ZAP – Chapter 72: Eugene speaks to an angel

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“Geez~! I was tired of waiting-ssu yo~!” 

I arrived at Floor 100 with the dungeon elevator and the first thing that happened was that I got scolded by Rita-san. 

She puffed her cheeks and placed a hand on her waist as she glared at me cutely. 

By the way, it seems like there’s no exploration party challenging Floor 100, so I am the only one here. 

There’s a table and chairs just placed there in the middle of a plain meadow.

“I’m sorry…” (Eugene)

“Nyahaha☆ Just kidding. Welcome to Floor 100.” (Rita)

The small wings at her back flap and she shows me a smile when I apologize. 

Her wings are awfully small compared to Mother and Eri. 

Is it because she is a young angel? 

“Here, tea~☆.” (Rita)


I take the strangely shaped cup as offered. 

It seemed like it was ceramic and there’s no handle.

I copy Rita-san, bringing up the handleless cup and sip on the tea. 

It is pretty bitter. 

I chimed in on what the angel-san was talking about while drinking the tea. 

It seems she was really bored since there aren’t many explorers getting through Floor 100. 

Rita-san was talking nonstop.

“Good grief. The Dungeon Master that was instated just recently has increased the difficulty of the Zenith Tower of Babel way too much. The former one kept the difficulty pretty nicely, so there were apparently a lot of explorers getting through Floor 100 though.” (Rita)

“Ooh, the difficulty changed?” (Eugene)

This is my first time hearing of this. 

No teacher of the academy spoke about this. 

“Right, right, it was around 100 years ago, I guess. The current Dungeon Master, Anemoi-chan, is still young, so they don’t know how to hold back-su yo nei~.” (Rita)

“100 years ago…” (Eugene)

That’s not recent at all. 

No wonder the teachers wouldn’t say anything. 

I tagged along with the talk of Rita-san for awhile, and then she hammered her hand as if remembering just now.

“Oh? Speaking of which, what did I call you here for?” (Rita)

“Did you forget? …I came here to get the Sacred Treasure of Grace.” (Eugene)

“Ah, right! Wait for a moment~. Hoi☆.” (Rita)

The angel-san snapped her fingers.

3 magic circles appeared in midair. 

Weapons and armor appeared from inside of them. 

I can feel outstanding magic from every one of them. 

(These are the Sacred Treasures of Grace given to the ones who have gotten through Floor 100…) (Eugene)

I gulped unconsciously. 

What Rita-san grabbed first was a single staff. 

It looked like it was made out of wood, but when I grabbed it, it gave off a strange sensation.

“What’s this?” (Eugene)

“Please give this one to Sumire-chan. I coated a claw of the Phoenix with my magic, so it shouldn’t burn even with the fire mana of Sumire-chan…probably. Please tell me if there’s any issues.” (Rita)

“Did you make it, Rita-san?” (Eugene)

“That’s right~. I worked hard.” (Rita)

So she can even make weapons. So skillful. 

“And so, this is the armor of Sara-chan: the Mantle of the Heaven Lion. I have added an Arrow Evade spell as an extra aside from the 4 elemental defenses it provides-ssu yo☆.” (Rita)

“Mantle of the Heaven Lion… The mantle that’s said to have been used by the Holy Maiden Anna-sama.” (Eugene)

This certainly would make Sara happy. 

“And, this is the last one! It is the new sword of Eugene-chan☆.” (Rita)

What was given to me was a single white katana. 

I notice once I grab it. 

“This is…a wooden sword?” (Eugene)

There’s no ‘edge’ from what I can see. 

I won’t say it is a toy, but it is not suitable for combat no matter how I look at it. 

I wouldn’t be able to fight properly with this. 

“Fufufu…please pour your mana into it, Eugene-chan.” (Rita)

“My mana? But I only have white mana—” (Eugene)

“Just do it, just do it☆.” (Rita)

“Okay…” (Eugene)

I found this strange, but I clad my own white mana into the white wooden sword. 


An acute sound rang. 

And then, the wooden sword visibly changed into a weapon with a metallic luster. 

I tried to touch it to test it out and I could feel a cold sensation. 

Rita-san approached me here, got to my side, and whispered into my ears. 

“This sword uses the Tree of Life in the Divine Realm as material. Us angels only have white mana inherently, so we can’t attack without weapons exclusive for angels☆.” (Rita)

I came back to my senses at her words. 

“Then, I can also use Mana Blade if I have this sword?!” (Eugene)

“That’s right-ssu yo! Isn’t that great~?” (Rita)

I could feel my chest burning. 

I see… With this, I can fight by myself now…

That’s when I noticed…

“You know that I am…the child of an angel?” (Eugene)

“Of course-ssu yo☆. That said, I was told recently by Laila-senpai: ‘I will be counting on you with my son’.” (Rita)

“Is that so.” (Eugene)

Looks like Rita-san wanted to talk to me directly because of the words of my mother. 

“Now then, there’s two warnings I have to give you here.” (Rita)

“What is it?” (Eugene)

She raised two fingers.

“This white sword is a weapon exclusive for angels and an ‘evolving weapon’. The sword sword grows stronger as you get stronger yourself, Eugene-chan. To be more precise, angels don’t grow, so it is: a weapon that changes to match the rank of the angel and their strength. You are a human, Eugene-chan, so you can get stronger with training. Grow a whole ton and make your weapon stronger, okay☆?” (Rita)

“An evolving weapon…” (Eugene)

I listened to those words with a mysterious feeling in my heart. 

“A-L-S-O this next one is an important point.” (Rita)

Rita-san had one finger raised and moved her face towards me. 

“W-What is it?” (Eugene)

“The black katana of Cerberus-chan that’s hanging at your waist…it is better to not use it too much. It can risk your life.” (Rita)

“…Eh?” (Eugene)

I was surprised and looked at my God Katana. 

“Goddesses and Divine Beasts are clad with Anima, but that equals to ‘life’ for the residents of the mortal realm. Your life is absorbed just from using it. It is of course a strong weapon due to this, but…please be careful when you use it.” (Rita)

“This God Katana absorbs life…?” (Eugene)

I stare at the black blade. 

“Well, it is not that much, and you can’t use the Resurrection Drop from Floor 101 and on, so dying because you didn’t want to use it would beat the point. It would be better to use it without restraint against Floor Boss level opponents. Please use the White Sword of Angels for your normal training and your dungeon clearing, okay☆?” (Rita)

“Understood. I will gladly take your advice.” (Eugene)

I lower my head. 

“This is for the sake of the great Laila-senpai’s son-ssu☆. Aah, there’s also a warning I have to give you about floors 101 and on…” (Rita)

Rita-san’s talk after that was endless. 


I went down the Zenith Tower and returned to the academy. 

(It has gotten late… I have to go meet Eri and Principal Uther…) (Eugene)

The two of them helped me out in the Great Demonic Beast subjugation. 

I want to thank them. 

Also, I have to give the Sacred Treasures of Grace to Sumire and Sara. 

Now then, in what order should I do this…? -I walk through the stone paved road leading to the dormitories of the academy while thinking this and…

“Eugene!! Finally found you!” 

I turned around at my name being called.

The owner of that voice was a person I was thinking about meeting just now. 

“What’s the matter, Sara? Why are you so agitated?” (Eugene)

The usually calm Sara was gasping for breath. 

“Listen here! This is something I heard about just now too, but…! Please listen without getting angry, okay? You know about the united martial arts tournament of the school festival, right?” (Sara)

“Yeah, of course.” (Eugene)

That’s one of the main attractions of the Lykeion Magic Academy’s school festival.

The ones that get to the tops of the united martial arts tournament get offers from all the nations of the South Continent. 

“The one that wins in this martial arts tournament…obtains the right to fight the hero that subjugated the Demon Lord, Eugene Santafield! -I had no idea that happened.” (Sara)

“……Hah?” (Eugene)

I was dumbstruck by Sara’s words. 

Looks like I have become a ‘prize’ without my knowledge. 

■Comment Response: 

>When will be the day that Sumire and Sara will go to the room of Eri? 

-That’s one of the things I would like to do within the 4th volume. 

>When will the clearing of the Zenith Tower resume? 

-It will slowly resume in the 4th volume~.

■Author’s Comment: 


The Tale of the Sword Saint that begins with Zero Attack Power.

And Zero Believers Goddess.

It has been decided that both will continue publishing!!!

And so, I will be in ‘busy’ mode for a while. 

Translator: There’s one more chapter today~.

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