Ruler of the Black Sea whose turf is in the territory of the Blue Waters Federation, the Mermaid Army, Vepal.

It is different from the other Great Demonic Beasts in that it is not just one but a collective entity. 

The exact number is unknown. 

Some say it is hundreds to thousands or more. 

Wicked mermaids with black scales.

There have been many who have defeated individual Vepals. 

But I have not heard of the numbers decreasing or their turf getting smaller because of it. 

The Black Sea that Vepal rules is feared as a sea of death. 

“Speaking of which, Claude, Vepal is in the sea, right? Moreover, Vepal is supposed to be inside water that’s darkened and muddied black with miasma, so how are you going to find them?” (Eugene)

The Black Sea has been contaminated by miasma. 

That’s the turf of Vepal. 

“Aah… We haven’t made it widely known, but we are planning on using decoy ships. The ones on those ships will be death row criminals… The black mermaids like human flesh after all.” (Claude)

“That’s…certainly something you can’t publicize.” (Eugene)

That said, the Empire also planned on sacrificing the lives of death row prisoners for a sacrificial technique to seal Haagenti again. 

All places probably think in the same way. 

“If the area of the ocean where Vepal is in is opened, the commerce in the Blue Waters Federation will grow more active, and the countries will flourish… There’s no doubt about that, but I really don’t feel motivated about fighting a battle with no chances of winning.” (Claude)

Claude is always positive, so it is rare to see him complain.

That’s when I remember a legend about mermaids. 

“Speaking of which, wasn’t there a legend that you become immortal if you eat the meat of mermaids?” (Eugene)

“That’s referring to the primordial mermaids that are said to be in a hidden village in the deep sea. You would get cursed and die if you eat the meat of mermaids from the Black Sea.” (Claude)

“Sounds like there’s nothing to gain out of this…” (Eugene)

I understand the lack of enthusiasm from Claude. 

“When will you be going, Eugene?” (Claude)

“We plan on departing the day after tomorrow. Sumire and Sara have gone out to buy the things we will need.” (Eugene)

“That’s fast. Ours is in 1 month.” (Claude)

“You are taking your sweet time.” (Eugene)

Even though the requests came at the same time.

“The Blue Waters Federation has many small countries after all. It takes a lot of time to just organize. I am jealous of the Empire and the Holy Union.” (Claude)

“Well, the Empire is pretty fast when making decisions.” (Eugene)

It is a done deal with just the order of His Imperial Majesty. 

The Blue Waters Federation needs to get it approved in the Federation Congress to begin anything. 

“Speaking of which, have you gone to the Holy Union before, Claude?” (Eugene)

“Hmm, the most I did was participate in a celebration ceremony when the Destiny Oracle-sama was instated.” (Claude)

“How was it? Was there anything you should watch out for?” (Eugene)

“There’s a lot of Empire haters.” (Claude)

“……I-I see.” (Eugene)

I have heard about it from Sara, but even Claude is saying this, so it must be true.

“Be careful, okay? A peaceful looking old man could turn bright red and begin insulting the Empire the moment they are mentioned. Don’t tell them you are the son of the Imperial Sword even by mistake.” (Claude)

“I will keep it in mind…” (Eugene)

Let’s be careful when I am exploring the city of Caldia. 

I have to make sure I don’t say anything unnecessary when I am shopping. 

We had that chat and finished our training that day. 


—7th Seal Prison, Forbidden. 

“Eeh, you are going abroad again?!” 

I brought more wine, bacon, cheese, and fruits than normal to the room of the Demon Lord.

She obviously raised her voice in displeasure when I told her I would be going to the Holy Union. 

“Sorry, Eri. I will try to show up as much as possible today and tomorrow in exchange.” (Eugene)

“Hah?! Try?! Wrong! You will be here the whole time!” (Eri)

“No, I won’t be able to prepare for the trip like tha—” (Eugene)

I am the highest priority, right?” (Eri)

She closed in on me with shining red eyes and I gave up arguing. 

(I have already replenished the exploration equipment, so I can just gather the things I don’t have enough of in the actual place, I guess…) (Eugene)

Now that I think about it, this is my first time going to the Holy Union. 

I would like to check a variety of magic tools and weapons since the opportunity has shown up.

For the weapons, I think I will only be looking though.

“Got it, Eri. I will be here today until morni—” (Eugene)

The Demon Lord pushed me down and I couldn’t finish talking.

“E-Eri…?” (Eugene)

“Fufufu…” (Eri)

The Demon Lord Erinyes smiles seductively. 

I could feel her high temperature from my skin. 

I can hear her rough breathing. 

There’s fire in those eyes looking down at me… I think.

Once I saw the red eyes of Eri, I grew certain. 

(…I feel like this will be a long night.) (Eugene)

I wasn’t wrong.


It is hard to tell the passing of time in the underground prison. 

At the time when we were lazing around after a few hours…

“By the way, you will be going to the Holy Union, right? Won’t you be executed if it is discovered that you have made a contract with me, a Demon Lord?” (Eri)

“……That’s the problem.” (Eugene)

Sara pointed that out too. 

Caldia is a religious country that worships the Holy Gods. 

All the populace is a believer of the Goddess Church, and don’t forgive the existence of demons and Demon Lords. 

I won’t come out unscathed the day it is discovered I made a contract with a Demon Lord. 

Or more like, the laws of the Holy Union state that you are executed when you do a contract with a demon. 

The crime is probably heavier with a Demon Lord. 

“You are really going?” (Eri)

That sounded like she was seriously worried about me, contrary to her usual self. 

“Sara spoke to the Destiny Oracle, Orianne-sama, beforehand, so it should be fine…probably.” (Eugene)

The Destiny Oracle-sama knows that I have a contract with a Demon Lord. 

She apparently has contact with my mother in the Divine Realm after all. 

Orianne-sama is most likely acting as if she doesn’t know. 

She might bring it out as a ‘weak point’ sometime. 

I don’t know her intentions, but I want to believe she isn’t going to do anything bad.

“Is there a need to go?” (Eri)

Eri does have a point, but…

“Wouldn’t you want to see the legendary Bird of Darkness Raum?” (Eugene)

“You…” (Eri)

Eri sighed.

By the way, Sara and Sumire reacted similarly when I told them that. 

But it is a legendary Great Demonic Beast.

I was used to seeing the Colossal Beast Haagenti since childhood, but I can’t imagine Raum with just words.

I would like to see it in person if I can.

“You really are an idiot.” (Eri)

Eri poked me. 

Looks like she didn’t understand me. 

I think Principal Uther and Claude would though.

I then got up from the bed, poured water in a cup, and drank it. 

My head cleared up a bit. 

What bothered me at the same time was…

“By the way, do you not have to help out Rita-san?” (Eugene)

“Hm? She is calling me though.” (Eri)

Eri easily told me.

“…Is it okay to not go?” (Eugene)

“Why do I have to do menial work when you are going to be leaving somewhere far away?!” (Eri)

She got angry. 

“…Sorry.” (Eugene)

I didn’t even need to think much about it. It was my fault. 

“I feel bad for Rita-san.” (Eugene)

“Isn’t it fine? The spear boy that you are friends with apparently goes visit often anyways.” (Eri)

“Spear user… Claude?” (Eugene)

“Yeah, yeah. She seemed to be having it rough swamped with work, but he is serving as a conversation partner. She was happy.” (Eri)

“That’s great to hear.” (Eugene)

What a diligent guy.

But he is a playboy, so I am a bit worried that he is seducing her. 

“I have been asked recently about how to seduce a human man from Rita, you know.” (Eri)

“…Eh?” (Eugene)

The other way?! 

Rita-san gives off a leisurely atmosphere, but she is unexpectedly…

“For now, I have told her that the strength of an angel is far above that of a human, so she can win if she attacks him aggressively.” (Eri)

“That only applies to you!!” (Eugene)

I retort in a loud voice.

“E-Eeh… But only a fallen angel can use Charm. Rita said she had no experience at all about love. In that case, there’s no choice but to go aggressively, right?” (Eri)

“There should be other ways to put it…” (Eugene)

I was about to say Eri has a lot of experience, but then I noticed…

“Eri, how much love experience do you have?” (Eugene)

“…Eh?” (Eri)

“You told me before you had a lot of love experience, but I haven’t heard in detail about it.” (Eugene)

“Ha! This is why little boys are a pain! Asking a woman about her past is what the most unpopular men would do!” (Eri)

“You played it off like that last time, but could it be that you have no love experience…” (Eugene)

“Shut up! There’s no way that’s the case! Do you think you can speak like that to me, the Fallen Angel Lord?!” (Eri)

(I feel like she is trying to slide away from this one too…) (Eugene)

In the end, I couldn’t hear the love history of Eri.


The next morning. 

I was freed by Eri, went back to the dormitories, and left the room with only my luggage for exploration use. 

I am glad I always prepare my stuff. 

I am cutting it close to schedule.

I hurried to the flying ship terminal where I agreed to meet Sumire and Sara. 

The two were already there. 

The big white flying ship had the crest of the Holy Union drawn on it. 

It is the flying ship we will be riding in. 

“Eugy-kun, you are late!” (Sumire)

“It is rare for you to be so close to the deadline, Eugene.” (Sara)

Sumire and Sara ran towards me. 

“Sorry, you two… Uhm, did something happen?” (Eugene)



The two had smiles at first, but were visibly getting more grim. 

“I can smell the scent of that Demon Lord…” (Sumire)

“The mana of a demon in heat…” (Sara)

I unconsciously averted my eyes. 

I could tell there was no point making excuses.

“Eugy-kun, you are so popular. I am so jelly~. To the point I really want to melt you into jelly~☆.” (Sumire)

“You really have guts committing adultery with a Demon Lord before going to Caldia. I might end up accidentally cutting you down with my Holy Sword☆.” (Sara)

The two are scarier than a Demon Lord.

“Sumire, Sara… The flying ship is going to be leaving soon, so let’s go.” (Eugene)

I said this and my arms were locked from both sides.

“Eugy-kun, tell us in detail inside the flying ship, okay?” (Sumire)

“There’s no point hiding it, okay? I have brought a lie detection magic tool after all.” (Sara)

The clerics of Caldia apparently always have those with them. 

What a scary country. 

“Y-Yeah… I get it.” (Eugene)

The journey in the skies to the capital of Caldia was truly…a pleasurable one.

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>The Demon Lord-sama you can easily meet, lol. 

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